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    DLA Claim Form Example - Rheumatoid Arthritis
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    • 24th Oct 08, 2:23 PM
    DLA Claim Form Example - Rheumatoid Arthritis 24th Oct 08 at 2:23 PM
    DLA Claim Form Example - Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Having helped my friend out with her last 2 claim forms, I am well aware how hard they can be to fill in. When I researched on the internet in 2005, there didn't seem to be an example of how much information to include etc.

    Below is a computer copy of her 2005 claim, section 2, the more difficult part. She was awarded middle rate care and high motability. Using the exact same info for her renewal claim this year (circumstances hadn't changed) she was awarded high care and high motability.

    We have both gained a lot of useful info from other MSE'rs and saved a lot of money, so would like to help others by posting this form.

    Please feel free to move it to wherever, but I just want it to come up in a search easily

    Section 2 !!!8211; DLA

    Describe in your own words the problems you have and the help you need with the walking

    -need someone to support me as I am unsteady on my feet
    -find it difficult to bend my knees and my walking is more of a shuffle
    -need support as I step out my flat complex as there is 3 steps that I need to negotiate before I reach level ground
    -I am in pain when I just stand still, and as soon as I move I feel excruciating pain in my legs and ankles.
    -After I have walked somewhere, I need to sit and compose myself and let the pain subside. It affects me for the rest of the day and often find that the next day I cannot walk at all.

    Tell us about anything that you use to help you walk

    -I cannot use anything to help me walk as I suffer from extreme pain in my hands. I could not hold a walking stick or put any weight on it without suffering severe discomfort in my hands and wrists. The same is applicable to the use of crutches.

    If the effort or walking around would be dangerous for you, tell us about this

    -Sometimes it could be dangerous, as if I fell over, I would not be able to return to my feet without the help of someone else.

    How far can you walk before you feel severe discomfort?

    5 !!!8211; 10 metres

    Tell us how long it takes you to walk this far

    Approx 2 minutes

    How many days do you have difficulty walking?

    7 days

    Do you need to have someone with you when you are outdoors?

    I need to have someone with me when I walk outside as I can fall quite easily. My legs shake when I walk and I am unsteady on my feet and if I were to fall, I would not be able to get up without the help of someone else. This is purely because of the arthritis I have in my knees and ankles that leave my unsteady on my feet.

    I get anxious when I am outdoors, even when I am just going to the doctors or hospital. Busy places make me nervous and I need someone to reassure me. I get worried about meeting people that I know as I cannot face the questions that they ask on how I am doing. I need the support of someone who can help me answer the questions.

    Why do you fall or stumble?

    I fall and stumble due to the arthritis in my knees. I stumble every time I get off the toilet as I try to gain balance. I have very little strength in my legs and knees and they give way when I try to get up off the toilet seat.

    The same is applicable when I get out of bed in the morning, and when I move from my settee to go to the toilet. My legs and knees stiffen when I have been sitting for any length of time, so when I go to get up, they often shake and give way.

    I am just as likely to fall on flat even surfaces as I am on stairs. Even if I fell on the carpet, this would cause me great discomfort when I landed on my joints. I would be unable to get up without the help of someone else as I cannot put any weight on my knees or use my hands to push myself up. I need to be pulled up by someone else.

    I do not get any warning when I fall or stumble it just happens periodically.

    Describe the problems you have and the help that you need moving about indoors.

    I need help when I move about indoors as I find it very difficult to get out of a chair, bed or off the toilet. I need help from someone who can pull me up to my feet and support me as I move. I move about very slowly and cannot open doors by myself. I cannot hold onto furniture as it hurts my hands too much.

    When getting off my settee, I have developed a technique with the help of another person that I rock myself back and forward to gain momentum and they pull me up at the count of three and support me. Anytime I get up after sitting for a period of time (longer than 5 minutes) I am extremely stiff and in pain when I move. Friends and family have to pass things to me for example, magazines, remote controls as I could not contemplate moving off the seat to get them myself, as it would cause too much pain and discomfort.

