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    • Natty68
    • By Natty68 10th Feb 19, 7:35 PM
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    Weekly Flylady Thread 11th February 2019
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    • 10th Feb 19, 7:35 PM
    Weekly Flylady Thread 11th February 2019 10th Feb 19 at 7:35 PM
    What is FLYLADY? Well, it's our version of the US flylady idea - but we work on the principle that housework is not fun, it's boring, can be time-consuming, is often thankless but, unfortunately, necessary. It's here on Old Style to provide the support we all need and to make the whole task easier and quicker. We also accept that, sometimes, life just gets on top of us and we can't keep up, maybe because we're time-poor, not in the best of health and/or we have littlies who need us. We are definitely NOT control freaks aiming for perfection and utterly spotless show-homes.

    Welcome to the weekly Flylady Thread. You're more than welcome to join us in the everlasting battle against dust, grime and gibble. The aim of our thread is to make those onerous tasks less daunting, and to support each other - and to make time for the finer things in life!

    Please do remember we have to abide by MSE rules; each post should, ideally, include some mention of flying.

    Thank you to Valli for last week's thread


    Please follow the forum rules on this thread as Flylady has been here a LONG time and is a fabulous support and resource for lots of us. All posts should have some Flylady-related (ooh a compound adjective) content!

    The idea is that even if you are really busy you don't need to fall off the wagon!

    Every room comes back around next week so please donít stress about catching up

    These lists are only suggestions and not a must do list; you are more than welcome to post and follow your own lists.

    Also adding a declutter mission each day will help to gradually clear the clutter and make flying easier.

    A few of the basics before we start the week

    Hotspotsare areas where if one thing gets put there, loads of other things follow!

    Daily routines are anything you need to do on a daily basis like washing, swish and swipe kitchen and bathroom, ironing, making beds, vacuuming high traffic areas, making meals etc.

    Night-time routines are all things which make getting ready in the morning easier, preparing clothes for the next day, making lunches, swish & swipes of the kitchen and tidying the living room before you go to bed plus personals like shower/brush teeth etc.

    Fling Boogie - stick on some loud music, grab a bin bag and whiz around the house finding items that can go out with the rubbish, recycling, for charity shop, basically anything that will stop it cluttering your home.

    Swish and swipe/S&S means have a quick wipe over an area such as a sink or toilet to prevent the build up of dirt. This is usually done on a daily basis

    HHE/HHC/HHI Half Hour exercise/challenge/ironing ... run around for 30 minutes to the Benny Hill music frantically cleaning exercising or ironing.. other music may be used if you prefer!
    WM ~ Washing machine
    TD ~ Tumble dryer
    SC ~ Slowcooker
    BM ~ Breadmaker
    DW ~ Dishwasher
    SOAADFA ~ Sit on 'bottom' and do 'nothing'
    WUDUPA ~ Washed up, dried up, put away
    WUALTD ~ Washed up and left to dry
    KH/XH/FW ~ Ex-husband and other not so polite versions
    DH/DD/DS/DW/DP ~ Dear husband/daughter/son/wife/partner/whatever
    OH/SO ~ Other half/significant other
    NN ~ Nice neighbour
    Toxic (friend/mother/sister/whoever) ~ Person in your life that seems to exist to make your life miserable
    AF ~ Aunt Flo 'time of the month'.. nothing to do with flying but it comes up often.
    ETA ~ Edited to add
    Gibble ~ Miscellaneous crap that appears forever homeless
    Dot-to-dot ~ pick a small area (not a whole room) like a chair/coffee/table/shelf/worktop or wherever- thats your first 'dot' - totally clear it - clean it - and only put back what should be there - deal with what you have removed (not just move it somewhere else) then if you have time move on and do the same to another 'dot' -the idea is just like a dot to dot puzzle, you aim to join up all the dots and have a tidy room. The trick is to keep each dot tidy until you get them all joined up! All credit to AnW's Mum for this one
    RoD ~ Room of Doom, the one room that feels like it is a permanent pit and cannot be used to its potential!
    MAD half hour - Mad is the abbreviation for Make A Difference.
    The idea is that you have a Forth bridge (ie never-ending - or just huge) task but that you work on it in half-hour bursts. This way you know you ARE stooping, and that you won't get it finished but you will make a difference - so it might be clearing out - the garage or shed, or clothes sorting, or weeding - you get the picture - but rather than keep going until you've lost the will to live you do half an hour...but, eventually those half hours will get the job done!

