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    • Penelope Penguin
    • By Penelope Penguin 27th Jul 08, 1:12 PM
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    Penelope Penguin
    August 2008 Grocery Challenge
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    • 27th Jul 08, 1:12 PM
    August 2008 Grocery Challenge 27th Jul 08 at 1:12 PM
    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the eighth Grocery Challenge of 2008.

    If your new month starts early feel free to join this thread, or if you're still working on your July budget, then keep on posting in the July Grocery Challenge.

    As always this challenge is to reduce your own grocery budget to levels that you will be pleased with, not forgetting that we always recommend that you stay inside your own comfort levels and take things gently one step at a time. Remember that this is not a's designed to take you and your grocery spending to a level you are happy with.

    If you are new to the challenge I have quoted the advice from Galtizz below which will help you get started.

    Please post into this thread for help and advice and support at any time. Good luck to everyone taking part!

    Originally Posted by Galtizz
    I have said this before, but for all the newbies to the challenge;

    For the first month I took a guess at the budget but I really had no idea how much I was spending.

    I found the best thing is to have a guess the first month but SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS (and yes, that does include the ones from the local shop when you run out of milk ), then at the end of the month add them all up and have a look if you were on budget, if not, it doesn't matter because your budget was a guess. For the next month you can use the total of your receipts and take a bit off to get a realistic budget, just shave off as much as you think you can, it could be £1 a week or £20 a week.

    If you are currently spending £200 a month don't suddenly drop it to £100 - you'll never do it but if you cut £20 a month off for a few months you'll get there eventually without feeling you're missing out on anything.

    You might think you've done everything you can in the first month but someone always comes up with a new idea and, if you try it you often find you save a bit more (unless you are SarahSaver who is an expert at this and could only save more if she turned her back garden into a paddy field and lived on rice ) In the first month I thought, I'm planning meals, I couldn't possibly save any more, but then I started double cooking and freezing, and making soup instead of buying it in tins.

    I've been doing this since Feb but only saved ALL of my receipts last month, it has given me a much better idea of where it is all going. Budget for next month is £80 for 2 of us, I'll start on 30/4. I could probably save more, by eating different foods but I can afford to live on £80, I have saved a lot of money since Feb. and I don't waste food or money any more. So I'm happy with my budget.

    I hope everyone has a great month!

    Penny x
    Sheep, pigs, hens and bees on our Teesdale smallholding
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  • bails
    Ooh, Bear Grylls! Thanks for bringing him up Mrs M, he's my hero

    Maybe a little foraging book would be the way to go? Think Collins do one, although I think Weezl's thread has some recommended ones. Or borrow one from the library, but only if you have a good memory I hope to do lots more foraging next year (only done nettles, raspberries and blackberries this year) so may take my own advice My dad gets yummy wild mushrooms from somewhere, must ask him as they're beautiful stuffed!
    The 1,000 Day Challenge:
    Feb 16, 2016

    • newlywed
    • By newlywed 19th Aug 08, 3:22 PM
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    On the washing front - how many washes do people tend to have to do per week? I literally have to do 6-7 loads to get through all the bfs stuff. I don't understand how he does it! More man clothes seem appear in the laundry basket than its possible to wear in one week lol. At the mo the pile is nearing the roof...!
    Originally posted by SavvyStudent
    Usually one dark, one white, one coloured, one towels a week, plus bedding every week or so

    But there's 2 adults and 2 kids (for half the week). 6-7 seems like loads! Get him to wash some - maybe he'll rethink how "dirty" they are before he puts them in the wash

    DMP support thread (member #32)

    • greent
    • By greent 19th Aug 08, 3:24 PM
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    On the washing front - how many washes do people tend to have to do per week? I literally have to do 6-7 loads to get through all the bfs stuff. I don't understand how he does it! More man clothes seem appear in the laundry basket than its possible to wear in one week lol. At the mo the pile is nearing the roof...!

    NHS student finance is stressing me out today! Big balls up with last years funding <sigh> I now owe them thousands of pounds back because of one wrong code uni put on my re-enrollment form! Last thing we need in this house!

