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    Warning re 24/7 Home Rescue
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    • 26th Dec 14, 10:26 PM
    Warning re 24/7 Home Rescue 26th Dec 14 at 10:26 PM
    Dear all

    I just wanted to give some feed back on the terrible service we have had this Christmas from 24/7 Home Rescue.

    Firstly, they are not 24/7 - whist you can make a claim with the engineering company they outsource their work to, you can't actually speak to them directly because they are closed until 5 January 2015! Which company in this day and age is closed for this long without someone being available to contact, especially when the say they are 24/7? I have asked the online "webchat" machine wether they have an emergency number they can contact and all I got was an evasive answer to the effect of "someone will call you soon" presumably when they re-open on 5 January!

    Long and short of the story is that we had problems with our boiler. They sent out someone to look at it. This engineer reset the boiler and went on his way. The problems persisted and 24/7 have not sent someone to look at the boiler again as they think the problem is a pressure issue. How would they know this without even looking at the boiler after the problems persisted? Any way, it's a fault with the boiler itself but they won't send anyone out to have a look at it. The boiler has broken down again and when I called the third party engineering line we were told there was a note on the system not to send an engineer out until the dispute was investigated. Problem is, they are closed over Christmas and there is no one we can speak to.

    If there was an issue which was genuinely not covered the policy then fine, we would get it fixed. But they they allegedly fixed our boiler then when the problems persisted they said it was a problem with the pressure without even looking at the boiler. Also, pressure isn't specifically excluded from the terms of their service.

    I have used both British Gas and Homeserve before and for all their faults, at least you can speak to a person at the company over Christmas. Out of Homeserve and British Gas, I would say Homeserve were the best so will be going back to them.

    I am sorry to say that these smaller independent companies really don't provide the same level of service.

    Sorry for the rant but I was most disappointed to hear the company left us without cover over Christmas.

    We've got the electric heaters on for now!
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    • donsince81
    • By donsince81 8th Nov 16, 1:17 PM
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    I have kitchen applicance cover with them, I called to say my dryer is not drying. They say fine we will send someone out - Great. I then get a call saying claims have rejected saying "its not a mechanical fault". WTF...........I asked the agent to explain how a dryer that is not drying cannot be covered they said "I dont know". This company appears a scam who tell agents to give default answers to wriggle out of claims. I have smashed their twitter page and written a complaint, Oh yeah you cannot speak to anyone about a complaint either, have to send an email. I bet I get nothing back. I will raise this with trading standards and watchdog if they dont get back to me soon. Joke company trying to rip honest people off.
    • drizzlehell
    • By drizzlehell 10th Nov 16, 10:24 PM
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    We are glad we found this thread as it gives us a home to record our own experiences with 24/7 Home Rescue. Myself and my family, including a 3 year old girl and 6 year old boy are currently suffering as a result of this company's actions which have not only been unethical but are possibly bordering on criminal.

    In short, we tried to make a claim on our policy for our heating not working, and our policy was cancelled with immediate effect.

    In more detail, our heating stopped working on Sunday evening, and we reported this to 24/7 Home Rescue the following Monday evening. We expected to get an engineer visit either the same day, or very early the next since they advertise that if you have anyone in your home under 5 years old then they will endeavour to achieve this. Our Engineer did not arrive until the Wednesday after a series of ‘mistakes’ by 24/7 Home Rescue - firstly, they forgot to take our policy excess of £75, so when we phoned back to find out where the engineer was, they told us he had never been booked because they forgot to take our excess. We paid as soon as we were asked and were then told that an Engineer would visit the following day (Wednesday). Wednesday rolls around - no Engineer. We phoned again, this time, it turned out that they had cancelled the Engineer visit, but were unable to tell us why. They rebooked it, and fortunately the Engineer was finally able to attend later that day.