    Some of our abbreviations: DH- dear husband, OH- other half, KH/CF- affectionate term for ex husband or partner DS/DD- dear son/daughter, DGC- dear grandchild, WM- washing machine, DW- dishwasher, LR/DR- living/dining room, RoD- room of doom, Mr S/A/T/M/L/Al- supermarkets Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi. You get the picture!

    Any more questions I bet are answered in the wonderful welcome guide which was produced by our much loved Toots

    Monday ~ Kitchen and Dining Mess
    Level One...

    Sweep, vacuum and mop floors
    Declutter and wipe worksurfaces
    Oven and hob cleaning week... and it is level one so none of you can get out of it..
    Level Two...
    Wipe table replacing cloth if necessary..
    Clear out a cupboard.. the larder unit if yyou jave one or just the general messiness of cupboard.. the one where you stuff all things useless.
    Wipe and replace small appliances.. Clean one thoroughly!
    Level Three...
    Wipe units and large appliances.. don't forget kickboards!
    Wipe the tops of the wall units.. lining them with old wallpaper or newspaper keeps them clean!
    Dejunk window sills, dust blinds and wash windows!
    • Wash light shades and clean bulbs
    • Clean out the smelly fridge
    • Sort out and restock baking cupboards
    • Wash the vacuum cleaner innards and filters.. do not reassemble until completely dry!!

    Tuesday ~ Living/Family/Reception room
    Level One...

    Declutter and vacuum floor!
    Wipe sticky grubby marks from sofas
    Level Two...
    Wipe sticky grubby marks from walls and paintwork
    Vacuum nuder furniture you can safely move.. we have bit of a baby boom on at the moment so please all be careful!!!
    Wash any smelly soft furnishings (this may include pets and OH's)
    Level Three...
    Clear and wipe firesurround..
    Decant all the miscellaneous papers and bits into a box
    Polish any glass.. screens, pictures, ornaments mirrors etc
    Don't forget to do your decluttering for today - you choose where
    • Wipe and water any plants
    • Vacuum fluff from the fire and behind the radiator
    • Sort through the box of miscellaneous belongings
    • Binbag dance

    Wednesday ~ Master bedroom
    Level One...

    Strip, wash and replace the bedding.. leave the mattress and duvet to air!
    Declutter the floor.. and vacuum it!
    Level Two...
    Put away all the shoes and clothes and bags and belts and ties lying around!
    Wash the curtains/nets and clean the window before rehanging them!
    Dust away the webs and fluff
    Level Three...
    Sort through a box of stuff... I have about a million to do!
    If it hasn't been done in a while vacuum and turn the mattress
    Tidy up a cupboard of clothing
    Don't forget to do your decluttering for today - you choose where
    • Sort some stuff to ebay ..
    • HHI
    • Wash any coats needed to be clean for school after half term!
    • If any children are due shoe checks/opticians/dentists today is the day to sort these out!

    Thursday ~ Bathroom, hall, stairs and landing!
    Level One...

    Declutter and vacuum/mop floors
    Sort coats, bags, shoes and dead umbrellas!.. Get rid of any that are no longer needed.
    Level Two...
    Clean the bath, sinks, blah blah.. you know the list! don't forget the back of the toilet.. that gets gross.. and under the icky rim!
    Empty out and clean a cupboard.. put back the necessaries neat and tidy!
    Wash doormats, bathmats and shower curtains
    Level Three...
    Tidy the towel cupboard.. any manky towels can be donated to the PDSA or dog rescue.. they always need them!.. and blankets etc
    Wipe the doors in the hallway and wash any curtains
    Wipe radiators.. front and back!
    Replace any dead sponges/toothbrushes!
    Don't forget to do your decluttering for today - you choose where
    • Binbag dance
    • HH doing something you want to do.. reading or whatever.
    • Check where the car papers are and see when MOT/insurance/tax are due and put them in a file safely!! Mine is due this weekend!!.. Ditto house insurance papers!
    • Clean out the upstairs bins.

