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  • Delika
    Old Halifax Documentation
    We remortgaged in July 2006 having been with Halifax plc since Nov 2001.(Thanks Martin, thanks L&C – you’ve been saving us £50 a month in mortgage payments since then!)

    Our contract with Halifax plc when we took out the mortgage stated a “Mortgage Discharge Fee” of £75 [Ref. Mortgage Fees Leaflet 1/321715-0 (9/01) published by Halifax]. The exact wording on this leaflet (I presume published Sept 2001) is: “Mortgage Discharge Fee (waived if the mortgage account has been open for ten years or more or if the mortgage has run its full term if less than ten years): £75”.

    (For info the deed transfer fee then was given as £50, just as it is now…).

    We too were charged a repayment administration fee of £175 when we ditched our expensive Halifax mortgage last July so I’ve just written to request my £100 back PLUS INTEREST. Hopefully the above reference to the Halifax leaflet may be of assistance to others in their claims – Good Luck! (It already makes me feel better after they've been ripping us off for so many years with high standard variable rates)...
  • anniebooklover
    Woo hoo!!! Just read Martin's weekly e-mail and decided to look out my old Halifax redemption statement. They charged me £175. So, spent less than five minutes on the phone to a very pleasant man who has told me I'm entitled to a refund of £100!

    Thanks, Martin. You are a star!
    • felicity1
    • By felicity1 2nd Feb 07, 9:21 PM
    • 124 Posts
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    Just heard about this on BBC radio 2 and it prompted me to 'phone Halifax - got £25 refunded straight away.

    Have also remortgaged with Nationwide more recently but they weren't particularly helpful, all they could say was they hadn't decided how to handle claims and I should keep 'phoning.

    Anyone else any experience of Nationwide?

    And thank you, Martin, £25 for a brief call is well worth it!
  • woodhouseian
    Wrote to Leeds Building Society this week. I had a mortgage with them which I took out in 2000, plus a Further Advance from 2002, all paid off in 2005. Looks like I should have paid £60 MEAF fee, actually I paid £130, so I'm asking for the difference (£70) to be refunded. They wrote back with basically a holding letter to say they've not finalised their policy yet and are working to the 28 February date. Therefore they'll send me their actual reply in March.
    My advice is:
    - Beware of the terminology used, Leeds BS describe the fee as an 'early redemption fee' but it's actually MEAF, in other words it DOES come under the remit of the FSA ruling. (Obviously this is a separate issue from 'early redemption charges' which are NOT covered).
    - My Further Advance specifically says it is NOT subject to early redemption fees, ie there is definitely no MEAF applicable to it. Watch out for this, presumably some customers/banks won't check the small print for Further Advances
    - For Leeds BS, it's probably worth waiting, as Martin says, until after 28 Feb to make a claim. Otherwise you'll just get a holding letter as I did.
    • Grumpyoldgit
    • By Grumpyoldgit 3rd Feb 07, 12:08 PM
    • 5 Posts
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    Currently in the process of leaving Abbey, rang them up and was advised that they had yet to make a decision regarding this but I should write to the following address logging my objection and it would be dealt with :

    PO Box 287
    TS17 6QQ

    Edit : Fee quoted was originally !!!163;99 (2005) now !!!163;225 so hoping for a reduction of !!!163;126
    • BindiBahji
    • By BindiBahji 3rd Feb 07, 12:39 PM
    • 70 Posts
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    I received a £75 cheque from Halifax this morning, with a letter saying
    Thank you for confirming your acceptance of our offer in full and final settlement of your complaint.
    Obviously I never accepted during the phone conversation that this was in full and final settlement - I (perhaps naively) assumed it was a goodwill payment. Anyone else think this is a bit underhand?

    I'm tempted to write back saying I'm accepting their offer as a goodwill gesture only, and if the FSA rules at the end of the month that such high exit fees are unfair/unreasonable, I will be putting in another claim.

