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    • DundeeDoll
    • By DundeeDoll 18th Jul 17, 11:34 AM
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    5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3
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    • 18th Jul 17, 11:34 AM
    5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3 18th Jul 17 at 11:34 AM
    Ok I'm diving in as I've noticed several of us have lost posts we thought had posted, and there now seems to be a serious risk of losing the whole thread. So thanks for the heads up Karcher. (and i sympathise Frith - i too like to nip back)

    I've revisited the first thread of our part 2, posted 28th October 2009. It said:
    Time for a shiny new thread The old one had got to 4500 odd posts which amounts to 22,500 OS pleasures (at least) It's so good to know that the OS life can be so rewarding.

    I'll kick off the new thread.

    1) Homemade bread and marmalade for breakfast.

    2) A walk over the Malvern Hills to blow away the cobwebs.

    3) Drying the washing outside- still, in October.

    4) Watching mydaughter making a game out of sweeping the leaves with her friends.

    5) The prospect of collecting a big order of meat from the butcher this morning and having my freezer full for less.
    Originally posted by thriftlady
    Part 2 went on considerably longer so many many more pleasures. And of course life stories shared, support given, tears of sorrow and joy shed. Part 2 I shall miss you, but here's to part 3.
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    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 11th Nov 19, 4:38 PM
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    so this morning I wrote a great long post and the flipping train wifi cut out and I lost it...

    In short

    good weather - except Saturday and even that wasn't as bad as it could be
    good sea walks
    good food - CAKE
    bath with phillip Pullman..and then lots of other telly last night.

    Have a nice evening all.
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • DigForVictory
    • By DigForVictory 11th Nov 19, 8:33 PM
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    Miword, time flies. RL has got (cheerfully) out of hand.
    Happy belated birthday BoP, give the college an appropriate hand gesture o Frith, enjoy all you can SuffolkSue & huge thanks to all for keeping on posting!

    OS pleasures in the past er, fortnight...

    Hurrah young Keir, home at last! Motherhood is tough enough without being subject to hospital rules. Thinking of tiny fragile people I have known, they’ve gone on to become hearty healthy husky young people even if their parents pale at some memories.

    Pizza for breakfast is a special lazy happy start to a day off!

    Accidentally bumped into the Niles & Daphne tango from Frasier years ago - my word I had forgotten how good it was as a dance! It’s so easy to forget she was a professional dancer as well as actress but wow, gurgling happily here.

    Blimey, “joy” is subjective. This decluttering gig is heavy lifting emotionally and physically! Says she paused with brew from one if the remaining mugs & re-reading Christmas letters from over a decade ago!

    My new freezer is making sea wave sounds. Restful, but slightly mystifying.

    Lego has sentience. I have a bag of little kits (of the sort that add scrunch & crackle to a Christmas stocking) & it has just migrated along the freezer lid. It didn’t leap to the floor, just settled more comfortably.

    I’m not at all sure how I managed to miss breakfast but the pleasure is that, despite bumping into things, I regained most of my sense of where am I after two cups of tea.

    Conundrum - son rather brusque about stockings. I love them, he opined that he’s over 18 & doesn’t. If I don’t do stockings for my chaps, who will do a stocking for me?

    Sons happily watching the third terminator film with me, having nudged and nagged me through a chunk of decluttering. Family bonding takes many forms!

    Loving the story of the sled dog “with a great heart but dumb as a box of rocks” & trying not to snicker too audibly.

    Son taking in Sky Captain or some similar epic fantasy & I snap my head around at a familiar voice - we have to work through several possible connections before he & I agree “it’s Bishop!” aka Lance Henriksen. We each have extra viewing suggestions!

    By the Power of Freezer, we have Agreed an evening meal for 4 in seconds! OK, I am left in charge of cooking it, but that means Someone Else gets all the washing up.

    Son gawping at “I am Legend” - apparently some survivors ate the last of our hero’s bacon. These apocalyptic social challenges can be so difficult. (I think they should just go find & steal more bacon but son thinks I should watch the film “properly”.)