    I tend to only move out of my bed in the morning and onto my settee for the day, apart from when I need to get up to go to the toilet. Then at night, I move back into my bed, as getting up and down all day would cause me far too much discomfort and pain and leave me in a shaken state.

    I often feel too tired or depressed to move. I lose track of time and before I know it the whole day is gone and I haven!!!8217;t even moved out of bed. I often fall asleep during the day just for something to do and make the day go quicker.

    I often feel isolated when I don!!!8217;t move about indoors and often don!!!8217;t eat or forget to take my medication.

    Describe the problems you have getting out of bed in the morning or into bed at night.

    In the morning when I wake up, I have to lie in bed for a period of time before I can even contemplate getting up. The physical pain I suffer in the morning is extreme and I need to take my medication and lie for at least an hour before I begin to move. I need someone to bring this medication to me and help me drink the water as my hands are so stiff I the morning, I can rarely do this myself.

    I am unable to push off the bed covers myself due to their weight and the fact that my hands are so sore in the morning. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I am in tears with the pain.

    I have problems getting up as I cannot use my hands for support to get to a sitting position. I need to get out of bed in stages with rest time in between. I need someone to pull me off the bed and help me to the standing position, as I cannot put weight on my knees. I then need to compose myself before I start shuffling along the floor to the bathroom.

    I need help everyday to get out of bed, but some days the pain is so bad that I do not get out of bed as it would cause me far too much distress. Some days I do not get out of bed, as I am so depressed, I do not see the point of it. I need encouragement from someone to get out of bed. When I don!!!8217;t get out of bed I become very angry with myself for not doing so, but still cant find the energy to do something about it.

    From the minute I wake up, to when I actually get out of bed after taking medication can very from one hour to two hours.

    Describe in your own words the problems you have when you are in bed.

    I need help during the night to move position in my bed as my joints become extremely sore if I have laid on them for a while. I never sleep through the night and often lie awake due to anxiety. I am unable to pull my bedclothes back over me if they fall off.

    If I need the toilet in the night, I need help from someone to get there, as my pain and stiffness is always worse through the night.

    If I am in pain in the night and not sleeping, I need to take painkillers, but need someone to get the medication for me and assist me with taking them, as my joints are always worse during the night. I need assurance through the night as I often become tearful when the pain is too much to bear and have a feeling of helplessness due to my condition.

    My sleep pattern is so disturbed that I lie awake till the early hours of the morning or have to take a sleeping tablet.


    How long on average do you need help for each time?

    10-15 minutes

    7 nights

    2 !!!8211;3 times a night

    Help with the toilet during the day

    I need help with moving to the toilet and getting on the seat. Due to my painful knees, I need someone to support and lower me onto the seat and help me with buttons, zips and pulling off trousers etc.

    I need someone to flush the toilet for me, as I do not have the strength to do it myself and the angle causes my wrists and hands pain.

    I then need someone to pull me off the toilet and fasten clothing etc again.

    During the night

    I need help to get out of bed and onto the toilet. I wear a nightdress so I do not need help unfastening clothes, but I do need help to flush the toilet and get back into bed.
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  • alison74
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    • 24th Oct 08, 2:25 PM
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    • 24th Oct 08, 2:25 PM

    Describe the problems you have with washing bathing or showering.

    I need help getting to and from the bathroom and help in removing clothes. I need someone to check the water temperature for me, as I am unable to lean over myself. I need support as I climb in and out of the shower in case I slip or my knees give way.

    I need help to stand in the shower for longer than a few minutes as my legs get tired and I often lose my balance. I am unable to squeeze shampoo and shower gel out of their containers as it cause my hands and fingers too much pain.