    Originally posted by SavvyStudent

    Hi Savvystudent -

    sorry to hear about the error - shame how errors never seem to be in someone's favour :-(

    Re washes, we're a family of 5 and I also do aromatherapy massage (resulting in towels, couch covers etc) - I do between 8-12 washes a week. I have to say yours seems an awful lot for 2 of you - maybe make bf do it for a week to get him to realise just how much he creates? I would have said 3-4 a week is plenty for 2, and that includes changing after work on an evening too (although I would then expect the jeans too be worn for a few evenings unless properly dirty)

    Worst thing about this weather is drying washing - at least in the winter the rads come into play - I hate wet washing around the house. I try not to tumble dry from an environmental point of view, but have done so today - although not everything that was washed is tumble-dryable :-( because I don't use scented washing powder & fabcon (gloop & vinegar instead) there's no chemical smell to cover up any smells which would result from it taking ages to dry indoors :-( Ah well..... enough grumbling

    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
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    Net sales 2019 £173.62/£500
    • OrkneyStar
    • By OrkneyStar 19th Aug 08, 3:26 PM
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    Usually one dark, one white, one coloured, one towels a week, plus bedding every week or so

    But there's 2 adults and 2 kids (for half the week). 6-7 seems like loads! Get him to wash some - maybe he'll rethink how "dirty" they are before he puts them in the wash
    Originally posted by newlywed
    Yesterday I did three (plus the one on Sunday night) but that was holiday stuff. With me, DH and DS (in reusable nappies and at the messy eating stage!) we do anything from 5-8 a week, depending on bed changes, bathroom mat changes etc. I do tend to wash at night when leccie cheaper though.
  • mandy_moo_1
    hi to all

    feel like i've hardly been on here the last few days, so i'm just updating my sig,and trying to catch up on some of the posts......i seem to be off the comp for 24hrs and there so many to try and get thru!

    took Ruby to the vets this morning for her final scan, and she's definitely having 3 pups, but the vet reckons i've got her dates wrong, and she's a week further on than i thought, and he reckons she may be due this week end so i'm even more excited now.....i know its nothing to do with the GC but i can't help it...i'm just so excited!!

    went to Mr M's as well, and got a couple of packs of the 50p bacon..... i DID pick up 5,as i couldn't see anywhere that it was limited to 2 per customer, but apparently we're all meant to be mind readers, as you ARE only allowed 2, even tho there weren't any signs stating that! also had to get more crisps and ham for DS15

    hope everyone's ok, (((hugs))) to those that need them as i haven't had chance to catch up with everyone yet xx

  • SavvyStudent
    Yesterday I did three (plus the one on Sunday night) but that was holiday stuff. With me, DH and DS (in reusable nappies and at the messy eating stage!) we do anything from 5-8 a week, depending on bed changes, bathroom mat changes etc. I do tend to wash at night when leccie cheaper though.
    Originally posted by OrkneyStar
    What?? Is electricity cheaper at night then?!?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys I might just subtly leave the washing pile (and just do mine!) and see how long it takes him to do any! He can't really wear most things more than once though (jeans are the exception) as he's a big guy and I wouldn't want him to get smelly lol!!

    The finance stuff will sort itself out, like most things in life not worth wasting energy worrying over it i guess. Just stressful ringing a load of different places and being in phone queues all day when I had stuff to get on and do! I'm in the final year now so at least this time next year I'll have a salary lol and in the mean time I can just empty my poor savings I'm lucky to have that option, I'm sure there are others out there with errors that aren't in the same position..!

    Proud to live a frugal shabby chic life!
    • Herewegoagain
    • By Herewegoagain 19th Aug 08, 3:47 PM
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    Hiya guys, another NSD today, that makes 9 (3 in a row), was tempted by mr m's offers so took no money when I went out
    I used to do a couple of washes most day, but since being on the GC have cut right down, maybe 3 a week and now use 1/4 of the powder I used to with no ill effect at all

    This months budget is going well and will aim for another NSD tomorrow and shop from our stores , it's the best way to shop
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  • scotsaver
    Bree -so sorry to hear about Annie.x

    ioiwe - congrats on the new job, that's fantastic news and so close to the big day - hope you are coping with all the excitement.

