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    • thriftlady
    • By thriftlady 28th Oct 09, 9:14 AM
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    5 OS Pleasures in your Day Today part 2
    • #1
    • 28th Oct 09, 9:14 AM
    5 OS Pleasures in your Day Today part 2 28th Oct 09 at 9:14 AM
    Time for a shiny new thread The old one had got to 4500 odd posts which amounts to 22,500 OS pleasures (at least) It's so good to know that the OS life can be so rewarding.

    I'll kick off the new thread.

    1) Homemade bread and marmalade for breakfast.

    2) A walk over the Malvern Hills to blow away the cobwebs.

    3) Drying the washing outside- still, in October.

    4) Watching mydaughter making a game out of sweeping the leaves with her friends.

    5) The prospect of collecting a big order of meat from the butcher this morning and having my freezer full for less.
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  • jc2703
    What are parmos? I got two loaves of veda reduced for 25p each with days left on the date. Couldn't not buy it!
    Originally posted by zippychick
    Parmo's are chicken (or pork) in breadcrumbs, topped with a very think white sauce with grated cheese all over....served with chips, creamed cabbage and garlic sauce and tasty anytime but particularly after a skinful of beer

    Now i'm hungry AND homesick!

    J x
    Climbing back on the OS wagon after a short vacation to Recklessness
    Quit Smoking 08/06/09
  • bunny too
    Lots of northern ireland os peeps on here today. Hello to all. Just luv veda, mum's special was mars bar and apple veda sandwiches.
    Love reading all the posts, really gives me a lift.
    • SunnyGirl
    • By SunnyGirl 28th Oct 09, 2:53 PM
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    Hi. All this talk of Veda & Tayto (which I had never heard of till now!) is making me hungry My 5 for today are:

    1. Washing on the line and is appearing to be nearly dry - amazing.

    2. Went food shopping this morning got some lovely fish from our local fab fish market.

    3. Had a long chat on the phone last night with a dear friend who I haven't seen for a while due to both our work/illness/family committments.

    4. DS2, DS3 & I bathed the dogs. Our newest one had obviously never been bathed before so we were all soaking wet & laughing hysterically by the end of it

    5. DH's appreciative comments whilst we were shopping regarding my ability to look after us all, feed us well and manage a sometimes tight budget.

    6. An extra one as I wouldn't be half as good at all the budgeting etc without this lovely board
    • zippychick
    • By zippychick 28th Oct 09, 3:46 PM
    • 9,343 Posts
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    Lots of northern ireland os peeps on here today. Hello to all. Just luv veda, mum's special was mars bar and apple veda sandwiches.
    Love reading all the posts, really gives me a lift.
    Originally posted by bunny too
    Are you new here Bunnytoo?! There are a few Norn Ironers and Southerners around here! Oh mars bar and apple! Someone told me their granny used to make them chicken veda sandwiches! i can't imagine that but never say never

    Parmo's are chicken (or pork) in breadcrumbs, topped with a very think white sauce with grated cheese all over....served with chips, creamed cabbage and garlic sauce and tasty anytime but particularly after a skinful of beer

    Now i'm hungry AND homesick!

    J x
    Originally posted by jc2703
    That sounds like quite the dealio! Do you cook the chicken in breadcrumbs or top with the sauce , add cheese, then cook? Creamed cabbage? Do you make garlic sauce?! PM me as i don't want to hijack this thread!
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men
    Norn Iron club member #380

    • Caterina
    • By Caterina 28th Oct 09, 5:14 PM
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    Hi all

    Wow, new thread, I have been wondering whether the old one was getting a bit overloaded! Thank you thriftlady!

    Billy858 sorry to hear about your difficulties with your DD, I hope it gets resolved. (((HUGS)))

    Here are mine for the day:

    1 - First thing in the morning, up and made DH breakfast and packed lunch, then managed to get tonight's dinner on the cooker (leek and tatties soup, boiled sweetcorn). Now all I have to do it is warm it.

    2 - Planning to make a quick soda bread to go with soup, to use up my soya kefir.