    The Engineer spent a short while looking at our system and determined that the 3-port valve needed replacing and that the thermostat required replacing. He shared the cost with us - £284 including parts and labour, plus VAT, so in total £340.80. From here, we assumed plain sailing, the Engineer had been, diagnosed the problem, and said he would return on Thursday to fix it.

    Thursday lunchtime - a call from 24/7 Home Rescue to my Wife. “We have cancelled your claim and your policy with immediate effect because your boiler is beyond economic repair.” My Wife was extremely upset and in tears having spent 4 nights with small children with no heating in this current extreme weather we are experiencing.

    At this point I decided I needed to speak to them to find out exactly what was going on. I called and spoke with a man who claimed to be called James Thomas - the Head of the Authorisation Department. I asked if the call was being recorded, he said No (despite the on-hold message telling me that it was). I asked if I could record it, he said if I did, he would immediately hang up.

    James confirmed that they had cancelled the policy because the boiler was beyond economical repair, and they only pay up to 60% of the value of a boiler, taking depreciation into account, and with that in mind, our boiler, an Ideal Classic, was currently only worth £210, so 60% of that is £126. So I am only covered for £126 on a policy that I pay £9.60 a month for, which is £115.20. I pointed out that this did not seem fair “It was your choice to take out the policy” came the response. The policy is worth nothing to us based on this. More on “Beyond Economic Repair” below after I got chance to read their terms and conditions.

    ‘James’ also told me that the thermostat was not covered by our policy, and this had been quoted at £39 by the Plumber. ‘James’ sent me an email with a sentence from the plumber in it that simply read “The job is a min of 3 hours just on the valve as it needs draining off and filling back up. If the system airlocks which gravity fed do ill end up there for 5-6 hours. The stat is a 2min job”, as I asked for some evidence of anything! The email came from someone called Aaron, not James.

    They have not provided an annual boiler service which is included in the cost of our policy - we have held the policy for seven months, and in their defence it does say that we should get a boiler service between 8-12 months. I asked for a refund of either some of the money we had paid them since we were now not going to get a boiler service, or a refund of the £75 excess, since they were not going to fix anything. I was told in no uncertain terms there would be no such refund. As it stands, I have paid them £142.20 so far, which is the cost of the policy each month, plus the £75 excess. Our boiler is still broken, our Children are cold, and we have to pay to fix it ourselves just before Christmas despite having cover in place.

    Now, some of the above may or may not seem reasonable on their behalf, but when you dig into the terms and conditions, they have made a few glaring errors:

    Cancelling the Contract - “We may cancel the service contract at any time by sending 14 days’ notice to you at your last known address” - They are in breach of their terms and conditions since the policy was cancelled with no notice.

    Their definition of Beyond Economic Repair was explained to me on the phone as “the retail cost of your boiler, minus depreciation” - ‘James’ googled the model, found it for £609, and then used an unknown algorithm to arrive at £210, and as above said we were covered for only 60% of this. (£126). Their terms and conditions state: “Beyond Economic Repair - means in the opinion of our approved engineer, the cost of repair is 60% of the manufacturer’s current retail price.” Depreciation is not mentioned anywhere, at all.
    Assuming that around £609 does represent somewhere near the retail price, then we should be covered for 60% of this - £365.40, well over what the Engineer quoted (£340.80).

    My wife phoned back to point out these inconsistencies with the terms and conditions, and was told that they could see I had spoken with Aaron previously - so he had indeed lied to me about his name. She has now logged an official complaint with them and informed us that Management will be in touch within 48 hours. They also confirmed that the boiler claim cannot and will not be progressed since we no longer have an account with them because they have cancelled it!

    We are absolutely appalled by the Customer Service and the timeline of events. It is extremely unethical and they have breached their terms and conditions in at least two ways. We will wait for 48 hours, and if no satisfactory conclusion is reached then we shall contact both Trading Standards and Watchdog. I guess we also have the option of a No Win No Fee lawyer available to us.

