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    • MSE Amy
    • By MSE Amy 27th Aug 13, 5:45 PM
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    MSE Amy
    Reclaim CPP article discussion
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    • 27th Aug 13, 5:45 PM
    Reclaim CPP article discussion 27th Aug 13 at 5:45 PM

    This is the discussion thread for the

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  • ABM
    Reclaimed CPP

    First post so be gentle!

    I have been successful in claiming back my CPP directly from Barclaycard, received 264 for 3 years worth of CPP plus 8% interest.

    The day after Barclaycard credited my account with the money, they sent me a letter advising they would be reducing my credit limit by 200! Effectively taking away 200 away from me from the claim I was successful with.

    Does anybody else find this a bit suspicious/sly? Has this happened to anybody else?

    I have complained to Barclaycard asking for a breakdown of the criteria used to reduce my limit.

  • sava05
    ABM, I got nearly exactly the same money back but they did not reduce my credit limit. They refunded my Barclaycard by the same amount as yours but took it off and paid it back into my current account by bank transfer the same day. I had no letter from them but uphold my complaint.
    • babss
    • By babss 25th Sep 13, 2:48 PM
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    Hi I too have received the cpp letter and do remember having the insurance mentioned. I will be voting yes, however I do not have any of the paperwork and have no idea who I had the CPP with. Will this matter? will I just automatically get the payments back?
  • sava05
    babss, the letter you received for CPP must have the name of Bank you taken CPP from. My other letter I got is regarding a vote of some kind and it will take 12 weeks. If I entitled to more, the better.
    • oldwiring
    • By oldwiring 25th Sep 13, 5:18 PM
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    @ABM It's more likely that limits are being reviewed based on customers' spending patterns. Banks have to hold reserves against lending commitments, and rules are getting stricter, so they do not want to reduce commitments that are unlikely to be used.
    • -taff
    • By -taff 25th Sep 13, 5:52 PM
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    what he said ^
  • pmjam101
    I called the CPP mis-selling line who told me I bought it through Sainsburys Bank - they keep those details on your CPP account. If you don't have that number, ask them to look it up via your name and postcode.
  • pmjam101
    Story so far especially re. pre-2005 claim
    My experience this morning for what I thought would take 5 min - 2 hours later...... This may save some of you some time....or then again maybe not. Stop reading here is you are short of time.

    I took out this policy sometime in the dark ages and have been paying for it ever since. It comes off my current account by DD (since 2007 when I cancelled the credit card I was sold it with) and all correspondence is via CPP - so not currently linked to a CC etc. Policy still active, last paid March 2013.

    I have not received any letter from CPP to date so I phone the CPP complaints line.

    1. Apparently I took it out through Sainsbury's Bank (from this I realise it must have ben sold to me via a CC as that is the only dealings I have had with them, cancelled the card in 2007). Chap didn't know what to say about that, put me on hold, got cut off.

    2. Phoned back. More knowledgable girl told me I took out the policy in September 2000 and would send me the missing letter. I await it.

    3. I realise this should cover the 3 yearly renewals in 2007, 2010 and 2013, but not the payments before 2005, so I check Sainsburys Bank website re. complaints and it tells me it was acting on behalf on Bank of Scotland and gives me their CPP claims number.

    4. I phone BoS. They request the credit card number (perhaps irrelevant as it is not the CC I am complaining about! I have the CPP policy number, they should know they sold me it?) which I say I haven't got as I haven't had the card since 2007. They have no records - I must phone Sainsburys Bank and they give me a phone number.

    5. I am speaking to the insurance claim line. Helpful chap tells me he can't access CC records and puts me through to their credit card team.

    6. Sainsburys have archived my CC details and can't help unless I write and send a letter requesting archived statements from the credit card I don't know the number of.

    7. I rummage mucho in my attic and find a statement from 2006 from the credit card. Hurrah! No letter required. Phone Sainsbury's back. After speaking to two more people and the requisite on hold/transfers they they check the card number. Still archived, still can't help. But they have a dedicated number....

    8. Which turns out to be the CPP line. Hang up.

    9.Call BoS CPP claims line again. Give CC number. Complaint logged, had to explain why I thought I was mis-sold it. Letter with form to complete will come within 5 days. I await.

