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    Rosie Flowers
    DVLA Medical Terrible Service Very Slow
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    • 13th Jan 14, 7:47 PM
    DVLA Medical Terrible Service Very Slow 13th Jan 14 at 7:47 PM
    Sorry but I also posted this in the Motoring section. I didn't realise this area existed and this may be more relevant here:

    I was a driver until some health problems and then when I notified the DVLA my licence was revoked. I decided to reapply for my licence. It seems to be taking an exceptionally long time given that the revoking was a very quick process in which I was ordered by the DVLA to act immediately under the threats of a £1,000 fine!

    The DVLA have had medical notes back from my medical people but sent a letter saying it will now take up to 12 weeks which seems a long time.

    I am interested to know if anyone else is in this situation or if I am some kind of "special case" that is taking a long time. It seems a very lengthy process for what really seems to be quite a simple box ticking and form filling exercise.

    Last edited by Rosie Flowers; 15-01-2014 at 1:51 PM.
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    • kwhite01
    • By kwhite01 24th Jun 16, 8:34 PM
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    Appalling Time or Medical Answer
    Having been diagnosed with Epilepsy in May 2015 and then being seizure free for 12 months I re-applied for my driving licence back at the end of April 2016 (you can re-apply up to eight weeks before the 12 months is up). My case and all supporting medical documentation was entered as received by the DVLA medical team on June 1st 2016. By 24th June I was told that my case had been reviewed by a Supervisor and only then had been passed to a doctor in the medical section to review.
    However I was told that the medical team doctors were currently working on cases from 24th November 2015 So in essence I have to wait nearly 7 months for the doctors to look at me application. This is an unbelievable attitude and response time offered by the DVLA Medical team. Come on get real what are you supposed to do for another 7 months without a car - their response was pathetic to say the least. Even worse in 7 months time when my case is doctor reviewed they may ask for more medical information and the delay could be 12 months
    Come on DVLA this is not a service its a f****** disgrace. My life and sanity is at stake here !!!!!!!!!
    • Scholsey555
    • By Scholsey555 4th Jul 16, 7:32 PM
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    I am also victim to the dvla waiting times for medical cases! I had a car accident causing me to have a minor head injury.

    Initially the dvla said that it was up to my doctor to make the decision if it was safe for me to drive (2 or 3 weeks after the accident) he confirmed that there was no reason why I can't drive. So I happily started driving.
    Feeling good I decided to call my work and agree that I was ok to start back on a staggered return, at his point driving fine.

    Two days before I was due to go back to work I decided to go and buy some work clothes, on my way to the car the postman arrived and handed me a dvla envelope...... It was the worst feeling ever to read '6 months lisense revoke due to possible seizures' at this point I hadn't had any seizures and was getting better by the day!!

    After the 4 months it stated that I could send the form to get my lisense back.,

    Now on 6th July 2016 it will have been 8 months without a lisense.

    Two months over the suggested 6 months break.

    My number one hate has always being a passenger and it's driving me crazy, I had the crash at no fault of my own and waiting for the solicitor to sort the personal injury but the other party are dragging their feet so it's not a good situation!
    • kwhite01
    • By kwhite01 5th Jul 16, 11:20 AM
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    diabolical -agreement
    Hi Scholsey555. really sorry to hear about your experience. It seems that I am not alone with unacceptable DVLA timescales and their attitude towards the very long delays !!.

    Some comments if you dont mind:
    Have you had an EEG at all to try to identify if you might actually have developed epilepsy as a result of your brain injury ?. Did you can have certain types of seizures without even being aware you have had them ! However lots of people have seizures or indeed worsening epilepsy and dont inform the DVLA and are out their driving and a huge potential risk on the road !

    Any contact with the DVLA to inform them of a possible reason for not driving is down to the driver and not the medical profession from what I believe.

    How did the DVLA Medical section get informed about your head injury and resultant possible Epilepsy if neither you or your doctor didnt inform them and fill in DVLA medical forms ? Was it as a result of the personal injury claim i wonder ?

    None of this helps you I know with your situation but might explain how the DVLA could revoke your licence without your prior knowledge. It all sucks big time and peoples lives are being ruined by the attitude of the DVLA. If your licence hadnt been revoked and you and your GP were certain you had been seizure free for the specified 6 months then you could have carried on driving until you had received the DVLA decision about driving again or not - but you probably knew this already. I wish you well with your situation.
    • Overhehillandfaraway
    • By Overhehillandfaraway 18th Nov 16, 4:45 PM
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    I'm still waiting as well ....... I had my licence revoked after a simple faint. I have other medical issues (that don't affect everyday life) but I happened to mention the faint (happened during mountain biking on a steep uphill section at altitude) at a routine appointment and they ran a lot of tests - all came back negative and the conclusion was a simple faint due to the extreme exercise. I was advised to inform DVLA as it might affect insurance should I have an accident if I hadn't declared it as it was now on my medical record. I was told that there was no issue about driving as it was a single incident and happened under very specific conditions.

