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    • kidcat
    • By kidcat 1st Nov 12, 10:48 PM
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    lisakay - wow it took me ages filling in DS8 form last year, not to mention a box of tissues and a bottle of wine, am still trying to fill DS14 form in but having the tissue problem again - I think I have an allergy to the paper they use or something as my eyes water something terrible when I am filling the forms in

    • Popperwell
    • By Popperwell 2nd Nov 12, 2:58 AM
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    Well I have mixed feelings about the DLA changes to PIP in that if a form arrives and before the deadline people could be ok until another review date comes around and be at the back of the queue.

    On the other hand if a review comes up after the deadline, you could be one of the first affected.

    And no one likes the form as it exists already.

    Still things can't be changed...the House of Lords often criticised did try to stop many of the changes or at least make them not so brutal but clever political footwork in the Commons overturned their ammendments...

    As for the idea you have to be 55 to be a decent cook...
    I think that many are able to do most of what is on that list.

    It's frightening to think that I have probably been cooking for over 40 years. I probably did learn watching Mum and Dad but I think I just picked it up through commonsense and practice...I don't remember getting a lesson as such.

    You do wonder who thinks up some of the stories that are brought outthough you can sometimes get a chuckle out of them...
    Last edited by Popperwell; 02-11-2012 at 3:45 AM.
    "A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!" ~Thomas Jefferson

    "Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in" ~ Alan Alda
    • Molly41
    • By Molly41 2nd Nov 12, 4:30 AM
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    Im ignoring all the scare mongering about DLA and crossing that bridge when I get to it!
    I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over and through me. When it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    When the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
    • Popperwell
    • By Popperwell 2nd Nov 12, 5:32 AM
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    Morning Molly,
    Sometimes that's all you can do and try to live in the now...easier said then done...I'm not really sure you can plan too far ahead when all is well either as things can change so quickily...too much uncertainty.

    It can be a simple event close to home or big like the recent hurricane that hit New York.
    "A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!" ~Thomas Jefferson

    "Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in" ~ Alan Alda
  • meme30
    Stiltwalker:- Have a wonderful day, it will fly past and yes, there are bound to be tears. Take it all in and bask in being the star for a day. Enjoy yourself!
    Give us the strength to encounter that which is to come, that we may be brave in peril, constant in tribulation, temparate in wrath, and in all changes of fortune, and down to the gates of death, loyal and loving to one another.
    • bossymoo
    • By bossymoo 2nd Nov 12, 6:16 AM
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    Happy wedding day stiltwalker, hope you have a wonderful day and rest of life together.

    Away with the fairies
    • fuddle
    • By fuddle 2nd Nov 12, 6:37 AM
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    Oh crumbs, I missed that stiltwalker was getting married today. Have a fabulous day! Marriage is good, even when you've lived together and already got little ones, marriage changed something in us. Everything just seemed to flow, connect. It's probably contentment

    Have a lovely, lovely day

    Molly you absolutely do the correct thing in ignoring what if's. There's what if's for all of us in many a different form. I despair at what our 'news' is turning into... people's opinions. Nobody really knows what is going to happen but so many people are experts. So many people know. They don't they just express an opinion and other people pick it up as gospel.

    I have an awful lot of houseworky things to do today as I have my mam coming over to stay as she wants to spend time with the girls (just what I need eh? Think I'll go into shut down and knit this evening... I bet she drinks all my home brew) But I am determined to bake today, or make something crafty.

    This is what we're staying in when we go to France. Tiny but quite nice - it'll do me!

    My mam told her friends that we were visiting Paris instead of the South of France and she was embarrassed to tell them we had to get the coach right down to the South of France. I must be such an embarrassment to my mam - good

    We're not going to Provence, but Provencial region and booking onto a trip to visit Provence.

    I won't go on about it, promise. Just wanted to show you my lil caravan-chalet thing.
    • nuttyp
    • By nuttyp 2nd Nov 12, 6:56 AM
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    morning everyone.

    Fuddle, your lil caravan looks lovely, your ll ones will love the adventure. Its going to be a very special trip and memory.

    Helen good luck for your wedding day today, hope the rain stays away for the photos.