    Friday ~ Chimps rooms!/Spare rooms..
    Level One...

    Strip, wash and replace with clean, any bedding
    Spend half an hour doing something that makes you happy.. and I do NOT want details!! Or else you get mine with full colour graphics and that won't be pretty !
    Level Two...
    Rope children in and declutter the floors and quickly vacuum them
    Straighten cupboards of clothing/shoes
    Make sure school stuff is ready for next week.. inc. homework done!
    Level Three...
    Tidy up a bookcase or a toy box.. or just a box of junk!
    Wash any smelly curtains and wash windows
    Clean out any pongy pets
    Don't forget to do your decluttering for today - you choose where
    • Go spend some time with your little people.. or big people.. or friends!!!!
    • Binbag dance
    • HHI
    • Spend weekend slobbing!
    Last edited by Natty68; 14-02-2019 at 8:27 PM.

    Struggling financially

    Mortgage Free as of 20.9.17
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    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 11th Feb 19, 11:38 AM
    • 5,093 Posts
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    I've done some paperwork and rewaterproofed my walking boots.
    Spend less now, work less later.
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    Keep Moving Challenge - walked 203 miles
    • White_musk
    • By White_musk 11th Feb 19, 12:11 PM
    • 166 Posts
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    Wet room cleaned
    Kitchen counters all cleaned, will mop in a minute
    Vacuumed all through, will dust this afternoon.
    I'm usually tidy but have put the odd bits away as I moved around the house.
    Sun room needs a clean, it will be done today.
    WM emptied into TD and is now dry, will empty and fold.
    Not sure what to have for dinner but will cook that and wash up and that's my day done.

    Thank you for holding me to account by having to admit if I don't do my chores.
    Feb 2019 GC £151.53/£300

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, wisdom to know the difference.
    • ionafan
    • By ionafan 11th Feb 19, 1:22 PM
    • 2,660 Posts
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    Cake anyone
    Originally posted by Natty68
    Thank you Natty. Hope you have a lovely day! Here's wishing you Many Happy Returns

    Welcome to the madhouse White_musk

    Hope you're feeling better, atb.

    Safeguarding training was excellent, with excellent trainers and a nice group of people (several of whom I knew, although we come from a wide area)

    I emptied all the bins and S&S'd the kitchen before I went out. I am not going to clean my oven today as I have only used it once since I cleaned it last week, and I wiped it out yesterday evening after cooking our evening meal, so I am a little ahead of myself.

    Just catching up on emails, then Rosie would like her walk, and then I will go and finish the kitchen.

    Off out again this evening for a meal in Cathedral City with my fellow ex-students The dress code is "pink lycra, the skimpier the better" because one of our number is coming straight from her pilates class. I don't actually have anything in pink lycra - the nearest I've got is a black lycra top, black trousers and a floaty pink scarf I am wondering what the two men will turn up wearing: one threatened to don his kilt (and we're a long way from Scotland), the other, more conservative, might have a vaguely pink tie. I really don't want to see either of them in anything skimpy

    (((Hugs))) spoons and sticks all round, as needed xx
    • Mademoiselle
    • By Mademoiselle 11th Feb 19, 3:18 PM
    • 317 Posts
    • 3,853 Thanks
    A bit late today, but I'm sort of in. Worked this morning but since then have made a few phone calls and crossed a few things off my list.
    Kitchen was cleaned on Sunday
    Before I went out this morning:
    Bed folded back
    Dirty clothes in laundry
    Kitchen and lounge tidied
    Since coming home
    Phone calls made
    Spending and saving spreadsheets updated
    Timesheets updated

    Time for a cup of tea now

    Hugs, sticks and spoons to all that want
    See you tomorrow
    • Jojo the Tightfisted
    • By Jojo the Tightfisted 11th Feb 19, 3:29 PM
    • 25,610 Posts
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    Jojo the Tightfisted
    Decided to call it a day after cleaning the table/TV unit/Bookcase and shelving glass/bathroom mirror, removing Idiot Cat happily writhing around on it afterwards because it smelled deliciously of bleach and having the bright idea of melting down some old candles to make new ones. Did half of them before the novelty wore off, but they looked pretty good as they're cooling on the (clean) windowsill.