    I need someone else to wash my hair for me, as it is sore to lift my hands up and cannot move my fingers to get into my hair. I can only wash the front of myself with the use of a sponge, but cannot wash my back as it causes me to lose my balance

    I cannot brush my teeth in the morning as my hands are too sore and am unable to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube. The motion that is cause by brushing my teeth is too painful for my hands and arms.

    I need someone to brush my hair for me as I cannot lift my arm to brush the back of it and am unable to use a hairdryer due to the weight of it and the angle I would have to hold it to dry my hair.

    The whole process of washing and dressing causes me a lot of pain and discomfort. I am only able to have showers now, as I cannot get in and out of a bath without causing me severe pain. I have not had a bath since April 2002.

    If I did not have someone to help me with washing and dressing, I would simply not do it, as it is too painful. I need to be reminded to wash and dress, as I cannot always be bothered to do it due to being depressed and in the house all day.

    How long?

    1 –2 hours

    Describe in your own words the problems you have and the help you need getting dressed and undressed.

    I need encouragement to get dressed, as sometimes I just can’t face the pain I have to endure to put clothes on. Sometimes I feel too depressed and lethargic to bother.

    I need help to put on clothing and do up zips and buttons etc, but even with help it cause me great pain and discomfort and I often need to have a seat in between as it tires me out so much.

    I always need help to put outdoors clothes on and into my shoes. I could not wear slip on shoes, as I couldn’t squeeze my feet into them without being in pain. I need to wear loose fitting shoes that tie up on the days my feet are not too sore. I always need someone to tie my laces for me, as I cannot do it because I cannot bend down and the actual tying is too sore for my hands.

    I often don’t get dressed till lunchtime, as my joints are less painful once the medication has had time to set in, but even then, it is still a painful process to go through.

    How long?

    10 minutes

    How many days?


    How many times do you need this help?

    4 (including outdoor clothing once a day)

    Describe the problems you have when you prepare a cooked main meal for yourself.

    I cannot prepare myself a cooked main meal.

    I am unable to peel, wash or chop vegetables, or even stand at the sink for a period of time without causing me pain.

    I find it hard to use the taps, and cannot turn the gas knobs on the cooker because of the angle that my hands would have to go and the pain that it would cause.

    I am unable to open cans of food and packets etc, I do not have the strength or mobility in my hands without causing great pain.

    I cannot lift pans onto the cooker when they are empty, let alone with any water or food in them. I would simply drop the pan, due to the pain if I had to hold the weight of water in it and if it was hot, I could easily burn myself.

    I cannot stir or pour without it causing great discomfort and wouldn’t be able to drain vegetables or pasta, as I don’t have the strength to lift the pot etc. I am unable to cut up meat and vegetables, as this causes me too much pain in my hands and wrists.

    And I cannot do simple things like put a plate on a table, as I need to support myself as I move and could not do it with one hand, as it would cause too much pain. The weight of the plate would cause shooting pains in my wrist.

    I cannot bend over to use to my oven and cannot cook food in the grill, as I cannot lift the empty grill pan.

    I cannot use a seat to perform any of the above tasks, as I would not be able to get on and off it myself. I do not own a perching stool. Even if I did have one, I would not be able to perch at the angle required without it causing great discomfort on my ankles, knees and legs as these are the worst affected. They could not take the weight of the rest of my body.

    Describe in your own words the problems you have and the help you need at mealtimes

    I need encouragement to eat at meal times, because sometimes I just cannot be bothered with the hassle and pain of eating and go without food. I often find that I have no appetite and I need someone to make me eat. If I do not eat, I become more tired and irritable and end up snacking on junk food.

    When I do eat, I need help to cut food up as it causes me too much pain in my hands and wrists. I sometimes find it difficult to hold the cutlery at the angle needed to put it in my mouth. On extreme pain days, I need someone to feed me.

    I cannot hold a cup with hot liquid in it, as I need both hands to do so. I could not risk holding a hot tea in case I dropped the cup.

    It helps me a great deal if someone prepares a meal for me and encourages me to eat it.

    How long?

