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    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 2nd Jul 12, 12:34 PM
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    my non-mortgage mortgage free journey :)
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    • 2nd Jul 12, 12:34 PM
    my non-mortgage mortgage free journey :) 2nd Jul 12 at 12:34 PM
    I don't really belong here i guess but i know how helpful you all are, and in away i am a mortgage free wanna be, in that i want a house without a mortgage at all!!!

    Now just to clarify we want to build so this could be a very long dairy, at the moment we are living in an old farm building and only paying 150 rent, no rates as we're behind family so they pay it (so in a way were sorta living with family in there back garden)

    Current aim is 30k in 2 years, given ur income is 24000 including all the benefits we get for the kids ect it's gonna be hard, hubbys doing a few extra jobs on the side which should help- this aim is only to get us a plot, thats the going rate, once we have the cash we will start looking at auctions, we're also hoping to do this before universal credits come in or else we will be over the savings threshold for taxcredits and end up stagnant.

    Just for the recorded before anyoen says i have my head in the clouds we are in n.ireland and i can show you many examples of sites around this price that have been for sale for months and months and havent sold, land seems to be alot cheaper in my area.

    SOA is next on my list.....
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    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 6th Feb 13, 2:32 PM
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    I keep forgetting to take my vitamins,i really must do better.
    Originally posted by never too old
    I'm sure he'll forget aswell but who am i to say your not allowed to get healthy because you might fail, he's a very determined person but he likes his food too much to stick at dieting.

    Wow quintwins - just been reading your postings - you are really, really dedicated to this - it's great - I wish you so well in your quest. We can all learn a lot here. :-)
    Originally posted by gc_bus
    Thank you, i could prob be abit more dedicated but you only live once

    Ok elec bill is 192 thats for a quarter tho so not too bad, but a good 20 more than the ones before it, but i've been using teh drier alot so expected that.

    Oh did i mention i'm going away for the weekend next weekend? to a fancy hotel, breakfast and 2 4 course meals on both nighst are included, def not frugal but it was cheap and we all deserve a treat (and some couple time rather than mummy and daddy time) from time to time, generally we go away on a wee hotel break once a year-18 months, sometimes we even bring the kids
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    • gallygirl
    • By gallygirl 6th Feb 13, 10:09 PM
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    Wow quintwins - just been reading your postings - you are really, really dedicated to this - it's great - I wish you so well in your quest. We can all learn a lot here. :-)
    Originally posted by gc_bus
    I agree, puts me to shame .
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
    Mortgage Balance = 0
    "Do what others won't early in life so you can do what others can't later in life"
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 7th Feb 13, 9:38 AM
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    I agree, puts me to shame .
    Originally posted by gallygirl
    Don't be silly you do really well.

    Morning everyone,

    Throats still abit sore, and i didn't get the bathroom done yesterday because i couldn't find my elec book so ended up turning the livingroom upside down then did a big clean in here instead.

    I havent been to a shop in over a week (altho hubby has ) seem to be doing 'ok' with the 10 a week budget aswell altho i'm going to grab squash today as i'm getting really sick of water and some milk as i'm down to the last dribble.

    Lifted some wheaten bread out of the freezer it cost 25p i never pay more than 30p for a wheaten bread you can always grab one reduced, theres a few more in the freezer. with hubbys smaller diet i ended up with some leftover new taties last night so thats todays lunch with a 9p reduced cheese and onion pasty, going to have some breakfats after my coffee, so foodwise today

    b-toast x 3 10p, 2 eggs 10p=20p
    l-spuds free, pasty 9p, half tin of carrots 9p
    d- spag bol (made week with reduced mince and loads of reduced frozen veg) 79p plus 1/3 bag of spagetti 8p

    total today- 1.34

    I really fancy fish and chips so i might jiggle my mealplan around so far this week i've stuck to it all week.

    Also i havent used the drier all week.

    I'm on my last box of dishwasher tablets, saying that it's 84 washes and i only do 1 over the weekend so it should last 3 months.

    Plan for today

    -give the bathroom a good scrub
    -go to lidl to buy squash and milk, and only buy squash and milk
    -do not use the drier
    -light the fire rather than using the heat
    -check for surveys
    - set up shop and scan
    -food from stores
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    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 8th Feb 13, 9:39 AM
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    Good morning everyone, it's cold here but i'm not putting the heat on because i'm off out soon.

