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    • Pink.
    • By Pink. 28th May 08, 1:24 AM
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    June 2008 Grocery Challenge
    • #1
    • 28th May 08, 1:24 AM
    June 2008 Grocery Challenge 28th May 08 at 1:24 AM
    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the sixth Grocery Challenge of 2008.

    If your new month starts early feel free to join this thread, or if you're still working on your March budget, then keep on posting in the May Grocery Challenge.

    As always this challenge is to reduce your own grocery budget to levels that you will be pleased with, not forgetting that we always recommend that you stay inside your own comfort levels and take things gently one step at a time. Remember that this is not a's designed to take you and your grocery spending to a level you are happy with.

    If you are new to the challenge I have quoted the advice from Galtizz below which will help you get started.

    Please post into this thread for help and advice and support at any time. Good luck to everyone taking part!

    I have said this before, but for all the newbies to the challenge;

    For the first month I took a guess at the budget but I really had no idea how much I was spending.

    I found the best thing is to have a guess the first month but SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS (and yes, that does include the ones from the local shop when you run out of milk ), then at the end of the month add them all up and have a look if you were on budget, if not, it doesn't matter because your budget was a guess. For the next month you can use the total of your receipts and take a bit off to get a realistic budget, just shave off as much as you think you can, it could be £1 a week or £20 a week.

    If you are currently spending £200 a month don't suddenly drop it to £100 - you'll never do it but if you cut £20 a month off for a few months you'll get there eventually without feeling you're missing out on anything.

    You might think you've done everything you can in the first month but someone always comes up with a new idea and, if you try it you often find you save a bit more (unless you are SarahSaver who is an expert at this and could only save more if she turned her back garden into a paddy field and lived on rice ) In the first month I thought, I'm planning meals, I couldn't possibly save any more, but then I started double cooking and freezing, and making soup instead of buying it in tins.

    I've been doing this since Feb but only saved ALL of my receipts last month, it has given me a much better idea of where it is all going. Budget for next month is £80 for 2 of us, I'll start on 30/4. I could probably save more, by eating different foods but I can afford to live on £80, I have saved a lot of money since Feb. and I don't waste food or money any more. So I'm happy with my budget.
    by Galtizz

    Wishing everyone a good month.


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    • isthatreduced
    • By isthatreduced 23rd Jun 08, 10:25 PM
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    Hi everyone,I wish to declare My June spend to be 140.65 It was 65p over.

    I have stocked up and hope to spend less next month,but the summer holidays start on Friday,so it will be a real test.

    Good luck everyone stay strong.
    • belfastgirl23
    • By belfastgirl23 23rd Jun 08, 10:50 PM
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    Oh dear.

    Well as I predicted I'm up on £200 at the minute, with another mini shop to go (hopefully no more than about £15). This on a budget of £150 which is already quite high for two of us. In my defence we had a couple of sets of unexpected overnight visitors, I've been away so much for work that I've not had time to do any planning at all, and we've hosted several euro 2008-related parties that involved feeding people.

    The worst thing is that there has been a fair degree of comfort eating and shopping, all this travelling is hard on the waistline, the psyche and the wallet.

    The plus stuff is that I've managed to not just let food go off and rot...and the cupboards are relatively full. So I'm hoping for a leaner July, though I'll do a proper inventory before I commit to it

    Onwards and upwards.

    • mrssnowy
    • By mrssnowy 24th Jun 08, 12:38 AM
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    MRSMC,thinking of you all.
    You can't stay young for ever,but you can be immature for the rest of your life.
    • wendywitch
    • By wendywitch 24th Jun 08, 6:17 AM
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    Have made a batch of strawberry muffins, but they never seem as good as the first few batches I made. They don't peak but sort of go flat on top and spread to one side. When I remove them from the tray they have to balance against one another or they fall over. I have started to use a silicon tray instead of cases, does this make a difference or is it co-incidence?
    Originally posted by SAV3R

    Please could I have the recipe for your strawberry muffins? I've never actually made muffins and my girls went strawberry picking with the ex so I have loads to use up!!
    • Keeping Positive
    • By Keeping Positive 24th Jun 08, 6:19 AM
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    Keeping Positive
    (((hugs))))Mrs M will be thinking of you and your sis.

