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    • spinningsheep
    • By spinningsheep 19th Jan 13, 4:34 PM
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    Economy Energy, who are they?
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    • 19th Jan 13, 4:34 PM
    Economy Energy, who are they? 19th Jan 13 at 4:34 PM
    Who are these people? Never heard of them, had a rep stop me in the street a few days back and I gather they only offer prepay and the rep told me THEY supply the energy, nobody is behind them like Sainsburys Energy and BG for eg, but their website seems vague!
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    • Scruff2015
    • By Scruff2015 7th Nov 16, 3:02 PM
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    E and EE are "together"
    E(Gas and Electricity) and Economy Energy are "together" ...

    - They are being investigated for the same problems.
    - They are based in similar areas.
    - They have similar websites.
    - They offer the same products.
    - Look at the info on companies house, company check websites. Doesn't take a genius ....

    They have nothing to do with B Gas or any other company. They are both independent entities.

    That TV program - Rouge Traders (?) should be commissioned to look into these 2 companies. Would be interesting ....
    Last edited by Scruff2015; 07-11-2016 at 3:06 PM.
    • ScrimperSaver548
    • By ScrimperSaver548 8th Nov 16, 5:19 PM
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    You are kiddin?!?!
    So their office or business address is in the middle of the airport? Which one hun?
    • Kelnyg
    • By Kelnyg 17th Nov 16, 11:07 AM
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    Last night I got a phone call about switching to this company, I blame the nightshift brain for agreeing. The welcome email was instant and a few hours later the welcome pack, both included an email address to cancel - which I did this morning, however, the email address provided does not exist. I called on the phone number provided, thankfully that did work and they are cancelling the switch. However, when I asked for an email confirming the cancellation I was told it takes up to 4 days to process the cancellation and that I'd get a letter after that. I said I wanted an email stating the cancellation was being processed and surprise, they can't do that. I hope I'm wrong, but I get a feeling they're going to 'lose' my cancellation request
    • Scruff2015
    • By Scruff2015 2nd Dec 16, 9:47 PM
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    Oh my ...
    Oh my ... ddcol ... looks like EE have a passionate happy customer. Probably their only one

    Oh wait, and another 1 post wonder ...

    Don't suppose you have a stake or interest in the company and have created lots of new accounts to post a positive comment? Just an observation, but it seems positive comments on this whole thread is only, or mostly from Newbies?

    I think you should wash your mouth with soap and water ... and maybe your supplier too ... or maybe you dont need to because Ofgem will do the nation a favour very soon ...

    Last edited by Scruff2015; 02-12-2016 at 10:01 PM.
    • Amybenson101
    • By Amybenson101 5th Dec 16, 5:44 PM
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    Hey, how have you got on?? A guy turned up at my door and my husband just got home and we was about to go out so we rushed him off while accepting. We rang the next day to cancel they said they would deal with it, but just received an email now from my actual supplier saying sorry you're leaving us!!! When we never cancelled with our original supplier. They should be allowed to just cancel your original supplier account!! So just wondering if anything else has happened to you? Thanks
    • Amybenson101
    • By Amybenson101 5th Dec 16, 5:47 PM
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    Has anyone had any good dealings with this company? I found myself being sweet talked into signing up, I've received no paperwork or meter key and the code that they have given my to activate another key is not working. I want to quit with them and go back to my previous supplier, can I?
    Originally posted by tinadadd
    How did you get on?? Has it been solved? Because I want to cancel with them but they're making it very hard to
    • By KAAT_LADY 21st Dec 16, 7:21 PM
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    Just had a call from economy energy, call centre somewhere in durham, very pushy said they could do it less than gb energy(co-op)
    mortgage free as of 06/02/2008#
    berthas buddies No 5
    murphys no more pies club member ,No 242..
    .,night owl 25

    • By KAAT_LADY 21st Dec 16, 7:24 PM
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    Had a call from octopus energy earlier today. Just wondering if the list for gb energy (co-op) , who i am with atm ,has gone viral
    mortgage free as of 06/02/2008#
    berthas buddies No 5
    murphys no more pies club member ,No 242..
    .,night owl 25

    • Turnip_Edd
    • By Turnip_Edd 27th Dec 16, 8:48 PM
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    My daughter 'discovered' today her account has been 'closed' with Utilita and she was 'transferred' to Economy Energy (gas & elec - PrePay) during first week of December.

    .. this discovery was made by being unable to top up her gas & elec... phoning Utilita and being informed she was 'no longer a customer'... asking the guy to give her the number for E E... ringing [India] after 25 Min wait today... and having a lady agree 'all her supplier details' and give her an account number so she could purchase gas & elec.


    India had only her Name.. Mobile Number.. Email address...???

    There has been no 'sorry you are leaving/we can offer a better tariff' letter from Utilita & NO 'welcome pack' from E E.

    How in the hades did all this happen.........

    Last edited by Turnip_Edd; 27-12-2016 at 8:51 PM.
    • Joyful
    • By Joyful 27th Dec 16, 9:58 PM
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    You need to ask EE to treat it as an erroneous transfer or you can ask the old supplier to do this. Then EE has to prove that your daughter agreed to change supply either on the phone, in the street or at the doorstep or Web. If they cannot prove this it will go back to the previous supplier. The fact they have her email address makes me think she has spoken to someone or gone through a website
    ****Released the reins and am now Self employed****
    • Pollytoast
    • By Pollytoast 28th Dec 16, 11:23 AM
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    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and looking for some help and advice. I moved into a rented flat and am using a meter card for my gas which is pretty expensive. I was stopped by economy energy months ago but to be honest I forgot all about it. I contacted them and they sent out a welcome pack plus a bill, I contacted them to ask what the charge is for as I'm still using my card for British gas.
    They said if British gas are charging me then I need to take it up with them.
    But if I don't pay my card then I have no gas so how can economy energy possibly charge me for gas that I haven't had from them? I am now 164.54 in debt to them.
    Can anyone help please. Economy energy keep hanging up on me as English isn't their first language and can't understand me!!!!!
    Polly. Xx
    • gsmlnx
    • By gsmlnx 28th Dec 16, 4:19 PM
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    Please go and see your local Citizens Advice Bureau for help.
    • Turnip_Edd
    • By Turnip_Edd 28th Dec 16, 5:48 PM
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    Quick Update on the E E 'phantom change over'...!!