    My licence was immediately revoked for 6 months. Okay, they have to be cautious.

    No public transport here and I don't qualify for any of the community transport schemes so it has been a pain having to beg lifts from neighbours and strangers. I have often had to hitch a lift, standing at the roadside, which is not advisable for anyone, but I have no option.

    I have not had another fainting incident and applied for my licence back. I heard nothing and phoned them to find out what was happening ... they confirmed they have the forms but can't give me any idea of time scales.

    I can't get transport to my next hospital appointment, just an annual check-up and possibly the last, so unless the licence comes back in a couple of weeks (haha) I will have to cancel the appointment

    If I had known what was going to happen I would have voluntarily surrendered my licence and then applied for re-in-statement. As it is I could be in the same situation of not knowing for a long long time yet. I am tempted to go to the ombudsman but think that might make me a target in the future.

    In Scotland you get 21 days to appeal a decision. That is 21 days form the letter being written which isn't enough time for the letter to actually get to you (about a week), collect all the medical evidence, see a lawyer and get a court hearing (and remember you don't have transport, there is no public transport and you need to go up to 100 miles). Basically there is no appeal in Scotland.
    Last edited by Overhehillandfaraway; 18-11-2016 at 4:50 PM.
    • sibo140
    • By sibo140 2nd Dec 16, 6:05 PM
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    • cannotbeleive
    • By cannotbeleive 10th Jan 17, 11:17 PM
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    frustration is the nick name of the inefficient DVLA... I have been waiting something like nearly 6 months since I have applyed..and nothing so far. I have also stopped calling them to get an they do not have any update. not to talk about the call centre people which are just so rude and useless of course. good luck to all of those who are waiting like me...maybe forever
    • Safetyone
    • By Safetyone 11th Jan 17, 12:54 PM
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    E mail Oliver Morley at the DVLA ,He is the CEO and the more people get in touch with him the more chance we have of things improving, I had a 12 month long fight with them regarding my licence, I won in the end, The game play is to wear you down not help you
    • Safetyone
    • By Safetyone 11th Jan 17, 12:55 PM
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    • squirrelcyril
    • By squirrelcyril 12th Jan 17, 5:25 PM
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    I had problems some time ago with poor service but think it has improved. Had to report a change of medication to the DVLA last month, and it took less than 15 days to get a letter back accepting the change and telling me my next review would be as planned in 2018.
    Nutty am I
    • Peter2110
    • By Peter2110 7th Feb 17, 3:04 PM
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    Dvla medical a joke
    I to have had a nightmare with Dvla 13 months ago I had a fit due too drinking to much alcohol and red bull I was advised by my doctor to notify Dvla so I did. And was told to not drive for six months and return my licence which I did but surprise they didn't recieve it then I had another 5 weeks later so know it's up to a year which was fine by me better safe than sorry my year was up last month 23/01/2017 so applied 8 weeks before was told they had to get a report from my doctor they asked if I was a drunk a drug addict which was shocking my doctor said no and cleared me to drive which I should be now then I got a letter saying I need a medical full one including blood and urine ok fine the thing is this could be 7 weeks till I get a decision I'm on the verge of being paid of as my work thought I would be driving they do not care and don't give a crap and no wonder ppl do not tell them as if I had known this I wouldn't have told them as I was the one that called them if they knew this could this not have been done in December Dvla a joke
    • thefatgit
    • By thefatgit 7th Feb 17, 4:20 PM
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    20 weeks since I had to send my licence back for medical review and still no update.

    I am allowed to drive until a decision is made but I have no licence as it has expired.
    It makes it very awkward as I couldn't hire a car on holiday, I can't test drive any cars (I'm due to order in 2 months) and if I need a courtesy car for any reason I can't have one.
    Desperately trying to get my wife through her test, but she failed today on 2 silly things due to nerves.

    I know they have to be thorough, but I had a medical and eye test in October.
    • missblue
    • By missblue 15th Feb 17, 9:49 AM
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    My son still has not received his provisional licence or a unfit to drive letter. He is now 17 1/2 yrs, and applied 18 months ago. We had an appointment, he has met them and spoken to the medical case worker over the phone, he was told the GP report was not suitable and could he clarify with more information so past consultant reports were given and still waiting. We have now started looking at residential colleges for next year because we have had to assume he will not be able to drive to the local college as was originally planned.