    Argos do a silcone tray set I believe much cheaper than MrTs.

    Well didnt make it this month did the weekly shop yestersay as things were very low for kids lunches. I had a Sun coupon to use so was aiming for 30 spent 55 before 5 coupon . Was going to spilt the shop in two over June and July budget but not worth it Ill just try harder in July.

    Declaring 298.58 for June and aiming for 250 again in July
    May 2013 new beginnings
  • mandy_moo_1
    just caught up with all the posts

    Mrs Mc (((hugs))) to you and yours. your sister is so lucky to have you, and i hope everything is ok when you get over here. i'll be thinking of you xx

    SFT i'm so glad to hear you haven't given up your dream. it'll be something that you remember for the rest of your lives

    well, i had an awful day flippin BM broke, just as i'd put all the mix in the bread pan this is the 2nd one i've had in 6 months, so it was still under guarantee from Argos thank god! so i had to tip all the bl**dy stuff out of the bread pan, and run down to the shop with it...i was not a happy bunny!! anyway, new one is firmly back in my kitchen, i just hope this one will last!! the woman in the shop said i must be using it too what if i am? isn't that what it's for? :confused:

    anyway, other than that disaster, i only bought milk, but it had gone up by 30p for 4 pints in my local shop!! i couldn't believe it!!

    am off into town this morning.i need some sugar to keep up with all this baking, and some eggs, so hopefully that's all i'll spend

    hope everyone has a good day, and (((hugs))) to those that want/need one xx

    • Flylady_Flower
    • By Flylady_Flower 24th Jun 08, 6:58 AM
    • 2,853 Posts
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    Oh dear.

    Well as I predicted I'm up on 200 at the minute, with another mini shop to go (hopefully no more than about 15). This on a budget of 150 which is already quite high for two of us. In my defence we had a couple of sets of unexpected overnight visitors, I've been away so much for work that I've not had time to do any planning at all, and we've hosted several euro 2008-related parties that involved feeding people.

    The worst thing is that there has been a fair degree of comfort eating and shopping, all this travelling is hard on the waistline, the psyche and the wallet.

    The plus stuff is that I've managed to not just let food go off and rot...and the cupboards are relatively full. So I'm hoping for a leaner July, though I'll do a proper inventory before I commit to it

    Onwards and upwards.
    Originally posted by belfastgirl23
    Don't be too hard on yourself, at least you know where the excess went, so you can improve next time - half the battle is knowing where it's gone eh! Good luck for July!
    LBM April 2013 - 29,000.00
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    F/D Loan & CC 1458.96 - Santander Loan PAID - Mum Loan PAID
    RBS OD PAID - F/D OD 1026.52
    Weekly Grocery Challenge - 95.00 budget / spend -
    • *BigBird*
    • By *BigBird* 24th Jun 08, 7:28 AM
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    Hugs to you MrsM will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out OK.

    Feeling a little down today as should have been jetting off to Tenerife this afternoon, but had to cancel on the advice of my doctor But I have some brown bananas, so I'm going to make a banana cake later to cheer myself up Still taking my 2 weeks off work tho and got my Mum coming down in a couple of days. Just have to keep telling myself that there's no need to go away on holiday when you live somewhere where other people come on their holidays IYSWIM. Plus the insurance should pay out most of what we spent on the holdiay, and that can be put towards our wedding instead

    Had my second attempt at Twink's hobnobs at the weekend and they came out perfectly this time My Mum's going to be so impressed when she comes down and is greeted with homemade cake and biscuits!