    Well today is a chill day - sort of. Tomorrow im working a 14hr shift, sunday all day and then monday 14 hours. Really not looking forward to it. Tuesday/wednesday I begin the new job induction course and thats when i need to juggle the new job and the old job for 3 weeks!!! Im expecting to work everyday. Have debriefed OH but he just said ok, bet he wont be so keen when he doesnt haveany tea when he gets home.

    Going to get a few bits of shopping today, have booked a haircut as i have new job to start. Its woth the trainee, and a dry cut but that will still be nearly 10.
    BSC member 137

    BR 26/10/07 Discharged 09/05/08 !!!

    Onwards and upwards - no looking back....
    • kidcat
    • By kidcat 2nd Nov 12, 6:57 AM
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    Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married .......

    Sorry just getting slightly carried away there, happy wedding day stiltwalker

    Fuddle it looks beautiful.

    pooky - hope you are all better now

    have got a review meeting at school about DS14 today which I am dreading, he announced yesterday that he doesnt want to return to the group as there is now too many people and that he wants to return to school as he is worried what people are saying - yet when I asked if he was happy to go back if school had made no changes he said no! So I have no idea what to do next.

    • alec eiffel
    • By alec eiffel 2nd Nov 12, 7:06 AM
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    alec eiffel
    As many here like to cook(and seem pretty good at doing so)have you seen this story?

    Women aren't good cooks until they are 55
    Originally posted by Popperwell
    I can see what they're saying with that. It's only this year I've really started to cook a few key dishes really really well, not just "ok" and I'm in my very late 30's, I can see I'll be great in a few more years! But they did spell "yolk" wrong so the article probably loses points for that.

    I've decided to jump in with this thread, I'm not a scaremongery type but there are a few things going on where DH works that make me want to really dig in and get some serious savings together.
    • GreyQueen
    • By GreyQueen 2nd Nov 12, 7:07 AM
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    Been lurking on the old thread for ages and as a new thread has now been started then I think that it is time that I join in and say 'hello'! Everyone seems so friendly and supportive, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a little better
    Originally posted by pinkieminkie
    Hello! Another noob taking advantage of the new thread here!

    Sadly I'm another one here with an OH recently been made redundant. I am poorly with a recurrent illness at the moment as well, that doesn't help But so many people are in worse positions, I shouldn't complain really. I'm a compulsive stockpiler so if nothing else at least we won't go hungry.
    Originally posted by thriftyniftyme
    Great! New thread and newly-delurked posters, what could be better? Welcome aboard.

    Thinking of Stiltwalker and family and wishing them a fantastic day and that the weather be kind.

    I'm a happy bunny as had a lovely evening catching up with my pal tho I can't really understand how the two of us drank 2 bottles of wine in 4 hours. And no hangover.

    Truly miraculous. Going to see him again after work (this guy lives in the north of Scotland but used to live down here) so we don't see each other very often but it's great to catch up.

    I'd like a scone, pretty-please, if there's one going.

    Fuddle, you holiday acccomodation looks lovely. I've gone from Scotland to Paris by coach before now and it's fine; you just drowse a lot of the time. We also did long coach trips as a family when we were about the age of your girls. No other choice; parents didn't have a car and flying was something Other People did. Treat it as part of the holiday, not an inconvenient interlude at each end, and make the fun start immediately.

    As another poster said, the great thing is that you load your luggage on the coach and then you don't have to fret about it for the rest of the journey. Even if your holiday budget stretched to a flight, you'd spend hours hanging around the airport before boarding and slightly-less time hanging around at the other end x 4 per journey and that really eats into the time saved over other travel methods.

    I had've had it up to here (imagine hand parallel to top of head but well above) with blinking airports and being in the grip of RyanAir and SleazyJet and emergency landings and so on and so forth. So have decided to holiday in the UK for a while. I can hire a car to get over the inconvenience and expense of public transport.

    Scottish pal (Aberdeenshire) even said I should come and stay with them, which I may well do for a couple of nights, as part of a wider trip, if we can fix something next year.

    Righty, first pint of tea down the hatch, time for the next pint and bringing my brain up to operational temperature. It's a sunny dry day outside, the first for some time. I do adore autumn when it's crisp and dry and all the colours are in the leaves.

