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    Another Tesco Massive Price Increase
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    • 4th Oct 08, 6:32 PM
    Another Tesco Massive Price Increase 4th Oct 08 at 6:32 PM
    The Whitworths 500gm white sugar cubes which have been priced at 36p are now priced at 77p.
    Before there is a plethora of postings advising me thatthis is the way of retailing, I would point out that a) the SEL did not show it as a limited offer and b) Tesco appear to be funding its claim to be Britain's biggest discounter by discounting junk food but increasing the prices on some staples. Isn't that them being a bit hypocritical ?
    I am only posting this to inform other MSErs who may wish to go to their Tesco and see if they have any stock left at the lower price.
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  • tescowhilstleblower
    Ive heard on good info Tesco are going to charge people on their new chip and pin forecourts who pay just for fuel in the kiosk.

    This is bad if its true!
    • cheap_charlie
    • By cheap_charlie 18th Oct 08, 7:42 AM
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    I agree, Sainsburys is no longer noticeably more expensive than Tesco IMHO. I also noticed in Best magazine this week where they do a week-to-week price comparison of a shopping basket of basics, that Tesco was more expensive than Sainsburys this week (and Asda was pounds cheaper!).

    Also don't ignore Waitrose thinking it may be a lot more expensive. They accept coupons off your shopping even if you've not bought the item on the coupon (like Tesco do, only they are much nicer about accepting them). And they have some offers that are cheaper than in Tesco.

    Here are 2 current offers I bought this week in Waitys, cheaper than Tesco:

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup 700g on offer at 2 for 3 (think Tesco had them at 1.89 each)

    Robinson's squash on offer at 2 for 1.60 (Tesco puts these at 2 for 1.80 when on offer).

    Originally posted by Coupon-mad
    For years I shopped exclusively at Sainsburys but then my late husband lost his job so we switched to Asda.

    I did try Tesco but even then found them to be no cheaper than Sainsburys (this was about 6 years ago or so), unlike Asda.

    I now personally try to avoid Tesco like the plague - I think they have got too big for their boots - they seem to think they have a divine right to 1 out of every 8 spent on retail in the UK.

    The recent claim they are the UK's biggest discounter is pathetic in my opinion.

    You get far better quality discount food and real discount prices in Aldi or Lidl, and you get far better quality "value" goods in Sainsburys.

    I am so glad I live somewhere I have a choice however - it must be awful to live in a town which has one supermarket choice only.
    • cheap_charlie
    • By cheap_charlie 18th Oct 08, 7:43 AM
    • 755 Posts
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    Ive heard on good info Tesco are going to charge people on their new chip and pin forecourts who pay just for fuel in the kiosk.

    This is bad if its true!
    Originally posted by tescowhilstleblower
    Another reason to shop at Morrisons!
    • rach83
    • By rach83 18th Oct 08, 9:24 PM
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    I must admit that I am a BIG supermarket tart. I have come to really detest Tesco and very rarely go there now unless I am told that something I specifically want is on offer there. How Tesco can claim to be cheaper than Asda I dont know. I am still currently waiting for 40 worth of vouchers from Tesco though as I did get a good deal on my car insurance last month. I intend to spend it on fuel though. Should get a good 2 weeks worth of commuting out of that got to get them first though. Its been four weeks and they have promised to get them to me within six :rolleyes:
    • Clowance
    • By Clowance 19th Oct 08, 8:39 AM
    • 1,672 Posts
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    after reading this I experimented with next weeks shopping in Asda came out a few pence dearer: this was because I buy stuff like biscuits, bread according to special offers. Asda had some basics like whitworths sunny raisins (lunch box size) for 42p cheaper than tesco, cath city cheese extra 100g for same price etc. But tesco had half price breakaway and blue riband and mcvities choc digestives and so came out on top overall. I think the only answer is to do this every week and buy only the cheaper items from the rival store.
    (sainsbury were still a couple of quid dearer, and ocado, well dont even bother obviously.)
    The basket was a mix of branded and own brand goods; not many value items though.
    Don't forget quidco/topcashback - I do!
  • Teresa Small
    I think the so called price cuts we are now seeing everywhere are really diminishing sizes of products.