    3 - Well well well today I have surprised myself. An Italian woman that I have met only a couple of times in the past emailed me the other day, she is expecting her first baby and wants me to be her doula. So I replied that I no longer work as a doula, gave her my friend's phone no, but agreed that I would go and visit her in a few days to have a chat about birth etc..., just informally. Well, I went today and she persuaded me to take her on for the birth of her baby! She really wants to birth in her own language and she is lovely, so I am glad I have "come out of retirement" for this one only, though!

    4 - Went to PO box for work and found a very large cheque for the organisation there, funding for 3 years for core services, unrestricted funds! Even though I am not planning to stay for much longer myself, it is good news as I really think that they do great work.

    5 - Planning to go and see Age of Stupid tonight with some friends.

    Good night all xxx
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
    • Patchwork Quilt
    • By Patchwork Quilt 28th Oct 09, 6:12 PM
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    Patchwork Quilt
    Hi Caterina I have only just found out what a doula is. What an amazing idea! Wish I'd had one. Certainly must be a lovely job to do.

    Pleasures today

    1) Finally emailing OU assignment off. Goodness me, this one was difficult.
    2) Lunch (a very frugal one as you will see) with DH in a lovely little restaurant we used to frequent years ago. Two lattes, a bowl of dahl and chips and one of chicken tikka pieces. It was just lovely sitting there and watching the world go by.
    3) MIL and FIL brought the children back from their various activities and stopped for a cuppa.
    4) A thank you note from a friend and a chat on the doorstep before she wobbled off on her bike

    Can't think of a 5) but it's been a lovely day. Have a nice evening, everyone
  • bunny too
    had been lurking for over a year, started posting few weeks ago.
    Find that reading all the great posts keeps me inspired.
  • billy858
    Back again. Caterina, many thanks for your kind words. After a very weepy day (me), DD1 has actually apologised for her terrible behaviour. Although I have accepted the apology, she was so hurtful I am struggling to act as if there is nothing wrong.
    Anyway I'm feeling better this evening so mine for today,
    1. Apology from DD1.
    2. DD2 making cookies - very tasty.
    3. Long (time out) walk with dog and bumping into a good friend somewhere unexpected.
    4. Free lunch courtesy of MIL - miracles do happen, I'm careful with money but she is a real tightwad!
    5. DH finishing work at 11am to come to lunch and to assist with DD1 situation.
    6. December issue of Ideal Home magazine & glass of wine (dreaming of Christmas).
    Love to all. X
    • Kitchenbunny
    • By Kitchenbunny 28th Oct 09, 8:21 PM
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    Here's my five for the day:

    1) Taking advantage of the lovely fruit and veg offers at the supermarket and coming back with a load of it to snack on instead of the usual crisps and chocolate.
    2) Feeling positive after doing some exercises this evening.
    3) Getting ready to alter my top to make a sorceress/vampire costume for Friday. I'm excited about it!
    4) Reading a bit more of a new book, and getting engrossed in it.
    5) My DH

    Kitchenbunny xx
    • Souk08
    • By Souk08 28th Oct 09, 8:52 PM
    • 3,237 Posts
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    1. Not spent a penny today and ate well (HM stuff)
    2. Going to do my fave thing tonight, cooking. And for my lovely bro and his boyf too!
    3. Got stuff sorted with BT and 3.
    4. Cuppa and crackers planned.
    5. Nice early night tonight.

    And for yesterday:
    1. Got given a free mag in the street.
    2. Got given a free chocolate bar in the street.
    3. Collected free gift from Body Shop from Love your Body card.

    • samanthaneww2d
    • By samanthaneww2d 28th Oct 09, 9:04 PM
    • 647 Posts
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    well i have been reading everyone elses things for days so here goes mine for today
    1) as the sun was shining go up early and had a coffee by myself sat outside it was very peaceful
    2) Got three loads of washing dry outside as it was so nice ( including bedding)
    3) Friend I had not spoke to for ages phoned up very long chat
    4) Went to asda and bought loads of bread for 10p and 20p but best of all a pack of brioche reduced and it has bbd of 9/11 on (also bought wine at 2 a bottle x3 and calsberg that was on offer)
    5) Not fulfilled totally as yet but am having a lovely glass of wine( which was from a 2 bottle) and will be getting in a lovely bed that has just been washed today and dried outside which I love
    • Frith
    • By Frith 28th Oct 09, 9:20 PM
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    *waves* to Thriftlady - I can see the Malverns from my garden!