    Let’s see.
    • heath.rd
    • By heath.rd 14th Nov 16, 2:37 PM
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    AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL and they are a FRAUD company
    I took out service plan number WS0106379. However I've had NOTHING buy trouble with these guys.

    I had an issue with my boiler, an engineer was sent out, who did pretty much nothing and went away. He also reported that when he was got to the property, there was heating and hot water ALREADY at the property. This was a lie. There had been no heating an no hot water at the property for a number of days. He then went away without doing much. The problem persisted. Now I am being asked me to pay for the callout AGAIN - FOR THE SAME PROBLEM...!!!!!!!!

    I had spoken to Chanel previously in "Claims" who assured me that for a recurrence of the same issue no callout will be charged but Hannah (also in Claims) then decided that another £75 was required for callout charges. This is RIDICULOUS! These guys are a fradulent money-making scam shop. I have followed all the procedures but this is like duping the customers big time.

    I then rang to cancel my contract and was told by Paul Tate that no refund will be issued. This HAS to be the most bizarre set up ever! I have never seen such shoddy work ethics and the customer service is APPALLING.

    The staff are RUDE. Especially Hannah in "Claims" is absolutely AWFUL, shockingly rude. I have asked to speak to her manager. 2 days later - NOTHING.

    Horrible customer service, terrible service, no work ethics, and generally a really really really bad organisation to EVER have to deal with.
    • riboid
    • By riboid 17th Nov 16, 1:10 PM
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    Scam alert 247 homerescue
    Just wish I done the due diligence bit before even looking at this shambles of a company.

    We made a claim for a boiler, they said it would be 75 excess charge. I looked through my terms and conditions and could find no entry for this. I emailed them and asked them to look through the t &c's, which I received no reply. I was then told via email that these terms and conditions did not apply anymore and that I was sent out a new terms and conditions contract. I told them I did not receive any such document and could they provide evidence that they did indeed post it out. To date, no reply from them, even Kevin at the complains department. I then cancelled my direct debits, only then to receive a call indicating that as I have made a claim, then I would be liable for a 12 months contract or pay the cancellation fee.

    I have sent them a letter stating breach of contract, as advised by Citizens Advice Bureau as they cannot prove to me that they have sent out new terms and conditions.


    • rolybrom
    • By rolybrom 18th Nov 16, 4:29 PM
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    The more this company is exposed the better. I see from all the negative reviews that have been left, there have been quite a few people that had the same thing happen to them. So I would advise anybody to stay well clear of them and if they have been caught out by 24/7 Home recue to report accordingly.
    Last edited by rolybrom; 18-11-2016 at 4:37 PM. Reason: To make my review stand out more
    • Moussa2016
    • By Moussa2016 19th Nov 16, 12:01 PM
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    Warning – do not use this company – it’s a scam
    I took out a Boiler Care agreement with this company and wasted my time, energy and money.
    Upon reporting a fault with my boiler I was asked to deposit £75 excess charge prior to an engineer coming out. There is no mention of this in any of the Company’s documentation!
    The engineer came out and diagnosed a problem with the Thermistor. He stated that he would email the diagnosis to 24/7 and they would be in contact to arrange the actual repair. A thermistor for my boiler costs a maximum £20 to replace.
    A few days later I got a call from a rather aggressive 24/7 operator claiming to be the Operational Manager (gave his name reluctantly as Oliver, then James then Oliver James). I doubt if it’s any of these. He informed me that I required a new pump. He further explained that because the price of a new pump is more than 60% of the value of my boiler 24/7 were not obliged to fix it. However for a “special” price of £320 he could arrange for the manufacturer to fix the problem. My choices were pay £320 to have the boiler fixed or to have the boiler declared beyond economical repair with no financial contribution from 24/7.
    Luckily I had the phone number of the engineer who first came out so I contacted him to clarify the nature of the repair – he confirmed a replacement Thermistor. I contacted 24/7 to highlight the discrepancy.
    A few hours later Mr Oliver James phoned to tell me that the engineer had made a mistake and that the diagnosis was a faulty Thermistor but possibly a faulty PCB Board. Mr James went on to explain that the company would wish to ensure that I was left with a fully functioning boiler and to make sure they would replace the faulty Thermistor and replace the PCB Board.
    Of course the price of a PCB Board is more than 60% of the value of my boiler and 24/7 were not obliged to fix it (the market value of a PCB Board for my boiler is circa £180).
    However for a “special” price of £320 (note the amount) he could arrange for the manufacturer to fix the problem. My choices were pay £320 to have the boiler fixed or to have the boiler declared beyond economical repair with no financial contribution from 24/7.
    I enquired why 24/7 would not just fix the Thermistor but was told that 24/7 is “just not that type of company.” Mr James went on to explain that as a professional practitioner (he did not say of what) of FIVE Years he could not understand why I felt I was not getting a bargain.
    I asked to speak to his superior but he explained that the Managing Director was in New York. It beggared belief that Mr James held such an exalted position as second in command at 24/7. I should have felt privileged that such a “Senior Manager” contacted me in the first place.
    Needless to say – my direct debit contributions have been cancelled and credit card transactions halted.
    • rolybrom
    • By rolybrom 19th Nov 16, 9:03 PM
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    24-7 Home-Rescue
    Diabolical fits them perfectly

