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    The Good News Thread...
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:13 PM
    The Good News Thread... 10th Mar 06 at 8:13 PM
    can you tell I've got too much thinking time on my hands today..
    I've had an idea sparked mainly by some of the wonderful and inspiring threads on here this week from all of us DFW's shall we have a good news thread on here so when we do happen on some good news concerning our debts we can all share the news with everyone.I know it definately inspires me to chip off that little bit more and it does brighten the day a little when we are struggling to cope..and lets be honest we all have days like that!!
    It may help a lot of new posters also to have something a little more lightweight to read when they first join so they know there is hope

    I'll start the ball rolling with my good news that I paid off my overdraft this month this is the first time we haven't had one since we've been married and we've been married a loooooong time

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  • little miss broke
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:18 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:18 PM
    My good news is:

    For the first time in many months i finally feel in crontrol of my debt instead of it controlling me.
    I feel positive about the future. I WILL do this
    Yesterday i posted a load of stuff on ebay and if it sells for what i'm hoping, i should make enough money to clear one of my store cards in full
    I have loads more stuff to get on there too, hopefully i'll make enough to clear the other store card soon
    Why is there always so much month left at the end of my money?
  • little miss broke
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:19 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:19 PM
    Sorry, forgot to say, well done on clearing your overdraft, you must be over the moon.

    What a great feeling
    Why is there always so much month left at the end of my money?
    • taplady
    • By taplady 10th Mar 06, 8:36 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:36 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 8:36 PM
    Well done on the overdraft D&DD

    I know how you feel, we're in an IVA at the moment but it's great not to see DR on your bank statements!

    I like your idea for the good news thread! nice to have some good news for a change and to be able to share it with people who know what it's like!
    Every penny saved is a penny saved
    • roversbabe
    • By roversbabe 10th Mar 06, 9:39 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 9:39 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 9:39 PM
    Well done on the overdraft, that's great

    My good news - my cheque for shares has now cleared (company takeover @ work so my shares have been purchased) The money is now sitting in my ISA so after the 6th April, this will be used to clear my (interest free) credit card.

    Debt free gets closer and closer.
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 027

    Debt free: 6th April 06 Proud to have dealt with my debts
  • southernscouser
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    • 10th Mar 06, 10:06 PM
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    • 10th Mar 06, 10:06 PM
    Good news! Erm..............!

    Well I paid another 297.62 off my debts today as my loan payment came out! :confused:
  • queenofthedump
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    • 11th Mar 06, 8:11 AM
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    • 11th Mar 06, 8:11 AM
    what an excellent idea D&DD. Perhaps it could run in the same format as what have you spent today ( what good thing has happened today ?)

    My good news is .........................

    Oh yeah I started my new job so i have earnt some money and my OH earned 10 for ref a footy match. and my son got 5 out of 5 for his spelling test he is only 5 bless him
  • mom23
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    • 11th Mar 06, 8:40 AM
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    • 11th Mar 06, 8:40 AM
    My good new is:
    we got a 15% bonus which means i can clear my Next balance at the end of the month !! (i would normally have frittered this away!)

    I have paid cash for everything this month instead of using cc especially my sons b/d present of a bike!!!

    And my son is back with his girlfriend after he "dumped" her(his words not mine!!!) He's 6!!!

    Well done with the OD D&DD
    • Batgirl
    • By Batgirl 11th Mar 06, 9:02 AM
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    • 11th Mar 06, 9:02 AM
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    • 11th Mar 06, 9:02 AM
    My good news is similar to Little Miss Broke, I feel really good about money at the momnet. I remember for a long time feeling that the only way out was the lottery and we were so far in a tunnel that there was no light to indicate any end. We are now about 21months tops til we are out of debt then we are going to start hacking off the mortgage. I'm only 26 ( i know thats still old for many) and feel so grateful to have learnt so much about money over the last few months at a young age. I hate to think where we would be in 10 years time if we hadn't changed our thinking so much. Before spending money used to be my hobbie and give me a real buzz, now I get such a buzz seeing our savings go up, debt go down and getting a REAL bargain.

    Also received my first mystery shopping assignment yest, and made my first 80p doing an online survey. I now look at pennies instead of pounds and it feels great

    Thanks for the great thread and congrats to everyone for their good news and taking control of their finances
    May 2015 10 a day currently 208
  • tigerlily
    Hmmm, good news for the week.......
    My elecricity supply will be changed over next Friday so cheaper bills.
    I finally got round to returning faulty and non-fitting items bought before my lightbulb moment to the shops yesterday.
    I had a 20 rebate from my water company (if you are with south west water all customers should get this!!) not much but better than nothing!!
    Debt free = December of March 2006 it is now January 2010..... as of December 2008 it is now December 2009 hopefully sooner!!
    DEBT FREE January 2012, took longer but I got there, all by myself, through sheer hard work and pride!
  • Chortle
    Well done with the overdraft D&DD and fab idea for a thread!

    My good news... well. Properly back on the wagon after a small blip around Christmas, when I'd paid around 35k off of my debts, and convinced myself ( ) that the remaining balances were 'manageable' and stopped fighting to reduce them
    Sig says my debt-free date is Nov 07 - but if I carry on paying in what I am at the moment, it'll be May-07 (want to give myself a few months to see if it is actually sustainable before I reduce it on my sig - would hate having to push it back!)
    And... this week I got copies of my bank statements for the last 6 years, and calculated that they owe me over 2k in punative charges!! Letter requesting payment has been sent, and when they pay up, it'll be another 2k off of my debt, and bring that debt-free date forward to before Christmas!!!
    Highest Debt (Sept 04) -> 41,300
    Debt Free - August 2006!!