    15 minutes

    How many days?


    How many times a day?


    Describe problems during the day taking your medication

    I have problems taking the right amount of medication at the right times of the day. I have difficulty opening the safety containers, but need to have these in the house as I have a lot of young nieces and nephews and cannot put the containers away in a drawer as I would not be able to get them.

    I need help pushing pills out of packets.

    I need help to remind me to take the medication, as I often sit in the house all day and cannot remember if I’ve taken it or not and do not want to overdose etc. I can easily get confused as some of the medication e.g. tramadol, temazepam makes me feel spaced out.

    How long do you need help each day?

    5 minutes

    How many days?

    7 days

    How many times each day?


    During the night problems
    Getting up to get the medication i.e. extra painkillers. Making sure I take the right ones as I am in pain and sleepy. Getting the pills out of the containers/packets

    How long?

    5 minutes

    How many days?

    7 days

    How many times?

    Once a night

    Someone keeping an eye on you during the day

    I need someone to keep an eye on me during the day in case I fall. If I did fall I would be unable to get myself up and would lie there until someone came and found me.

    How long?


    How many days?


    Page 16 – Dizzy Spells


    Page 17 – The way you feel because of your mental health

    Describe things you cannot do because of your mental health.

    I have been suffering from depression for the last 6 years. I get anxious every day and over worry about everything. I sometimes do not bother getting out of bed, as I do not see the point since I cannot do anything for myself anyway.

    I just seem to stare at the television for hours in a day and do not talk to anyone. I do not like answering the phone to anyone and never answer the door.

    I have lost all my self-confidence and do not care what I look like. I have to be reminded and helped to wash and this just adds to the fact that I have lost all my privacy and dignity.

    I feel ashamed and embarrassed when others have to help me clean myself and being so reliant on others in general. I have lost all my independence and this just depresses me even more.

    I do not have anything to look forward to in life and feel that my brain is shutting down, as I cannot keep it active with work or things that I have done as I do not do these anymore. I am just so withdrawn at present, which is a shadow of my former self before I became ill.

    Page 18 – Communicating with other people

    I often feel too tired, depressed and lethargic to talk to people. I have lost all self-confidence and only speak to family members on the phone when I know its them (speak into answer machine). I never answer the door and avoid friends because I cannot face them anymore as I am embarrassed about being ill and cant face their questions.

    When I do speak to people, I find that I become very irritable quickly and often snap at them and this is not what my character was like before I became ill.

    I do not like speaking to strangers without the support of someone else to help me. I avoid neighbours and do not take part in any social activities any more.

    My family help me with things like reading and responding to letters/bills and have helped me fill in this form.

    How long?

    Varies according to each activity

    Page 19 – Help when you go out during the day or in the evening

    Sitting outside for some fresh air in the garden. Help to get dressed, get down the stairs and sit with me.

    Going out for a drive in the car. Get dressed, get down stairs and into the car and back into the flat again.

    Visiting friends and relatives. Getting ready, getting their in the car and back home again.


    My illness originally started in April 2001 when I was rushed to hospital suffering from severe pain in my arms and legs. Until this point I was a fit and healthy female, working as a X X.

    I was subject to numerous scans and tests, but due to hospital waiting lists etc, I did not see Dr X (rheumatologist) at the X X Hospital until July 2003.
    Dr X examined me, took various x-rays and blood tests and diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis in most of my joints.

    Since August 2003, I have tried numerous arthritic medicines such as sulphasalazine, leflunomide etc but none of them have made a major improvement in my life. I started taking my current Humria injection in August 2004 and have seen a slight improvement in my condition. My current difficulties I face with every day life have been present since I was first taken into hospital.

    I will continue to see Dr X and my GP at regular intervals, so that they can monitor my condition.

    Since I last clamed for DLA, I have had to medically retire from work, feeling I was forced to give up a job that I love. Since becoming ill I have lost responsibility and purpose in life.

