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    Wednesday 4/3/09 What small dfw things have you done today???
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    • 4th Mar 09, 7:33 AM
    Wednesday 4/3/09 What small dfw things have you done today??? 4th Mar 09 at 7:33 AM
    When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

    But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free

    Examples could be charging your phone up at work instead of at home to save your electricity, hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

    So be proud of those small steps, they really are important.

    Today i will:
    • check online banking -
    • update spreadsheets
    • move some money to savings
    • make a loaf in breadmaker
    • storecupboard lunch and tea
    • laundry hokey cokey for OH
    • ironing for me
    • reduce, reuse,recycle one thing
    • swim and jacuzzi to use gym membership
    • aim for no spend day
    • clean one room so no housework at weekend
    • plant some more seeds
    • sparkle a lot
    • use lots of smilies to cheer me up
    • try not to murder any decorators/painters

    Good morning lovely dfw's, Hi to all the regular posters and welcome to any newbies .

    Sending lovely hugs to any poorly or fed up people, hope you feel better soon.
    Will be like a displaced person today at work - have my line manager coming for an appraisal and don't even have an office to use thanks to the redecorating. Should be fun climbing over the stacks of filing cabinets etc to find things she asks for Can't wait until the decorators have fnished this scheme 6 weeks of it so far and still more to come

    Catch you all later xxx

    Reduce,re-use, recycle.

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    • Candy0107
    • By Candy0107 4th Mar 09, 7:39 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 7:39 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 7:39 AM

    Thanks for posting this so early - it means I can list my things before I start work. Today I have/will.....

    Investigated how much JSA is and looked into courses that I could use to get a better job

    Registered with another agency

    Received a failure email for an email I sent on Friday which contained my CV - I have now re-sent it, and will call up later to make sure that it got delivered

    Woke up at 3am worrying about not having a job

    Made a plan of action for Monday (this involves.....a lie in going to town to sign on :rolleyes: and going for a swim to use gym membership as I can not use the gym due to injury :rolleyes: )

    Talk hubby into buying lunch (I know I was up at 3, but I have not made lazy am I?)

    Get hubby to drop me off in town and wait for me while I pick up the textbook that I ordered (it will be returned as I got a free one from college last night!)

    Have an early night

    Have a great day everyone,

    Candy xxx
    Last edited by Candy0107; 04-03-2009 at 7:47 AM.
    Debts at the start of my journey - about 23,000 lightbulb moment 01.03.2007 (1st payment to CCCS)..Debt Free Date 25.06.2013 Deposit savings 2,500/30,000
    • pixiechick99
    • By pixiechick99 4th Mar 09, 8:04 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:04 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:04 AM
    Not feeling wonderful, the Crohn's is really playing me up so didn't sleep wonderfully well Off to work though, can always come back if it's too sore later, but got youngest's parent's eve so want to stay (I work in same school as her!)
    Anyway brief list....
    • check banking....ok
    • transfer Quidco and Amazon money to savings account
    • NSD
    • Dinner from meal planner
    • Heating off if poss...or on for a little bit tonight!
    Urgh that's all I can be bothered to do today
    Have a good day everyone
    November NSDs - 0/15
    November Groceries 0/200
    DFW Nerd #1135
  • sarahb123
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:16 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:16 AM
    Ooh, I'm near the beginning today

    Today I have/will:
    • coins in piggy
    • check pigsback/quidco
    • take flask to avoid vending machine
    • use vouchers when food shopping
    • check online banking
    • read papers online
    • carry on with get it done list
    Think that's all, hope everyone has a good day x
    Pay/save 20k in 2010 5888.75/20,000
    June Mini target 0/5lbs Total 23/40
    Ebay profit 2010: March 207 April 95 May 130 June 0 Total 432
  • HannaB
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:20 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:20 AM
    Morning all,

    I can't believe I had to scrape ice off my car this morning. It's Spring for goodness sake! (Ever the optimist!)