    Spent 1 yesterday on a bottle of squash, i ended up going to the filling station for it as we were running late so just got the on offer one.

    Today i'm off to the libary with the youngest they do a wee group on a friday morning, i'm considering paying for parking as it's so cold, but acually we'd still have to walk if i did so a few seconds more won't kill us, while i'm out i want to grab a poker as mines far too short and were gonna end up buring ourselves. So i'll update on that spend later.

    Need milk so i'll call into lidl and get milk and 2 loaves of bread for the freezer save me going shopping again on monday and i'll stop by the market and see if they have any good offers and get ds a banana atleast i will prob get a bag of apples for 1 aswell.

    I WILL NOT GO TO POUNDLAND as i don't need anything and just buy for the sake of it.

    Food wise today

    b- half the wheaten bread with butter 20p
    l-lo meatballs (oh yeah yesterdays spag bol was acually meatballs when it defrosted) with spagetti 5p
    d- Was suppose to be spag bol turned into chilli but i have no spag bol so fish and chips, chips from freezer 40p, fish whoospies 60p, fishfingers for the kids also from the freezer 20p beans 30p=1.50

    food for today 1.75 plus a banana from the market (he gets a single one and she usually gives him it for 10p cause he likes to pay himself lol) and prob a apple each for the kids aswell.

    Oh i almost forgot i promised the kids a bag of sweets each aswell so thats 1 and now i need to go to tesco and get them aswell.

    Will update on acual spends later.

    Ok so no poker because they didn'thave the one i'd see before in stock they had a nice companion set for 25 but there was no way i was carrying it to the car.

    Parked in the free capark and walked.

    Ds got a free banana from the market. I didn't buy any other fruit.

    Didn't go to lidl just stopped into the butchers and got some 95p milk.

    Spent 2.88 in b&m on shampoo for the kids, glue sticks as yesterdays homework resulted in me going over the top of it with tape cause the glue was so old lol, and i found tins of pure orange juice 20p each or 3 for 1 ds was moaning he wanted a drink so i got some they were acually really nice and i'll buy them again.

    Lastly 1 on sweets for the bigger boys got a packetet with a few packets in it to use again next week.

    Total spends today 4.38, overall spends 15.98.
    Last edited by quintwins; 08-02-2013 at 1:20 PM.
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 10th Feb 13, 6:57 PM
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    I everyone yesterday we were suppose to go swimming but me and hubby weren't feeling great and the kids couldn't find there armbands so we asked them if they wanted to do anything instead and they said the cinema so 2 kids tickets with free adult were booked to rise of the guardians at in total for 5 of us, 5 was spent in poundland on sweets and a packet of homebargains popcorn was shoved on the microwave making the cost just 11, you have to pay for parking but the ticket office refunds you as i was waiting on mine a woman ordered a adults and childs ticket to wreck it ralph which cost her 9 and was thinking wow i'll be taking 5 to see that in a month or 2 for just 6!!!

    Then i went to work and came home to collect my kids from the inlaws and they had bought us chippy tea so acually the only food i had from home yesterday was soup and bread and some popcorn.

    Today we all had a lie in then we went off ti the inlaws for lunch, i'm just home and hubbys away doing a wee sideline networking job for someone so we're having tea when he's back, kids are having 1/5 packet of value spagetti 5p, half a tin of baby carrots that was in the fridge 9p and a handful of frozen sweetcorn 5p with half a jar of pasta sauce that was also in the fridge and needed used 19p so 38p for the 3 of them, i'm ashamed to say that since hubby was suppose to be home by now and i still have baths ect to do and sort uniform i was tempted to go get them happymeals but this is much better and was made as quickly as driving to mcd's and back would have been.

    Me and hubby are having wee chicken en croute which i got reduced for 1.30 from the freezer along with a bag of wedges at 59p so nice lazy tea and i'm sure he'll come in saying he's had a rough night (which i'm sure he has he was only suppose to be an hr that was 5 hrs ago) and fancys chinese but since i have it out he'll have to eat what i have for him

    Fires lit, hubbys coat and the kids uniform will be drier infront of it tonight ....still no drier used here
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 11th Feb 13, 9:35 PM
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    Good evening everyone, had a lazy day here and went back to bed with the youngest woke up at half 11 and relised how late it was and that we hadn't eaten anything so got up, went to the dr's to collect scripts and then collected the kids then back to collect more scripts that weren't ready and get a wee bit of shopping, spent 5.80 and only went off my list for some value baps which i bought with a giftcard.