    I was medically examined by the X medical practioner and deemed unable to work in any capacity.

    I live on my own and do not have a partner to help me, therefore I rely on outside help to try and maintain a ‘normal’ life.

    I need help throughout the day, starting off with help getting out of bed, washing myself, feeding, medication etc. I then need help at lunchtime with someone to make my lunch for me, the same at dinner and then help with getting to bed and all that entails. I also need help every time I go to the toilet and since I cannot predict when this will be, I really need someone to be with me throughout the day.

    I also need someone to do food shopping otherwise because I am incapable of buying it myself. I need someone to do my laundry, hang clothes up and the ironing etc.

    I also need someone to do housework for me, as I am not able to manage any of it. If I did not get the help of someone else, the house would simply remain dirty. I am unable to change my bedding myself.

    I cannot take rubbish outside and cannot even open up my mail as I do not have the strength to open the envelope and the angle needed to do so cause me so much pain and discomfort.

    The above activities are part of trying to lead an ordinary life and were all things that I used to do for myself when I was fit, healthy and working. I cannot do them for myself now due to my illness and rely on someone to do the daily tasks for me.

    I find that life is a struggle now and a world apart from working like I used to. I have lost dignity and confidence and will have to rely on outside help for the rest of my life.
    • woodbine
    • By woodbine 24th Oct 08, 9:52 PM
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    • 24th Oct 08, 9:52 PM
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    • 24th Oct 08, 9:52 PM
    Excellent I`m sure people will find the above of great help
  • alison74
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    • 26th Oct 08, 6:13 PM
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    • 26th Oct 08, 6:13 PM
    Excellent I`m sure people will find the above of great help
    Originally posted by woodbine

    Yes, hopefully people will go into as much detail with their illnesses and not so many face appeals on decisions due to lack of info etc
  • aimee0763
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    • 10th Feb 09, 7:03 PM
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    • 10th Feb 09, 7:03 PM
    Yes, hopefully people will go into as much detail with their illnesses and not so many face appeals on decisions due to lack of info etc
    Originally posted by alison74
    Hi Alison,

    I cannot thanks you enough for posting this detail answers for the dla, I applied in June 2008 and got refused, I have my appeal which is the beginning of March, I have spent since last year trying to sort my dla form out, the lady at DIAL was so unhelpful, I felt so lonely and very depress, I came across your post and couldn't believe what I found, it's like a gold mine I suffer from severe rheumatism, anxiety/panic attacks it has been very very difficult for me to put pen to paper or to think how i can answer the dla, I was going around in circle, you've made it so easy for me because looking at the form it's like i was reading about myself.

    Thank you so very very much for your unselfishness and to make it easy for others.

    God bless you.


    • sue1953
    • By sue1953 10th Feb 09, 8:41 PM
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    • 10th Feb 09, 8:41 PM
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    • 10th Feb 09, 8:41 PM
    This is an excellent example of a DLA form. I have to help clients fill them in s part of my work and there is definitely a knack to completing them and getting a successful outcome.
  • krisskross
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    • 10th Feb 09, 8:56 PM
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    • 10th Feb 09, 8:56 PM
    The bit about the tablets and packets and remembering to take them is easily addressed. We have little plastic containers labelled with the days of the week. Tablets are sorted out once a week. My husband takes about 20 pills a day and it takes us 10 minutes to do a weeks worth. Dividers in the containers enable 4 separations for each day.

    My husband is forgetful but just has to look at the days container to check whether he has taken that days pills.

    I believe these containers can be dispensed already filled from some chemists.
  • alison74
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    • 11th Feb 09, 2:02 PM
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    • 11th Feb 09, 2:02 PM
    Aimee, I am glad it helped you, the forms are a nightmare. The first time I did the forms, it took me hours over a number of days and I kept a copy of it for when we needed to do it again last year - the forms hadn't changed much in 3 years.