    Have a good day (esp Clan Stiltwalker) GQ xx
    Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.
    John Ruskin
    Veni, vidi, eradici
    (I came, I saw, I kondo'd)

    • Pooky
    • By Pooky 2nd Nov 12, 7:07 AM
    • 6,907 Posts
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    Morning toughies

    Damp and dismal here, really need a few days of dry weather to get the driveway full of pallets dried out and cut up, got another 6 in the car so will start on those if it dries up later.

    Spent 4 hours dismantling half the kitchen yesterday in order to get my new dishwasher connected, we didn't think we could fit one in but found a slimline one that just about does. I've always said we'd do without getting one but when you do a lot of cooking it's fab to be able to load it up and get it going whilst you're busy with the next lot of cooking. DH tries to help with the dishes and sits on his stool at the sink but when he has a spasm he drops what he's holding, I end up clearing out broken china/glass from the sink and soaking up all the splashed water so it takes twice as long.

    Had a new charity shop open in town and everything was great prices, I nearly cleared their bedding and textil rails with loads of suitable patchwork and quilting fabrics, I worked it out as just over 39 metres of fabric for 6.

    Stilt walker, hope you and your family have a wonderful day. We catered our own wedding and it went down a storm.

    Kidcat - thanks x on the mend, still coughing for England and deaf in one ear thanks to my defective sinuses but feeling able to get on with life.
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
    • Cheapskate
    • By Cheapskate 2nd Nov 12, 7:11 AM
    • 1,663 Posts
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    Morning all

    fuddle, that looks gorgeous, I'm a little envious, but you'll all enjoy it! Going on a coach is fairly cost-effective, gives you more cash for your accommodation or to spend - win/win as far as I can see; anyway it's you going, not your mum! I know what you mean about armchair experts, too, my family's full of them. I've stopped listening to a lot of it, as it's not good for my mental health, IYKWIM! Hide your home brew if you're saving it for Christmas, it would be so sad if your hard work disappeared!

    We have to buy 4 new tyres for the car, will be close to 200, but they're only just legal and I'm dreading icy roads, so will have to pare down the budget the next couple of weeks.

    At my WI group last night we did Christmas crafts, picked up some new ideas to use bits and bobs I have so it was worth going.

    Off to a local playgym with a friend and her 2 littlies today, not too dear (free squash for children) but she wants to go for lunch, too, so hope it's not a dear do! She's a good friend but despite a much lower income than recent years she still tends to spend higher, then worry later!

    Haven't read that cooking article yet, but intrigued now! Can cook a lot of things fairly well, have had some disasters, but love having a go at new things and enjoy making for other people, so happy with that. Used to read DM a lot, but seems like a regular red-top now, very scaremongering, try not to read any silly stories now as they just make me cross/poorly!

    kidcat - scones - just jam please, I'm trying very hard to be good! Thank you very much.

    A xo
    Feb GC 0.00/300
    Decluttering 332/2019 items this year
    • kittie
    • By kittie 2nd Nov 12, 7:31 AM
    • 12,444 Posts
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    he also has arthritis in both hips and is really struggling with the pain.
    DH agreed to no more beer and to cut back on meat portions (he would happily eat 3 or 4 pork chops in one meal he'll now be getting one and only one!!)

    happy new thread everyone gosh little did I know in 2006 that `tough` would still be going

    lisakay re the arthritis, which is a very bad inflammation. Several foodstuffs are triggers

    Other foods `dampen` inflammtions, just google if you want to make a list
    • SDG31000
    • By SDG31000 2nd Nov 12, 7:37 AM
    • 986 Posts
    • 12,768 Thanks
    Hello everyone . What a lovely new thread.

    I have read the article about cooking and age and the only one I can't do is make pasta from scratch, but I probably could. I just don't have the work top space for rolling it out. I might have to have a go on my dining room table. My friend has a pasta machine that I can borrow.
    Personally I think that "research" is a load of cods wallop. My mom is 65 and can't even make a cake using a packet mix, let alone make sauces and use herbs.
    Today I am in the shop until 1pm and plan to spend the rest of the day knitting. I want to knit the other front panel of the cardigan I am making before Tuesday and my Knit and Natter group. One of the ladies is going to teach me how to knit both sleeves at once using two needles and two balls of wool. I also need to ask the knitters on here if anyone has a pattern for a ladies waistcoat/sleeveless top using chunky wool. I have 500g of gorgeous tweed wool I want to knit next, but the patterns I have use much more wool. I might have to find some more that will match in to do parts of it.
    I had better get my bottom in gear and find something for breakfast that my stomach might let me eat.