    What can you do when your mother insists all will be fine as she prepares to cross a weather front identified by the Met office as being severe? Off into Wales into the teeth of wind & rain, and while happy to chat refusing to moderate plans at all. (She will be accompanied by my father but he’ll not be deterred either & we both know it.) Parents!

    I am all for independence & autonomy in the young. Mother & scout leader etc. I have my limits however, & being awoken savage thirsty, as some young lout has turned the heating on to 30 - well, I had words. Then the much needed tea.

    For a pet with bonus longevity, go for hippos. The drug lord’s pets are alive, well, breeding, (blinking dangerous) & after one was shot, the animal rights folk successfully sued the government. They’re hard to catch & geld (thus expensive & by the time you halt one there are five or six offspring) so the local scientists will be trying contraception. (I love the economist - you get the meaty stuff & the wildly left field snippets!)

    Stunned. Awed. Astonished. England vs All blacks and won?! Never tell me the All Blacks were stumped by the rain? (Or just exhausted by the hurricane strangeness?)

    French not winning at Cheese Awards & grousing - husband chortling at it & me intrigued to see an American cheese win in Italy. “Some of our judges are French” - bet they don’t brag about that at home.

    Miword, the cosplay palaver - why shouldn’t a player go black face (or ahem white face?) to go with their characters? Oh, “must not cause offence”. Derision & hilarity normal but offence outlawed? Mad world. (Says she with cosplaying friends & even Godparents.)

    Have I mentioned how much I love shopping with my youngest? “What does Machiavellian mean, mum?” Well, not only did he get a brain dump & a Wikipedia paraphrase he also got “Machiavelli would never have allowed Brexit to get this far”

    Much enjoying Antiques Roadshow & rediscovering Nicholson the not quite Classic British chap in India, all muscular Christianity, fairness & violence. The cult of Nikkal Seyn annoyed him, but he took as tough a line on suspected disloyalty - vigorous physical chastisement & disarmament absolutely normal....

    Homeless guy reading - likes factual. & for preference early church history. Mentally reviews shelves & blushes but will source.

    Ooh - “cup wars” are a Thing, whereby two people vie to have the largest (then rudest) cups. I get to see the remains at the office sink washing up.

    Waved to the tailor! Out early on way to Lancaster though. Some days my job is refreshingly weird.

    Husband has spotted another farm with Shetlands (& possibly Falabellas.) Happy cries of “little tiny horses, & some were really fat!” He does love seeing Thelwell on the hoof....

    Oh I do love a proper home cooked meal on a cold day & since I’m working from home this morning, I got a proper lunch! With loads of alliums so I’ll have to brush my teeth before I go & meet colleagues, but oh so worth it.

    Moving like Tigger - I love it when technology cooperated! Colleagues a little wide-eyed but the numbers are real to them, just data to me.

    Some dumped rubbish bag declaims “Flavour is everything!” - I rather think friends, health, schemings to deal with the known unknowns & a sock under the bed capable of securing the family for 3 months are pretty good too.

    Chatting literature with homeless guy - first century apostles as “if you want the truth, you have to go back to the beginning”.

    Had our first ever starburst fire drill today - and from the thick crowds in the pavement the “Scatter” bit of the memo was missed. I read carefully, schemed & dived into an Internet cafe - a slightly longer walk than I’d hoped but other than that, a splendid mustering location. I must train my team to figure their in-the-event destination, but suspect they’d prefer a pub.

    Welcomed home rapturously by youngest - only in part as I brought food. I also brought pink milk, for which he has a bemusing passion.

    Son & I both sprawled, replete with pizza. It’s a bonding moment!

    Halloween scouts “it’s just crickets, they’re nice” (well, she’s deeply not sure but I’d rather crickets than chilli chocolate....) one doodle on the board reads “even the Undead pay subs” many leaders are impressively dressed & some wigged! One Scout wearing the classic sheet with eye holes - her mother reassured me it was “just a painting sheet”. Oh yes & dried mealworms are almost tasteless but acceptable. The scout who ate the chilli chased it with all of what remained of 2 pints of milk.