    1. Why is the CC number so important?? Do I really need it? CPP have on file that I have this policy and it was sold by Sainsbury's Bank. What if I couldn't find the CC number? Lengthy process (probaly with fees) to get the details from Sainsbury's.

    2. In retrospect, I should have asked CPP if they had that card details when on the phone to them - but didn't know I need it at that point. Do ask when call them.

    3. Still don't know how much I paid pre-2005 as this was charged to the then active CC. I chucked out all pre 2006 statements a while ago. Maybe CPP will know this, but can't face phoning them again today. Maybe tomorrow.

    4. What to do if you can't remember/find CPP policy number or the card you were sold it with? Luckily I found both. Suggest CPP may be able to get at least the first and who sold it from your name and address/postcode.

    Good luck!
    • giverny
    • By giverny 26th Sep 13, 9:48 PM
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    Having had a card protection policy since 1991 (and still current but I will now cancel) sold to me as HSBC Cardguard at the time, what if anything can I do to reclaim the premiums paid between then and 2005 as I too feel I was mis-sold this policy back in 1991. I have had the first letter from CPP but their cut off is stated as 2005 so it seems that customers who pre-date 2005 have to make two claims - one against the original referrer - in my case HSBC and one against CPP - is that correct ?
  • AppleDap
    I had cpp pre 2005. They took the money out of my Barclaycard or Capital One card, not sure which one. When I tried to cancel they refused and said I had to wait until it came up for renewal next time. By the time it was up for renewal I no longer had the Barclaycard or Capital One card. but they went and took the money from another credit card I had registered with them without my knowledge. I phoned and complained but still didn't get my money back. I did eventually cancel before it renewed again.
    Who do I claim off ? As they took the money from two different cards.
    I don't even remember agreeing to it in the first place.
    Secondly. if my claim is upheld, how will they refund me ? The second payment they took from a different card I still have. So would a refund be to the second card or a cheque/transfer ?
    Anybody have any ideas ?
  • pmjam101
    I likewise have had a letter from CPP saying I am not entitled to compensation. They say this is as 'the bank or card issuer you purchased your policy from is not part of the compensation scheme'
    I bought it from Sainsburys acting on behalf of Bank of Scotland in 2000 so I am not sure how this is. Is it the FSA for me then or has anyone got any better ideas?
    Last edited by pmjam101; 18-10-2013 at 9:02 AM.
  • MrsWinters
    You got the CPP quickly! Just got my letter the other week saying they would tell me in 3 months if I was entitled to it or not. Shame they've messed you around like that though.
    If all else fails, buy a new pair of shoes.
  • HammyJ
    No Letter
    I had a policy from 2006 to last year when I cancelled it. It was mis-sold when I rang to activate a Barclays card. I have had no letter for either Barclays or CPP to inform me of any vote or indeed to inform me of anything.
    Anyone one else in this situation and what have you done? Have you contacted CPP?
  • HammyJ
    No letter "update"
    I have just called CPP and asked why I did not receive a letter. They said it was because I was out of scope of the Scheme because I did not purchase the policy over the phone. I explained that was the one way I could have purchase it as it happened when I activated the card. I didn't sit down with someone in person nor did I write to them asking for this insurance. I spoke to a person on the phone and was told I needed the insurance. CPP told me to call Barclays. So I have just called them and explained it all again. Barclays have logged the compliant and someone is looking into it. It can take up to 40 days for them to reply, but I am assured it will not take that long. Let's see what they say.
  • pmjam101
    Further update....
    I took out the policy over the phone when I took out a Sainsbury!!!8217;s Credit Card. According to CPP it was Sainsburys Bank and not CPP who sold the policy, although my own memory is that I was referred to CPP by Sainsburys Bank, and that it was CPP who sold it. It is however difficult to know when you are passed around a phone system. Certainly all subsequent correspondence regarding confirmation of policy purchase and renewals came directly from CPP.