    Sound reasonable?
  • marie67
    Cheltenham & Gloucester Refunded
    Read this thread yesterday, remortgaged in 2004 paying off our mortgage with Cheltenham & Gloucester and was charged £180.Looked through the paperwork last night and found we should have been charged £50 (1998 charges), telephoned them this morning and with no hassle was told a cheque would be sent out this week plus interest.An absolute must for everyone.
  • eden37
    Halifax PLC
    Wrote to them 29/1/07 received a letter 3/2/07 agreeing to refund £100 , the difference between the £175 paid on redemption and the £75 quoted when the mortgage was originally taken! Thanks Martin yet another saving made scince I joined this wonderfull site
  • raeble
    I remortgaged from the Abbey last year. They charged me !!!163;225 for the privilege. I was not happy because the first I knew of any redemption fee was when they sent the first annual statement. I used a letter template posted by another user (I think in the A&L thread) and amended it as appropriate.
    Customer Satisfaction
    Abbey Centre
    PO Box 5129
    Milton Keynes
    MK9 2YN

    Thursday, 21 September 2006

    Mortgage Account: *******

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to complain about the !!!163;225 mortgage account closure fee that Abbey is planning to apply to my account.

    I am fully prepared to pay a fee that reflects the genuine costs incurred by the bank in closing my account. But as !!!163;225 is more than twice the amount charged by many of your rivals, and is greater than the maximum typical fee quoted by your regulator the Financial Services Authority, I do not wish to pay it.

    This letter is a complaint about the scale of the fee, its recent and unexplained increase from !!!163;99 to !!!163;225 on the 11th May 2005, and about the fact that this fee or potential increases in the fee were never explicitly communicated to me at the time I took out my mortgage with the Abbey. I can find no reference to any such fee in my mortgage offer letter or any of the corresponding documents.

    Abbey has to abide by FSA regulations which stipulate that charges of this sort must be fair and not excessive. I believe that the scale of the !!!163;225 fee, plus the fact that the original fee and latest increase was not explained or properly communicated, means that Abbey is in breach of both these requirements.

    I request that you reduce my fee to the sum that I understand from your customer service centre was in use in May 2004 when I took out my mortgage. If Abbey is not prepared to consider reducing my fee, as requested, please send a deadlock letter at once so that I can pursue my complaint through the Financial Ombudsman Service.

    Yours faithfully,
    I got back a letter from them basically not agreeing to this and explainig that the fee was fair. The thing that really irritated me about abbey is that they admited their mortgage discharge fee is a combination of two fees (the original discharge fee and a fee for using their legal services).

    This was my reply.
    Ms *******
    Customer Relations Assistant
    Customer Relations
    P O Box No 287
    Stockton on Tees
    TS17 6QQ

    Your ref: ******
    Account: ********
    Friday, 29 September 2006

    Dear Ms ******,

    Many thanks for your prompt reply to my complaint however, I remain dissatisfied for the following reasons.

    1) There is no mention of any such fee on my mortgage offer. There is however mention of a Standard Mortgage Conditions 2002. This was meant to be enclosed with the offer letter. However, as I have two copies of the offer letter in separate envelopes and no copies of the booklet I can only assume that my offer was sent out at a time the Conditions leaflet was being reprinted.

    2) The tasks you list are mainly menial or can be done by computer. For example putting deeds into an envelope is an unskilled task and as someone who worked in a Dispatch Department I know that this task would not take more than a couple of minutes. The listed tasks do not justify the high charge given the unskilled nature of the work.

    3) As I understand from your letter, the Disclosure fee was only applicable to customers who wanted to discharge the mortgage with Abbey!!!8217;s solicitors acting on their behalf. As this fee only applied to those customers who used Abbey!!!8217;s solicitors, I do not understand how you can justify charging all your customers this fee.

    4) I believe that all of these tasks were necessary before the increase and you have not justified the massive increase at a time when wage inflation is in the range of 3% - 4% and the Bank of England!!!8217;s measure of general inflation is 2.5%.

    Please provide me with your final response in order that I may pursue this with the ombudsman.

    Yours sincerely
    I then got a letter informing me this was a stalemate and they were passing my complaint on to the relevant department. I then got a letter from the relevant department informing me they were looking into it. About a month went by and I was just wondering what on earth was going on when I got a letter telling me they were still looking into it. Then a few days later I got a letter saying that because I had been a long standing customer (Hah! I was only there 2 years) they were going to refund the !!!163;225 as a gesture of goodwill. I got the cheque the next day.
    • annie42
    • By annie42 4th Feb 07, 8:00 PM
    • 175 Posts
    • 26 Thanks
    Nat West exit fees
    I had four mortgages with Nat West, one taken out in April 04 and the other three in September 04. I changed to a different lender in May last year and was charged 4 x £225 exit fees. I have the redemption statements but not the original agreement. Please can anyone tell me what they were charging in 2004 when I borrowed from them, unfortunately I have discarded the original documentation with that information. Many thanks.
    • isayoldchap
    • By isayoldchap 5th Feb 07, 8:07 AM
    • 1,249 Posts
    • 388 Thanks
    Don't forget your intrest
    I would also want intrest for the overcharge.
    • gallygirl
    • By gallygirl 5th Feb 07, 9:21 AM
    • 16,612 Posts
    • 109,706 Thanks
    £125 plus £1.21 interest from C & G on its' way, wish all phone calls so productive !!!!