    Waiting to see the dentist, I reassured my lads “s’OK, no strange women over here” (this waiting area) & got a look that said “but You still are....” Cheers, dear ones.

    To see a young man leap, answer his mobile phone & greet his best mate warmly... Idiot left it on another floor near where I was working.

    As we move jars around, I moved the pickle & grinned “pickle to Queen’s 4” - well, Himself was placing the other jars with deliberation.

    Oh gods. Puns on mail order brides got very dark very quickly. (“Refrigeration can be so unreliable” being the mildest.) Appalled at lads tastelessness.

    Heard scrap of rugby “kaleesi has it” & thought confusedly of dragon riding blonde up against rugby players. Poor chap must have taken a Lot of rugby club humour. Research suggests Kolisi, team captain - apologetic respects sir!

    Son, as employee of Royal Mail, is crooning over postal offers, including car plus insurance, roadside etc for a chunk per month which he is Mightily impressed with...

    Hunt the store cupboard is a tricky game. Some beautiful antiques though, & I bought still more Denby, ahem. [Second weekend searching we found a handsome fletching jig (yess! Wanted one for Ages) but no Denby & Still no cupboard.]

    Much enjoying the program on the Morris dancing. Amused they can be mixed if they so choose, but most have chosen not to. Mind, that some chaps dance dressed as women opens the door to all sorts of questions.

    The cherry blossom trees still have leaves on, just a few but green orange pink- beautiful against the black branches.

    Bloke walking his dog - Lassie lives, & has a glorious coat & plume of tail!

    Rich Hall on the development of nuclear weapons “how in the wild wild world of sports did we not blow ourselves up?” [OK, it sounds ‘way better with his accent.]

    Discussing reading choices, my colleagues were a bit startled to find I love a good murder & have a vivid & gory imagination.... We’re all still friends.

    Charity shop utterly tickled by third delivery (I always ring ahead) even though it was mostly mother in law’s stuff she’s bought & decided she didn’t like that m’sister in law hadn’t the puff to return or donate so I got four bin bags full. The staff are so nice it makes up for the hassle.

    Yeay, Scout bonfire & fireworks! Always a happy evening & tonight I got my 5 years service badge which added humour & bewilderment to the fun.

    Scout philosophical challenges - “why here?” & “have I been paid for?” - the latter we assured yes in full & he was awaited...

    Sandi Toksvig’s tragic condition: “posh voice, no money”

    TV program on the death of Amy Robsart, Mrs Robert Dudley (Elizabeth the First’s charmer). Might it have been suicide? She died in Cumnor and the local view was always murder, centuries later! (You didn’t marry that calibre of husband by accident after all. Nor trip on your skirts in your family home...)

    I have plucked seedheads from the bronze & mundane fennel, and hope to have an aromatic hedge next year.

    Kept a straight face as someone explained Why they were trying to get as close to £40 at Lidl as possible. (That some if their stuff is solid good value wasn’t part of it.)

    Thinking on good times with five years olds, they’re excellent company - eager to try anything new & delighted to show off their (current) favourites. I still cherish memories of walks with a “pet stick” that would be found within seconds of parking up & as easily abandoned as youngling hopped into car.

    Nothing says Remembrance quite like sitting in the kitchen waiting for trousers & shirt to dry enough to iron. Still badges properly stitched on. (When I find out where the dashed chilly breeze is coming from, I will take steps.) For every beautifully turned out person there is some thorough work in the background. At least it’s just one shirt this year! [Fellow leader had three parading offspring & recalled desperately laying about him with the iron! Us other mothers of scouts grinned with some sympathy.]

    As we paraded back, the road was closed by an angled police van. Behind it, we saw a bus trying to complete a 18 point turn, and tried not to giggle as we marched (or shambled after the drum.)

    Thank you, well done, god bless - three little pairs of words a Remembrance dignitary & I chuckled over the rarity of, as we gently vied to pile honours on each other.

    Thank heaven for “the IT crowd” - Himself was near screaming at a war film they didn’t wear berets, have paracord etc then.... He’s changed channels & I can go to sleep!

    Rousing cheers Asda & their lad from Grocery who was packed off to get banana boxes as I paid. I of course went home, unloaded, realised & Drove Back!

