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    Typical cost of removal firms?
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:12 PM
    Typical cost of removal firms? 25th Sep 09 at 12:12 PM
    We haven't exchanged contracts yet but I've been thinking ahead to the physical aspect of moving and getting some estimates.

    The quotes so far have been pretty eye-watering (800-1000) and I wonder if I'm looking at the wrong kind of firm for our move or whether this would come down drastically once they've actually surveyed what we own. (Largely books, DVDs and computers with only a couple of items of heavy furniture and 2 pianos. No white goods or glass & china.)

    In the past our moves have all been either work-related (and therefore my company paid) or happened when I was young and possession-light enough to fit everything I owned in the back of my parents' car. (We don't drive.)

    We also have the option of hiring a van and getting our three 6'+ brothers to drive and help out but this would mean moving at a weekend and I'm not sure I can coordinate our end of tenancy date and completion date to make this do-able. I guess we could use storage for a week or two if necessary.

    How much did others pay for their moves? And does anyone have any removal company recommendations?

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  • blossom30
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:26 PM
    removal costs
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:26 PM
    Hi Togarama, You are doing the right thing at this stage and preparing for the costs of removal van and men. I am from Glasgow and moved about 2 years ago. I remember completing forms online of my goods to be uplifted and delivered to new address about 8 miles apart and I got various quotes. I settled for not the cheapest but the one I thought looked more professional and if I remember right for a 2 bedroom contents removal it was about 220. I was annoyed at the company though as they were due to uplift and remove at 11.30am and didn't turn up until 3pm. Fortunately for us the person who bought our house wasn't moving in until the following day. I think these companies are all the same as I used a well known company on a previous move and they were just as bad. Always sign the form at the new address as goods unchecked as they really don't care about your possessions and I found this out ,anyway that is another story.. My mother in law always gets her relatives and son in law who has access to a large van to do all the donkey work (me included) and she is always working that day! typical. Anyhoo good luck with your move shrewdalx
    • hellokitty08
    • By hellokitty08 25th Sep 09, 12:30 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:30 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:30 PM
    My MSE advice would be do your own packing, but get someone in to load the boxes in to their van and unload them. Moving day is stressful enough with out having to add that bit in too.

    I think I paid (northamptonshire) about 260 for our move which was a total of three streets away, but did still take about 4 hours.
    • littlemissbossy
    • By littlemissbossy 25th Sep 09, 12:31 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:31 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:31 PM
    I haven't moved for over 10 years but do remember getting the price lowered significantly by not using the firms "insurance cover" for any damage done. I rang my home insurer and they told me I was covered with them for removal. This might be worth a phone call.

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  • longtimelurker
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:35 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 12:35 PM
    I would try and avoid using storage. I did this when I last moved, and it was so demoralising stacking everything into a storage locker, knowing that it was all going to have to come back out and back in a van and unpacked again in the house. Storage means 4 moves, not 2.
    • loadsacash
    • By loadsacash 25th Sep 09, 1:00 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 1:00 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 1:00 PM
    We have had about 3 quotes ranging from 650.00 to 950.00. We are moving from a 2 bedroomed second floor flat in Edinburgh to a semi in Linlithgow - about 37 miles away.

    To hire a van costs about 50.00 per day and my husband can get some mates to help out so I think that move ourselves will be the thing to do!
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    • pelirocco
    • By pelirocco 25th Sep 09, 1:04 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 1:04 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 1:04 PM
    How long is a piece of string? , depends on the distance moved , the size of move , the service you need , access at each end .........
    • pelirocco
    • By pelirocco 25th Sep 09, 1:07 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 1:07 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 1:07 PM
    We have had about 3 quotes ranging from 650.00 to 950.00. We are moving from a 2 bedroomed second floor flat in Edinburgh to a semi in Linlithgow - about 37 miles away.