  • moozie
    Got some good news too
    What a wonderful, uplifting, positive thread! Thank you

    My good news for today is that I've just now checked all our accounts online - good news in itself as I NEVER used to check anything regularly before I joined MSE - and saw that the 50 from winning post for February for this post: Too scared to work out what I owe, has arrived!

    50 off our joint OD That makes me feel very very happy and grateful. A little bit closer to being debt free Thank you MSE and MSEs!

    I also went through my mobile phone bill for the first time and found that T-Mob had charged me incorrectly 4.90 plus VAT. I phoned them and they agreed to refund it next month. Obviously that's good news but the best bit is that I actually checked the bill - first time ever

    So, lots of positive stuff! GREAT DAY
    Leason learnt
    • beanielou
    • By beanielou 11th Mar 06, 6:55 PM
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    I just want to say that i think this is a great thread.
    Thank you all for sharing and that I find it a great pick me up when i am getting a wee bit down.
    Thanks D&DD for starting the thread
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~** **Weight loss 2 stone 12 lbs **

    "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" Jane Austen in Mansfield Park.
    ***Fall down seven times,stand up eight*** ~~Japanese proverb.
    It starts with you, it starts from now. *** It is ok to be me.***
    ***Keep plodding***
    Out of debt, out of danger. ***Be the difference.***
  • D&DD
    Wow well done everyone it so nice to come on and see some really positive posts here today there's some wonderful good news posts thankyou to all who have shared and keep them coming!! I think its lovely to see how people are starting to take control of their debts rather than the debts controlling them I hope we all continue to have more good news to share its been a great week
    C.R.A.P.R.O.L.L.Z Marketing Manager
  • LookingAhead

    And my son is back with his girlfriend after he "dumped" her (his words not mine!!!) He's 6!!!
    by mom23
    Made me chuckle!!!

    Fab idea for a thread D&DD, I really like it.

    My good news is: I sold 4 things on EBAY...not for a lot but it means I am 15 better off than I would have been if I had just left those things sitting on the shelf/in wardrobe.

    I took a top back to be refunded because I was honest with myself & said it didn't suit me...whereas before I would have kept it anyway "just in case" OR worn it a couple of times then given it away or sold it on EBAY for a fraction of the cost

    I received x2 recommendation cards from my old hair salon which will earn me 10 off my next treatment if I pass on two names

    I have just checked Quidco & I have 12 waiting to come to me

    I swapped energy suppliers this week to a green electricity (a big thing for me) and I should save money. But even if NPower Juice goes up, I don't think I'll be paying any more than I am now with British Gas AND I will be using a green source of electricity which is important.

    I haven't gone out tonight - just spent 0.10 on a hour & half phone call to one of my best mates (using redial after an hour!!) which was lovely.

    Hooray!!! Quite a lot there...I hope to post more good news soon!
    Bank Balance: In the black for the moment.
    Sainsburys Loan: Cleared July 2010
    Credit cards: AMEX Airmiles Card: direct debit set to clear balance monthly
  • in*the*red
    By the end of this month I will have paid an extra 250 off our debt on top of our normal monthly snowballing figure of 300.

    Just found out the total outstanding is now 6 less than I thought too - (not much but still pleased me )
  • D&DD
    By the end of this month I will have paid an extra 250 off our debt on top of our normal monthly snowballing figure of 300.

    Just found out the total outstanding is now 6 less than I thought too - (not much but still pleased me )
    by in*the*red
    Wow thats brilliant Red! Must be a great feeling SS redid the snowball thing when he paid some extra off so might be worth doing and seeing if your DFD is a bit closer still?
    C.R.A.P.R.O.L.L.Z Marketing Manager
    • skintchick
    • By skintchick 12th Mar 06, 10:55 AM
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    My good news was/is that my debt is below 2k now.

    And that my hair behaved itself and actually looked nice for my first night out in weeks last night :rolleyes:
    DFW Nerd Club member 023...DFD 9.2.2007
    married 21 6 08 Angel babies' birth dates 3.10.08 * 4.3.11 * 11.11.11 * 17.3.12 * 2.7.12 My live baby's birth date 22 7 09 I'm due another baby at the end of July 2014!
  • Peppa Pig
    D&DD what a brilliant idea. It is lovely to hear everyones good news. My good news is I paid off the last bit of the Halifax CC on Friday, it will be moved back but at 6.95% and not 19.95%. So All my debt will be on 6.95% and 0%. Total interest will now be about 40 per month instead of the original 150 per month. How great it feels not going into their pockets and pays the debt off quicker. Can't wait to change my signature
    • verynewmoneysaver
    • By verynewmoneysaver 12th Mar 06, 1:05 PM
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    I got a Virgin Credit card at 0% to pay off our overdraft. I've now paid off the credit card and we still have no overdraft. We have changed our bank account from Barcays additions, where you had to pay them about 10 a month to an ordinary Barclays account. Had to take out a loan though to pay back loan from DH's father as he wanted his money back quickly. Have learnt a great deal off this site, thanks to everyone.
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