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    • Pink.
    • By Pink. 8th Sep 10, 1:50 PM
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    Preparing for winter II
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    • 8th Sep 10, 1:50 PM
    Preparing for winter II 8th Sep 10 at 1:50 PM
    Hi everyone,

    As the original thread is now over three years old and has grown very long, I think it's time for a new one, and what better time of year to begin to prepare than September. I have tried to contact Hapless, the OP of the original thead so she could start the new one but unfortunately she hasn't been online for some time.

    So here goes....a shiny new thread. Please post below all your preparations for winter. If you want to read through the tips on the old thread you can find it here:

    Preparing for Winter

    Other links that may help:

    the ice man cometh! (merged with keeping warm)

    Things that worked or didn't work last winter

    Frugal but happy in winter?

    Lets hope it's a good one for all of us.


    A winter check list has been posted - you can find it here:- Winter Check List

    Car survival list (from the old thread) :- car survival list
    Car lists revisited :- Car winter preparations
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    • JayneC
    • By JayneC 8th Sep 10, 9:36 PM
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    I'm going to bed in November and will not be seen or heard of until April 2011.

    When the Easter bunny arrives.

    Originally posted by parsonswife8
    Now that sounds like a plan
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    • EstherH
    • By EstherH 8th Sep 10, 9:49 PM
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    Gosh page 3 already! I'm nowhere near ready looking at what everyone else is doing.
    Have got loads of food stashed but that's about it.
    Will look for hats, gloves and scarfs - think we have enough but will check where they are.

    Want to get a wide necked flask but Tesco and Morrisons don't have them. Where is best to buy from? Camping shop?

    I have very thin curtains the lined voile type that lets the light through. Can I add fleeces to them or do I need to get thicker curtains?
  • ChocClare
    Want to get a wide necked flask but Tesco and Morrisons don't have them. Where is best to buy from? Camping shop?

    I have very thin curtains the lined voile type that lets the light through. Can I add fleeces to them or do I need to get thicker curtains?
    Originally posted by EstherH
    I got my wide-necked flask in Aldi on one of their special things but I think Wilko's do them and they're probably cheapo. If not, camping shop as you say but some of those are pricey.

    You CAN line your voile curtains with fleece but you might be just as well having a scout round the charity shops for winter-weight curtains if the fleece is going to make them look odd and then keeping your voile ones intact and looking nice for the summer. If not, yep, you could just hook it onto the curtain tape like detachable lining.
  • Confuzzled
    7 stockpile loo-roll,toiletries,nappies,wipes
    Originally posted by flowertotmum

    a point here that hopefully many of us ladies have not forgotten is to stock up on feminine hygiene products... also you might like to make sure you have enough contraception to wait out being snowed in, after all there are certain activities that make long cold winter nights that much more interesting
    • EstherH
    • By EstherH 8th Sep 10, 10:11 PM
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    Thanks ChocClare, we don't have any good charity shops around here, quite a poor area and a lot of the stuff is not very good. Also we have very large bay windows so need 2 pairs of curtains to fit but will have a look and see if I can get any. Years ago (about 20) I had full length velvet curtains which started to go and got a bit discoloured, I kept them in a cupboard in the bedroom for years but eventually threw them out. Wish I had kept them now. I have all sorts of stuff that I need to get rid of, but this is what allways happens, I throw it out and then wish I hadn't. Do need to clear out though in order to store all the tins and packets of food that are cluttering up the bedroom floor in bags at the moment.

    Will have a look in Wilkinsons for a flask, I hadn't thought of there.
  • Confuzzled
    Does anyone else shout NO! at the telly when they advise knocking down walls, putting huge glass doors in etc? and those church/barn conversions! Give me a cosy little house anytime....
    Originally posted by Eenymeeny

    actually, two things that really really should be more commonly done in the uk is underfloor heating (ok it's becoming more popular but still not enough use it) but more importantly ceiling fans

    now i know this sounds odd BUT a ceiling fan can be switched over in winter to push the warm air downwards. this would obviously be a great combination in these huge buildings and it's a normal practice in the states but it hasn't seemed to have caught on here which is a shame.