    We were caught out with this company as well. Free call out, labour and parts, reliable and professional etc. Sounds great doesn’t it? Until you make a claim. That’s when you find out none of this is true and your so called cover is worthless! They don’t fix anything unless you contribute to the repair. So what’s happened to the boiler cover exactly, you might ask? Well, they have this trick of boosting up the price of the parts and then say the boiler is beyond economical repair. They told me the parts would cost £940. Nearly the price of a new boiler? Remember you are supposed to be covered up to £1,000 per call out. Google the parts yourself and it’s a fraction of that!. In reality you find not all the parts quoted are even used due to mis-diagnosis and like the other guy we got stung for £200 as well. This is on top of the monthly payments ofcourse. Their complaints department is also a sham and needless to say, they don’t even follow their own complaints procedure. Go to Trust Pilot reviews of 24/7 Home Rescue and filter by stars. Select one star to get the real picture. Allow a bit of time ‘cause you’ll be there for quite a while reading other people’s disaster stories. Even their replies to the reviews are condescending! Better off finding somebody locally. Or if your prepared to pay for proper cover:- British Gas or Homeserve!!!
    • rolybrom
    • By rolybrom 20th Nov 16, 9:43 AM
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    Great Review
    You've got it in one with this outfit. As advised by Citizen's Advice my case is presently with the Ombudsman and if no joy I'll take it to a small claims court.
    • brown_ambassador
    • By brown_ambassador 21st Nov 16, 10:15 AM
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    Just very poor from start to finish
    Have had possibly the worst service I have ever had from a company.
    1. MASSIVE hassle getting you guys to actually book and attend an appointment:
    First appointment cancelled the day before - apparently an "emergency callout" and we would be contacted to rearrange. No one contacted us. I contacted 3 times after failed call backs and was given the number of the engineer to call myself. After several times of the number not being answered or returned, finally they answered and said they no longer service our area (therefore the 'emergency callout' to me sounds like a lie). I then had to make 2 further calls before finally we got a call back from the company who did finally attend

    2. my wife (who was in during the call) reported the engineer to be grumpy, unhelpful and unfriendly throughout the visit. It was the end of the day and it seemed like he was certainly not up for going the extra mm let alone mile for his customer. He also complained that the water tank was in the loft (there is easy access with a pull down ladder). In her words "not someone I would invite back into our house".

    3. He refused to carry out the boiler service, Your engineer believes there are issues with the installation of the boiler. This has not been raised by the 2 other engineers who have serviced the boiler since its installation 3 years ago.

