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    It's time to be responsible and quit partying...
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    • 7th Jan 12, 11:19 AM
    It's time to be responsible and quit partying... 7th Jan 12 at 11:19 AM

    So where to start.. well I've been on here for years but never really posted just lurked (ooo I don't like that word, makes me sound like a creepy stalker) and I have finally had my proper LBM I've had flickers in the past but now this time I'm totally serious!!

    I have approximately 8k of the evil debt to bust (mainly CC's and a HP) and I'm doing it this year!!

    As my title suggests it's time to be responsible (I didn't want to put grow up because that implies getting old lol and I'm still coming to terms with my upcoming birthday this week that takes me to the grand old age of 25!!) and quit the partying!! I had an immense 2011 which I totally deserved after my 9 year relationship broke in 2010 (I had the debt back then.. I didn't squander that much in a year lol) but I didn't do alot about it last year - 2012 is my year to make my changes!!

    Anyone fancy joining me??

    So the stuff I'm going to do to make sure this happens...

    Inadvertently give up smoking (incidently have not smoked since NYE, not a resolution just haven't done it.. I even had a vino last night - just the one)
    Not spend money on clothes (ok so budget this to 100 for the year)
    Stick to my budget that I made
    Wait until the very last minute before deciding whether I go to Ibiza in the summer.. what do I want more - 1 last party holiday with the girls or to smash the cash off my debt?? I can't decide that one right now..
    Use my sealed pot to my monies in so I don't spend them
    Get on Fleabay and sell my poop (not literally!!)

    ermmmmmmm suggestions on a postcard??

    Well I'm going to see if I can keep up this writing malarky and hopefully with a lil support and some backbone/willpower I'm going to wipe this debt and have a blast doing so!!
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  • Clamborina
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    • 8th Jan 12, 1:09 AM
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    • 8th Jan 12, 1:09 AM
    Soooooo 2 civil whiskies half a cigarette and a tv marathon later... instead of drink til plastered, smoke like a chimney and stay out til 6am (even though I was invited and all my housemates have gone out without me...)
    On the plus side I purchased the food I will require for next week which is only 3 days before my birthday trip (planned nearly a year ago) at a cost of 5, 10 on petrol (petrol light may have been on for a while), 3 impulse buy in Maccers (disgraceful), a redemption on a groupon eyebrow threading (3 sessions for 5 rude not to when it's usually 12 a go) and I made 14 on a rubbish necklace so effectively only spent 4 which for a Saturday especially one entering the clutches of a city centre shopping location at this time of year (sales everywhere!!) girl done good!!

    Phoned a credit card company and cancelled a card that had a zero balance and quite literally froze the assets and by this I mean I took the others and froze them in a takeaway container.. this way I have to think alot before thawing them.. more positive news Feb and March is the break on the Council Tax so will have an additional 35 to throw at one of them for 2 months!! Yay!!

    Tomorrow I will go see my Nan so no spending required in fact I do not intend to spend until I enter the Airport on Weds even then it will be a Burger King and a cider so approx 10 lol.

    Still do not believe I am in writing a blog type thingy instead of partying.. BUT I said change would happen and it appears to be happening quickly!!
  • Clamborina
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    • 19th Jan 12, 12:24 PM
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    • 19th Jan 12, 12:24 PM

    I completely forgot I started this and then I just remembered so figured I'd come and update.
    No BK at the Airport but I totally had a cider!!! Cost nearly a fiver though.. rip off!!
    I spent my allocated 200 squids and a little more but had an amazing time and a totally wicked birthday!! I also partied hard (got in at 7 apparently but I don!!!8217;t believe that for a second..)
    So I!!!8217;m 3 days before payday and I actually have some funds left.. for Saturday night !!!8211; it!!!8217;s a joint birthday thing with 2 other girls in my group we!!!8217;re going on a groupon comedy night followed by a few drinkys (cheaper than 3 separate nights out as I!!!8217;m sure you!!!8217;ll agree!)

    Last but not least I lowered a ridiculous limit on one of my cc!!!8217;s (could this have been a reason for being rejected for a new 0% card??) and I have put monies in my sealed pot yay!!!
  • Clamborina
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    • 20th Jan 12, 9:20 AM
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    • 20th Jan 12, 9:20 AM
    Ok so..... the plan is to live on 50 squids a week from next payday including food, petrol and funzies. Payday is Monday and the only things I have planned for the next 4 weeks is a homage to Ciderella next Sat (Cider Fest comes to town..) and a once a week zumba class 4 squids a pop - I CAN and I WILL do this!! I have no party plans and I have managed to walk to work twice this week I just need to keep on going!!
    My weekend challenge is to master the bay of e with free listings and see if its true that one persons junk is another's treasure....
    Update on challenges..
    I have had a few sneaky cigs.. whilst a few cheeky drinkies were consumed however I did not purchase the tobacco as I've had it since Nov last year when my housemate come back off her holibobs
    And no clothing has been purchased!! I have acquired a few items but no purchasing!!