    you don't need to run it constantly either but it's a really useful push in a place with high ceilings.
    • mcjordi
    • By mcjordi 8th Sep 10, 10:30 PM
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    the landlord has replaced the front and back door and fitted new internal doors this year so im hoping i dont loose any heat or get draughts through them they are a upvc/comosite type external door.
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    • Jo4
    • By Jo4 9th Sep 10, 1:40 AM
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    Where is everyone getting their flannelette sheets from and how much do they cost for a decent set (double bed size)?
    • sammy_kaye18
    • By sammy_kaye18 9th Sep 10, 6:13 AM
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    anyone know where I can get a memory foam mattress topper fairly cheaply??? our mattress is nearly 7 years old now and its a cheap one. wondering if a duvet under the sheet would have the same effect.
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    • jamanda
    • By jamanda 9th Sep 10, 6:36 AM
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    Sammy, Poundstretcher had loads of mattress toppers in when I went the other day, but I didn't notice how much they were.
  • ChocClare
    Where is everyone getting their flannelette sheets from and how much do they cost for a decent set (double bed size)?
    Originally posted by Jo4
    I just bought flannelette sheets from Littlewoods - they are not the cheapest by any means but they do 2 for 1 - quite confusing, because you only order one and it comes as a double pack (I ordered 2 the first time thinking it was a BOGOF and ended up with 4). As you're getting 2 for the money it works out not bad at all - plus, of course, you can pay it at so much per week interest free. You're looking for the buy one set, get an identical set free offer. And they are what my husband calls super-moelleux - meaning you sink into them like marshmallow!

    I've always bought mine from there (it's practically the only thing I ever buy from there!) and they are not at all bad.
    • carriebradshaw
    • By carriebradshaw 9th Sep 10, 6:42 AM
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    thankfully we don't need to do that much this year, we've already bought warm clothes in the tesco sales so have them ready & last years boot slippers will hold up another winter quite easily We bought the big rugs back down from the loft yesterday and put them down in the living room,makes a huge difference to the warmth in the Winter and saves wear and tear on the carpet underneath too.
    Towards the end of last Winter our kingsize dual control leccy blanket died on one side, a new one that size was far too expensive for us so we took a chance and bought 2 singles, OH tied them together and they sit perfectly flat on the mattress,so now we have dual control for a fraction of the price as they were just 12 each,wouldn't work on a double bed though as they'd overlap or ruckle up and then it would be dangerous. We have to have the dual controls as OH has his side on a lot for pain relief,but I get too hot and rarely have my side on. Oddly enough it was my side of the blanket that died!

    We save the sacks from the dry dog food we buy and fill them up with cones and sticks for the fire that I've started gathering when walking the the dog.I have managed to fill 3 sacks already and haven't been collecting very long as I haven't been able to bend until my wounds were healed properly and OH just won't pick them up at all.

    Last week when the weather was sunny we sawed some of the thicker branches off some of the trees in the garden to lift the canopy & let the light in a bit more and this has given use some small logs and more kindle sticks too,so they're chopped up,stacked on the stoop to dry out now and will burn them later on in the Winter Just got to fill the coal bunker now and it's half full already from last year so not too shabby at the moment.Another 5 bags should fill it and if we can buy them in one go this month we'll get 2 free bags of kindling too as the coalman has an offer on, so going to try and miss out the big food shop and do that instead I've also got a sack of loo rolls stuffed with shredded paper hoping they'll work as fire lighters,never tried it before usually put them on the compo heap,so here's hoping...

    I need to stock up medicine box on next shopping trip as there's no chemist in the village and cold remedies,asprins etc are much more expensive from the local shops and I can't get things like night nurse which I like to have in,will use my boots points for that I think

    All that's left now is to rebuild my grocery stockpile now and I've got that started already,so I'm feeling much more positive than I was a couple of months ago.
    Last edited by carriebradshaw; 09-09-2010 at 6:54 AM.
    • Eenymeeny
    • By Eenymeeny 9th Sep 10, 7:32 AM
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    So far for this year I have...