    5 for today...

    1) Speech therapist came out to see younger son at home this morning. Once again, with anyone working in the NHS, he gets top quality, well thought out treatment! (Wish I could say the same about his Senco, cough, cough). He has selective mutism (my son, not the Senco, as far as I know!) so the SALT is writing him a "life story" book aiming to get him to talk to me about any problems he has faced at school, no matter how minor.

    2) After the SALT had gone, we went swimming with my brother. We were the only people in the pool again and there was a shaft of sunlight in the middle that we kept swimming through. If you swam underwater, you could pretend you were in an ocean!

    3) After swimming, we took my brother back to mum and dad's and my sons went on the trampoline, I think they went to see the pigs and we found a slow worm, albeit a dead one.

    4) Went from there into town where they finally decided they would get their hair cut, went to the barbers, to the sweet shop then had a drink in a cafe.

    5) Gymnastics class for them afterwards and I had a snooze in the car whilst listening to Chris Evans. Got an Indian takeaway on the way home (they don't deliver as far as my house).

    So a lovely day and both sons seem very happy. They've just gone to bed without complaint. Spent bedtime story time listening to various trumpet players on YouTube as big son's trumpet playing is gathering pace.

    I'm going downstairs for a child free couple of hours, a cup of tea and to make 3 more bottles of sloe gin.....

    • Broomstick
    • By Broomstick 28th Oct 09, 9:45 PM
    • 1,461 Posts
    • 16,325 Thanks
    Nice new thread.

    {{{{{Billy858}}}}} - Obviously, I can't tell if this might be relevant to your situation or not - apologies if I'm really off the mark here - but two thoughts that help me when my children say hurtful things to me or their behaviour seems impossible are, firstly, the saying that 'When a child least appears to deserve your love is when they most need it' and, secondly, the idea that children often choose to be angry and foul at the people they feel most secure with and trust because they know that those people won't leave them whatever happens, so it can help to see your child's behaviour as an indication of how safe and loving you have made it for them to express their horriblest feelings IYSWIM. (All easier to manage in theory of course!)

    Anyway my five pleasures today:

    1. Getting masses more of our sitting room tidied, and boxes put away.

    2. Finding lots of unexpired vouchers for all sorts of things (including Tesco's deals) which are still in date. They'd got mislaid in the move.

    3. Leftovers for lunch which tasted nicer cold today than they did hot last night!

    4. A really helpful phone call with the man from the water board about how much our water metering was likely to cost and realising how much we will probably be saving in comparison to our pre-meter days which was very cheering up.

    5. A really peaceful, quiet house right now. Both children have gone to bed early so the telly is off and I am about to make a cuppa, wrap myself up in fleeces and get started on an OU assignment that is due in tomorrow and, I know, will almost write itself, easily and eloquently, in a beautifully structured 2000 words with a minimal need for editing. (Well, I can start out with good intentions, can't I? )

    B xxx
    • scotrae
    • By scotrae 28th Oct 09, 11:15 PM
    • 591 Posts
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    Had a couple of days away in Mum's caravan so I'm posting some pleasures from the last few days:

    1. TV wasn't working (horror!) so DH, DS x 2 and I were in confined space with no TV or internet connection, playing Scrabble, listening to classical music, reading and talking to each other ... and we lived to tell the tale!

    2. Being organised enough to take frozen meat and main groceries with us, so we only had to spend a little once there - and treated ourselves to cheap chips and a meal out.

    3. Buying myself a brand new pair of shoes and black silk jacket - from a charity shop. Total 5.50. (Hurrah!)

    4. Seeing my 9-year-olds engrossed in messing about in rockpools and skimming stones into the sea, and cooing at cute goat kids.