    It is totally beyond me how they can treat people with a medical need so bad - I am so glad there are forums like this around because knowing others are being treated the same and also think its unacceptable does take the personal sting of hurt out of it, I hope you all get the situation resolved soon and also maybe I am venturing into disney make believe here, but I hope the DVLA medical service gets hauled over the coals and they commit to reasonable time scales for paperwork to be assessed and if it's a difficult case they would be honest and open with what is happening.
    • usahdw762GY
    • By usahdw762GY 10th Sep 17, 1:35 PM
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    DVLA are another useless government bureaucracy not fit for purpose
    We will soon be reverted to the dark ages with agencies like DVLA at the helm of Britain. Ive been waiting 18 months for my license and sent for numerous medicals which I have passed everytime, despite never having had a medical condition that would have prevented me from driving in the 1st place
    • WalterC
    • By WalterC 11th Sep 17, 2:54 PM
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    Not only slow, it's ill-conceived
    My specialist was given 6 (that's SIX) weeks to sign and return what DVLA Medical Group calls its CONSDEC form. So far, he has had 5 MONTHS, and several reminders from me via his secretary. Zilch. Too busy. Low priority, his secretary keeps telling me. Meanwhile DVLA refuses even to start considering my application for restoration of my licence (revoked for a medical reason (now dealt with) 11 months ago) until it gets its CONSDEC form back. PERHAPS THE FORM SHOULD BE A BIT MORE FORCEFUL, INSTEAD OF NERVOUSLY TELLING THE SPECIALIST IT "WOULD BE HELPFUL" IF HE WOULD DEAL WITH THE FORM within six weeks, and get paid £42 by DVLA for doing it. It's a simple form, which needs hardly more than his signature. How about telling the man he MUST deal with it inside 5 weekdays ON PAIN OF BIG PENALTY? After all, he could be condemning me to never driving again, whilst the DVLA washes its hands of the matter. Where was that again that we all live? A civilised democracy?
    • SilverArrowUK
    • By SilverArrowUK 26th Apr 18, 9:57 AM
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    Yes I have the same problem I told them of an eye condition I have and I was told 2 weeks max then I rang them back and then itís 5 weeks and when I ring back again itís longer. I then contacted my optician and asked them they said yes your fit to drive but you have to wear your glasses we do these tests all the time. So if an optician says that why is it taking them all this time?
    • SilverArrowUK
    • By SilverArrowUK 26th Apr 18, 9:59 AM
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    Is there anyone huger people can write to solve this
    • jc24965
    • By jc24965 7th Aug 18, 11:43 AM
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    My daughter had a seizure 30 minutes after taking her theory test - caused by the screen flickering when doing the hazard perception part of the test. She passed her theory test but had to hand in her provisional licence. Her neurologist was quite happy for her to resume driving after 6 months and confirmed to the DVLA that it was their equipment that had caused the seizure. She had been seizure free for three years before, and is still seizure free after the theory test. The DVLA have had her application since March. It took three months before they even looked at it and despite her neurologists approval, they still insisted on a medical. The was done a month ago. Still nothing! What's worrying her is that she is running out of time to get her driving test done before she will be required to resit the theory test again!! The system stinks.
  • archived user
    I rang up and told them i had bipolar (whilst manic..) and they sent me a form but i lost it and my licence then got revoked. I reapplied for a new one and they again sent medical form (which i managed not to lose!) and i sent it off, took about 4 weeks then i got a letter saying my application was denied. So no driving for me (on the plus side the refusal did then entitle me to bus pass)
    • AliMT
    • By AliMT 13th Sep 18, 11:54 AM
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    This must be the worst government department on record. Email and letters not acknowledged.licence revoked for 3 months due to MH diagnosis. Took four and a half months to get it back. Then only issued for one year, so further problems reapplying again this year, due to consultant psychiatrist messing me about. Had to get GP to write letter to say I was fit to drive, so another 3 weeks unable to drive.
    It appears that once you are diagnosed with a mental health problem it stays on record for life. I strongly dispute that I have a MH problem, not on medication and not, thankfully, still under the rotten MH system, though I suspect they will contrive some way to get me back.
    Had requested an independent assessor review my complaint. Took dvla over one year to refer to him. Am now still not satisfied.
    • Leeclaret
    • By Leeclaret 8th Oct 18, 3:31 PM
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    I handed my licence back when I had an isolated seizure and had all test came back fine didnít drive for 6 months did what dvla said I had to do re forms and other stuff comes to the 6 month which the specialist says I can drive again and they revoke my licence and canít get an answer why all Iím getting off them is itís wrong and itís been referred back to the relevant department as a priority now 1 week later still nothing and after numerous phone calls also, they have admitted a mistake as happened but canít tell me what is going on anyone else have this issue? Thanks
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