    Thanks for all the Blackcurrants advice last week, finally got round to picking them yesterday. Wasn't as many on there as I thought, some had already fallen off and I think the birds had the rest, anyway, with what I had I cooked them off with a little sugar and water and there was enough for us to have last night with som HM yoghurt for Pudding, the kids said, "wow, Mum these are like giant corner yoghurts"!!

    For Dinner last night we had HM Chicken pie with the chicken that was left over from Roast on Sunday, made Soup with the carcass so what with the Yogurt, pie etc we ended up having 3 courses last night!! Have explained to the family that they won't be getting fed like this every night.

    Tonight we are having Meatballs that were stashed in the freezer, garlic mushrooms, salad potatoes, peas and sweetcorn. No pudding planned and if they don't like it then there are plenty of Muffins or hobnobs to choose from.

    Watched the "Hairy Bakers" last night on BBC2 - how fantastic and they are so fun loving they make it look easy so once the kids are back at School in September I think I may give my BM a rest and do some experimenting with some new/different bread recipes. Can't wait for next weeks episode with cakes/scones. Yuuuuummmmmm.

    Have a good evening everyone.
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

    • Frugaldom
    • By Frugaldom 19th Aug 08, 4:15 PM
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    Simon543210, I think you'll find that referal links are not allowed here, you are in breach of MSE forum rules. Perhaps you would like to delete your posts before you are reported or struck off?

    Back on the grocery track, I haven't exactly lost my way, it's just that I always feel like I NEED to make the most of offers on the rare occasions that I find myself close to a decent supermarket. (All we have here is the local Co-op). Today I had to go into town, so I stocked up on tinned fruit, more milk powder, cheap bread, yoghurt and some yellow sticker goods etc, so spent a total of £10.50 However, whilst there, I noticed that the nearby building site now has a huge sign up - Aldi opening Winter 2009, recruiting now! How excellent is that? I'll have an Aldi store within 10 miles instead of having to do 80 mile round trip to Mr T. On the plus side, I have a £20 Mr T voucher still to use and the Clubcard vouchers are due in, so we won't starve

    Washing - I do a whites, colours and bed linen each week plus a towels only wash. I mainly use soapnuts and haven't bought any laundry detergent this year at all, although I did have several bottles left over from last year's bulk buy.

    Groceries - We are a household of 3 adults, I was spending around £25 per week but have now cut this with the hope that it balances out at around £20 per week since buying in bulk and just doing top-up shops. Increasing prices of fruit and dairy are hampering my efforts, to say the very least.
    Last edited by Frugaldom; 19-08-2008 at 6:29 PM. Reason: Oops, forgot to say...
    I reserve the right NOT to spend:
    The less I spend, the more I can afford!
    Now running Frugaldom as a lifestyle social enterprise!
    • wmf
    • By wmf 19th Aug 08, 4:46 PM
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    re amount of washing - we usually do about 3-4 a week and that's for 2 adults.We have DSS the younger at weekends but he seems to produce very little in the way of dirty washing - sure this will change as he's 14 now and started looking at his hair in mirrors. I'm another one who uses less washing liquid.
    • OrkneyStar
    • By OrkneyStar 19th Aug 08, 5:04 PM
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    What?? Is electricity cheaper at night then?!?
    Originally posted by SavvyStudent
    Depends on your tariff. We have all electric heating (no mains gas here so calor or oil) and its cheaper at night than it is during day time.
    Actually came on to update sig, today was a NSD and I won't be going anywhere tonight (am really tired today and DS is playing up big time :confused.
    Last edited by OrkneyStar; 19-08-2008 at 5:58 PM.
    [quote=bails;13481121]Ooh, Bear Grylls! Thanks for bringing him up Mrs M, he's my hero