    Same coming to OH as well!!!!!
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
    Mortgage Balance = £0
    "Do what others won't early in life so you can do what others can't later in life"
    • clarew
    • By clarew 5th Feb 07, 10:22 AM
    • 490 Posts
    • 416 Thanks
    Just called Halifax, mortgage was aug 2003-oct 2006, increased from £75 fee to £175 fee. Chap was very helpfull and confirmed that they would post me out a cheque for £100

    This is great, as we had put all our remortgage fees etc on a interest free (and no fee paying) balance transfer credit card,(got via quidco for £15cash back!) and are currently paying them off monthly, so now i will be able to clear it (and then cancel the card) a month early!!
    Original mortgage 185k. 2003
    Current mortgage. 85k. Dec 2017
    OP £243/month-Aiming to finish June 2025 instead of October 2028 (whilst keeping the 4 dependents fed,watered,clothed,sheltered and paying for school paraphernalia)
  • manonamission
    Bradford & Bingley
    Hello all,

    Wonder if someone could produce a handy contact list for these mortgage companies, with addresses for their complaint departments.

    Here's what I've found for Bradford & Bingley.

    Complaint Department
    Dept H55
    Cross Flats
    Cross Road
    Cross Flats Bingley
    BD16 2UA

    You should get a letter acknowledgement within 48 hours during the week.

    Will update when I have their response.

  • Lions21
    Abbey Refunded Mortgage Exit Admin Fee
    Sent my letter off a few weeks back.

    They have replied and agreed to put my fee back to the original £99. They sneakily upped it to £225 in the charges & tariffs they send out once a year.

    They quoted the recent FSA ruling.
    • DeepSporran
    • By DeepSporran 5th Feb 07, 2:27 PM
    • 230 Posts
    • 112 Thanks
    Rang C&G re mortgage redeemed November 2004 - Very helpful CSA has arranged for !!!163;60 plus interest to be credited to my bank.

    Nice one.
    • gjchester
    • By gjchester 5th Feb 07, 2:50 PM
    • 5,603 Posts
    • 1,773 Thanks
    Called the Woolwich, they say they don't owe me anything as I paid !!!163;95 exit fee. I didn't I paid !!!163;275. Seems if you just repaid it over the phone as I did they never sgenerated or sent a redemption certificate so they don't know what you paid. They are looking into it, if required I'll have to send my bank statements showing the mortgate balanve prior to paying off and the amount transfered to cover it.
  • kenshaz
    Paid off my mortgage last year --paid with Halifax !!!163;175 used Martin's letter last week ,received reply which states that they will refund !!!163;100,we had to complete a special form and they stated that it was a goodwill gesture.Success ,last week I saved !!!163;2000 on a new car because of Martin's haggling system,what more can I say.
    To be happy you need to make someone happy.

  • mandrews
    Called C&G, I had no idea what the redemption penalties were when I signed up and what I actually paid on closure. I had no idea what the mortgage account number was either. They managed to track me down, but unfortunately because the mortgage was only a short term thing (in between house move), I paid off the correct amount at the time. They were extremely helpful though. So don't worry about calling them if you have no idea about your mortgage details!

    I've got the same situation with Halifax (00-02), Brittania (02-04) and Abbey (04-05). Anyone tried calling these guys?

  • soozig
    I called C & G today - My exit fee should have been !!!163;180 - I was charged !!!163;225 I was offered a refund of the difference there and then. However, I could see no mention of any exit fee on my mortgage paperwork and informed them that i didn't think !!!163;180 was a realistic charge, considering the small amount of administration involved and suggested !!!163;35 was more realistic. My complaint was sent off to the relevent department and i should hear in the next few days.

    My second phone call was to Royal Bank of Scotland - They read a statement out to me saying that they were to go back to the FSA before 28/02/07 and depending on the outcome of that they would then be calling all their customers who paid a sealing fee. I paid !!!163;75 and look forward to their phone call.
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