    4. I have now paid for the annual boiler service, have had nothing but hassle to date and no actual service, and now am having nothing but hassle with your complaints team. After initially only offering me a partial refund (due by today according to their 10 working days in the email), they now refuse to return my emails or calls. I have called to put in a complaint about the complaints department and the person on the phone refuses to put me through to a manager. Promises to call me back go unanswered. This is an utter shambles from start to finish.
    • drizzlehell
    • By drizzlehell 21st Nov 16, 5:06 PM
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    MSE Help?
    Is there anything anyone at MSE can do to help? The service we and many others have had and the way we have all been treated is nothing short of criminal - they refuse to deal with complaints, never return calls, break their terms and conditions and outright lie and are extremely rude on the phones, even giving false names - they appear to be a total scam and it needs sorting out. We have drafted our own letters to Trading Standards and Citizens Advice are helping us out with this, but 24/7 Home Rescue cannot and should not be allowed to continue operating in this manner.
    • sanchosser
    • By sanchosser 30th Nov 16, 12:06 PM
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    24/7 Home Rescue - avoid like the plague
    A truly awful company. I could list the whole entire, horrible episode, but this will give you a flavour:

    Turned up without notice. As we were going out and the two men had never heard of 24/7 (and were from a different company) we didn't let them in. We got charged £75 for this failed visit, on top of the original £75 excess.

    After lots of effort to get it sorted, they turned up and said they don't do lofts, and had no ladder. Refused to use our own ladder, so company wanted us to pay £65 for them to hire a ladder.

    This despite being on a £0 excess policy!

    • Nicolaki566
    • By Nicolaki566 9th Dec 16, 5:39 PM
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    Avoid like the plague
    24/7 home rescue, this company is making the same mistake time and time again by reading previous reviews. What a joke!!

    I had an issue with a small leak in my boiler, which is approx 15 years old, the engineer came out to the property and replaced a set of O rings, an independent engineer, who arrived in an unmarked vehicle.

    Throughout the time in my property he swore several times, and informed me how much of a pain the job was. After he tried to leave twice with water still running out of my boiler, everything appeared to be in order. He advised me that I would have to call the company if there were any further issues and he would return, however he did not wish to return as he hated working on my boiler, and he would be avoiding my address when he saw it appeared on the system.

    The engineer had to leave to go to the next job.

    Following his departure, I immediately notified the company that my hot water had stopped working since he left.

    I was informed that someone would get back to me within an unspecified timescale (the company refused to give me a time scale stating they were busy)

    After over 8 days, and approximately 7 phone calls, I was informed that a manager would call me back the following phone call. I chased them up at the end of the day to be informed that it was his day off, and promised a call back the next day.

    still no phone call.....I chased him up to be informed that the boiler is beyond economical repair, a recurring theme so it appears, and they will not be returning, despite me paying £75 for the engineer to fix my boiler, which he did not apparently manage to do!! I found this statement quite peculiar seems that I asked them if they knew what the issue with it was, and after trying to change the subject on several occasions, they informed me that they did not..

    some of the information on the report containing statements I apparently made were clearly inaccurate

    Nearly all of the staff were rude and abrupt, and appeared to be disinterested in my custom. All spoke over me on nearly every phone call and seemed unable to answer any of my queries. I was even accused of lying at one point and changing my story.....

    I of course called to cancel to my policy, to be told that I would have to go and find my account number and call back as they were unable to process my cancellation without it, obviously ridiculous, which I contested. After waiting on hold for a lifetime, I was advised that they will allow me to give me personal details in order to find my account "just this once" speaking to me like a child who had left my PE kit at home! FINALLY I managed to cancel the cover with this joke of a disorganisation, now having had hot water for over a week!! To my frustration, I discovered that they had taken a payment on the same day.....I called them back AGAIN to be advised that a manager would have to authorise the refund. AGAIN no phone call, which I chased up, to finally receive my refund for the month.

