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    • apprentice tycoon
    • By apprentice tycoon 4th May 05, 8:58 AM
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    apprentice tycoon
    Getting to know you........
    • #1
    • 4th May 05, 8:58 AM
    Getting to know you........ 4th May 05 at 8:58 AM
    I'm just curious to ask what all the 'old style' contributors do when not contributing.
    I expect that there a good number of stay at home full time parents, maybe some of us work at home, perhaps some are part-time workers that can use the computer at work or at home or both. I guess also that there are some students out there and I'm really intrigued by the people that post after midnight, are they shift workers or night owls?

    Just to start the ball rolling - I work at home as a full time ebayer selling china and antiques (that is - should be working when I stop cruising around MSE) and our family is late teens /early 20's so don't need too much attention, just money, both are still in full-time education which is one reason why I'm here constantly searching for ways to make ends meet. We have consoled ourselves with the idea that we can be a drain their finances when we are old and doddery We have 4 wonderful cats, one ginger tom plus a tabby mum and her 2 boys, one is creamy beige the other is black /white /tabby

    I'm coming up to 50 (where did the last 25 years go?) My husband works at home too, which is great, we can take time off together but in practice rarely do as we're too busy trying to keep a large pack of wolves from the door. I love my kitchen garden which keeps us self sufficient in strawberries, summer veggies and salads.
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  • *HalfBaked*
    Thank you & hello!
    So, not sure how to start my first post... Hello to anyone that's interested in what I am about to say! The name of the thread gives a little insight but let me start with some background; I have been reading these forums for the past few months and I've really enjoyed it. Old style is my favourite and although I had been trying to be frugal prior to discovering MSE, my eyes have been opened! Not in a bad way - I have learnt so many new tips, and generally enjoyed the friendly community feel on here.

    I live with my partner, who I felt has never really embraced my money saving efforts until a few days ago! Basically the scenario was this, partner heads to the shop for a micromeal & shaving foam. We live near a T Metro store & the price is generally slightly higher than in the larger versions of the shop so he would normally have spent around £4 for shaving foam (the best a man can get!) and probably the same on his dinner, however what he returned with made me feel so proud!! Value shaving foam & a value meal! - he proudly tells me the shaving foam was 23p and his micromeal reduced to about 90p! I was so proud of him!

    The reason my post is a thank you is because this forum is brilliant, I am happy it exists and I believe that my increased frugality(?!) finally encouraged my partner to look at how he spends his money! I have never ever tried to force it on him, I've talked everything through with him that was going to effect him (groceries!) so that he had no nasty shocks and explained I want to save money and I wasn't just being "tight" for no reason!

    We both work full time so I could understand his resistance at first, but as he is the one in debt I think he is now starting to follow my example as we would love to get on the property market as soon as possible.

    Ok my first post is done, thank you if anyone finishes reading this!
    • Valli
    • By Valli 18th Nov 12, 5:25 PM
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    welcome to Old Style...
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • Lilyplonk
    • By Lilyplonk 18th Nov 12, 6:30 PM
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    and Welcome to you, HalfBaked - and congratulations on your first post

    You don't realise what you've done by that 'first post' - I'd like to bet there'll be no stopping you now .

    I think that getting our OHs into the same frame of mind is one of the most difficult parts of becoming 'mse/oldstyle'. Once they realise that they're not being treated like a 'naughty little boys' and being deprived of their 'treats', they usually come around .................. especially when they also begin to realise that 'a bit of frugality' can mean the difference between living week-to-week with debts piling up OR keeping within your means, being able to still afford a holiday/occasional luxury AND being debt-free.

    Just beware of how many times you quote Martin at him - my OH began to get a bit paranoid that 'something was going on' . Now he just rolls his eyes and shouts out 'YOUR fella is on telly again!' .
    • Fruball
    • By Fruball 18th Nov 12, 6:58 PM
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    Hello and welcome to OS!