    I can't stand him i just couldn't remember the name of the lovely guy i like to watch .... "Ray Mears" my hubby has just told me...that has been bugging me all day ..... I will have to look on the weezle thread for the list of foraging books .... I have a right bee in my bonet at the moment...think it was finding the Blackberries -at last ..just hope no little blighter has swiped them before i get to them on Saturday

    Just had shepherds pie and cauli/broccoli cheese -freezer portions.. in an attempt to make a bit of space.. hopefully tomorrow -hubbies ex boss will be bringing me some apples only i have no freezer space -yet... so tomorrow is another "freezer food fest" im hoping to wrap any perfect ones in newspaper and storing in the basement..the rest im going to stew -with this weekends blackberries

    Washing -well we have 1 load on a friday -hubbies smelly work wear so that goes on its own.. then perhaps 2-3 loads max for the rest of the week...

    I got a message back today about the should be £124.83 -i can get it tax free for £107.02... so save £17.81 plus get the irrigation system worth £19.99 for free.. so a saving of £37.80 ..quite a saving me hubby is sending for that for me for my birthday

    It sounds like a lot of us are resisting the "bargains" on offer at the moment as they are extras that we don't really need right now well done everyone.. its so easy to get carried away isn't it

    right im back off to the x stitching
    have a great evening all
    -6 -8 -3 -1.5 -2.5 -3 -1.5-3.5
    • rockie4
    • By rockie4 19th Aug 08, 5:42 PM
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    Current total stands at £132 but it's 10 days to payday and I have £60 in my purse for everything so even if I spent it all on food I'd make my target
    Luckily we have quite a lot of veg from the lotty to keep us going, I'm veggie anyway and there's a huge bag of salmon pieces in the freezer should OH fancy them.......but I'm tempted to feed him on value beans on value toast at the moment
    I've still got a bagfull of blackberries from last years harvest so I'd better use them up this week before I re-stock from my secret blackberry place
    • turbo5019
    • By turbo5019 19th Aug 08, 6:19 PM
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    Just up dated sig spent £26.13 after NOW MOC. Now I am going to try and not go near a shop for food for rest of week not sure though DH is home tomorrow and not sure if we have enough milk in. I didn't stray too far from shopping list but MrT didn't have things that I wanted and remembered a few things which I had forgot.
    Only got £25.72 to last me 10 days I think I can do it but I still want to go shopping even though freezer is full and so are the cupboards need to be strong need to be strong.
    GC £7.79/£225 per month ~ wk1 £ 7.79/ £50
    • perrywinkle
    • By perrywinkle 19th Aug 08, 6:30 PM
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    Evening everyone,

    NSD for me today. Kids first day back to school after summer holidays and they're off tomorrow due to the council workers strike so may get them helping with a bit of baking. Have been having a bit of a play with the remoska I got a couple of days ago and so far so good - will try some other recipes tomorrow. Not planning to do any shopping tomorrow always best avoided anyway with three kids in tow. There are some bits which I could do with buying but will see if I can manage without them for the next day or two.
    Have the NOW moc which I might use in Tesco on Saturday but it will depend if it seems worthwhile spending the £30 to benefit from it.

    • mama67
    • By mama67 19th Aug 08, 7:08 PM
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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anybody has used rain cheque coupons in the supermarkets. I've decided to get as much as possible on offer and this sounds like a good idea.
    Originally posted by Mrs Toast
    Mr A don't seem to do them; I've notr asked for them in Mr S, but Mr T have what are now called "price promise vouchers"; have a few of these, just go to custonmer service and say what the product is how much etc, they will give you a voucher for up to 6 of the product.
    2 adults, 2 boys ( sportsmad-big eaters) (21 & 18)
    My mother always served up leftovers we never knew what the original meal was. - Tracey Ulman
    • Herewegoagain
    • By Herewegoagain 19th Aug 08, 7:32 PM
    • 2,370 Posts
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    I know I said I was hoping for a NSD tomorrow, well it depends on the weather, mr needs a haircut, but it has rained everyday that he has been at home for the last 2wks, so if it is not raining to morrow then we will have to go to the barbers, in which case I may as well get the shopping that I need as the NSD will be ruined anyway and I can make the rest of the week as NSD's I hope IYKWIM