    My daughter had a letter drop through the door thismorning.... Welcome to E E. You have been with us since 30th November and the transfer process will now commence. You have 14 days to change your mind, this option expires 14TH DECEMBER.

    You will be getting a 'Welcome Pack' in about 14 Days......

    So then :-

    28days to get this letter.. ?
    No sign of a Welcome Pack [yet...!]
    Addressed correctly to her and with the correct Post Code. ??

    Just to reaffirm this...... She didn't even know of the existence of E E & has never heard of them/spoken/been emailed or texted or seen a clipboarder.

    I have advised she presses Utilita to make E E give a proof of change/contract..... as advised above.

    ... this is Orwellian....

    • Newbie8186
    • By Newbie8186 12th Feb 17, 8:41 AM
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    Economy energy
    Hi guys I've just signed up to these guys as a knock on the door and thought why not sold me with no standing day charge and prices ain't to bad so if your after prices here ya go guys.

    Tarriff- Value (pay as you go)
    Electric 16.11p no standing charge
    Gas 4.36p no standing charge
    Price garanteed till July 2017
    Tariff ends: Jan18
    No exits fees.
    • azzadle
    • By azzadle 20th Feb 17, 9:09 AM
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    Because you don't work for them at all, do you?
    • Scruff2015
    • By Scruff2015 21st Feb 17, 10:18 AM
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    Typical behaviour!
    Azzadle - this is a typical trend on this forum ... newbies signing up with positive reviews. Why would anyone do that? People generally only come here to complain. It must be some employee or director or owner ... unfortunately, they aren't bright enough to figure out what they are doing is so obvious!

    Look at my post: 02-12-2016, 9:47 PM - a newbie called ddcoll came and started firing expletives because I highlighted the above. It was later removed of course, but proves someone with a vested interest patrols this forum.

    The company think they are clever with their marketing - in reality they are anything but. Miss-selling, cheap marketing and screwing people is their name and game - needs no explaining.

    They are boasting a 4m new call centre - I mean how silly is that - why would anyone spend 4m on a call centre with about 200 employees and a profit of less than 1m? Maybe its 4m spread over 5 million years? Its all silly marketing and silly ideas from a classic cowboy and unprofessional outfit. Always trying to falsely magnify things that in reality have no substance just to gain some brownie points! If only they could get the basic rights and treat all humans how they should be.

    Nothing surprises me about this company. Complete cowboy company who treat their customers (see the internet reviews - loads of them, ofgem investigations), employees (see glassdoor website) and former directors very badly.

    Many have realized the constant revolving door at the company ... BE CAREFUL if you get offered a supply contract or job at this place.
    Last edited by Scruff2015; 21-02-2017 at 10:32 AM.
    • fromfive
    • By fromfive 8th Mar 17, 9:56 PM
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    you think you are so smart don't you huh Mr I only got 12 posts...didn't you have one post once before

    you are basically saying everyone here should be singing the same song and complain...why can't there be a few people that find these guys useful. There are people that hate mcdonals because they think there is rubbish in it and there are people who love it, are you going to say the people loving it are retarded or get paid by mcdonals to say that.

    it is unfortunate that a lot of people have huge problems with EE, but there HAS to be some that like them, even though they know the bad side of the company and those people are sharing the most important information with you...the price. We can complain that they are a bad company, but if they appear to be cheaper than most then why not jump on them...end of the day we are all looking for a deal and some have found it. Don't holla at people with one post they just sharing their view brah
    • dewdneyk
    • By dewdneyk 10th Mar 17, 7:33 PM
    • 3 Posts
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    Thanks to all
    I have just had a letter from SSE who my dual fuel contract is currently with. It runs out 4 May and they want me to go to their website and choose a new fixed tariff for next year. I looked at their prices and then went to USwitch to get some comparisons and see how much I can save (I switch every year).

    The biggest saving comes from Economy Energy who I had never heard of so a quick search online came up with this thread which I have read from beginning to end.

    Thanks for enlightening me. I will not be trying this company and am now moving on to the next company listed. Anyone know anything about IRESA?
    • Lindagreenacre
    • By Lindagreenacre 27th Mar 17, 10:37 PM
    • 80 Posts
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    Wish we had never heard of Economy Energy
    Our fixed rate deal with Scottish Power was expiring and so we did a search online and the price with Economy Energy seemed good and so we jumped. How we wish we hadn't. They have a website that is absolutely useless. If you try to log on to your account, all you get is promises of what they are going to do. There is no way of entering your readings on the site. You have to just email them. Your account balance and bills are not available to view. Chocolate fireguard comes to mind. What a shambolic company. Our deal ends on 23 Nov. 2017. I can't wait!
    • K.S.
    • By K.S. 6th Apr 17, 5:14 PM
    • 77 Posts
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    cold called by these earlier, 20 minutes on the phone before the rep told me the unit price and standing charge and my jaw dropped, so much more expensive... no thank you, good bye
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