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    • Hockeynut
    • By Hockeynut 2nd May 12, 1:17 PM
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    I recenty cancelled my contract, it is very amusing letting them know when they may have an appointment time slot to collect their equipment.
  • fraggle_rock
    Virgin mediarrrrhhh!!!
    Does anyone know if you are still have to pay a cancellation fee if the virgin media contract has expired?
    • misiek404
    • By misiek404 23rd Jan 13, 5:10 PM
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    Does anyone know if you are still have to pay a cancellation fee if the virgin media contract has expired?
    Originally posted by fraggle_rock
    No fee there. You have to let them know a month before your contract is due to expire though.
    • Alligg
    • By Alligg 29th Jul 13, 6:18 PM
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    Just had an awful experience with Virgin customer services
    I am due to move on the 5th Sept and called to speak to them regarding my contract, I had been told on a previous call that due to the fact there are no services in the area we are going to that I could cancel with no charge and to just give 30 days notice.
    Just tried to do that to be told I will be charged an early cancellation fee!!!!!!!
    Not my fault they do not have services in the area I am moving to so why should I pay a fee to cancel.
    Will writing a complaint letter do any good? Also they are disconecting the day before we move meaning we will be without services as they only collect equipment on certain days grrrrrrr
    • Buzby
    • By Buzby 29th Jul 13, 6:24 PM
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    Not really - did you record the call offering free cancellation? If you take their National service (no TV) the contract termination cost is waived, BUT you start a fresh term.

    It is not their fault you are moving to an unserved cable address - chalk it up to an expense of moving (which it is).
  • notjustawhingeingscouser
    Want to cancel your Virgin Media contract?
    I had wondered if I was being paranoid in thinking that Virgin Media operated some policy of obstruction and delay when it came to customers trying to cancel, but Internet forums assured me that I was not.

    I was finding it impossible to cancel my Virgin Media subscription – by this stage Virgin Media had simply ignored the following:

    two e-mails to the Billing Department;
    a letter to the Customer Complaints Department;
    a recorded delivery (or ‘signed for’ as it seems to be called now) letter to the Billing Department, of which I had printed out the online proof of delivery.

    I did an Internet search and found this forum, so now I’m reporting what finally worked for me in the hope that it will help other people. I regret this is so long, but presumably you wouldn’t be reading this forum if it had been easy to cancel Virgin Media services. However, take heart, you can win, but it does take persistence and attention to detail.

    What brought an end to just under two months of obstruction and delay was a separate recorded delivery letter to each of the directors and the company secretary at the addresses obtained from the Companies House website. My account and the so-called arrears were cancelled the day my letter was delivered, so it was well worth the additional costs of the recorded delivery. (1.10 on top of the normal postage.) (Whether directors in fact personally read the letters, or whether this work is automatically delegated to a junior employee is unclear, but by writing to the directors at the addresses given by Companies House, and by telling them where you obtained their names and addresses from, you are showing Virgin Media that you know the system and are less easy to mess around.)

    (It’s worth noting that even the final bill with the balance reduced to zero did not, in my case, contain the customary words ‘Account closed’. An e-mail about this to the case manager brought the usual lack of reply. I therefore tried to log in again to see whether I still had access or whether I got the message that the account was closed. What I got was the message, ‘You’ve left Virgin Media’, which finally convinced me I had succeeded.)

    The Companies House regulations, invoking copyright law, do not permit me to reproduce the names and addresses, but the information is easy to obtain for yourself.
    Go to the website (I’m not putting the link here, because so many forums block people from putting links, and I’m not going to spend time trying to change/rewrite this later), click on ‘Find Company Information’ on the homepage.

    On the page that opens, go to ‘1. Please search by Compnay Name OR by Compnay Number'.
    Either fill in ‘Virgin Media’ or the company number, which is 02591237, (this is the number on Virgin Media’s official stationery, with the addition of the initial ‘0’ by Companies House.
    Then go to 2. and select ‘Current / recently dissolved names’
    Then go to 3. and select ‘Search’
    On the page that now opens, click on ‘Order information on this company’.
    On the page that now opens, go to the large oblong box with the heading ‘Order Company Reports’, then under ‘Order’ check the bullet point for ‘Current Appointments Report’, which is FREE. Then click ‘Add to Order’ at the bottom right of the oblong box. You are taken to the next page to enter the ordering procedure, for which you need to supply your e-mail address for the information to be sent to you. When you have done this, the information arrives a few minutes later.