    It's fantastic that your partner is now on board with your new MSE ways and believe me, that will make life so much easier
    • vanoonoo
    • By vanoonoo 18th Nov 12, 7:06 PM
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    woop! welcome
    • Butterfly Brain
    • By Butterfly Brain 18th Nov 12, 7:07 PM
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    Butterfly Brain
    Welcome to OS, it is so much easier when the OH is on side, he will probably overtake you in searching for bargains now that he has the OS bug
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones that let in the light
    C.R.A.P R.O.L.L.Z. Member #35 Butterfly Brain + OH - Foraging Fixers
    Not Buying it 2015!
    • meritaten
    • By meritaten 18th Nov 12, 7:07 PM
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    HI half-baked and welcome to OS!

    My OH now fully embraces 'frugality', and has been known to embarass me in Trescos when we are doing our 'top up shop', by picking things up and loudly telling other customers (and staff) that its cheaper in Aldi! lol

    Bless him, after nearly Thirty six years of marraige I now trust him to do the weekly shop and come back with the items I want and 'change'! instead of bags full of 'junk' and 'You owe me £15'!

    Good on you half-baked - being OS is better for your purse, your health and the planet! a Triple Whammy!
    • Valli
    • By Valli 18th Nov 12, 7:31 PM
    • 20,428 Posts
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    Just beware of how many times you quote Martin at him - my OH began to get a bit paranoid that 'something was going on' . Now he just rolls his eyes and shouts out 'YOUR fella is on telly again!' .
    Originally posted by Lilyplonk


    one of my fellow Flyladies told us her son shouted his mum (would have been a Friday lunchtime, when Jeremy Vine's on) and told her her boss was on the radio!
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • louby40
    • By louby40 18th Nov 12, 8:40 PM
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    I too am new to all this!

    But what an eye opener it is! Shopped in T for years spending a LOT of money. OH lost his job so we decided to head to Lidl! WOW! £60 for a weeks shopping!

    • rosie383
    • By rosie383 19th Nov 12, 12:56 PM
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    Welcome Halfbaked. Be warned though.......... OS forum is extremely addictive!
    Father Ted: Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These
    (he points to some plastic cows on the table) are very small; those (pointing at some cows out of the window) are far away...
  • JackieRHE
    Hello and welcome.

    You will pick up so many great ideas on this forum - I've been watching and "listening" for a while but rarely post - even so, the atmosphere is so friendly.

    £2 Savers Club 2013 - £28
    20p Savers Club 2013 - £10.20
    January 2013 Grocery Challenge 73.30/180.00
  • *HalfBaked*
    @ Valli – Thanks!

    @ Lilyplonk – Thank you for the warm welcome! You hit the nail on the head with the “naughty little boy” comment! I cannot wait for him to clear his debts, so the main focus financially can be on saving for a holiday abroad. So funny your OH alerts you to Martin on TV! Hopefully mine will start alerting me too as I am usually in the kitchen!!

    @ Fruball – Thank you for your welcome & loving your username!!

    @ vanoonoo – Thanks!

    @ Butterfly Brain – Thank you and yes hoping he will overtake me with bargains!

    @ meritaten – Thanks and your OH sounds funny! The fact you trust him now with the weekly shop must be a great weight off your shoulders & I am hoping I do not have to wait 36 years to be able to trust mine to do it!!
    @ louby40 – Hi & welcome to you too! Sorry to hear about your OH but glad you have already found 1 way to reduce on your food shopping! If you haven’t already seen them, there are some great threads on meal planning/batch cooking/meals on a budget in this forum, lots of ideas for eating well for less money.
    • Goldiegirl
    • By Goldiegirl 28th Nov 12, 3:16 PM
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    I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce myself

    I've been lurking on the MSE forums for a while, but have just registered, and hope to contribute a little.

    I'm 52, married no children. I worked full time until a couple of years ago, when I was made redundant after 28 years in the same job.

    I was very lucky in that I took a pension as part of my redundancy settlement, which meant I could work part time. I now work on Thursdays and Fridays, so the rest of the time is for my own interests.

    I've become a keen eBayer, which originally brought me to the MSE forums, but I love reading and family history too, so spend time on those activities.

    My travel passion is cruise holidays, which aren't cheap, so I'm interested in ways to keep costs down throughout the year, to help pay for the cruises.

    I'm already picking up lots of tips so it's all good.

    Although I love travel, I love my home too, so I've found OS a really interesting and helpful place.
  • Lucyadams184
    Hi, I work part time and spend the rest of the time with my children who are 4 and 5.