    Husband hugely amused by photo of me aged all of 8 at most & has shared it with eldest who opines I am clearly planning murder. [Decades later, dead right...]

    Health, strength, love & courage to all as have need plus hwbs and functioning waterproofs and thermals!
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    • Nargleblast
    • By Nargleblast 11th Nov 19, 9:05 PM
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    Pleasures today - as ever, seeing dog tearing around in the park, ears back, tail flying.

    Shopping at a new Lidl and getting a large amount of stuff for less than what I would have paid at one of the larger supermarkets.

    Rock Choir today, had to practice in the church rather than the church hall, and the acoustics were amazing.

    Lunch at home, fresh baguette buttered and filled with ham, served with good coffee.

    Loafing around catching up with Strictly Come Dancing, seeing as I was at work all weekend.

    Home made shepherd pie with broccoli, sprouts and courgettes followed by homemade cheesecake made using leftover homemade yogurt.

    Curled up on the sofa in the warm, knowing it's really cold outside.
    One life - your life - live it!
    • mhagster
    • By mhagster 11th Nov 19, 9:15 PM
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    Bedtime...was starting to wilt on the sofa.

    Day off. What a wild day it’s been . Much wind. Much rain. Much cold. Just much.

    Drove to niece this morning. Horrid drive in horrid weather.
    The baby and I went a very blustery walk...he slept whilst I held on very tightly to pram. Round all the charity shops in their town. Got what I thought was one set of curtains but seems to be two. Will pop some coins in their tin next time I’m down. A pale denim colour and very long...perfect for a puddle of fabric on the floor. This will be for my new dining area when it’s done ( few weeks time)

    Nice FaceTime with DD1 and The Baby.

    Took a wander to see their soon to be new gaff.

    Less wet but still very windy drive back. Popped in to work as a customer for the first time and had lunch.

    Supermarket. Met a friend so had a big chat with her.

    Hello doggy! It’s wet and wild so a very quick pee run! Would you like your dinner early? Yes, please, don’t mind if I do. Okay as I need to go back out!

    Round to my mothers for a bit. Sat and chatted...much repeated as I wasn’t heard the first time.

    Met up with DD2 on her way home from work...she debriefed. Then went for a driving lesson.

    Made a rather yummy chicken and veggie pie with roast potatoes which were RTC. At the moment Monday night is the only night we are all in together for tea.
    • Suffolksue
    • By Suffolksue 11th Nov 19, 10:15 PM
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    Not many today
    1 DH friend ( age 90 ) came to see him ,DH now has virtually no voice ,I gave them an hour ( listening from kitchen ) and then went and rescued them .Good of him to come ,but he was visibly upset when he went
    2 stopped raining at lunchtime
    3 mini bar of plain chocolate my indulgence

    I have attempted to reply to all your pm's ,I am technically challenged and can't see if they've got to you 'please could someone let me know if they have ,
    When I have time I'm going to do a course ,in the meantime please forgive me I really do appreciate all the support
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    • DundeeDoll
    • By DundeeDoll 11th Nov 19, 10:51 PM
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    Welcome BFF
    Hugs suffolksue
    1) friend dropped her dd off on way to Edinburgh and gave me and mrphdstudent a lift
    2) lo risotto for lunch yum yum
    3) met mrphdstudent after work and we called in at Mennies on the way home - I contacted a mutual friend who joined us
    4) home to the boys. Made a biryanis
    5) and now to bed. Am in my onesie
    Be like a postage stampóstick to one thing until you get there.
    Plastic bottles picked up to recycle: aim was one a day, currently 3 - 5 per day so given up counting.
    • Purple kitten
    • By Purple kitten 11th Nov 19, 11:34 PM
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    Purple kitten
    Suffolksue, keep on posting, we are all here for you. x

    1 Grilled bacon roll for lunch was lovely, a belated weekend one.
    2 We pondered out for the day to avoid kitchen work really, we returned 2 items for refunds. Nice to feel organised.