    Mrs M, I've seen alot of blackberries on the main road which is prob not a good place to get them, but Have found another place and will see how many I can get. But this year the apple tree has gone to pot, the apples are tiny and diseased, hopefully if we prune the tree back hard this year it will pick up in a year or two, so am going to see if there is anywhere around where I can go scumping, ( haven't done that since I was 7 or 8 and got caught by my Dad and sent to bed early all week )
    HWGA xx
    lost 3stin 4mnths GC nov£90/£51.65 July£100/£97.67 Aug£90/£18.59
    LBM Nov05 Loan £4910.65 Paid April07 sealed pot challenge#256
    Nov06 CC £2,590.56 Paid aug07 + Savings07/08 Night Owl 22#
    Mortgage £87,000/£84,000/ £82,261.00/£81,785.30 £80,268/£75402.00/£71229.15 DFW NERD 987 Long Haul member 125 debt free 24th aug 07
    • angelnikki
    • By angelnikki 19th Aug 08, 7:32 PM
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    Week three

    Just had my MrT delivery. Total came to £77.36 after discounts and vouchers. So I have £98.18 left of my budget for next week's shop which is £158.18 left of what exOH gave me

    Hmmmmm, I don't think I could shop online (not that we have the option here anyway!) as I like to choose my peppers lol! ... Lets hope the delivery people pick you nice fresh, round, sweet yummy ones
    Originally posted by OrkneyStar
    I dont shop online by choice but I'm agoraphobic & have PVFS/ME so its quite hard for me to go out and do it myself. I dont mind buying store cupboard stuff online but would prefer to be able to choose my own fruit & veg and meat The peppers I got tonight were nice big fresh ones though

    Was supposed to go to the dentist today but I had to get exOH to phone up and cancel for me cos I had a panic attack about going which is not surprising I guess cos of what happened last time and because I nearly died at the dentists when I was 10 cos they couldnt bring me round after knocking me out I'll have to make another appointment for a few weeks time but I'm not looking forward to it.

    Dinner tonight was poached eggs, chips & beans with HM Bread Nomnomnom

    Take care everyone

    Nikki x
    Last edited by angelnikki; 19-08-2008 at 8:17 PM.
    • AlwaysHappy
    • By AlwaysHappy 19th Aug 08, 7:40 PM
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    Today I've only spent £1.01 - got some fruit for packed lunch box. I then noticed that I had been overcharged and got a £2 giftcard - bargain!!!
    I'm not a failure if I don't make it, I'm a success because I :tried!
    • Chell
    • By Chell 19th Aug 08, 7:48 PM
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    I will update my sig later, I spent about £35 in Asda. I started to order a Tesco shop but it only came to £25 so I wouldn't be able to use a d/code. my Mum then rang and asked me if I needed anything so she took me shopping. My shopping was going to be cheaper with Tesco as I missed things that I knew were cheaper elsewhere.

    Asda still has two packs of good cheddar for £5 which I got. I like to buy strong cheese for cooking so I use less.

    Our budget is £60 per week for 2 adults, five year old and three and a half year old. M is breast fed and wears cloth nappies so isn't costing anything yet. The budget included cleaning things and toileteries. We are vegetarian but I don't always think that is cheaper as nice veg can be so expensive. I don't buy value food except things like flour. We eat as well when I budget as when I don't keep a track and spend more. Better planning makes a lot of difference. I make most things from scratch but don't make bread.

    Washing - I do 1 wash most days, sometimes 2. M was in disposables for the first few days so I've only had nappies to wash since the end of last week. I don't know how many washes I'll have now. I rarely use the tumble dryer but having nappies to dry now I think I need a second airer.

    Too get cheaper electricity at night you need to have Economy seven. I used to wash at night until someone I know had her kitchen burn down while she was asleep. It was a new w/machine that caused it.
    Nevermind the dog, beware of the kids!
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