    5. Holding DH's hand as we walked across the sand in the bracing wind.
  • bunny too
    Morning everyone, my 5 for today are

    1. make a few more tags etc. for my hm xmas gifts and finish cards.

    2. dye some old towels and few items of clothing navy.

    3. bathroom blitz,and kitchen floor scrubbed os, down on hands and knees.

    4. clear leaves from patio, check on winter pansies and make a list of what i think i might need for growing some veg etc.I have never grown anything before,tried parsey few weeks ago,killed it,forgot to water the poor wee thing. Here's me hoping for tomatoes and potatoes.

    5. Friend calling in for coffee, making hm pancakes. yummy

    Have a good os day everyone This thread is really helping me stay on the os money saving track, thanks again for all your great inspiring posts.
    • honey
    • By honey 29th Oct 09, 8:47 AM
    • 689 Posts
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    Oh, I really love reading this thread. Nice shiny new one too!

    Hugs billy858.

    Broomstick, I really like those two thoughts you've posted. I'm going to write those down and look at them when things are tough with the littlies.

    My 5 for yesterday.

    1. Visiting SIL and children running around having fun together.

    2. Took children to the embankment to look at the swans and ducks (did feel a bit guilty as ducks were obviously waiting for bread but we didn't have any)

    3.Visited a library we hadn't been to before, didn't get lost and managed to borrow two books from my to read list. Also seeing the pleasure the children get from finding new books to read.

    4. Lovely pasta bake for tea made from left over roasted veg - it was yummy. Also hm garlic bread which was left over from having family round on Saturday so I bunged it in the freezer and it was lovely re-heated last night.

    5. Catching up with this feel-good thread.

    Have a good day everyone x
    • honey
    • By honey 29th Oct 09, 8:56 AM
    • 689 Posts
    • 3,208 Thanks

    3. Knitting a headband for DD for a fraction of the ASOS price, and looking forward to crocheting a flower to go onto it
    Originally posted by Penelope Penguin
    Hi Penelope Penguin,

    Do you have a pattern you could share? I'm trying to get into knitting would love to make my DDS a headband.
  • Louba
    Oh dear, haven't had my breakfast yet and the food posts are making me drool!

    For yesterday / this morning:
    1 - More things sold on Amazon - hmm think I might be getting obsessed!
    2 - bought most of my Chrstmas presents on line yesterday and scooped up the extra Boots points
    3 - and paid for them using the cash back credited on my cash back credit card so no actual spend!
    4 - it is a lovely sunny day after all the rain
    5 - Oh has a late start this morning so got to have a longer lie and a cuddle
    6 - finally got motivated to start a diary on here to track my progress toward saving for a house and repaying the mortgage.......feeling quite positive about it now for the first time in ages!

    Enjoy your day!
    Mortgage as at March 2010 225,000 target for December 2012 170,000. Blog link
  • Olliebeak
    Good morning all - yet another mild day forecast - 15deg for this afternoon . This time last year we were experiencing snow/high winds and I caved in where the c/h was concerned.