    3 We stopped in at ikea to pick up a glass shelf.
    4 And also C0stco for their meat offer, where we picked up their pizza for dinner.
    5 In the warm, night sky moon watching.
    • Frith
    • By Frith 11th Nov 19, 11:49 PM
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    Sorry to hear that, SuffolkSue.

    Pleasures for today (Monday, still).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Lethargic and unmotivated today. Nothing new there! Hens OK, and cat. Did washing up mountain from yesterday, washing, cleaned bathroom.

    3) Started Uni of Derby online course.

    4) First stocking filler arrived in the post...

    5) Popped to Sainsburys, read a magazine in the caf! then bought the Christmas Eve pyjamas and the first little present for my niece (Christmas socks, as she was very pleased with last years!)

    6) Went round the charity shops and found some black corduroy trousers that I shall wear as a poll clerk on 12th December. We can only wear colours that are not those of the political parties. So red, blue, green, yellow and purple are out. And also (strictly speaking) white, as our independent guy is red/white (he was MP twice so you never know). Last election (June?) we were not warm in the church hall as the day wore on so next month we will be absolutely freezing!

    7) Watched the second half of the Ant and Dec DNA programme and have really enjoyed it.

    8) Sons made me laugh just now because bigger son made us all cups of tea but we are nearly out of milk, until tomorrow (it would be a 24 mile round trip to get to Tesco tonight). He handed smaller son his cup and smaller son said, "What's this?" Peered in, "it looks like a black hole". Bigger son said, "Your Bovril, sir"!
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
    • Bfh
    • By Bfh 12th Nov 19, 7:03 AM
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    Thanks for the welcome, Dundee Doll
    An irritating and stressy day yesterday, ultimately. Pleasures had to be searched for!
    - made a dent in the ironing mountain
    - lots of hot, extremely strong tea
    - finding the forebearance to bite my lip as (adult) DC2 was in an incredibly ďdifficultĒ mood all day!
    - HM lasagne for dinner
    - Travelman 48 hrs in Madrid bringing back good memories of a recent trip there
    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 12th Nov 19, 8:11 AM
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    Itís a tough road you are walking SuffolkSue please keep posting x
    Welcome to Bfh

    Monday pleasures,

    Went shopping and it was blissfully quiet, found some rtc mackerel fillets for tea and filled the fruit bowl up as we are really getting through it although most of the apples end up in equine girlies tum!

    Made a big batch of cauliflower and cheese soup which will do lunches for the week.

    Had a chat with my pal and made tentative arrangements to meet up.

    Over to see the beautiful grey one, no work as still missing a shoe but gave her a good groom and walked her in hand around the track as going very soft.

    Watched Uni Challenge, followed by ETTC, that Angel has such a good eye for the detail.
    • juliettet
    • By juliettet 12th Nov 19, 10:38 AM
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    Echo others support for SuffolkSue x

    My recent 5,
    1. Nice walk at the weekend. No piles of leaves to kick and I had put my wellies on specially.
    2. Some annoying household jobs completed.
    3. Work is good. Nice atmosphere.
    4. Remembrance parade in nearest town. Lovely to see all the young cadets looking so proud.
    5. Coffee in garden centre afterwards.
    • Blackbeard of Perranporth
    • By Blackbeard of Perranporth 12th Nov 19, 12:07 PM
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    Blackbeard of Perranporth
    Lunch Bites Again Ö
    Here goes Jenny, sheís sending another to SS
    And others that need one! Gestures a DfV to Frith!

    Now heres yous BoP Bits for the day.

    Now snorker inn a blanket today, as all was eaten up yesterday eve for tea. Raffles was loving the scraggy chicken skins, and is well fed. He had too much and wanted no breakfest this day! Loads of legs and wing meat cut off ready for a chilli curry to be made! It will be too hot for the likes of & and Sparra!

    Now that is the good proper foods sore ted out for you.

    As another BoP tour is coming our way soon, BoP this very evening shall be in the gym, trimming away the puppy fat and be more beach ready.

    BoP will be surfing the flix of Amazonia later to find yet more films fpr you too watch.