    ALWAYS give more info than you think necessary - including minor details of problems you have, it gives a fuller picture.
  • longhotbath
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    • 11th Feb 09, 5:41 PM
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    • 11th Feb 09, 5:41 PM
    I think that it is great to post about the level of information needed on the DLA form, but I have a huge problem with you posting the actual information on a public site such as this.
    There are many people out there who make their condition sound so much worse to get a higher level of payment.
    I know of personal examples where my friends have used a website to exagerate their claim.
    My son gets higher rate personal care and mobility because he needs it everyday - not because I have read it somewhere else, but because it is his life.
    Rant over
  • alison74
    I think that it is great to post about the level of information needed on the DLA form, but I have a huge problem with you posting the actual information on a public site such as this.
    There are many people out there who make their condition sound so much worse to get a higher level of payment.
    I know of personal examples where my friends have used a website to exagerate their claim.
    My son gets higher rate personal care and mobility because he needs it everyday - not because I have read it somewhere else, but because it is his life.
    Rant over
    Originally posted by longhotbath

    I don't have a huge problem with it, I have done it purely to help people through difficult times (can you not remember how hard it is to fill it out ??)

    If your friends, exaggerate their claims, then they have to live with that.

    I am sure you will find more people find my post helpful as that's the kind of info you need to be writing in, not 5 word answers.
    • daska
    • By daska 12th Feb 09, 12:36 PM
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    I think that it is great to post about the level of information needed on the DLA form, but I have a huge problem with you posting the actual information on a public site such as this.
    There are many people out there who make their condition sound so much worse to get a higher level of payment.
    I know of personal examples where my friends have used a website to exagerate their claim.
    My son gets higher rate personal care and mobility because he needs it everyday - not because I have read it somewhere else, but because it is his life.
    Rant over
    Originally posted by longhotbath
    I understand how you feel and to a certain extent I agree... but... There are a number of threads on here concerning failed DLA applications, many of them appear to have genuine merit.

    By the time things are tough enough that you qualify for DLA, doing your own application can be confusing and very scary - it certainly was for me considering that at times I can't even compose a grammatical sentence. It is so easy to fail to appreciate how much detail you need to provide to smooth the claim through.

    Finally, your claims need to be backed up by medical professionals, so it's still not easy to do a completely fraudulant claim.
    • The walrus
    • By The walrus 12th Feb 09, 4:04 PM
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    The walrus
    Actually though, forms don't have to backed up by medical professions and people lying on claim forms is unfortunately rife, which spoils it for the genuine people.

    I too though agree that whilst it's helpful to advise about the amount of information to put on the form, the verbatim listing of what one person suffers is not to be recommended and will ultimately make decision makers even more sceptical. 1000 people may have the illness and all be affected in different ways. You should put on the form how it affects YOU, not anyone else
    • Blackpool_Saver
    • By Blackpool_Saver 10th Aug 09, 10:00 AM
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    What a fabulous post as it shows that it is not the diagnosis but the NEEDS of the person and how it affects their day to day living is what is required to be shown on a DLA application
    Blackpool_Saver is female

  • spikeysoul
    I don't see how that's a post to describe how to fill in a form for specifically RA, it is a good example that people could apply to their own lives though - that all seems very relevant to one person. it's easy to misundrstand when you say detail quite how much you have to repeat yourself, reiterate what you mean and then say it again, and how blunt you have to be about how you feel (especailly when most of us spend our lives down playing everything to make life bearable - it's a total culture shock filling out these forms and actually telling the truth - and can be quite upsetting when you actually admit quite how much of a life you no longer have)

    They do take into account what your medical professionals say. I had a form filled out by a welfare rights worker - I was turned down (for HRM) becasue all my GP could be bothered to write was rhumatic right shoulder (I have hypermobility syndrome!) - when I have a hip that constantly subluxes and I have to use a whelchair outside. They didn't contact my consultant, specialist or phisio so there was no evidence to support me.