    Spent this morning being told that the central heating engineer was off sick and then that the boiler was being completely replaced *at some point, maybe next week*

    And then pointless meetings about stuff happening or not, they couldn't say, long after most of the staff will be long gone due to redundancy.

    Pointless bloody day.
    I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die: I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by.

    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll
    Originally posted by colinw
    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 11th Feb 19, 5:18 PM
    • 5,093 Posts
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    Back from last appointment of the day, I am now relaxing in my new dressing gown while DH cooks my tea.

    Plans for tomorrow include exercise class, ironing and cleaning the hobby room. Also need to drop off coffee table to friend so that will be something else gone from the house.
    Spend less now, work less later.
    Savings thread #78 Apr £120.62 Total 2019 - £1344.19/£5k
    Keep Moving Challenge - walked 203 miles
    • Honey Bear
    • By Honey Bear 11th Feb 19, 5:54 PM
    • 5,612 Posts
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    Honey Bear
    Volunteering done, Higgs The Cat taken to the vet yet again, he needed a jab, more £££ decluttered *sigh* and another task from my In Tray has just been completed.

    I have one more to go, and no matter how hard I try to concentrate I simply cannot get my head around the boiler controls. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

    2003. That's the last time I got to the bottom of my In Tray. I cannot tell you how much I wish I could reset the wretched boiler tonight so that I could say I'd finally, after 16 years of trying, I've emptied my In Tray. I could weep with frustration.
    Last edited by Honey Bear; 11-02-2019 at 9:28 PM.
    Keeping it AF
    • kazwookie
    • By kazwookie 11th Feb 19, 6:09 PM
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    HB can you look up on youtube your make of boiler and see ifthere is a short film of what to do?

    Dinner and clearing up done
    Washing is now dry, folded and waiting ironing
    All house cleaned
    Volunteering visit done
    Sun, Sea
    Slinky is back on! - 23 and counting
    I can do this, I will do this...
    • White_musk
    • By White_musk 11th Feb 19, 6:14 PM
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    All done and dusted (literally) for today, all jobs except sun room done.

    Little DGD staying tomorrow night, the house it clean, tidy and cozy, I wonder if it will look like this on Wednesday morning when DD arrives to take wee one to preschool?

    All day I have reminded myself I have to be accountable here and I took pleasure in getting jobs done so I could honestly say I had done them. My home, thanks you all

    PJ's and chill now.
    Feb 2019 GC £151.53/£300

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, wisdom to know the difference.
    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 11th Feb 19, 6:15 PM
    • 3,055 Posts
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    Busy busy day at work. Kiddies in bed, WM and DW on, leftovers eaten for dinner.

    HB I second Kazí suggestion of looking online. Rooting for you that you get that in tray emptied. A few years ago I was so sick of looking at the in tray which lived on my home office desk, I binned it together with the contents.

    Iím decluttering a cuppa then heading for a very early night. My Friday tomorrow
    Mortgage 8.2.15 - £171,064.64 Mortgage 1.5.2018 - £99,980.45
    Aiming to be MF 1.10.2020
    • Jojo the Tightfisted
    • By Jojo the Tightfisted 11th Feb 19, 6:37 PM
    • 25,610 Posts
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    Jojo the Tightfisted
    Oh, bless.

    The *someone* from a previous thread is apparently having their affairs thoroughly deloused, as per a lovely person on the phone, and it goes back much further than previously imagined. I do hope *nobody's* name crops up or the possibility that any calls were made in the first place, as that will unleash a whole load of genuine danger.
    I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die: I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by.

