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    • Former MSE Andrea
    • By Former MSE Andrea 10th Jun 08, 3:54 PM
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    Former MSE Andrea
    Check your bank statements for unknown mobile top-ups
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    • 10th Jun 08, 3:54 PM
    Check your bank statements for unknown mobile top-ups 10th Jun 08 at 3:54 PM
    Post written Tuesday 30 June 2009

    What's it about?

    Large numbers of MoneySavers have reported spotting erroneous amounts taken from their credit cards or bank accounts by mobile phone companies for top-ups on phones they haven't made and in some cases for phones they don't even own.

    We've spoken to the press offices of o2 and Orange, the operators most people have reported as having taken amounts from their accounts. Both have given us statements.

    The o2 and Orange press offices have given us the following statements:


    We take fraud prevention and security very seriously as an organisation and adhere to all the security measures and authentication measures operated by the banks. O2 only accepts payment where the security information and userís name and address have been verified.

    Anyone who thinks they have been wrongly charged by O2 for pay and go top up should contact O2. Our Fraud department will take steps to help them identify the possible reasons for the top up and, if it proves to be fraudulent, they will ensure that the fraudulent handset cannot be used. We would also advise them to contact their bank if they have not already done so.


    If a customer believes that unauthorised payments have been made from their bank account to Orange, we recommend that they should notify both Orange and their card issuer immediately. This will help us to investigate each case straight away, and where necessary to prevent any potential fraudulent activity.

    Orange takes a proactive approach to fraud prevention and has a dedicated fraud department responsible for ensuring that the business, our customers and the public are protected from fraudulent activity on the Orange network. Orange has a number of controls in place for card payments (including Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure code, CSC/AVS validation and Chip and Pin) and continues to work with the banking industry and card schemes in order to maximise security and validation on card transactions.

    I've found one of these, what do I do?

    1. Contact your credit card provider or bank straight away

    Often these are "tests" by criminals checking to see if the card is live. If they find it is it could be a pre-cursor to much larger sums being taken so if you spot one contact your company/bank immediately and let them know it's not a top-up you've made.

    2. Call the mobile operators

    Call the relevant mobile operator and ask to speak to its fraud department.

    o2: 08705 678 678

    Orange: 07973 100 150

    Many thanks to sazziecee for originally spotting this offer. This post has been inserted into the top of the original thread to provide a researched and detailed explanation.

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    • meer53
    • By meer53 20th Mar 11, 9:09 PM
    • 9,561 Posts
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    Barclays have to refund your account with any charges which are incurred by the fraud on your account, they have to put your account back into the position it was before the fraud occurred, they don't have the option to decline to do this. Just make sure that your charges are definately linked to the fraudulent transactions before you contact them !
    Last edited by meer53; 20-03-2011 at 9:11 PM.
  • cazp4
    Hi, I've just noticed a couple of transactions like you've mentioned. One was from 3-Maidenhead for 1.95 and the other was from Virgin Mobile for 104.95. I am living overseas at the moment and don't even have an English mobile so I knew something was dodgy straight away. I was thinking to myself, but if someone commits fraud why would they start with such a small amount but then I read the various forums about 'testing' your account first to see if they get away with it. The bigger amount was made later on the same day. I just called Natwest and they shut down that account straight away so at least the bas#ards won't be able to steal anymore money. It makes me really mad that this seems to be commonplace but no rules have been introduced to clamp down on it!!! I used to be an O2 customer so I guess someone there leaked my bank details??
  • jksg123
    Ive just had the same thing £15 to O2 prepay.
    Ive not really used this credit card much, i had the details of it saved in both Marks & Spencers online and Paypal.
    I remember getting an email from M&S saying customer details had been hacked, but only names & addresses. Well im convinced my credit card details were taken from here.

    Just rang barclaycard who were not the best, got to fill a form in to get it investigated.
    I said i wanted a new card, and they said there was no need as they would block any future transactions from O2.
    I said its not O2 im worried about, i think that was a test transaction by cloners.
    I had to insist for a new card to be issued. I would have thought that blocking the old card and sending out a new one would be standard practice!!
    • Smartie24
    • By Smartie24 12th May 11, 10:41 AM
    • 14 Posts
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    I have been a victim of this fraud - £30 taken in the name of O2 Prepay Slough. Having read though many forums on different sites, things don't seem to add up.

    Many say that O2 can't do anything about it if people are slack with keeping their details safe.

    Others say that O2's security is at fault, which is why they continue to be targetted by the fraudsters. As I am not on pay-as-you go, I looked up the process for online top-ups with O2. From O2's own website:

    Do I need to register to Top-Up?

    There is no registration process involved all you need is the mobile number you wish to Top-Up and a valid credit or debit card to follow our easy to use 3 Step process.

    Step 1
    Just enter the mobile number you wish to Top-Up, the credit/debit card type and the amount you want to Top-Up by.

    Step 2
    Enter your credit/debit card details and registered billing address.

    Step 3
    Confirm your Top-Up request.

    This doesn't seem to align with the statement that O2 gave at the top of this thread, and suggests that all you need is card details and an address. Where is the "verification" they say they use and the usual additional security questions which are used by more secure sites?

    I will be contacting O2 complaints, although as this seems to have been going on for years, I don't expect to get very far. Has anyone got any response to the conflicting information given by O2 which I've highlighted? Can anyone on Pay-as-you-go who has used the online top up confirm that the process is as insecure as the steps above suggest?
  • chocsessential
    Just happened to me - £30 to O2 prepay. Smile were great - cancelled the card immediately and have just refunded the £30 the day after I called.