    Since the engineer attended my property nearly 2 weeks ago now, I have been chasing the report or receipt for the work carried out....still to no avail.

    Like the other customers, I will be reporting the facts to Watchdog, and Trading Standards, I urge others to do the same!
    Last edited by Nicolaki566; 09-12-2016 at 5:41 PM. Reason: Title
    • fortpenfold
    • By fortpenfold 12th Dec 16, 3:42 PM
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    The Worst Customer Service EVER! Please Avoid This Company
    The worst customer service I have ever experienced! Very aggressive people on the phone if you dare to complain. These guys will take your money but heaven help you if you actually have an emergency at home, forget the "within 4 hours" claim on their website, forget 24 hours, maybe 48 hours if you are lucky and then they send some local guy who hasn't a clue what he's doing & isn't allowed to do too much anyway as they have to get permission from 247homerescue and then surprise, surprise, the problem you have is not covered! DREADFUL DREADFUL DREADFUL, I only hope if you're reading this you have not already given 247homerescue some money! If you have, join the queue of poor saps that did, NIGHTMARE!
    • delia
    • By delia 13th Dec 16, 3:02 PM
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    Lucky Escape
    I didn't read this thread before taking out boiler cover for my 80 year old Mum 2 weeks ago. "Relax! You've got cover" said the welcome pack. A woman called today and informed me that in fact, I do not have cover as my mum's boiler is floor standing "it's in the T&Cs," she said. Well no it isn't actually, because I read them. I was going to protest, but after reading this, I think I've had a lucky escape. They have already taken £14.95 which I was told will be refunded....
    • Ting Chau
    • By Ting Chau 1st Jan 17, 10:55 AM
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    Ting Chau
    Pensioner's Nightmare
    I totally agreed your comments about this company. It said they don't cover intermittent problem. In fact they don't cover any problems of your boiler. I thought if I paid £75 I will get my boiler repair but I was wrong. They asked me to pay £75 before they send out an engineer. However, this was a call-out charge only to identified your boiler problem and no repair whatsoever. You may have to find few hundred pounds more for the repair to take place. I was paying £13.23 monthly for 3 months for services for nothing plus extra month to cancel contract. My one was a Rolling Monthly Contract, if you have no claim then give 30 days notice to cancel the contract. Once the claim is completed then you are subjected to £120 cancellation fee. A rolling monthly contract has no end date. After 12 months it will roll on for another 12 months. They will not send out any reminder to you until you cancel. A money trap to catch anyone don't read the Terms 7 Conditions. I lost a total of £127.92 with this company plus £20 telephone bill. I have reported to CAB & Trading Standard.
    I also reported this company in Trustpilot. It has 9 pages of negative comments and more victims.
    • akkum
    • By akkum 3rd Jan 17, 11:28 AM
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    {Text removed by MSE Forum Team} ** Be Careful***
    Hi Guys,

    I have lost a lot of money. When my boiler stopped working. Those guys came in and said it a big work as circuit is gone. So need to order that and come and will fix it. After couple of days they called me saying the charges are more than a valuation of boiler so cannot be covered. I mentioned could you please send me the detail what is fault. They mentioned this not in policy that i should tell you what is gone wrong in your boiler. I told you on phone but cannot send you in letter. They have been very rude as well.

    Now I wanted to cancel the policy but they are saying you cannot cancel the policy as soon as you do any claim or service you have to stay until another 12 months form the date of service. They are also not regulated with Financial Conduct Authority. Apparently we cannot go to the Financial Ombudsman. Not sure what to do? I have made the formal complain to the company. But no reply. GET AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

    if any of you know what to do in this situation? How can save my direct debit until may?