    Food today

    b-2 special k mini bites 10p, wheatbix 25p.
    l-toast 10p half tin spagetti 8p
    d-fishfingers 30p, rest of spagetti chicken burgers 50p chips 50p, cheese 15p baps 14p

    total today- 2.20 so not too bad

    159 added to the savings today aswell.
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • never too old
    • By never too old 11th Feb 13, 9:49 PM
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    never too old
    well done on the savings,you are doing so well
    Wombling in 2018. 314 cc. 113 nec. 2.68 apg
    45 mm
    2 coffee beans(44p)
    5p rk
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 11th Feb 13, 10:32 PM
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    well done on the savings,you are doing so well
    Originally posted by never too old
    Thank you my sog is now up to date, i had hoped to be doing better the start of teh year seems to be going quite slow but i have a phone bill, elec bill, creditcard bill and rent to pay this week so it's not going to pick up anytime soon
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 13th Feb 13, 9:51 AM
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    Good morning everyone, i got a random payment of 160 from tax credits yesterday i have no idea why so i'm waiting on a letter, if it's acually mine i'll be adding it to the savings.

    Was suppose to have an appointment today but it was canceled so i'm going to stay at home and clean.

    Yesterday food wise was strange, we had mcd's at 8.77 for lunch because the child had his pre-school jabs and we always do this after jabs as a treat, but then no-one was hungry come tea time, so the kids had cheese baps a chocolate muffin and a yogurt and we had nothing til about 11 when i went to make cheese on toast and just as i was slicing cheese the inlaws phoned and offered us free chippy so we had chicken burgers and super chips instead

    Today we are having beef in black bean sauce, i always buy frying steak when i have a till spit to use or if i'm ordering online and need to make it up to 50 to use a code so even tho i'm costing the meat at 2.61 it was prob free. So half a packet of beef 1.30 red onion 10p, mushrooms from the freezer 10p packet of sauce 39p (homebargains) 3 packets of noodles 33p chips 20p, i'll also be adding peppers later when i go to lidl at around 25p so fake chinese= 2.42 so one of my dearer teas but a nice change and like i said in practice prob alot cheaper than what i paid.

    The rest of the steak is going to be cassarole tomorrow, 1.30 for the meat, 10p onion, 5p half a bag of froxzen reduced carrots, gravy 10p mash 40p= 1.95

    I'm going shopping now, i'm going to lidl for a bag of peppers they have peppers at 79p for 500g and oranges 79p for 1kg i might get 2 bags of these, i'm also going to home bargains to see if they have any storage boxes or box files, and sainburys as i'm low oon fruit and yogurts and i have a gift voucher.
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    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 14th Feb 13, 10:02 AM
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    Quite a few spends yesterday spent 18 in homebargains, 7 on this was on a gift and wrapping paper, 3 was some royal doulton bowls 2 for 99p, then some juice and smellies just.

    Got some bananas and meatlballs in sainburys but i used a giftcard.

    9.99 in tkmaxx in a baby gift.

    2.14 in asda on 4 litres of reduced milk and a bag of apples.

    4.26 i lidl on 3 peppers, 2kg carrots, 22 oranges and 5 leeks.

    Fruit bowl is now well stocked and sice we're away this weekend i'm hoping i have enough to see us into next week (altho i will need milk and a sack of spuds next week)
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 20th Feb 13, 11:25 AM
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    Hello everyone back from my weekend away (i acually tried to post yesterday but my window crashed and i forgot to come back and type it all again) we spent a good bit more than i would have liked but it was ok for a one off.

    I paid a few of my bills before i left but i still need to pay my phone bill at 162 and my creditcard at 400, i'm not convinced i can do both of these without dipping into my savings but theres no point paying interest if i don't need to.

    Went to get some milk and yogurts when i got home and hit a really good whoospie haul i got loads of bakery bread for 10p and some soup veg for 10p aswell as some sausage rolls so todays food looks like this...

    b-teacakes 10p, bananas 30p, toasted crusty roll 3p
    l-sausage rolls 10p oranges 15p
    d- soup veg 10p and chicken breasts free (been in my freezer a long time and were some reject factory chickens) turned into casarole so gravy 10p, served with yorkshires 15p and sweetcorn 10p and a wee bit of mash 20p=65p

    total today= 1.33

    Hubby cut us some pallets for fire wood yesterday aswell so that saved buying sticks or logs.