    Started making narrower fabric sausages to fit the sash windows...I put my hand up there the other night to close the lock between the lower and upper sash and there was an amazing draught there. So I'm going to fill the sausages with a mix of beans or rice and polyester beads, so they mould into the corners and stop the draughts.

    Originally posted by valk_scot
    What a good idea! Having just moved from a high-ceilinged, sash windowed home I wish that I'd thought of that. (I used to stuff towels along when I was closing the curtains) Just moved into a smaller, double glazed home so waiting to find the draughts as the weather changes...
    Someone mentioned thicker dressing gowns. I found out quite by accident that OHs dressing gown was much thicker than mine and really good to wear on top of clothes! (In the house, of course) The same applies to mens sweatshirts and jogging bottoms. Then they say that we are soft if we complain about the cold!
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  • rachbc
    Thanks for the new thread pink-winged, hasn't it filled up quickly?! Thanks to this thread I'm really into preparing for winter. Does anyone else shout NO! at the telly when they advise knocking down walls, putting huge glass doors in etc? and those church/barn conversions! Give me a cosy little house anytime....
    Originally posted by Eenymeeny
    Couldn't agree less! My parents have a massive open plan barn with acres of glass and due to the under floor geo thermal heating and super eco glazing it is super cosy and heated for maybe 20 a month..when the get the wood burner (fueled with free wood) going its unbearably hot and I'm sitting around in my vest!
    • midnightraven3
    • By midnightraven3 9th Sep 10, 7:52 AM
    • 2,760 Posts
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    using cheap cat litter to fill draught excluders stops wee beasties being attracted to them and still moulds to the shape of the door or window
  • Minxy_Bella
    Hi Midnight, I know Ikea have a good range of curtain rails - I think the Kvartal system can be ceiling mounted and you can customise the lengths plus it has curved bits for doing corners.

    I'm another one who likes the feeling of battening down the hatches once I know everyone and their property are safe and sound. It feels very cosy!
    Originally posted by NualaBuala

    I would just say be very careful with the Kvartal rails - we tried to put 80 quids worth into two bay windows in our 1930s semi and couldn't get the curtains to pull round

    We ended up using a 5 plasticy strip from B&Q which worked beautifully
    • alec eiffel
    • By alec eiffel 9th Sep 10, 8:32 AM
    • 1,303 Posts
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    alec eiffel
    Anyone in the East Lancs area looking for flannelette sheets should head to Oswaldtwistle Mills, the ones they sell there are great. Not the cheapest but very nice quality. Another simple thing we do (and I think loads of people do this anyway) is have a duvet and sheets one size bigger than the bed. So we have a double bed with kingsize sheets, it means when you want to wrap yourself up comfy cosy you're not stealing the warmth from anyone else!

    I'm very thankful to the previous owners of our house that they did no modernisation whatsoever so we have a sliding door at the top of the stairs which is great for heat loss purposes, it gets pretty warm up there, but at least it's not escaping anywhere.
    • mrs motivated
    • By mrs motivated 9th Sep 10, 8:39 AM
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    mrs motivated

    I am feeling quite smug this year as we have taken our house back to brick (as it didnt have cavity walls) - battoned and 40 mm therma lined the walls and had them replastered, insulated the floors etc. so i am hoping for the first snug winter in 5 years!

    On a more normal level we have stocked the woodpile up, bought some thermal lined bedroom curtains and bought some tealights (99p for 200 from Asda)
    • mrs motivated
    • By mrs motivated 9th Sep 10, 8:41 AM
    • 1,153 Posts
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    mrs motivated
    Oh i forgot - I have bought some old fashioned blankets and a new snuggly quilt as well
  • rachbc
    I got flanette sheets from primark - use them on the spare bed as don't really like them myslef - will get some for the kids this winter though.

    We have slippers, dressing gowns, hats scarves etc but need new wellies for me and dd (dh and ds won't wear them).

    Have had our wood delivered.

    We currently don't have a door on our kitchen and the draught flies through from the cat flap in the back door so gonna try and persuade dh we need one.
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