    Here are some suggestions made in the hope that they will help you, too:

    Firstly, if you’re not already doing so, stick to writing to Virgin Media, so that there is a written record of everything you’ve said, they’ve said or, more likely, not replied to, and so that the full extent of what their staff have not replied to can be thrown back at the directors. (After cancelling my account a case manager tried to phone me, but fortunately I was out, otherwise I’d have told him I wasn’t prepared to discuss it on the phone. From the start I made a point of not phoning.)

    Keep copies of any letters or e-mails you send, keep their replies (if any) by e-mail, scan/photocopy any of their letters to you in reply.

    When sending a letter, send it by recorded delivery, keep the receipt from the post office, and follow it up by using the ‘Track & Trace’ facility on the Homepage of the Royal Mail website and printing out the confirmation of delivery. This has to be done within a time limit, possibly 14 days, but possibly less. (The Royal Mail website doesn’t seem to make this clear, but common sense suggests doing it daily for as long as necessary after about two or three working days anyway.)

    When you write to the directors, itemise at the end, and enclose copies of – both processes in chronological order – all the communications and bills, so as to spell out the full extent of Virgin Media’s non-communication, e.g.
    Item A: print-out of my letter [DATE] to Virgin Media
    Item B: copy of reply from Virgin Media [DATE]
    Item C: print-out of text of e-mail I sent to Virgin Media on [DATE]
    Item D: print-out of reply from Virgin Media Team [Number], [DATE], and my reply to that, [DATE]
    Item E: print-out of my letter of [DATE] to Virgin Media Customer Complaints
    Item F: print-out of Virgin Media bill for [DATE] to [DATE]
    Item G: print-out of my letter [DATE] to Virgin Media
    Item H: copy of proof of posting of Item G
    Item I: copy of proof of receipt of Item G

    In your letter (assuming you have given your 30 days’ notice (which can be done by letter, not just phone or e-mail as they first told me) and paid all your bills up to that date):

    While not actually challenging them to take you to court, point out that if they do, they will not be able, in court, to continue their policy of obstructiveness and non-replying, and will also have to explain to the court why they failed to reply earlier to what you consider perfectly valid questions, and that this failure will not help their case against you or their claim for legal costs.

    Point out that if they’re not cancelling your account, and therefore still consider you a customer, then they’re obliged to reply to your complaint(s) under (in my version of the T&C) Clause R2 (which deals with customer complaints) and that by not replying but continuing to issue bills they’re trying to have it both ways, which is not a tenable position.

    Point out that you want the extra bills (for the period after you’ve given notice) annulled, not just written off by them, and that you will take action against them if it turns out that they have tried to damage your credit rating.

    Point out that if you get yet another bill or an unsatisfactory reply, you will (copy and pasted) ‘pursue the matter through other channels, such as the Office of Fair Trading, local authority trading standards officers, a Citizens Advice Bureau, the financial advice columns of a reputable national newspaper, and the BBC Radio 4 consumer and personal finance programmes You and Yours, Money Box and Money Box Live. [and] … the web forums in which other people reported their experiences of obstruction and absence of replies.’

    I hope all this works for you.
    Last edited by notjustawhingeingscouser; 05-08-2013 at 12:02 PM. Reason: insertion of paragraph separations that were omitted in copying and pasting the original Word document I worked on
  • mrsbraddy
    i moved house in june and virgin re started out contract which we have never signed and we want to cancel due to poor service and the fact they have said I owe 100 in phone calss which I no where never made how much will I be charged to cancel
    • mije1983
    • By mije1983 20th Aug 13, 10:06 PM
    • 3,576 Posts
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    i moved house in june and virgin re started out contract which we have never signed and we want to cancel due to poor service and the fact they have said I owe 100 in phone calss which I no where never made how much will I be charged to cancel
    Originally posted by mrsbraddy
    It doesn't matter that you didn't sign anything. The fact that you have used the service for the last 2 months is acceptance. So don't get hung up on that.