    Last edited by MSE Andrea; 24-10-2018 at 9:15 AM.
    • zzzatang
    • By zzzatang 3rd Jan 17, 7:21 PM
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    1) The sales person lied to me saying unlike their competition 247home rescue will never increase monthly direct debit amount regardless of number of claims made in the next 24 months. However, within 6 month they raised my monthly direct debit by 37.5% .
    2) That is 3 months after declaring my fully functional boiler as BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR and that they will not repair or support it!
    3) I was told I could challenge this decision, get the boiler repaired by local GAS SAFE engineer and claim the costs. The boiler worked after the repairs but my claim was not responded to over 6 months. When i chased multiple times I was given some unacceptable reason why they declined that claim. I gave up, as its really
    4) They kept taking the increased monthly direct debit even though they had no intention to repair or support my boiler.
    5) Their cancellation staff is very unhelpful and rude.
    6) Told me I cannot give them even 14 days’ notice to cancel the policy and that I have to call only after the policy has been active for at least 12 months. I said the policy is 11.5 months old and that I want you to cancel on the 366th day which is about 15 days from the day I called. He declined to take such cancellation request.
    7) When I told them that you sold this policy stating there wont be any prices hikes for next 24 months but you have raised prices in the first 6 months, they bluntly told me that is in their terms and conditions and there is nothing I could do. I highlighted that the only reason I purchased their policy was the promise of no hikes for 24 months, the guys still insisted that the T&C’s allow raising prices. What a bunch of thugs and liars. Completely unethical company
    8) I had an electrical issue, where the RCD was tripping every few minutes. Their electrician came and said there will have to be thorough test required. But nothing happened after that …! I had to get a local electrician who found a loose connection in few minutes and fixed the fault in no time.
    I have paid money and got barely anything in return. Rather I have spent more time and effort to get anything done from them than they have spent on my issues. Hopeless company.
    • bradderscj
    • By bradderscj 4th Jan 17, 10:07 PM
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    Just like lots of others BAD BAD company
    Without repeating what so many others have already said if you are thinking about using this company DON'T but if you want to waste your money read the small print. Basically the policy is useless if you try to claim or complain don't bother unless you want to fork out even more money. As others have said they are bordering on criminal
    • DarkShadow
    • By DarkShadow 5th Jan 17, 5:07 PM
    • 148 Posts
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    Seems like 247 are the likes of Aldi/Lidl
    Bank accounts
    Santander : 16 year relationship, 0 problems to date.
    • Rob Wright
    • By Rob Wright 9th Jan 17, 11:10 AM
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    Rob Wright
    Not Honouring Contract
    Not honouring contract
    Service Contract no: WS0100879.
    Service contract plan commencement date 10/08/16
    Excess amount £0

    Very poor Service contact & contract not honoured
    Since taking Landlord boiler cover on several properties during the last year, I've had several poor experiences in contacting the dept.’s and obtaining services including trying to book the annual gas safety checks! This resulted in myself having to organise independent gas service engineers. I have recently had a fault on a boiler which took 8 days to respond. I have now been told I need to pay £235 for a controller? which I disputed. I told 247 this is covered as it’s a main boiler part; the response I got from the Claims Manager was unbelievable!! He said "it’s at our absolute sole discretion" and we won’t be covering this item. Now I've read the other reviews and seen similar issues, I just feel sorry for some who might just (elderly) trust 247 and pay-up. I have since reviewed the boiler manual (as I'm an Engineer myself) and there's no part called a controller, so I phoned 247 back and enquired for more detail, they now tell me it’s a Programmer??? Either way they still won’t honour the contract and I feel they are now avoiding my calls to try and sort this issue out. I was also really disappointed during a call with the Claims Manager when I said I would be cancelling all my contracts, to which he replied "well you will have to pay a cancellation fee and the engineers’ fee for this work”!!! Through experience I feel this company does not have adequate and correct staffing levels at the call centres , I have also found out they don’t actually employ any Engineers, they contract out the work, no wonder there's delays. But above all this the most annoying thing is they are obviously willing to make up reasons to avoid honouring their contract details and actually repair the fault.
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