    Consider that xmas jumper that has sat inn your cupbored for the last twelve months, while the non entity celebs want you to buy another, just consider putting the money into the tin for the poppy and get out last years jumper, wear that instead. That weigh the greasy emporiums donít get your money for the tack, and you help someone direct!

    There that is all your Life of BoP for the day!
    If you did all that, yous be better off for it!
    Cardiac Arrest - Electrical - Patient unconscious! Heart Attack - Plumbing - Patient conscious!
    Defibrillators Cannot Cure a Heart Attack!
    • Cottage Economy
    • By Cottage Economy 12th Nov 19, 2:30 PM
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    Cottage Economy
    Just found this thread and would like to join to remind myself there is always something to enjoy, no matter what my brain tries to tell me.

    1. Lay in bed during the night under my warm duvet, all snug, listening to the rain beating down
    2. Had a proper pot of tea using 'yellow sticker' tea leaves
    3. My new and very fluffy cat came on the bed for a cuddle and let me run my fingers through her beautifully soft and very long coat for the first time.
    4. Had an undisturbed 30 minute nap at lunchtime
    5. Ironed and wore my favourite maxi t-shirt dress with my cashmere cardigan and merino wool socks, all of which were cheap charity shop finds.
    'Save £12k in 2018' £8300/£7,000 (118%)

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    • mhagster
    • By mhagster 12th Nov 19, 5:36 PM
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    A day of not much. Woke at 6am with a very upset tummy in both directions. Spent morning in bed or en-suite! Spent afternoon on sofa. Feeling better now certainly but blah to upset tummies!

    Decorator sent a text to see if he could start a week early (next week) so a bit of waaah ( as every thing will need moved) as it’s whole of downstairs but then I suppose it’s done quicker than expected.

    Caught up on telly. Watched Ant & Dec and really enjoyed the programmes, they make me laugh.

    My doggy boy. Not been too far from me all day.

    A wee edit of the niecelys popped in to see me so that was chatter-filled. Back to peace and quiet now
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    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 12th Nov 19, 7:04 PM
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    Epic post DforV - brilliant as ever
    Get well soon Mhags
    Welcome Bfh (your welcome was in my lost post..) and Cottage Economy, this is the nicest thread on MSE
    Hugs Suffolk sue, don't know what else to say

    Pleasures for yesterday

    1. got the early bus OK. the train was cancelled
    2. nice walk home from station. Was cold though
    3. Had a chat with MiL before she went home. An hour is about optimum time...
    4. Begg for tea
    5. watched Ant and Dec - enjoyed it.

    and today

    1. up and on the early train to London. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast
    2. walked the thames path from Shepperton to staines. Did that to avoid weather and still got wet..
    3. warm train to dry off in
    4. quick trip round aldi as we've gone mother hubbardy again
    5. looking forward to a new BBC drama tonight after we've had OH's nut roast for tea.

    Have a nice evening folks.
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • Purple kitten
    • By Purple kitten 12th Nov 19, 9:37 PM
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    Purple kitten
    Lainey, your family get together sounds lovely, and a great way to do it at a hall.
    Cottage Economy, ohh I love the idea of a midday nap, and it might make you smile to know I mis read your third pleasure as coat rather than cat.