    OH and I spent the first day of our hols yesterday digging up a corner of the lawn where the grass won't grow properly, and covering it in slate chippings. Told OH it was to make a nice little BBQ area for him. But it also catches the sunlight nicely in the mornings so I'm planning on claiming it as a new home for my tomatoes
    You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you change the world, the world will change.
    • ifonlyitwaseasier
    • By ifonlyitwaseasier 24th Jun 08, 7:33 AM
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    morning all,

    Hugs to all that need them and mugs of tea with accompanying hobnobs

    should be a nsd today, haven't got the car so can't go anywhere, will be making a cake for my M-I-L later, the in laws are visiting us for her birthday so something suitably yummy is needed.

    the chickpea and chorizo stew was scrummy last night, have the left overs for lunch today, am doing lunch swap with a friend at work so next week she's bringing stifade (sp?). and i know she's reading this so all i have to say is............

    ........ SORT OUT YOUR USER NAME!!!!! get signed up mrs W


    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
    Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience
    Amor et metus. Lac? Sugar? Quisque massa vel duo? (stolen from a lovely forumite!)

    • Justamum
    • By Justamum 24th Jun 08, 8:11 AM
    • 4,685 Posts
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    Thinking of you and your family MrsM. Hugs to you all.

  • WelshWoofer
    Just a quickie to send a big CWCH to Mrs M and anyone else that needs one - for the heathen English amongst you its a big Welsh cuddle/hug - the kind that your Mam gives you when you fall over when you're little!

    Take care everyone.

    Oh and yesterday was a NSD and today should be one too.
    January grocery spending - 82.73/ 120
  • shelley1977
    morning everyone,
    i had another few nsd but i twisted my ankle yesterday and couldn't walk to the co opso my son went to the corner shop to buy milk and it came to nearly 3 for 3 ltr.i cant keep up with all the price rises,the latest one i noticed was for dessicated coconut it was 22p at asda but now its 45p.i wonder if its ever going to stop!
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    • OrkneyStar
    • By OrkneyStar 24th Jun 08, 8:21 AM
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    Oh that dispatches programme! How could they waste all that food???? What a truly horrific thing. But her comment that a saving of 700 per year (just on the basics) would "keep her in shoes for the year" had me really seeing red!
    Originally posted by beemuzed
    Me too, at that point I wanted to scream lol
    Did I hear right that one family were spending approx 150-170 per week on food, for a family of 4 ????!!!!!!!????
    Talking of budgets I am still not sure where to go with July, not planning any bulk buys like we did in June, although I do like to have a bit extra in the budget just in case any really good deals/whoopsies appear.....we did not really have any slack in June and I think the 20 over budget came about due to a bulk pasta/rice buy! Also prices are definately rising here! So I think we will definately make it higher than June but not sure how much yet, also as its a 5 week month! Will have a good think soon and post our planned budget once I make some more meal plans too- planning to use up a lot from the freezer in July too..........anyone else get confused at budget setting times ? I think there is a general downward trend in what we spend but then its hard to measure accurately due to 5 week months........ :rolleyes:
    I would also like to officially declare 185 for June- from 165, even though July does not officially start until Thursday we are not buying anything else at all until at least then.
    Tata for now.
    Last edited by OrkneyStar; 24-06-2008 at 9:07 AM.
  • FelineFantastic
    Morning All!

    Its lovely and bright and sunny here again today which is fantastic for improving the mood I find!

    annlouise-- do you have the chocolate suace recipe that you mentioned (yes I know its not on the 'diet' list!)

    breadmakers- do you happen to have any handy hints for baking bread in a fan oven- I have found that the crust gets really hard before the middle is completely cooked so its a bit stodgy-- any help gratefully received.

    MrsM- hope that you get your flights sorted out Also I can't seem to do red text at work (stuoooopid mputer) and I keep forgetting to make my July total red but its 200 again and sorry if I am telling you something yuo already have noticed... and now I am going away before digging deeper hole...