    And arent tesco hiking up prices so they can 'drop' them a few pence later?

    Does anyone know if the tins of sweets we see now for 5 or 6 are smaller than when they were 8+?

    Originally posted by p00
    Just checked on a previous tin filled with bibs and bobs now. Was 1.3k now, 1.2!!!! with the full sweeties!!!
    • clemmie
    • By clemmie 19th Oct 08, 4:09 PM
    • 170 Posts
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    Ive heard on good info Tesco are going to charge people on their new chip and pin forecourts who pay just for fuel in the kiosk.

    This is bad if its true!
    Originally posted by tescowhilstleblower
    Tesco are already 3p a litre dearer for unleaded compared to Asda in my area, as I discovered to my cost yesterday.

    Their Chilean red wine has gone up from 2.49 to 2.98 this week. Probably to help them cover their losses in Matching Asda's 3 for 10 on certain wines.
    • JoseChungsDoomsday
    • By JoseChungsDoomsday 19th Oct 08, 4:46 PM
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    consider yourselves lucky... my local tesco has had a really hard time getting supplies - empty shelves, bread being sold one day before it expires etc makes me wonder whats happening with their business model that this can happen...
    • losthour
    • By losthour 19th Oct 08, 4:57 PM
    • 128 Posts
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    Tesco are still the chapest for me using mysupermarket.

    What has happened to the price of baked beans? They were 18p now 29p everywhere?!
    • CarolTheExtra
    • By CarolTheExtra 19th Oct 08, 7:06 PM
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    Thanks losthour for posting about the baked beans. Recently we have been "treating" ourselves to the four packed Branston or HP ones when they are 99p but now they are obviously cheaper than the value ones.

    My daughter and I are now thinking of all the other value lines we occasionally buy and have come across the value marmalade now 35p in Tesco and only 27p in Asda. Unbelievable! I don't put anything past these supermarkets these days.
  • PremierFella
    Tinned mandarins.

    Labels changed from Value to La Doria a few months ago (the product is exactly the same - one of the La Doria tins I bought had the Tesco Value label underneath the La Doria label!).

    Purchased at the weekend - price at the till had risen from 11p to 35p.

    Rant: Of course, as usual in this Tesco, no-one had bothered to change either the shelf price or remove the massive yellow price comparison showing how cheap Tesco's price was compared to Asda - who had raised their price on the product a few weeks ago.

    10 minutes standing in a queue to get the difference refunded, then (despite a looooooong queue of smokers waiting to buy cigarettes) the staff member said she could not accept the yellow price comparison label as proof of the shelf price (I was trying to be helpful) and had to check the shelf herself personally.

    Then she wanted to carry on serving, having me wait for a non-existent staff member to appear (she had not put a call out for help) to check the shelf price - what a joke. For the sake of pennies! She even queried whether the product was the item on the receipt (receipt said Mandarines, which she had trouble matching with a tin that said "Broken Manderine Orange Segments" - quote "these are not mandarins, they're oranges and are not on the receipt!")./Rant
  • zippybungle
    12 pack of Babybell Cheese, was 1.66, now 2.28
    Busy working Mum of 3
    • christineperseus
    • By christineperseus 20th Oct 08, 1:44 PM
    • 514 Posts
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    Ive heard on good info Tesco are going to charge people on their new chip and pin forecourts who pay just for fuel in the kiosk.