    1 All of the various sets of pots and pans we have accumulated through getting together and inheritance all in one place, and 2 big metal recycling bags created from the ones that are too bad to CS. Also I have to include this as an indulgent pleasure, Iíve just run the self clean on the oven and Iím a bit of a, ok a vast fan, thatís great.
    2 Simple fish for dinner as I went out to an exercise class tonight. I have to say itís a good job I pre purchased the block of classes otherwise I would be making up all sorts of excuses.
    3 All of the Christmas cake fruits are mixed up and soaking in Courvoisier tonight, pah who said I was bah humbug. Lainey I do admit I am using Nigels book to keep me in the mindset of enjoying the time. Iím not up to todays date yet.
    4 Scattered some oats and sunflower seeds out to the birds and attracted the wagtail and robin back.
    5 Admiring the full moon tonight, and a candle lit from last Christmases sale candles. Just watching Ben Fogle talking to a man who owns his 5 islands, DH is looking envious.
    • DundeeDoll
    • By DundeeDoll 12th Nov 19, 10:33 PM
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    welcome cottage economy i too was very happy to be snuggled under my duvet. 5 for today
    1) friend's daughter (originally staying the week while her mum was in court) gave mrphdstudent lift into uni. i quite like this unexpected guests household
    2) a crisp walk into work (i was going to ninewells campus so totally the opposite direction
    3) lo biryani for lunch
    4) friend came round after work. she has been through a very tough time and thanked me for offering a bed to her daughter. in the end he pleaded guilty to 2 of the 3 counts so she didn't need to give evidence. seemed the very least i could do!
    5) vestry was good - a positive vibe, healthy accounts, and kept under 2 hours.
    Be like a postage stampóstick to one thing until you get there.
    Plastic bottles picked up to recycle: aim was one a day, currently 3 - 5 per day so given up counting.
    • Frith
    • By Frith 12th Nov 19, 11:32 PM
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    Pleasures for today (Tuesday)

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Spent just over 3 hours cleaning out mum and dad's spare bedroom. This doesn't sound like much but we filled dad's car with stuff for the tip and my car with items for the charity shop. Then it was mould busting, cleaning walls, woodwork, hoovering 100 times in different directions. I can't remember the last time it was cleaned but I did their room about 7 years ago, so it was before that... It was never going to look great, but it is now habitable.

    3) The charity shop was glad to take all the bin bags (10?) and were really pleased to have so many wicker baskets. They sell very well, I was told.

    4) Went to Sainsburys for shopping with smaller son.

    5) Met up with smaller son's friend who wanted to buy a PlayStation with his earnings from his new pub job. He wanted me to take it through the till for him and off he and smaller son went to get 6 months of PS+. The man said, "Is this a present for a hard working child?" and I said, "No, it's with his own money". He said, "Oh, it is your son?" and I thought it would look terribly dodgy if I handed over loads of cash and said it was just for a random teenager! So I said yes...

    I was then questioned over exactly what course my "son" is doing at college (which I could answer!) and finally he said, "You must be very proud". Oh yes, I said!!!

    6) Picked bigger son up from Halfords and he is going to start his volunteer work at the clothing shop for homeless people tomorrow.

    7) Made a chow mein for tea.

    8) Watched Gary Lineker's programme then Holby City.
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
    • Bfh
    • By Bfh 13th Nov 19, 6:31 AM
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    Yesterday was a day that seemed to be over before it started! I was very tired all day, and got into bed feeling Iíd not achieved much. Also, coffee with a friend left me feeling a little flat; Iíd thought it would be one of the dayís pleasures but I came away feeling that I seemed to know all of friendís news, but theyíd asked nothing about mine! Not even about some results that were due last week that they knew about, and knew that I was very worried about!
    But thanks to this thread, I fell asleep thinking about the good parts of the day rather than the disappointing bits

    - nice chat with DC2 before they headed off for work
    - learning something new at my own work; itís hard, and Iím slightly worried, but itís good to exercise my brain
    - Rick Stein travelling through France on TV. I love a cookery programme that combines with travel. Havenít been to France in so long, and hope to remedy this before too long.
    - All 4 of us being home last night, chatting over tea and biccies, and being relaxed.
    - A walk with doggles. Cold and wet but lovely colours in the leaves that havenít fallen yet.
    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 13th Nov 19, 8:12 AM
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    Welcome Cottage Economy.

    Tuesday pleasures,

    Dropped my car off at garage in village first thing for Mot & full service, I knew there were a few issues but hoped it wouldnít be too bad.

    Baked bread and went through house.

    Met lovely farrier over the yard and he fitted girlie with new shoes, I left her in afterwards as it was a cold, drizzly afternoon and she was cosy in her stable with a full hay net.

    New tyres, new bulbs, repair of mice damage to heating system and pollen filter so garage bill was a bit of a gulp but pleasure is that car maintenance is budgeted for.

    A new to me recipe with Ham Hock, Butternut Squash and Lentils, only when I looked no lentils so heated a tin of cannellini beans instead and added those, surprisingly tasty.
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