    Take care and I hope you have clear skies and no rain stiltwalker
    • Possession
    • By Possession 2nd Nov 12, 7:45 AM
    • 3,140 Posts
    • 41,491 Thanks
    Cheapskate you've reminded me I think we need 2 new tyres and they are expensive ones. Plus I still haven't got the back light fixed so am avoiding driving at night! Can't get it done today but definitely a weekend job.
    Pooky glad you're feeling slightly better at least. Bet you've deliberately got all your pots messy so you can put them in the dishwasher!
    Fuddle your chalet/caravan looks great, love the deck. You'll have a fab time. Very odd reaction by your mum, can't see why going to Paris is any better than going to the south of France?! If she thinks it is, I can only assume she hasn't been to the south of France! There is a lot of really helpful info on the net about the campsites in the south, so worth a peruse on Tripadvisor to read the comments or even Mumsnet if you haven't already. Useful stuff about good places to buy your baguettes etc.
    Kidcat sorry filling in the forms triggers your allergies.
    GQ - one of our nicest ever holidays (pre-kids) was in Scotland. Rather embarassingly I actually won it from OK Magazine (you may not believe this but it was one of the magazines I used to have to screen for naughty pictures before we imported them to Japan) - a stay in a lovely hotel in Inverness and a hired land rover. We hired the car for another few days and drove over to Skye to stay at the Three Chimneys hotel and that gorgeous drive, and the gorgeous Three Chimneys was one of the best few days of my life. It was also what prompted us to move out of London so it was a life-changer.
    I reckon the scenery between Inverness and Skye is up there with some of the best scenery in the world.

    Well it looks like lovely wedding weather here!

    • westcoastscot
    • By westcoastscot 2nd Nov 12, 8:10 AM
    • 1,392 Posts
    • 17,250 Thanks
    Morning to all,

    Wishing Stiltwalker a lovely day today - hope it stays dry!
    Please don't anyone get too worried by the scaremongering about the change from DLA to PIP. No-one will have their claims cancelled in 2013, that's just the first cut-off point whereby folks will be assessed for benefit under the new criteria (although under 16's and over 64's will still get DLA). There is no evidence to state that folks will be 20% less well off - each person will be asssessed as before. Adults currently receiving DLA will be asked to apply for PIP as their DLA awards come to an end, and those will lifetime awards will probably be re-assessed in 2017,as these are being left until last.

    The 20% less figure actually refers to the supposed amount of people overall that they hope will be found well enough not to need benefits, but this is just conjecture as we won't know until larger numbers of folks have their claims processed.

    • castleton
    • By castleton 2nd Nov 12, 8:17 AM
    • 313 Posts
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    Possession _ this is just a suggestion, but my husband always buys 1 jacket to 2 pairs of trousers. The suit lasts much longer as the trousers wear out before the jacket. Good Luck to your hubby
    • Bigjenny
    • By Bigjenny 2nd Nov 12, 8:23 AM
    • 560 Posts
    • 6,041 Thanks
    Wishng you every happiness for a wonderful day Stiltwalker and family

    I love scones but will have to decline as I need to loose the 7lb I gained whilst foot was in cast cast had now been removed
    Last edited by Bigjenny; 02-11-2012 at 8:31 AM.
    "When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us" Alexander Graham Bell
    • fuddle
    • By fuddle 2nd Nov 12, 8:24 AM
    • 6,681 Posts
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    There's not many places I haven't seen on the West Coast of Scot and I agree, stunning scenery. Applecross is worth a visit, as is Skye ( a love of mine too beautiful yarn shop there) The Northern parts of Isle of Arran are gorgeous, (we got married there) a mosey on around Loch Lomond and Trossachs are well worth a visit. My favourite? Fort William and my absolute favoutite camp site at the foot of Ben Nevis (Glen Nevis) Beautiful white sands? Clear blue water? Try Mallaig - when it's sunny you would be seriously think you were in the carribean... no kidding! (with seafood restaurants galore )
    Last edited by fuddle; 02-11-2012 at 8:29 AM.
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