    I've been married for 12 years. I would love to start travelling now the kids are getting older as it's one of my regrets having not done any whilst I was younger.

    I enjoy watching speedway and having family days out.
    • muddyflumplepants
    • By muddyflumplepants 7th Dec 12, 3:42 PM
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    I am always skint - but always have food in the cupboard.
    Originally posted by bev62
    That about sums us up too, no money, but no one in this house ever goes hungry!

    I'm a full time mum to a beautiful 18 month old girl, and part time newsagent (mother in law does the childcare in exchange for red wine). Bloke works full time in the city - he cycles in, almost 13 miles each way every day.

    We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our heating efficiency, buy less in the weekly shop, shop around for best deals and entertain the baby for nothing. Having been an avid lurker and email recipient for a while, thought I'd jump in and check out more of the site.

  • nicolula87
    Hi all

    I have lurked for a while, and finally joined the grocery challenge in December, failed fairly miserably....mostly because OH wasn't on board, but now he is!

    I work full time and commute 45-60 minutes each way so I often (although becoming less often) go for quick options for tea. I am 25, live with my boyfriend (27) and our rescue dog (2)! Although we don't have debts, we also don't save much and it is this that I am hoping to change.
    Kitchen Debt - 2820/260
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    • luvabargain
    • By luvabargain 28th Dec 12, 9:56 AM
    • 131 Posts
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    Hi to all
    Hi everyone,

    Finally, after many years lurking and occassionally posting, this year is the time to get tough with our finances.
    I will be losing approx £3000 from take home pay from Jan 2014 due to a change of terms of employment so luckily I've got this year to drastically reduce outgoings.

    There is me and hubby, 2 teenagers and 2 hamsters in our house.
    We both work full time and are very lucky to have a reasonable income but this leaves us time poor. We spend what we earn, have no savings but have no debt either, except the mortgage, oh and 10 months car loan left to pay!

    I am starting with the Grocery challenge. We spend £90 a week despite meal planning and shopping with a list so looking to cut this. I read old style topics daily so know that I can cut this hopefully to £70 saving £1000 a year

    Thank you to all who post on the forums, its inspiring and motivating to read how other people manage to save money or cutback.

    Trying to simplify life, stop spending, build savings and be happy!
    EF #217. -£1610/ £1000
    • lushlifesaver
    • By lushlifesaver 28th Dec 12, 10:15 AM
    • 2,290 Posts
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    Hi everyone,

    I've introduced myself before but since then I've been awol from the OS boards and things have changed as they always do!

    I'm 22 now - shocking, I think I was about 17 if not younger the first time I popped up on here! Living with my bf, 27, and we have a little shih tzu who will be 2 in March Bf has CP, works P/T and plays wheelchair rugby so we are always busy to manic extremes!

    Rejoining the grocery challenge from January with a budget of £150 for everything for all of us (doglet supplies, all food and drink, non-food groceries and toiletries etc).

    Will be about a fair bit as I'm trying to get a job at the moment - 12 months on the job hunt and still nothing at the moment! So will contribute where I can and will be gleaming as much knowledge as I can from you all. I have a graduate loan (PCDL) which I'm repaying over 5 years but I would love to be able to save up enough to overpay and get rid of it early!

    Nice to meet you all again!
    Perfect Princess born 26/03/14 <3
    • Lilyplonk
    • By Lilyplonk 28th Dec 12, 10:34 AM
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    Welcome to 'past lurkers' and 'returnees' .

    Looking forward to reading your posts and learning from YOUR contributions as well .

    Good Luck with all your Old-Style Plans for 2013!
  • Run Rabbit
    Hello all, pleased to meet you.

    I am lucky enough not to be in debt, but I will soon end up that way if I do not regain control of my spending.

    I earn a reasonable wage and am not overtly extravagant or self indulgent, but I don't watch what I spend on the day to day stuff or plan ahead and budget in anyway.

    Wine and takeaways are two of my biggest money pits, so I have joined the January Grocery challenge to try and get those under quick control. Should help with my attempts to lose weight with Slimming World too.

    January Grocery Challenge £80 / £80 - Jan 1st to 31st NSDs: Jan 04/10
    SW good behaviour day: Jan 07/31Runs 5/13
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