    I missed the Dispatches programme what was it about? Clearly not a typical family if they were spending that much on food!
    June Budget= 151.41/150
    10 NSDs (with teenagers !!)= 8
    Reduced my overdraft a little today- slow but sure!
    • queenpig
    • By queenpig 24th Jun 08, 8:36 AM
    • 417 Posts
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    I've only got till Friday for my June spend fingers crosses I am going to go 27.12 under
    I am still stocking up for next month too, as end of july I have the car tax and MOT 8 days after each other!!! I came up with a bit of a plan there though know when you take clothes or shoes back to the shop for example? I stick what money i got back into my savings because if I'd kept them I wouldn't have had it, if that makes sence.......
    Grocery Challenge. 400. - 35.22 + 19.80 + 109.01 = 164.03
    Other spends (Clothes Luxuries etc)11.97 + 1.19 + 7.36 + 69.00 + 38.50 + 5.50 + 23.00 +2.00 = 158.52
    • *BigBird*
    • By *BigBird* 24th Jun 08, 8:58 AM
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    Hmmmm, I didn't see the Dispatches programme but it sounds interesting. OH has set it downloading from the 4OD thingy-wotsit, so I will watch it later.
    You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you change the world, the world will change.
    • BigMummaF
    • By BigMummaF 24th Jun 08, 9:04 AM
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    Hi All....Hugs to those with other things on their minds

    Really...the Dispatches programme was no more enlightening than the ones Tonight or Panorama have done. Only difference for our household was the offspring were watching it with me so have a better understanding of what we-as a family-are up against

    As the eldest said......when you're doing everything they "suggest" already.......where else is there to go:confused:

    I did catch an episode of Oprah with Julia Roberts & Sandra Bullock talking about the things they do to be "green". Strangely enough it was doing the stuff we do....using vinegar & lemons for cleaning, composting & such. Biggest surprise was Oprah saying she cut up an old tracksuit to make rags, to reduce the amount of kitchen roll she buys

    So to the newbies & lurkers in particular....COME & JOIN US cuz we are in VERY good company
    Full time Carer for Mum; harassed mother of three;
    loving & loved by two 4-legged babies.

    • By KAAT_LADY 24th Jun 08, 9:13 AM
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    Good morning everyone',

    MRSMC (((((((( hugs)))))))))

    my budget for july is 200 and hopefully will be able to stick within it , as it will be my first time please be kind to me I may fall off the wagon.

    My freezer defrosted over the week and hopefully I will have enough left in there to end the month but I dont think so, :confused: I think before the end of the month I will have to refill but not until then.

    we are a bit stressed at the moment and that seemd to make me eat more but willpower girl

    off for a cup of coffee
  • knittingnelly
    Hello all
    I'm very new to this so please someone tell me if I get it wrong!
    At home there's me, DH and three lads, two of whom are teenagers. (Mind you the little one eats more than the big two ) I am pants at food shopping and organising. We don't spend money on clothes or cars or anything like that - we are real 'make do and mend'ers' but our food budget is dreadful - abslutely out of control This week I saved all my receipts and wrote EVERYTHING down and in six days I have already spent 126 (not counting a takeaway on friday which I'm too embarrassed to add...) and that was me thinking I was being REALLY good :confused: There must be weeks when we spend a lot more than that - shameful. No wonder we lurch from skint to broke and back regularly...

    You lot are an inspiration and I am determined to get that bill down but not sure where to pitch my budget for July. I am at home till September ( bl$$dy idle student ) so I have time to shop and cook etc Any advice welcomed gladly! Where and how to I submit my best guess for next months expenditure?
    To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
    e.e. cummings
  • ladyroughneck
    Hi all,
    Well I'd like to declare june total at 201.31 Over budget, but not too bad for my first try. Like some other i have been pondering my target for july, given its a five week month and the way food prices keep rising so i have decided my July target will be 200 please MrsMc and i'll see how we go from there:rolleyes:

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