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    • JackCork
    • By JackCork 23rd Feb 19, 4:54 PM
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    What's the worst thing your pet has done?
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 4:54 PM
    What's the worst thing your pet has done? 23rd Feb 19 at 4:54 PM
    i would say the worst thing is that just before i was meant to be handing a book back to my school library , the dog ripped off the front cover , quite embarrassing , also the dog peed on my brothers bed when he got scared about heavy rain.

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    • MovingForwards
    • By MovingForwards 23rd Feb 19, 5:53 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 5:53 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 5:53 PM
    I had two gerbils and three cats.

    One gerbil decided to scalp the other, after living happily together for a few years, resulting in its death.

    A few weeks later my cats sussed out how to open the living room door.

    I came home to three cats and a broken open gerbil cage.....

    Karma at its finest I guess you could say.
    • elsien
    • By elsien 23rd Feb 19, 5:59 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 5:59 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 5:59 PM
    i would say the worst thing is that just before i was meant to be handing a book back to my school library , the dog ripped off the front cover , quite embarrassing , also the dog peed on my brothers bed when he got scared about heavy rain.
    Originally posted by JackCork
    Is that all? You've got away very lightly then.
    Also define what you mean by worst - most expensive, most embarrassing, the one that got you in trouble with the law?
    But as you never come back to any of the threads and clearly don't care about the answers, not going to waste any more time.
    Last edited by elsien; 23-02-2019 at 8:37 PM.
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    • pramsay13
    • By pramsay13 23rd Feb 19, 6:00 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:00 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:00 PM
    My dog chewed a page of my passport. Unfortunately, that means having to get a whole new passport.
    • Trina90
    • By Trina90 23rd Feb 19, 6:27 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:27 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:27 PM
    We have 2 cats. One likes to pee in stupid places (on any kind of mat or in the laundry basket) but thankfully this is just a very occasional thing. The other likes to steal food. They both know they aren't allowed on the kitchen sides, but they're cats - they don't care what the rules are. They do it when our backs are turned in another room. No food is off limits - they'll eat anything even if it kills them.. so we've learnt to be very careful about leaving any food out.
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    • JGB1955
    • By JGB1955 23rd Feb 19, 6:31 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:31 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:31 PM
    Chasing some chickens and coming away with their tail feathers in his mouth...
    • Kate/Bob
    • By Kate/Bob 23rd Feb 19, 6:35 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:35 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 6:35 PM
    Either the time I had to write a note for my daughter's teacher explaining the bite marks in her homework, the cat had genuinely tried to eat it!

    Or the time the cat knocked a glass of water off the side in the kitchen and my daughter walked into it without noticing, looked like a scene from a horror movie.
    Kate short for Bob.

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    • Fosterdog
    • By Fosterdog 23rd Feb 19, 10:04 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 10:04 PM
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    • 23rd Feb 19, 10:04 PM
    My current dogs have been pretty good really, a few of their own beds destroyed and nothing can be left on the worktops or it wont be there when we get back but nothing drastic from them.

    One of my old dogs was an escape artist, one time she turned the key in the lock of the back door and let herself out. Cue a call from someone a few streets away (we always make sure they have their tags on with our details) saying she was in their garden and was shut in there safe, we rush home from shopping where we'd been less than an hour, grab a lead from our house and head to where she was being kept. We get there to an apologetic lady, the dog had only cleared her 8ft fence and escaped again. Panic ensues and we spend an hour searching the streets for her. Head home to get some water and make a find the dog plan to find her curled up asleep in her bed, this time we had closed the back door but not locked it so she opened it again to let herself back in while we were searching for her.

    Another time she rattled the back door until the bolts (3 bolts, top, middle, and bottom to try and keep her in) work themselves open, turned the key and wandered to my brother and sister in laws a few doors away, it was a Sunday and they were about to put their meat in to cook for a roast but she crept in and stole the joint from the counter and devoured the lot.

    Yet another time ( after we started taking the key out of the back door after locking it so she couldn't turn it to unlock it) she opened three internal doors, got to the hallway and reached up to open the Yale lock and let herself and our foster dog out. Our neighbours saw our foster dog and our front door wide open so put him in and shut our door. They didn't see her so she went on another wander. 9 hours she was missing with us frantic, thinking we'd never see her again. A kind teenager turned up on our doorstep with her around 7pm (again thanks to her tag with our details) she had met a group of kids on her travels and spent the day playing with them and went on an adventure along the river with them, one of the kids took her home and his teenage brother saw our address and brought her home.

    I've never known a dog to escape as much as her but when we adopted her from rescue it was because she kept escaping from her home and getting into a farmers field of sheep, she never hurt them but the farmer was the families landlord and told them if she ever went in his fields again she'd be shot. She'd been to the pound several times already when found straying to the point the dog warden knew her well. The day after the threat from the farmer she got out again and ended up in the pound so the family signed her over to them and we got her.