    Have you asked them for an itemised bill if you are disputing the calls made?

    This link should give you an idea of how much you will have to pay.

  • Chrisjohn138
    My aunt has been with virgin media since nov 2007 and getting 10mb and at start of contract it was 17.00 direct debit, she,s been getting charged 28.65 and doesn't know how long for as the latest speed is now advertised is 30mb for 22.50 but she didn't realise and still has 10mb and paying 28.65, how do we find out what year when 30mb started to know what virgin media should refund.
  • batz
    confirm account closed?
    Hi all,

    got a bit scared reading this thread! Can you advise on whether I am cancelled now or not, please?

    Me: I am moving, not taking services with me, outwith period and so rang up via 150. Got told equipment too old for them to collect (good!), and 30 days from now I will get a final Direct Debit. Final bill going to my forwarding address.

    The person assured me that is the process has now been initiated, and they sent me an email (which I have received ) saying the following:

    We're sorry to hear that you've decided not to take us with you to your new home. Before you go, we need to tie up a few loose ends so please read the detail below.

    Your Final Bill - Please make sure we've got your forwarding address as we'll send your final bill to that address within 2 weeks from your account closing. If you pay by Direct Debit we will finalise all charges and close your Direct Debit automatically. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit before we have settled your account. If your account is in credit, we'll send a cheque to your new address.

    Virgin Media Kit- As we discussed on the phone, it's really important to return Virgin Media equipment to us. That way, you'll avoid having any extra charges added to your account. We refurbish and re-use our kit where possible.

    Once again, we're sorry that you're leaving us, but if you ever want to come back, we'd love to have you. Just call 0800 183 1234 or click here.

    Kind regards,
    The Virgin Media team

    So - can anyone confirm will this mean I am DEFINTELY cancelled now? And I do not need to send a recorded mail letter to them to prove it?

    It seems rather unclear, as it doesn't state "confirmation of your notification of cancellation" or similar.

    As an extra niggle, I didn't really care for the attitude of the call centre worker closing the account. I got a rather nippy sweetie on the other end, who wouldn't give HIS surname lol! despite asking me stuff like "who is moving in", "whats your mobile number?" nonchalantly etc.

    Any advice on this would be great and appreciated! I of course noted down the time of the call and who I spoke to and have his extension number.
    • visidigi
    • By visidigi 23rd Aug 14, 6:33 PM
    • 5,741 Posts
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    My aunt has been with virgin media since nov 2007 and getting 10mb and at start of contract it was 17.00 direct debit, she,s been getting charged 28.65 and doesn't know how long for as the latest speed is now advertised is 30mb for 22.50 but she didn't realise and still has 10mb and paying 28.65, how do we find out what year when 30mb started to know what virgin media should refund.
    Originally posted by Chrisjohn138
    They don't refund. The price you see is for a new customer, any existing customer may pay a different price. Responsibility sits with your aunt if she has been overpaying.
    • visidigi
    • By visidigi 23rd Aug 14, 6:34 PM
    • 5,741 Posts
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    Why don't you ring them again and confirm its all on screen?
  • magicsign
    Never call when you want to cancel a contract with your supplier : they will just tell you : yes, yes of course we will cancel it . As soon as the call is ended they don't do anything and you don't have any proof because they don't send a confirmation email. Just send your intent to end the contract by post signed for. If you are ending the contract earlier and you know that you will need to pay a penalty just point this out in the notice; once you sent the notice and paid the last month cancel the direct debit.
    Last edited by magicsign; 16-07-2015 at 9:36 AM.
    • myteeduck
    • By myteeduck 17th Jul 15, 10:30 PM
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    Is the address on the first page the correct address to send the cancellation letter to still? It was from 2007!

    Last edited by myteeduck; 17-07-2015 at 10:30 PM. Reason: Dates!
    Car Paid in full - 10/06/2016
    • kwikbreaks
    • By kwikbreaks 19th Jul 15, 9:05 PM
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    I find it incredible that somebody would register purely to respond to a thread over 8 years old with the last post nearly a year back.
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