    I checked my online bank this morning. While transferring money into my ISA (with another bank), I accidently typed in 410 instead of 140 and hit confirm TWICE without realising!! I'm nearly at my limit for the year, so (hopefully) 300 should bounce back within a couple of days, otherwise it'll be a blimmin' tight month.

    Never do your online banking when you're half asleep. I'm off to get some strong coffee before I slip up again and apply for a loan or a mortgage. Lol!

    Please continue to hold the line. Your call is very important to us and will be answered by next available robot...
  • my mess
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:40 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:40 AM
    Today for me ......

    done free scratchies (2 x 10p)
    checked online banking - all fine
    checked credit cards online - fine
    paid 11 to credit card
    checked for any interesting freebies
    will pack up the book sold on Amazon
    collect son's Xbox (!) from post office
    take son to hospital
    make slow cooker pork casserole for tea
    complete spending diary
    try and get some stitching done
    check up on the few things i have for sale on ebay
    dry washing on airer
    fix up the composting bin that i have been given - YAY !

    That's all folks !

    Have a good day
    Aiming to be debt-free, and have my degree, by 50 !
    • Pippilongstocking
    • By Pippilongstocking 4th Mar 09, 8:50 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:50 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 8:50 AM
    busy today -or I am just late

    just taken delivery of my new lawn mower - not really that exciting but the reaosn why I am late.

    Check bank I should have been paid woo hoo
    Pay rent
    Move DD's if I get a mo - if not then will move them later in week
    Lasagne made for tea make garlic bread later
    Lodger room done
    More seeds to soak on windowsill
    Dogs in car to walk at lunch
    Brekki at desk
    Work hard
    Library if I get a mo (prob not today)
    DS laundry needs hanging up
    Chookie fed later on
    Replace bird seed

    thats it for me today - will check in later on xx
    Overdraft 1 1000/0, Overdraft 2 1000/0, Credit Card 1 1044.93/0, Credit Card 2 2710.57/1725.27
    Total Debt as of 6/8/2017 5755.40 eek: total debt 24/9 4060 PAID off 1695.40 Total 22/12 4025.27 PAID OFF 1730.13 1/3/18 Total 37025.27 2030.13 paid off
  • OliveOyl
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    • 4th Mar 09, 9:44 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 9:44 AM
    Morning All Thanks SM

    Feeling a bit pants today - the grey woolly socks are back and match my mood
    But today I have/will:
    • been to the gym to use my membership, and their hot water & soap
    • brought in lunch - I made a sort of pies/pasty following a Jamie Oliver recipe I'd "remembered" from the magazine I'd read at the's not very nice so I'm not inflicting it on the lodger, and it'll be lunch for the next week
    • will cancel Audible to forgetting
    • will chase up Popeyes money which was paid by BACS instead of CHAPS - hopefully they'll bear the cost of the charges I'm about to get.
    • scratch'n'click
    And I'll try not to be so grumpy
    But I'm missing Popeye and things keep going wrong (DS1 left the back gate unlocked and now it has been damaged in the wind etc etc etc)
    • BusPass
    • By BusPass 4th Mar 09, 9:46 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 9:46 AM
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    • 4th Mar 09, 9:46 AM

    Back on today after a break for holidays and extreme work commitments.

    I enjoyed a break away courtesy of Ryanair but only because I had to tread a long hard road to get debt free and arrive at the situation where we can afford breaks.

    Visiting this thread makes me repeat daily the mantra that I am not going to slip into debt and I am going to take care of all things financial EVERY day.

    Rant over.

    Today I will

    Check online bank and savings balances.
    I am travelling by bus to save over 10 on fuel. Bus Pass gives me free travel
    Claim fuel expenses for February ( around 60)
    Made sandwiches for lunch. I have as a treat, sweets gathered for free at the Cologne Carneval procession.
    No spend day.
    No newspaper purchase. I can read them free online.
    Have a walk at lunchtime and do some window shopping.
    Make soup tonight.
    Reclaim 67 overpaid to BT on Direct Debit. ( I recently cancelled home broadband because I don't need it since local library is so convenient)
    All in all a day I am feeling good about things.