    To hire a van costs about 50.00 per day and my husband can get some mates to help out so I think that move ourselves will be the thing to do!
    Originally posted by loadsacash

    remember the time factor involved , and the fact you cannot move stuff in until completion , yet you have to be out of old property by then ( if you are purchasing ) . How much stuff can you get in one load ?37 miles is a fair distance
  • jenny74
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    • 25th Sep 09, 2:00 PM
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    • 25th Sep 09, 2:00 PM
    We had Hoults removals out to do us a quote this morning... 900 inc VAT. We do have a LOT of stuff and he told us that our stuff will completely fill their lorry.

    We used them when we moved last - 10 years ago.

    I guess who you go with will depend on various factors, such as how much work you want to do yourselves... How much stuff you have... How far you're moving... and how stress free you want it to be!

    As I mentioned we used Hoults last time, they are very very professional and emptied our 2 bed end town house in about an hour and a half as 6 blokes turned up as they couldn't get onto another job. Previously we had hired a van and moved to our previous house ourselves, we ached for days afterwards and he stress was unreal!

    I would definately do with a reputable company. (I ave also had a quote for 400, but he hasn't been out and I have seen his vans and we'd need at least 2!!) So I don't think his quote is accurate.


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  • telfordwhite
    Get a "MAN IN A VAN" type company to do it if you aint bothered about insuring stuff.

    Mine is charging me 200 for a 3 bed house but I am only moving a mile away. It would cost me half that to hire a Luton van and do it myself.
    • PasturesNew
    • By PasturesNew 25th Sep 09, 3:04 PM
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    Here's one random website that sets out their rough estimate of costs, so you could add it up yourself:

    But it does depend on access, distance, roads.

    For small moves not requiring a survey we can offer a low, hourly rate for our services. Our charges begin at your present address and end on completion of your at your new address.

    35 per hour & 1per mile for a one man and van service.
    50 per hour & 1per mile for a two man removals team.
    70 per hour & 2per mile for two removals men & two vans.
    85 per hour & 2per mile for three removals men and two vans.
    100 per hour & 2per mile for four removals men and two vans.
    I know somebody who lived down a small lane, so removals had to be done by bringing the big lorry to the top car park, then transferring everything into a smaller van to drive down into the village.

    Others will have a driveway or road for easy access, while some will have to walk goods the length of the road. You might be in a bungalow, or a 4-storey town house. You might have just household goods, or an extensive collection of mirrors and glassware.

    You might have everything flatpacked ready to go, or expect them to take furniture apart.
  • togarama
    Thanks all. There is quite a wide range of prices and options and I'll be doing a bit more research.

    We're moving about 57 miles, from a tiny 2 bed terraced house with access straight outside to a larger 2 bed 1-2nd floor flat where access will be less simple (park outside but have to carry everything through communal entrance and up stairs.)
    • LandyAndy
    • By LandyAndy 25th Sep 09, 3:43 PM
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    I would try and avoid using storage. I did this when I last moved, and it was so demoralising stacking everything into a storage locker, knowing that it was all going to have to come back out and back in a van and unpacked again in the house. Storage means 4 moves, not 2.
    Originally posted by longtimelurker
    Not necessarily.

    Our stuff was in storage for about 3 months.

    The wagon had four storage containers on it. Our stuff was loaded into them. At the storage depot the containers were simply removed from the wagon and stored and when we were ready for them they were put back onto a wagon and delivered to our new address.

    I see you have pianos to move. Tricky beggars if not moved by people who know what they are doing.
  • sandiep
    If your removal is quite a distance, try removal companies in the town that you are moving to rather than from. Also, a bit of flexibility can help.

    For Example, Kilmarnock removals do a big scheduled run from Kilmarnock to Newbury every week (or used to anyway), and therefore, if you lived somewhere between the two on the way back and could fit in with their schedule, they'd move you for a very very reasonable rate. I paid less than £300 to move from Didcot to Ayrshire.