    Telephone conversations with CPP, Sainsburys and Bank of Scotland have resulted in he following stances:
    1. Sainsburys Bank maintain that if they sold me the policy, it was on behalf of Bank of Scotland and that Bank of Scotland are responsible for the mis-selling. They have no department to deal with CPP complaints which must go through Bank of Scotland or CPP.
    2. Bank of Scotland maintain that (if they sold me the policy) CPP are responsible, they have no department to deal with CPP complaints which must go through CPP and that they will take no responsibility.
    3. CPP maintain that Sainsburys Bank sold the policy and are responsible for the mis-selling. As Sainsbury!!!8217;s are not part of the compensation scheme CPP are not responsible.

    Have written to all three asking them to cross-reference and sort themselves out. Suspect this will resolve nothing and will be off to the FCA.
    Last edited by pmjam101; 10-10-2013 at 2:30 PM.
  • HammyJ
    I recieved a letter from Barclays this weekend saying they were sorry for the trouble. On Sunday when checking the finances, I noticed that Barclaycard had refunded all the premiums plus the interest. I guess they know they are in the wrong and are honoring their clients.
    Good luck to you all having problems. It pays to complain when you know you are in the right
  • tangey1
    My brother recently received the CPP letter. On him telling me about it I immediately thought "I've had that type of insurance for ages". I had it from a company initially called credit card sentinel (now sentinel gold). this is not part of the CPP group of companies that are sending out the letter.

    I happen to have the full T&C, cover letter, and advertising booklet that they sent me out for my sept 2011 renewal, and in each of those three documents, the first benefit listed is the fraudulant use insurance of 5000 before being advised, and 100,000 after being advised.

    I also have the same info for the 2012 mail out, and it is interesting to note that this benefit is now relegated to the very bottom of the list of benefits, and is described as "provides secondary cover". At the time I did not attributed any signficance to the change of wording or the change of priority in the list.

    In May 2013, I received a mailout from them saying that said cover would no longer be included in the package. It went on to say that the card issuer would generally be responsible for such cover. It was accompanied by a new set of T&C.

    I did not renew this Sept. As part of the phone call to cancel, the agent confirmed that I had had a policy since 1993 (!). It was only when my brother received his letter from CPP that the signficiance of things hit me. What was once the first listed benefit of the cover had been demoted and now removed. The high prominence of the cover in the 2011 was likely to have been the case when I took out the policy, and thus I viewed I have been sold insurance part of which had little or no realistic chance of ever paying out. Their own timeline of documents that I have would backup that they had sold me insurance all this time, the major selling point of which was coverage that would already be covered by the card issuer.

    I wrote to sentinel Gold outlining the above, and asking for a refund for the insurance payments, in line with the template letter. They wrote back saying that as this was alledged mis-selling, they would pass the complaint onto barclaycard, and I should consider it their final response.

    That was about 3 weeks ago. I phoned barclaycard yesterday, and spoke to their card protection department. They told me they had no communication from Sentinel gold (affinion) about a complaint. He opened a complaint and took the jist of my complaint down and the timeline of my letter and sentinel's response. He advised that it could be 40 working days before I get a response, but it was likely to be quicker than that.

    And so I await the next move.
    Last edited by tangey1; 16-10-2013 at 10:13 PM.
  • pmjam101
    Final Update
    Result. See posts 48 and 55 for whole story....Sainsbury's Bank have admitted responsibility for selling it, investigated, agreed full refund plus interest around 450 and the cheque is in the post, within three days of getting the letter. Good for them.
    Tangey, if no joy with Barclay's suggest you do what I did and send a letter to both companies saying that ONE of them must be responsible for selling it, and if they can't cross-reference sort it out between themselves within 8 weeks (the usual for complaints) so you can decide who to pursue a refund complaint with, you're going straight to the FCA Ombudsman.
    Good luck
    • VfM4meplse
    • By VfM4meplse 19th Oct 13, 6:38 PM
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    When are we expecting to hear?

    When my CPP was up for renewal last year (I think!) I questioned whether to do it again, at that stage had had it for 12 years I think. For me, the issue was having the peace of mind of calling one number instead of remembering each and every account I have during what would be a stressful situation, or without having my records to hand.

    Is this something that insurance companies have access to in the event of an emergency, or have I missed something?

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

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  • tangey1
    Received a letter yesterday from barclaycard confirming they are dealing with the complaint and are aiming to have it resolved by the 11th November.
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