    Last but not least.. This month I will over pay on at least one of my cc's!!
  • Clamborina
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 12:22 PM
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 12:22 PM
    Happy Monday!! And Happy PayDay to me!!!

    Glad I checked in.. I forgot what I wrote on Friday.. silly me!!
    Anyway I'm off to bury's at Lunch to withdraw my 50squids to live off for the week I'm down a fifth of this straight away though as I need petrol boooooooooooo but I have a list of what I need that I will stick to.
    I did not get around to the bay of e I will do though at some point

    Money saving stuff for this week:
    Walk to work twice this week
    Purchase lunch foodies today for the week (soup, beans, bread etc)
    Swap comedy ticket with a Cider Fest ticket (no minus funds there!)
    Cash in free 1/4 chicken at nandos when I go with work peeps and have free water (may treat myself to a small chips..)

    I think thats enough for this week.. slow and steady wins the race!!!
  • Clamborina
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 9:39 PM
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 9:39 PM
    Arghhhh damn stupid car won't start... again... this is the third time now in like 3 months it's had new spark plugs and a sensor thingy replaced I've spent (code for borrowed off mother) nearly 500 already so have made a growed up decision to get the heap of plop to start and return to HP company and do without a brummer for a while whilst I pay the 84 a month off something more worthwhile!! I have worked out I'm over halfway through the agreement so can do a voluntary termination, will prob never get credit for anything else ever again but honestly once I'm out of my pickle I don't want to go back. I'm staying positive because I understand it's my own stupid fault but I want to be able to get myself out of this and purchase stuff myself that I earned!! So the first thing on my list will probs be a loverly car I just have to come to terms with the realisation that I will have to walk everywhere (I detest buses) it's not all gloom though as mother has offered to put me on her insurance so I can still drive something and my housemate has a car that I'm sure she'll let me drive occassionally (with proper insurance obv)

    OMG!! LBM!!! not only will I save 84 on HP there's insurance at 35 petrol averaging at 50 tax at 120/yr and MOT/Service costing at least 150 so by my calculation I will actually save approx 191 a month!!!!!!!!!! mental why did I not think of this sooner!! totes excited to rid myself of it now!!

    Toddling off to do some VT research to get this done quick time...
    • debtfreewannabe321
    • By debtfreewannabe321 23rd Jan 12, 10:50 PM
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 10:50 PM
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 10:50 PM
    Hi Clamborina! Well done on having your LBM & deciding to get rid of the car! With your enthusiasm you'll have your debt paid off in no time

    2015 Goals:-#1 419.26/1000 ( #1) 41.93% , #2- 14,010.70/15,000 (new house) 93.4% #3 395.07/1000 (Rental house fund target #1) 39.5% .
    Aim High!
    Debt-Free in 2013. Saving for a better future
    • missrlr
    • By missrlr 23rd Jan 12, 11:07 PM
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 11:07 PM
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 11:07 PM
    Well done you if you xan do without car !

    Best of luck
    Start info Dec11
    H@lifax 13813.45 paid Sep14 paid 23 months early
    Mortgage 206400 199750 Mortgage 112500
    B@rclays 25000 paid 4 years 5 months early. S@ntander 9300 paid 2 years 2 months early
    2013 8lb lost 2014 need to lose 14lb. Lost 4 so far!
  • Clamborina
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    • 9th Feb 12, 5:19 PM
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    • 9th Feb 12, 5:19 PM

    So this month is going great.. but I don't wanna jinx it I am on track not to use overdraft and still have money in the spending account (food shopping etc) 2 weeks before payday aMazing!!!

    Still no new clothes
    Still no money spent on tobacco
    Last time I went out was 28th Jan and I haven't smoked or drank since (it's detox Feb at the mo and I'm serious about it!)

    sad times - I have to fix sunroof on the dreaded car before I can hand back 200 squids.. rubbish!!

    Will do proper update when I have a lil more time and I've done something worthwhile..
  • Clamborina
    Soo it was payday on Weds and I managed month number 1 without using the overdraft or cc's or any money that isn't technically mine!!
    Not sure how March will fare in comparison there is alot to do this month but I am determined and hopeful to get through the next 3.5 weeks without stepping into the red side!!
    Out tonight but havent drank in a really long while so will probably be a cheap date (not that I'm on a date just that I'll be cheap to get drunk).

    10 spent on a dress I'm gonna take back it's a bargain but one I could do without..
    5 spent on cig's for tonight so out of 30 budget I now have 25 left for drinkys!!
  • Clamborina
    Month 2 is not going well..
    Going to have to reign it in massively and sell all my possessions at the car boot next week.. (ok maybe a little dramatic..)