    Also, you're only going to get quoted anything other than card rate if you don't have a date. The cheaper prices only come when they can fit other jobs in around it to share the costs.

    Just remember, that when you're talking about a removal lorry, you're talking around 8mpg, workers governed by the Road workers directive that means that they can't work more than so many hours at a go, operators license restrictions, that mean that they can't drive more than so many hours in the day, scheduled breaks etc etc. All of which means that they have a lot less flexibility than anyone operating 3.5tonne van. And it piles on the time and the cost.

    And any reputable company is going to quote you a couple of hundred quid just to move the pianos down the road.
  • caela
    I have been thinking what it will cost to move all our stuff back from uni since we have bought so much stuff for the new house and seeing the quotes, I think it's almost more sensible to BUY a second hand van and move it yourself! If you bought a van for around 2,000 (is that possible?) got a day or two insurance added on from an existing policy (mine lets me add people for a day for 15) and it already had tax and MOT, you could move your stuff and sell the van straight away at the other end! That's what I'm thinking of doing. Or, be truely moneysaving and start your own removal service haha and keep the van! Lol crazy ideas but crazy prices lead to crazy measures!
    Or, if you're only moving a short distance, why not rent a van, like U haul or something?
    I am going to try to sell most of our furniture to our landlord before we leave, as it was bought specifically for the place and really fits. Failing that, good old gumtree/ ebay and probably sell it all second hand and just buy new stuff at the other end. I have been pretty successful on ebay lately (as much as I've been slating it) and most stuff I have sold actually went for MORE than it did new! That's crazy. I started bids at 99p as well. Maybe I can shift some furniture too, but I'd rather the landlord buy it cos then I don't have to dismantel it all hehe too lazy.

    Martin would be proud!
  • caela
    Just thought of the funniest idea in addition to my last reply- why not TEST DRIVE a van lol and move your stuff, then take the van back, "sorry, it wasn't for me, I think I'll stick with the van I got", lol then it's FREE. Just joking, of course
    • Morglin
    • By Morglin 27th Sep 09, 6:10 AM
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    I recently moved from East Sussex to Bromley (about 50 miles and about an hour's drive up the M25 and M20) and we moved the contents of a two bed flat with garden stuff to a two bed place with garden stuff to be unloaded - but we do have a lot of clutter, and we also have more than a few bits of disability equipment that also needed to be loaded on the van, including motbility scooters.

    We did all the packing ourselves, and told them we would bring up the computers and our most precious ornaments ourselves (not risking those on a van!).

    We got various quotes, ranging between 450 and 800 - but we chose a firm that seemed the best all round, and paid 650.

    I say 'seemed' but what actually turned up, far from the uniformed guy with the apparant experience and assurances they were a large firm (which their advert also assured us), with proper lorries, belonging to the firm, were what appeared to be a group of bloody travellers in a hired lorry - the day was chaos, not one I ever want to repeat, but that's another story lol

    I'd very carefully labelled everything, so it was at least put into the correct rooms - but (and I still get flashbacks on this!), none of them could read (christ lol) - so stuff was just hurled everywhere, because we didn't have the speed and mobility to be able to watch them all and what they were doing.

    But, anyway, that's what the cost of the quotes were.

    Last edited by Morglin; 27-09-2009 at 6:17 AM.
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  • misskool
    The first thought for me when seeing what you own is 2 pianos. They are often more expensive to transport and pack due to insurance etc (for the moving companies).

    They do seem a bit expensive so shop around. It should be marginally cheaper to get your own packing done.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 27th Sep 09, 10:04 AM
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    I think we paid about 400 to move 3 miles but it was worth every single penny. The men didn`t stop working. We packed the boxes but it still took the best part of a day to move us into a new town house. Getting a professional mover in would be top of my list re minimalising stress
    • noh
    • By noh 27th Sep 09, 10:13 AM
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    If you want to get the removal quote lower don't move on a Friday.
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