    Savings are currently 8406.61 and counting watch this space there is going to be some serious saving done from now.
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 21st Feb 13, 9:06 AM
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    Statement of Affairs and Personal Balance Sheet
    Household Information

    Number of adults in household........... 2
    Number of children in household......... 3
    Number of cars owned.................... 1

    Monthly Income Details

    Monthly income after tax................ 1086
    Partners monthly income after tax....... 0
    Benefits................................ 892
    Other income............................ 0
    Total monthly income.................... 1978

    Monthly Expense Details

    Mortgage................................ 0
    Secured/HP loan repayments.............. 0
    Rent.................................... 150
    Management charge (leasehold property).. 0
    Council tax............................. 0
    Electricity............................. 70
    Gas..................................... 0
    Oil..................................... 0
    Water rates............................. 0
    Telephone (land line)................... 45
    Mobile phone............................ 17.5
    TV Licence.............................. 0
    Satellite/Cable TV...................... 0
    Internet Services....................... 0
    Groceries etc. ......................... 200
    Clothing................................ 0
    Petrol/diesel........................... 150
    Road tax................................ 0
    Car Insurance........................... 0
    Car maintenance (including MOT)......... 0
    Car parking............................. 0
    Other travel............................ 0
    Childcare/nursery....................... 0
    Other child related expenses............ 25
    Medical (prescriptions, dentist etc).... 0
    Pet insurance/vet bills................. 0
    Buildings insurance..................... 0
    Contents insurance...................... 0
    Life assurance ......................... 0
    Other insurance......................... 15
    Presents (birthday, christmas etc)...... 0
    Haircuts................................ 10
    Entertainment........................... 0
    Holiday................................. 0
    Emergency fund.......................... 0
    gym .................................... 70
    Total monthly expenses.................. 752.5


    Cash.................................... 0
    House value (Gross)..................... 0
    Shares and bonds........................ 0
    Car(s).................................. 0
    Other assets............................ 0
    Total Assets............................ 0

    No Secured nor Hire Purchase Debts

    Unsecured Debts
    Description....................Debt......Monthly.. .APR
    Total unsecured debts..........0.........0.........-

    Monthly Budget Summary

    Total monthly income.................... 1,978
    Expenses (including HP & secured debts). 752.5
    Available for debt repayments........... 1,225.5
    Monthly UNsecured debt repayments....... 0
    Amount left after debt repayments....... 1,225.5

    Personal Balance Sheet Summary
    Total assets (things you own)........... 0
    Total HP & Secured debt................. -0
    Total Unsecured debt.................... -0
    Net Assets.............................. 0

    Created using the SOA calculator at
    Reproduced on Moneysavingexpert with permission, using IE browser.

    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 21st Feb 13, 9:10 AM
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    Above is my new SOA some of my tax credits has went down (and they recon there still over paying us so i have no idea what will happen come april) it uncludes my pay now aswell.

    Me and hubby joined the gym at 70 a month it will go down to 60 when we sign in for a year but we want to see how we get on first, we are also starting a diet so i have bumped my food budget back up to 200 which should be more than enough to cover the extra fruit, veg, salad and yogurts we are going to need. Went this morning for the first time really hope we stick at it.

    I think saving 1200 a month is still a good amount and we will feel better losing weight and getting fitter so i'm happy to spend the extra.

    Other than that the usual washing on the line, surveys and as little spending as possible today.
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    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 25th Feb 13, 9:31 AM
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    HI all diets going well i'll post of thur to let you know how much weight i've lost, my bankbalance is not going so well, we spent 105 yesterday on 21kg of cod, 6 bision steaks to try as it's suppose to be very lean and half the calories of beef sirlion, and tons of fruit, something i did not know sweet potatoe has the same amount of carbs and only 2cal difference than normal potatoes, wish i'd never that before i bought some altho they were reduced.

    My banks looking very sad, i lent some money to a friend to help her out and then today i paid my creditcard bill, it was mostly hotel rooms hubby booked for a stag do on it so i should get about half of it back, oh yeah and i spent 150 buying my kids tablets from carphone warehouse, but you never know i might acually get my ipad back lol.