    Despite her wandering nature though she was the best dog, I've never had a dog like her before and probably never will again, she was our soul dog.
    • jackomdj
    • By jackomdj 24th Feb 19, 12:53 PM
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    • 24th Feb 19, 12:53 PM
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    • 24th Feb 19, 12:53 PM
    The one and only time our old dog chewed anything, it was my partners very expensive Oakley sunglasses.
    • Tom99
    • By Tom99 24th Feb 19, 1:53 PM
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    Our dog once jumped out of a 1st floor window because he could see my wife in the front garden.
    • jenny-wren
    • By jenny-wren 26th Feb 19, 10:04 AM
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    A colleague's dog found her bingo markers and gave them a good chew. She lived in a rented house at the time with cream carpets. The dog was blue. The carpets were blue. I do believe he also found the curtain tie backs and skirting boards to be rather tasty.

    Whilst our cat has impeccable behaviour (i.e. she's far too fat and lazy to be bothered doing anything naughty), our neighbour's cat likes to catch the local wildlife, bring it in through his cat flap, and leave whatever bits don't taste too good somewhere in the house ... usually just inside the front door or under a bed.
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    • DigForVictory
    • By DigForVictory 26th Feb 19, 12:07 PM
    • 10,333 Posts
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    The original family cat was generous with her hunting skills. It isn't seriously "worst" but I put a bare foot down onto a mostly dead mouse under the table on my birthday. That was memorable.

    So was the night a young sister was sent to bed and stumped down expecting to be scolded & preempted that with "I Can't go to bed. The cat has had kittens on it."

    The "worst" our lamb did was nibble shoelaces. You could tell by the step, step, thud <vigorous phrases language unspecified> when dad tried to walk upstairs to do the last tucking in & tripped on the subtly undone laces.
    • Blackbeard of Perranporth
    • By Blackbeard of Perranporth 26th Feb 19, 12:43 PM
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    Blackbeard of Perranporth
    My sister did have a gerbil when I was young. I got a cat!
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    • charlotte1994
    • By charlotte1994 26th Feb 19, 12:45 PM
    • 818 Posts
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    My cat Unicorn hasn't been so bad. When we first got her she kept peeing on the bed and pooing on the sofa. Thankfully we managed to stop that.

    Recently though she peed on my boyfriends work jumper when he left it on the floor!! No idea why! I washed it twice to be safe!
    • bugslett
    • By bugslett 27th Feb 19, 10:26 AM
    • 397 Posts
    • 1,517 Thanks
    I lost most of an armchair and a cushion to a teething giant schnauzer once.
    Yes I'm bugslet, I lost my original log in details and old e-mail address.
    • TripleH
    • By TripleH 27th Feb 19, 9:11 PM
    • 310 Posts
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    My brother's dog chews the platerboard in their lounge.

    My wife had a cat that once stole and ate their turkey at Christmas.

    With our current cats the worst offence has to be our youngest who fishes items out the bin ( usually screwed up paper but once a cat toy that was binned because it was frankly disgusting. He actually hid it for 2 days as we took the rubbish out Sunday but found it Tuesday evening (and he's the daft one).
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    • *max*
    • By *max* 28th Feb 19, 12:01 AM
    • 2,880 Posts
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    The day after I moved in from Belfast to a little French village, in a flat above a cafe, my cat decided she fancied a taste of freedom and jumped from the first floor window onto the caf!'s awning directly below. Unfortunately, there were lots of people underneath enjoying a quiet drink, and she took fright at the cries of surprise (from having a mass suddenly drop onto the awning above their heads). She hastily climbed back up, using the cafe's LED tube lights against the wall as a foothold. Of course the lights broke, resulting in a rain of glass falling on top of the customers below. Thankfully, noone hurt.

    300 quid later, my first day in France is still being talked about in the cafe, and I suspect, in the village.
    • Skint yet Again
    • By Skint yet Again 2nd Mar 19, 12:12 AM
    • 3,751 Posts
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    Skint yet Again
    In no particular order
    Puked and eaten it
    Pooped and eaten it
    Rolled in poo
    Chewed skirting board
    And radiator
    Scratched hole in carpet
    Scratched hole in plaster wall
    Knocked me over resulting in twisted ankle
    Twisted whole body when I had 2 fingers under collar resulting in almost dislocated fingers
    Head butted me in face giving me a nose bleed

    Gotta love a labrador
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    • phill99
    • By phill99 3rd Mar 19, 6:23 PM
    • 8,735 Posts
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    Eat vegetables and fear no creditors, rather than eat duck and hide.
    • sinar
    • By sinar 12th Mar 19, 8:16 PM
    • 133 Posts
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    The first day I got my new 55Ē tv my cat Alex decided to use the screen as a scratching post. Luckily I canít notice the scratches when the TV is on, but when itís off I can clearly see the scratches.
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