    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll
    Originally posted by colinw
    • Fayolle
    • By Fayolle 11th Feb 19, 7:43 PM
    • 992 Posts
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    Iím creeping in at the back.
    Happy birthday, Natty x
    Itís been a long day, after a night of very little sleep. The kitchen looks a state, ditto other rooms especially the utility room. Tomorrow I need to buckle down. Remind me of that!
    • wishingthemortgaheaway
    • By wishingthemortgaheaway 11th Feb 19, 7:48 PM
    • 2,053 Posts
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    Happy Birthday Natty.

    Visit 1 of 5 done and I've decluttered myself off to bed, sooo tired.
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    • roundtuit
    • By roundtuit 11th Feb 19, 7:57 PM
    • 800 Posts
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    Happy Birthday Natty xx

    I've been under the kitchen table There were lots of carrier bags holding carrier bags which have now been amalgamated into two bags of bags - I use them as bin bags so they will all be recycled eventually. There were also several paper bags that supermarkets send fruit in - all in various states of scrunchedness - I've binned those. I found a can of furniture polish and some glue (in a bag) and I've put them in the cupboard under the sink.

    I now know where my rolling pin, colander and other pan lid are - but they can stay there for now as I've had enough for today. I can see floor under there

    Have a peaceful evening,

    • Jojo the Tightfisted
    • By Jojo the Tightfisted 11th Feb 19, 9:20 PM
    • 25,610 Posts
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    Jojo the Tightfisted
    Himself successfully moved the curtain poles so that the curtains hang properly and block out the light. I'm ridiculously pleased about this.

    He managed to wash one of them without obvious disaster and put it back up, the other one will be taken down and washed in the morning (I have a single floor length curtain on each window, more like theatre curtains than normal ones, so one draws to the left and one draws to the right).

    Whilst he's practising for tomorrow's rehearsal, I cleared the top of the CoD and promptly replaced the stuff with the two giant baskets of random crud clothes that were on the floor. Just having a cuppa and I'm going to find a couple of pairs of shoes to chuck out for not being comfortable/looking scraggy/never get worn. Eventually, I'll see the bottom three foot of the tiny wardrobe he has mostly taken over with his shirts. He's got the job of hanging my dresses up in the wardrobe in the studio.

    Slightly miffed at the blue stain left on the bath by his spilling luminous shower gel today and not cleaning it up straight away. And the way the loo was blocked by his insistence upon posh bog roll - I had to ask him if I'd find anything other than paper if I put a WU gloved hand in to clear it before I touched it. Fortunately for him, it was just too much posh paper. Honestly, it was spotless for less than 48 hours. But it's back being perfect again now.

    Hoping that he'll vacuum tomorrow after taking the other curtain down, as the dust level will be high enough to set my skin off again. I'll 'ask' him in a bit, as I still refuse to issue him with lists of chores (and his head would probably explode if I gave him a FlyLady list), but if I 'ask' him to

    Take Curtain down & wash
    Strip bed
    Vacuum floor all around bed
    Vacuum mattress
    Put curtain back up
    Make bed with clean base sheet, clean duvet cover and clean pillowcases

    - that's not a list of chores, really, is it?

    Think I'll also take a spray and scrubby thing upstairs now to clean my bedside cabinet and the bedframe + the windowsills. Might leave the polish and a yellow cloth up there for tomorrow when I get in.
    I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die: I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by.

    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll
    Originally posted by colinw
    • Honey Bear
    • By Honey Bear 11th Feb 19, 9:44 PM
    • 5,612 Posts
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    Honey Bear
    Welcome White Musk!

    Thanks Kazwookie and ATB; it's the boiler programmer that I'm struggling with, not the boiler controls. I've learned how to re-pressure it, written that out as a step-by-step procedure and taped it to the inside of the door; that's the bit that would be on the Tube of You.

    The programmer is a box of tricks sited elsewhere, about the size of couple of credit cards, with miniscule switches and buttons with masses of choices. I need to read the instructions several times, translate them into Easy Speak and then write out a set of instructions for myself so that I can reprogramme it whenever I want, or whenever OH has a fit of the vapours when confronted by it. (He didn't do the old boiler and that wasn't particularly complicated compared to this one.)