    I'm not really meal planning more just eating what we fancy or i have defrosted, making a big batch of chicken stew for the kids (using teh sweet potatoes i now can't eat!!)

    Washings on the line even tho theres still frost of the ground it looks like it's going to be a lovely day, making the most of my gym membership and went to a slimming class at 7 this morning so i'm now wise awake and ready to go
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 26th Feb 13, 11:52 AM
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    Ok heres the meal plan for the week

    me and hubby- breakfasts are mainly sausages, bacon, poached eggs or fruit and yogurt, drinks are water and pure fruit juice)

    l-egg and bacon salad, pot of fruit with mullerlight
    d-pork chop with roasted peppers, mushrooms and red cabbage

    l-peppers stuffed with no bean chilli and a tiny bit of cheese followed by fruit
    d-pork chops with carrots and sweetcorn

    l- chilli topped with cheese and muller light
    d-burgers topped with poached egg and salad

    l-sausages bacon and scambled egg
    d-baked cod with mixed veg

    l- ham omlette followed by fruit
    d- sirlion steak with peppercorn sauce, beef sausages, sweetcorn and brocolli

    l- dinner at inlaws
    - poached egg and burgers with salad for tea

    kids (bigger boys get school dinner so lunch is the stuff i'm trying to use up for the smaller child so just dinners)

    tue-chicken stew
    wed-sausage rolls mash and beans
    thur-chicken stew (needs used up)
    fri-fish and chips
    sat-mince and taties
    sun-beans on toast (big lunch at inlaws)
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    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 28th Feb 13, 3:54 PM
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    Hello all week 1 of my diet and i've lost 6lbs so well worth the effort i even cheated abit.

    It's been an expensive few weeks but tomorrow is a nice new month so hopefully we'll get lots of savings in the bank next month, hoping my friend will pay me back most of the 3140 she owes me this month and i'm hoping to add 1000 to my savings myself aswell, have quite a few nights out to deal with so if i manage 1000 i'll be happy
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 4th Mar 13, 10:03 AM
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    Ok so new month new start meal plan done for the week and it should only cost 12 (plus the 8.50 i already spent on sat), kids are eating out of the freezer using stuff up.

    Today we are having baked cod with salad and the kids are having spag bol.

    Standing order of 159 went to the savings aswell rents due next week but i'm still hoping to get back up to the 8k mark

    Thats it for now, off to the gym 3 mornings this week, cars full of desil paying 4 to school for snack money later so hoping to get threw the week on 30 (i'm buying the kids hooks for over there bedroom doors at 10 aswell) I'll see you all on thur to let you know how i'm getting on and how much weight i've lost
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 7th Mar 13, 10:13 AM
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    Morning all was up early at the gym, i've lost 2lb this week

    I've updated my sig and it's rather interesting reading if anyones interested. Will be back on mon to update my savings.
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 8th Mar 13, 9:36 AM
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    I'm going to pinch some from my savings, i feel food spends have gotten out of hand so i will be taking out the cash left in my 200 budget today (140) aswell as the money i need for the rest of my rent (90) and the 25 for the kids entertainment for the money and then i will be leaving all cards at home, rent and entertainment will go in a seperate purse than my normal one, my normal one will have food money and when it's gone it's gone. Wish me luck.
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
    • quintwins
    • By quintwins 11th Mar 13, 9:48 AM
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    Hi all cash only is going well so far, was up early and went to the gym, home for a quick tidy then off out soon to bring ds to physio, busy day here

    Moved some money about this morning was a good day savings wise with over 600 added bringing me back up over 8k will have another 115 to add before the end of the week, hubbys a week behind on his pay so if that comes threw i will have over 500 to add next monday aswell

    I had some cashback from hubbys camera clear, tcb now offer tesco clubcard vouchers so i changed 43ish onto them, when the exchange is on i'll double up for freezer food you can only put 50 into clubcard vouchers so i also have 25 in love2shop vouchers which i will use in iceland in the meantime, i need soem frozen veg but i'll short that closer to teh end of the week.

    I hope you all have nice frugal days i have a sore throat so mine will consist of feeling sore for myself, cleaning and ofcourse avoiding shops
    DFW 7632/28996 26.3%
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