    You can't just write what you want on the form and have them believe it - if someone did that but was taking no medication or only saw their GP and not a consultant it would be seen immidiatly. You can't fake RA anyway, there are blood tests for it - now what I have - that you can fake as long as you are bendy (though the joints poping in and out is a little harder to do :rolleyes- which is I think why they were more stringent with me.

    By the way - I have a second hand motorised chair - it was my life saver, it cost around £1000 but I pay for it with the HRM. It takes away worry of falls and helps a little with pain levels. They can use different controls, you do have to be able to use a joystick action though, so maybe this wouldn't suit your friend. With HRM you get a free bus pass and the motorised wheelchairs can go on busses - no worries of being bumped into or falling over - she may still need someone with her but it doesn't half give you a sense of independance back - my MH improved dramatically once I could choose the direction I was headed in (and so did my pain levels becasue its so much more supportive thant the manual wheelchairs are). As you can tell I love it.

    • KrazyKel
    • By KrazyKel 10th Aug 09, 2:25 PM
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    Thanks for posting this, I had my renewal pack a few weeks ago and was trying to find my old forms out, we got help from A4U (Or Something) with all the forms last time and wanted to try and use my old ones to help with my renewal (But couldnt find them)
    I got High Mobility and Middle Care last time, and also things havent changed - apart from new tablets / more physio
    • Molly41
    • By Molly41 10th Aug 09, 4:10 PM
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    [QUOTE=The walrus;18725891]Actually though, forms don't have to backed up by medical professions and people lying on claim forms is unfortunately rife, which spoils it for the genuine people.

    Having just completed and been awarded DLA I would say that my claim was rigourously assessed and was backed up by lots of medical professionals. In fact my claim was delayed waiting for consultant and GP to get back to DWP. I also sent in reports from OT and physio. I dont think claims go through without medical support be that of your own GP or the DWP medical examiners.
  • sarah_smurf
    Thanks for posting this. I wish I'd have seen something like this before my dla form was sent in as don't think I'd put enough details in my renewal, although it was pretty much the same as my 1st claim. My renewal isn't going as hoped though as my gp has been a little unhelpful this time :-)
    • zaksmum
    • By zaksmum 10th Aug 09, 10:04 PM
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    It's always important to describe how your illness or disability affects you, not just the condition itself. As the OP highlighted, just a few words in reply to each question really isn't enough.

    Someone who's suffered an amputation, for example, can manage perfectly well afterwards with very little pain or restriction, whereas another person with arthritis can be as good as crippled. On the face of it, the amputee would be much more disabled, but that can be far from the case.

    You need to stress how limited your daily living is by your condition, emphasise how bad the pain is and it's effect on normal activities. Or tell them how it stops you sleeping, depresses you, makes you dependent on others, and explain exactly how this happens.

    If your condition isn't physical, say how anxious you can be or how afraid to leave the house or whatever it is. The key to a successful claim is to ensure the decision maker gets the full picture and understands what you are suffering.
    • xXMessedUpXx
    • By xXMessedUpXx 11th Aug 09, 2:03 PM
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    I wish i could fins this kind of guidance for filling in my claim for depression/bpd. as it is i've hit a brick wall. some people say describe asyour worst day. others say don't. but its so unpredictable. one day i can be ok the next i'm trying to kill myself. sorry this is kind of hijacking the thread. i can't do it. i tried asking CAB but they said to book and appointment and they are backed up by weeks. and in the jobcenter the women didn't seem to have a clue.

    i think what i'm trying to say is good on you for posting it

    edit: im an idiot for not reading the original post properly, reading the bit on MH feels liek im reading it about myself
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  • Gemmzie
    Hi messedup, have you tried MIND in your local area? They are mental health and very good at DLA forms. I struggle to fill mine in regarding depression / SAD so I know how you feel. Please keep trying with the CAB too. Oh and if you're under 25, try contacting your local council as they should provide an Advice and Guidance service who may be able to help.
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