    He's not in my good books tonight, having interrupted my sacrosanct evening ritual of The Archers to tell me the boiler needed repressurising - like it couldn't wait 10 bl***y minutes? I snarled at him.

    HB I second Kaz’ suggestion of looking online. Rooting for you that you get that in tray emptied. A few years ago I was so sick of looking at the in tray which lived on my home office desk, I binned it together with the contents.
    Originally posted by atypicalblonde
    Keeping it AF
    • Narc0lepsy
    • By Narc0lepsy 11th Feb 19, 10:03 PM
    • 1,741 Posts
    • 24,500 Thanks
    Ooooh Happy Birthday Natty
    Toasting you on your special day with my
    Originally posted by MadamMim2013
    A bit late here, hope your day was good and full of cake.

    Welcome to newbies.

    - Car service manager rang am and was suitably apologetic, tried to book it in for 2 weeks time until I said I was going on a long trip on Friday so he gave in and agreed Thursday if I take it in (they were going to collect it originally).
    - did a bit of washing up and tidying in kitchen
    - finished and emailed report, started another
    - wrote another email to idiots at a certain electrical store having emailed previously, giving my reference agreement number and details of laptop to cancel my service agreement. Today I had one saying they couldn't cancel it until they had my address and the details of the 'product'. Both of these were on my agreement, and I'd put the complete reference of the laptop in my original email. Why is life like wading through treacle?
    - had drum lesson
    - visited MIL and did a few things for her.
    - knee still very large so reluctantly cancelled zumba for tomorrow.
    - practised dances with Mr N for the weekend, regardless of knee (it didn't hurt).
    - did a load of pricing up for decent broadband. There is only one company that does more than 1.3mB in our area and it's not cheap. I've resisted so far, but ours is like watching sleeping snails crawl, not just for working but we can't reliably get TV catchup or long YouT)be stuff.
    Remember...a layer of dust protects the wood beneath it.
    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 12th Feb 19, 5:59 AM
    • 3,055 Posts
    • 22,401 Thanks
    Happy belated birthday Natty I hope you had a lovely day xx

    Morning all,

    Busy day at work ahead, looking forward to tomorrow when my priorities will be giving the dog some long walks. I am back on Slinky, 8lb have crept on so I'm doing Micheal Moseley 800 calories a day this week.

    WM is on, DW needs to be unloaded, the usual morning stuff. For now, I need to put my make up on. Have lovely days all x
    Mortgage 8.2.15 - £171,064.64 Mortgage 1.5.2018 - £99,980.45
    Aiming to be MF 1.10.2020
    • Fayolle
    • By Fayolle 12th Feb 19, 6:11 AM
    • 992 Posts
    • 11,551 Thanks
    Good morning
    For some reason that I canít quite remember, I said that I would take DD to school this morning. This has of course led me to be awake since 4am worrying if I have petrol (I have) and when I can get to a garage to fill up (we live 25 mile round trip from a petrol station, but given that I have over half a tank, this is irrelevant for today). Any excuse for a worry.
    Once I get back, I need to:
    Sort out recycling
    Change kitchen light bulb so that the filth is fully illuminated, then...
    Properly clean the kitchen and dining room
    Find the utility room surfaces
    Sweep and mop floors
    See about renewing my passport which from March will not be valid 6 months ahead of the date inside it
    Then there are the bathrooms...

    First I need the child out of bed.

    Have a good day all.
    • mrs-moneypenny
    • By mrs-moneypenny 12th Feb 19, 6:30 AM
    • 15,512 Posts
    • 198,129 Thanks
    Can I come back please?
    I disappeared as what was going on in my life was too horrible to talk about and I felt I couldn't carry on posting without mentioning it so it just felt easier to leave. I now need to learn to try and carry on in whatever way I can. My darling husband has now passed away and is free from pain and I need to learn to try and carry on as best as I can.
    SPC~12 ot 124

    In a world that has decided that it's going to lose its mind, be more kind my friend, try to Be More Kind
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