  • Clamborina
    Soooo I totally feel like it's time to give up I don't really seem to be getting anywhere with this...
    I won't though mainly because I can't...
    So I got paid and the bills came out and now I have zero... well not quite zero I have approx 150 to get to next payday which isn't really a lot so plan for April:
    Become a Hermit
    Utilise Housemates Love Film
    Go running more
    Only purchase house food shopping
    Sell soul on black market (although that won't be worth anything lol)

    Ok so thats the self pity done roll on next month maybe I might be able to find something positive to write about!!

    Oh FYI
    No clothes purchased (clothes swap done and successful)
    No tobacco purchased

    Til next time on doom and gloom!!!
  • Clamborina
    One week to go!!! Woop woop!!!

    By some kind of crazy miracle (Easter gifted monies) I have about 20 quid to get me there!! Which by the time I have contributed to the weekly shop and film night and got some petrol (I have to work away on Monday..) I will have survived.

    But am proud to say that for another month I have lived within my means and haven't defrosted the assets - still have the car though.. every time I think I don't need it something crops up that means I do need it so I'm sitting on that one a while longer..

    So there's 20 left on my H&M account that will be boshed next week and any loose change in the house is not safe - if I find it then it goes in one of my pots!!

    I'm going to try the envelope tactic next month and anything left over at the end of the week will go in the pot!! I kind of do this with my spends account and anything (usually a few p) gets transferred to the savings at the end of the month.

    So again no new clothes and no tobacco products (no going out means no smokes)

    Plan for the weekend
    me + housemate + pj's + sofas + films = staying in is the new going out!!!!!!
  • ngozi79
    Subscribing to your amusing thread!

    You seem to be going through the same issues as me so hoping you can inspire me a bit! Sadly, I also have a 200 a month diesel bill just for my commute, and an OH who thinks nothing of spending a tenner on a few beers and tobacco most days!

    Good luck with your debt-free plight!
  • Clamborina
    OMG.. someone else reads this and not just me... haha
    (Ok be calm and act cool..) Hi.. Welcome to my thread thingy!!!

    So it's meant to be payday tomorrow but it's not showing in pending.. not good.. maybe they forgot to pay me.. I know the payroll lady doesn't like me much.. anyway I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings! If it brings no monies then my weekend is screwed!! The only real time I was going to do stuff this month - well I have 3 quid that's just enough to purchase a pint at the comedy night we already have tickets for - small sips! And my housemate bought me back a packet of cigs from her jaunt to Benidorm so just Friday night films and curry may have to be a jacket potato.......again!
    What I have learnt so far - I'll live!! If I can't afford to go out then stay home.. If I can't afford clothes then swap or make do.. If I can't afford petrol then walk.. If I can't afford exercise classes/gym then run.. If I can't afford food then tell the family - they will always give me food!!!!
  • Clamborina
    H&M Account - PAID OFF!!!!! Woop Woop!!
    Extortionate amount spent on Petrol :-( car is :-) now though..
    And so another month of staying in watching films and vegging in the pj's commences!!
    Next payday I am treating myself to a hairdo and a 'proper' night out!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Clamborina
    Excitement short lived unfortunately.. cancel the hairdo and the night out the car has screwed me over with it's 'issues' so mother had to bail me out again (at least it wasn't a cc I suppose) and I didn't manage to pay my holibob this month (planned) so postponed to next month... Roll on July hopefully that's going to be where my plans come into fruition!!! (You should see the plan.. it's great!!)

    Well a girl can dream right........ and if I'm dreaming I'm not spending!!!
    • debtfreewannabe321
    • By debtfreewannabe321 30th Apr 12, 6:15 PM
    • 6,624 Posts
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    You're doing really well! There will always be a few set backs but you're heading in the right direction keep at it you have any emergency funds that you regularly add to? perhaps when things like the car crop up you have something to pay it with (I know this all too well my car eats up my emergency fund ALL the time !)

    2015 Goals:-#1 419.26/1000 ( #1) 41.93% , #2- 14,010.70/15,000 (new house) 93.4% #3 395.07/1000 (Rental house fund target #1) 39.5% .
    Aim High!
    Debt-Free in 2013. Saving for a better future
  • Clamborina
    Nope unfortunately no emergency fund.. that's another work in progress.. and part of the illusive plan!
    So in a bid to save on lunches, which I've done quite well so far, I have incidently picked a jacket potato today for lunch forgetting that its jackets on the menu plan for tea tonight... Oopsy I will look like a potato before the day is out!!

    On the plus side my mother feels that bad for me she's taking me to have my hair done (secretly I think it's because she doesn't want to go to the hairdresser by herself lol) :-)
  • PollyOnAMission
    Hi Clamborina, I'm new *waves*

    Well done with sticking at it even when you felt like quitting. You're doing really well!

    Are you keeping a spending diary? I've found it really helps...just that feeling of guilt every time I have to write something down makes me think twice.

    Hope your car is behaving better now!

    Polly x
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