    I have never used the card (debit) for anything other than drawing cash and shred all paper with account numbers etc so am puzzled as to how they got hold of the info.

    Update: This site describes the method by which fraudsters can generate plausible and valid card numbers without ever seeing your card itself. Fascinating........
    Originally posted by iansoady
    Thank you Ian for linking to that page. I had £30.00 taken from my card a few months ago for 02 top ups. I feel really angry now that O2 could do something about this by improving their security and they haven't bothered. Thankfully Barclay's were on the ball and spotted the transaction before I did and they soon refunded me the money and sent me a new card.
  • renovation.girl
    is it just 02 because im having the same problem but with orange :/
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    Luck is when preparation meets opportunity
  • crazydaving
    Hi all, got back from holiday yesterday and tried to get cash out in Gatwick and found my current account had £540 missing - three Visa Debit transactions under the name "ORANGE (A/EQ/02)DARLINGTON" of £179.99 each were taken on 6th September 2011. Thing is I was in Majorca and my wallet was in the hotel safe all week!

    The bank refunded my account immediately and I called Orange (whom I have a pay monthly contract with) and they have no record of the requested funds and have put a note on my monthly account for when the HSBC fraud team get in touch to dispute the transactions.

    God knows how they got my Visa card details but I've requested a new card which is on its way to be safe.
  • malah1de
    My CC was compromised in November - usual 2x£15 for O2 pay & go. No dealings with O2 personally, and the card used was one I only ever use online, and with a limited credit amount. Bank and O2 notified, card cancelled. Bank fraud dept. seem uninterested and said they wouldn't investigate, but would send the usual declaration form so that a refund can be made in due course. Spoke also to local police 101 service. Operator (civilian) said that as I was likely to get a refund there was no fraud! Escalated to police officer who said much the same but with a twist. According to them, the bank, or O2 should make a report to Action Fraud (AF), eventually to be sent on to National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. This seems to be the intent behind the on-line reporting system operated by AF. Fair enough. Now call me cynical, but is there any data on the diligence with which banks or O2 (amongst others defrauded) report such events to AF?
    Last edited by malah1de; 10-12-2011 at 4:54 PM.
    • lushlady
    • By lushlady 15th Dec 11, 1:23 AM
    • 500 Posts
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    Bumping this thread, because this has happened to me today and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience recently...

    £30 taken from cc to O2 Slough (UK)

    my prime suspects are paypal or amazon...?

    Waiting to hear back from fraud dept at HSBC
    Last edited by lushlady; 15-12-2011 at 1:27 AM. Reason: ..
    • rb10
    • By rb10 15th Dec 11, 7:18 AM
    • 6,304 Posts
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    my prime suspects are paypal or amazon...?
    Originally posted by lushlady
    What reasons do you have for suspecting those two?

    I'd be very surprised if you were correct there.
    • lushlady
    • By lushlady 15th Dec 11, 9:17 AM
    • 500 Posts
    • 1,373 Thanks
    well rb10, ive been using those two most frequently. and they crop up on this forum often

    its the first time this has happened to my cc, and the first time in using paypal heavily, but only as a guest

    please, why are you so sure it isnt?

    edit - HSBC been on the phone, and are refunding the £30
    Last edited by lushlady; 15-12-2011 at 7:19 PM. Reason: ..
    • RalphS
    • By RalphS 10th Jan 12, 11:34 AM
    • 28 Posts
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    I contacted HSBC about a £15 fraudulent O2 Top-Up on my CC a day or 2 after it happened in early December. They said they would ask O2 for the info & I heard nothing else about it. Today I checked my on-line CC billing & in the last 3 days there have ben 4 more O2 Top-Up £15 charges. Only now have HSBC have cancelled my card.

    Have never been a customer of O2 or BT Cellnet. This has quite an 'Odeux' about it.
    • thatgirlsam
    • By thatgirlsam 27th Jul 12, 5:31 PM
    • 9,427 Posts
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    Sorry to bump an old thread but today I have been diddled for £20 - O2 pay & go Slough. Reported to bank, cancelled card etc.

    How has this scam been going on for all these years ???
  • rosered1963

    I am also bumping this thread. I have a co-op current account and have just found out that two debits were made from my account on 1st August - £10 each. I have called the bank and cancelled the debit card.

    I have read that fraudulent top-ups are often used as a precursor to further fraud, and this happened to me a few years ago with a different bank.. The thing is, I only ever use my card at one supermarket or to withdraw cash from a cashpoint (same one). I don't use it to buy online and no-one in my life knows my card details except me, so how can this have happened? I asked Co-op if they would freeze my bank account, but they said they would just stop the card and note the account to stop any payments to O2, and that I should call back on Monday to speak to the Fraud department as they are not available until then. I am worried that stopping the card might not be enough - if a fraudster somehow has my bank account details, could they use those to buy anything using my account....

    I don't check my online statements constantly- it's just lucky I checked today. I would advise people just to check their accounts for these frauds.
    Last edited by rosered1963; 04-08-2012 at 8:42 PM.
    • kaznelson
    • By kaznelson 8th Aug 12, 9:52 PM
    • 457 Posts
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    Another Bump, as the same has happened to me today £30 02 topup Slough, about time O2 sorted this out!!
  • DCole
    Well at least I now know I am not alone.
    I was contacted last week by my CC company about unusual transactions on my card. Mainly just £1 items going through. So checked which ones I didn't recognise - included T-mobile.
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