    Hope you all write down the positives and keep going.
    • urg123
    • By urg123 4th Mar 09, 9:48 AM
    • 1,988 Posts
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    Morning all,

    Went to see a my co-mentor (we mentor each other) and have come up with some plans of action for the next few months to help us both get out of our job ruts!

    Milly - sorry to hear your Chrons is playing up. My cousin has something similar and I know how hard it can be.
    Candy - sorry to hear you were up so early.

    Not too much DFW stuff today but here is my list:
    • Send co-mentor links as promised
    • Brought snacks but need to buy lunch at work (I get to enjoy the time with my colleagues too!)
    • Call insurance broker to ask questions
    • Decide on a policy and confirm
    • Call best friend and enjoy free minutes
    • Final reading of chapter
    • Collate presentation for course
    • List 5 books on Amazon
    I might come back and add more later.

    urg x x

    p.s. look at my signature. I hit 25% of my CC debt WOO HOO
    Last edited by urg123; 04-03-2009 at 9:51 AM.
    • lilly81
    • By lilly81 4th Mar 09, 10:07 AM
    • 582 Posts
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    Morning guys,

    Today I have/will:
    *check online banking-quidco 6 has gone in
    *update spreadsheet
    *do 2 mystery shops, one involves a food shop
    *check for onlne surveys
    *daily scratchcard- 10p
    *store cupboard lunch + dinner

    Candy- its pants losing your job, but keep looking, have u thought about mystery shops to boast ur income??

    I have a meeting today at DS school, they have threatened to exclude him- hes 6 years old

    Have a good day everyone
    Lilly X
    Debt 03/08/08 4805.26
    Debt free date 23rd march 2009

    Make 2018 in 2018 challenge
    45.08 /2018
  • mizzy2
    Hi everyone

    -go to lecture
    -heating is off
    -put washing on
    -take lunch from home

    -dooyoo review/ratings, maybe about 5 will need the money!
    -walk to town from uni

    have a good day everyone
    Last edited by mizzy2; 21-03-2009 at 6:32 PM.
    • Pippilongstocking
    • By Pippilongstocking 4th Mar 09, 10:26 AM
    • 14,974 Posts
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    [quote=OliveOyl;19377065]Morning All Thanks SM

    Feeling a bit pants today - the grey woolly socks are back and match my mood


    Dont forget the secret stripes xx
    Overdraft 1 1000/0, Overdraft 2 1000/0, Credit Card 1 1044.93/0, Credit Card 2 2710.57/1725.27
    Total Debt as of 6/8/2017 5755.40 eek: total debt 24/9 4060 PAID off 1695.40 Total 22/12 4025.27 PAID OFF 1730.13 1/3/18 Total 37025.27 2030.13 paid off
    • Cleosmum
    • By Cleosmum 4th Mar 09, 11:08 AM
    • 2,659 Posts
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    Oh I feel so down today! Really cant get going

    I have:
    • Checked banking
    • Sorted out some old bank statements so that I can provide TC with updated amounts and they can stop saying they have overpaid, when in fact they have underpaid!
    • Finally sorted my SOA
    • Airer drying sheets and towels
    And I will:
    • Eat meals from stores
    • Offload 2 items of unwanted furniture to my brother, luckily he does want them!
    • More job hunting :rolleyes: 5 apps done!
    • Walk to pick kids up from school, saving petrol
    • NSD Feeling the urge to splurge.....
    Fingers crossed it doesnt rain, that would really be the icing on todays cake!
    Last edited by Cleosmum; 04-03-2009 at 6:31 PM.
    Jan 2016 Grocery Challenge: 184.58/400 (16/01)
  • crazyaboutsaving
    Morning all,

    Feeling a bit stressed today as money is getting tight. We have been able to pay off all our cc debt today! Now it's just the student loans....
    Our debt free things today:

    -keep heating turned off
    - DH is now cycling to work on his new bike! No more bus fare!
    - Today will be a NSD day. My first for March!
    - Have checked banking and sorted bills for the month.
    - Will do a meal plan for the next week and use as many storecupboard items as possible.