    This is bad if its true!
    Originally posted by tescowhilstleblower
    How will you use the 5p off voucher?
    • keith99
    • By keith99 20th Oct 08, 1:53 PM
    • 1,159 Posts
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    First they stop cheques, thats fair enough, everywhere has, but effectively penalising users of cash is outrageous, assuming it happens, especially as, so i understand, you cant use debit cards on forecourts.
    Another reason to avoid Tesco, especially as they are first to put up petrol and last to drop it. Certainly in Eastbourne anyway.
    • luxor4t
    • By luxor4t 20th Oct 08, 4:10 PM
    • 10,867 Posts
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    Tesco 'value' tinned chopped tomato is now the same price as the plum tomato 26p

    Last time I bought any they were 19p and 21p :confused:
  • Hornet75
    I am all in agreement with the comments being made about price increases at Tesco. I reckon my weekly bill has gone up at least 2-3.

    On the milk issue though they have agreed to pay the farmers more per litre than they have been doing. They have obviously passed this increase directly onto the consumer and also added a big profit margin.

    IF the cost of 3.36 litres ( 6 pints ) has gone up by 0.12p - this is the same as an extra 3.57pence per litre on the price we are paying, but the farmers are only getting 0.75 pence per litre extra.
    So unless someone can tell me different Tesco have managed to get themselves an extra 2.82 pence per litre extra!

    well done tesco !!!!!
    Not won a thing ....yet!!
  • d.edna
    I work in a Tesco PFS so can answer your petrol related questions
    How will you use the 5p coupons
    In the kiosk, It annoys me when people expect more discount lol (not aimed at you whoever wrote this)

    First they stop cheques, thats fair enough, everywhere has,
    Originally posted by keith99
    If I remember correctly we stopped personal cheques 6 months after everyone else, Business, Travellers and Bankers cheques are acceptable still

    but effectively penalising users of cash is outrageous,
    As far as I am aware tesco have not imposed such a charge
    assuming it happens, especially as, so i understand, you cant use debit cards on forecourts.
    Actually you can, ALL debit cards for the exception of regular cashcards/cashline cards, international debit cards (Ones that don't use the VISA or Maestro systems), chipless cards and old Natwest debit cards due to a software issue on the chip and in the manufacturing process the chip isn't fully embedded*

    *=Mostly seen on cards issued with the start dates between 12/07 and 03/08 but not all cards are effected

    As Visa Electron and Solo cards require immediate authorisation, it might decline the card due to a link failure to the bank and would be accepted in the kiosk as it uses a different fibre obtic link.
    Another reason to avoid Tesco, especially as they are first to put up petrol and last to drop it. Certainly in Eastbourne anyway.
    The way tesco work is that each store is responsible for doing the price survey each week then "hosting" the petrol buyer at cheshunt with the prices and then waiting for them to take action

    The petrol buyer then hosts the store, which can take a while (when they nationally dropped the price of petrol our store was forgotton about) when they send the host, if the price increases we are required to increase immediately or "Gross profit margins will be affected", whilst a price drop doesnt carry the same warning (for obvious reasons) It isn't the stores problem that some guy called Barry in cheshunt who doesnt know the area takes ages to lower the price, I know for a fact that they don't rush. Customers have a go at us as if I set the price, Staff at branch level cannot do anything and its not their fault.
    Last edited by d.edna; 20-10-2008 at 10:59 PM.
  • kenclark
    Notice the price change on Schlr Red Grape Juice - reduced from 1.98 to 1.97.
    But then quantity is also reduced - from 1 litre to 750ccs, a 33% increase in price
    • -MRS T-
    • By -MRS T- 22nd Oct 08, 12:29 AM
    • 2,012 Posts
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    -MRS T-
    Walkers crips 3 for 3.50 Now 3 for 4
    • thor
    • By thor 22nd Oct 08, 1:34 AM
    • 5,303 Posts
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    d.edna all supermarkets are putting prices up but it appears tesco are using their no 1 position and taking their customers for granted. I particularly object to the bogof offersa where the price of a single item is pushed through the roof so that you are almost double anyway. Sooner or later the public will catch on and Tesco will lose their lead.
    I still shop there but only buy things which are cheaper than elsewhere and as the days go by that is becoming less and less.
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