    thriftlady - thanks for starting the new thread - goes to show how popular your initial idea of 'looking for the positives' has become . lol at your daughter and friends actually enjoying clearing up the leaves .
    PenelopePenguin - Looks like even the chooks don't realise it's almost November .
    Haribo - wtg on the Hallowe'en and subscription bargains .
    billy858 - sorry to hear your DD1 has been giving you 'a load of old buck' (could be a scouse phrase?) - and have to echo Broomstick's thoughts. They lash out at where they feel the love is the most secure - sort of 'back-handed compliment' really. Personally, I'd accept her apology but make sure that she is aware that the words are still hurting you, and then have good hugs. I'm sure I was a 'witch of a teenager' for a few years though I always loved my Nan and Mum - never 'tried it on' with Grandad/Dad because I wasn't as certain where I stood with either of them . Plus a visit from mil - no wonder you've felt a bit down .
    Sassers - Brilliant news on the cheque and good luck with the job hunting. Great whoopsie there too .
    2lm6002 - welcome to the thread and well done on your pleasures .
    zippychick - Thanks for the explanations re Veda . I have heard of Tayto's before - DS1 gets them when he goes on his Ireland fishing trips and brings some back home . Hope your pumpkin cutting went well .
    Knitty78 - wtg on your mealplanning this week and well done on taking your own snacks to the cinema and resisting the temptation to eat out.
    funkymonkey849 - that very first 'finished garment' when dress-making is a wonderful feeling - remember it well though it was 40yrs ago for me (aaargh ) - a Maudella pattern. Loving the idea of a 'mystery night' on the mealplan.
    Louba - lol at your No.1 - woman after my own heart . Well done on your Clubcard and mortgage payment decision.
    hotcookie101 - hope your red cabbage worked out good in the slow cooker .
    cherrycake - well done on the body-warmer and boots !
    SunnyGirl - lol at you all bathing the dogs - a job I've not had to do for many years . How nice to be appreciated by the OH for your housekeeping abilities .
    Caterina - well done you on coming out of retirement for a fellow countrywoman . I can't imagine how it must feel to be giving birth while everybody is talking to you in another language - I'm sure you're presence will be a great comfort to her.
    Patchwork - Congrats on finishing the OU assignment. Have now got an image in my mind of your friend zigzagging down the road .
    billy858 - sounds like your day finished much better than it started ((((hugs)))) .
    Kitchenbunny - great news on the fruit/veg bargains. Good luck with your sewing for the hallowe'en costume.
    souk08 - on your no-spend-day! Great freebies too .
    samantha - well done you - sounds like a really good day - peaceful coffee, laundry done, friendly chatting, bargains, glass (or two) of wine and a lovely fresh bed to curl up into - things don't get much better than those .
    ACEY - Good to hear you've got a great relationship with your son's speech therapist . Your day with your DS's and brother sounds like one well-spent - all enjoying half-term .
    Broomstick - Good luck with the water metering and hope the OU assignment went well .
    scotrae - sounds like your caravan break was good fun for you all .
    bunnytoo - last year I was planning to do potatoes, but never got around to them - somebody suggested that I should try them in a black plastic bin, which I thought sounded like a good idea. Will definitely have a go next year - I don't 'do' kneeling on the ground - would love raised beds for growing stuff in. well done you on giving your floors a 'good seeing to' - as I said, something I can't do these days.
    honey - well done on your 'waste not - want not' using up leftovers .
    Louba - on your on-line selling/buying for Christmas. I did it for the first time last year and it was great .

    Mine for last couple of days are:

    1. Enjoying 'listening to' the 'Irish Banter' going on between all the Irish posters on the thread .

    2. Good day in work yesterday with no major problems, in fact got a couple of 'lurking problems' sorted out .

    3. OH managed to 'do a favour' for DD yesterday - got her money for her and took it to her house, saving her 8 taxi fare . He then accompanied her to the GP's and looked after the kids while she went in to see the doc then went with her while she got some school uniform for dgs1 for next Monday. yippee finally back in school after 14 weeks.

    4. DD has had her medication changed so fingers crossed that this will be of more benefit to her than the last lot.

    5. Visited DD at tea-time yesterday and stayed for a couple of hours with OH, her and the kids.

    6. The pork chops that I took out of the freezer yesterday will do for evening meal tonight so no planning required for today.

    Hope we all have a good MoneySaving/OS-ing day - love Ollie xxx
    Last edited by Olliebeak; 29-10-2009 at 9:29 AM.
  • floss2
    Had to post after reading everyone elses......

    1. Reading a text from OH who's been watching a family of swans growing up whilst working away for 6 months - 5 are now flying & last 2 look ready to fly

    2. Bagging a bargain dream wedding dress at 17% of it's original price

    3. Knowing both DS's are happy & settled and both OS-ing in their own way without much interference from Mum!

    4. Having a freezer full of scrummy h/m or y/s food

    5. Knowing that I've got some wine to drink & recored programmes to watch whilst tackling the ironing mountain!
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