    That's all!
    Debt at highest 01/01/2008- $79,385.32
    Debt now 01/03/2009 - $63,194.72
    DFW Nerd Club Member #993
    Feb NSD challenge 9/10 days, Mar NSD 5/10 days
    Mar grocery challenge 221.02/250
    • ebonylight
    • By ebonylight 4th Mar 09, 11:30 AM
    • 838 Posts
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    Printed CV on work puter. Printed letter to go with it

    Brought in sandwiches

    Used work phone to call two people

    read my email from Martin

    That's it so far!!
    End of 2010 I was 8,007.66 in debt
    Today's total: 7,297.06
    Member of The Blondettes
    • sarahs999
    • By sarahs999 4th Mar 09, 11:33 AM
    • 3,827 Posts
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    Well done crasyabout saving! That's fab. ANd hop you feel better soon, Milly scarlet.


    Checked online banking, money in from Quidco, straight into 'holding' account to pay off CCs at end of month.
    Packed lunch, breakfast at home
    Clicks, surveys etc.

    Got my first mystery shopping tomorrow which seems HUGELY complicated, even if it is only by email (odd, to call it shopping....) anyway, must sit and read through everything tonight as it does seem very confusing, ten pages of briefing notes. GAH!
    Debt cleared! 13,128 0!!!
    Saving for maternity leave: 3,300/3500
    'Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.' Michael Pollan
    • Teterow
    • By Teterow 4th Mar 09, 11:35 AM
    • 237 Posts
    • 100 Thanks
    1. Checked my current account - salary still not paid in
    2. Ordered a FREE credit report and was pleased with the result
    3. Cancelled my Egg Credit Card and closed the account
    3 NSD per week
    Saving 3000 towards mortgage overpayments
    Saving 28 per week
  • talliedebtbuster
    Hi all, feeling rather strange today and anxious, there is the chance for a key worker rental in the next town come up im making enquiries about. It is okay to get to work and that but im nervous about whether to move out. I cant take my dog so would have to leave him. Im 26 but its just odd. Any advice? Im waiting for a call about rent prices at the moment so its just enquires

    On the lighter note, have only spent a pound today! Having a tidy up before uni too.
    So today i will
    Check online banking
    Piggy clicks
    Freebies search
    Keyworker flat enquiries
    Start essay late tonight
    Washing all the tea towels. Bath towels
    Dinner tonight from home
    go uni tonight for class
    Debt for Tallie - JUNE 2009
    NATWEST LOAN......5000.00
    CREDIT CARDS........5000.00
    STUDENT LOAN.......7500.00
    TESCO CARD..........1000.00
  • MrsAudus2b
    Good morning/afternoon all!

    Today I have/will:
    • Been paid 93.88 by Quidco!
    • Moved money into savings by online banking
    • Received Martins weekly email and read it
    • Opened a savings account to receive free 20 (email tip!)
    • Will go through Quidco to join Tesco DVD rental - three month free trial
    • Been visited by work friend for an hour or so
    • Cousin is visiting me later
    • NSD
    • Heating off - have blanket instead
    • Enter compeitions
    • Storecupboard meals
    • Feeling bit better today - can potter about more although can't stand for too long
    • Send free texts to some friends - it's my birthday on Monday 9th and won't be able to go out this weekend so have decided to invite a couple of people round on saturday night for some nibbles and a drink
    • Catch up with thread and diaries
    Love to all
    Joint debt with OH at LBM Sept 08 (excluding mortgage & student loan) - 34,069

    Getting married 05/09/09

    To lose for the big day (lb) 2/51
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