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    • MSE Jenny
    • By MSE Jenny 20th Apr 12, 6:30 PM
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    MSE Jenny
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    Please feed back on the Freecycle and Freegle guide
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    • 20th Apr 12, 6:30 PM
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    Please feed back on the Freecycle and Freegle guide 20th Apr 12 at 6:30 PM

    Hi all, we've written a new Giveaway Sites guide to help you make the most of Freecycle and Freegle.

    How did you find the info? If you're a Freegler, do you have any other tips you'd add? What are your best freebies?

    for your help!

    MSE Jenny

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  • fartinafit
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    • 20th Apr 12, 7:50 PM
    Freegle is absolutely super!
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    • 20th Apr 12, 7:50 PM
    Thanks to the kindness of local Freegle members I've been donated almost all of the components to allow me to build a twenty foot (about six and a half metres in new money) greenhouse. All of the glass, doors, paving stones, most of the timber and industrial rubber backed rugs. It actually looks very good, almost professional!
    Thank you Freegle!
    • KxMx
    • By KxMx 20th Apr 12, 9:42 PM
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    • 20th Apr 12, 9:42 PM
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    • 20th Apr 12, 9:42 PM
    I replied here from a feedback link in the guide.Clicky
  • skyblue_scarlet
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    • 21st Apr 12, 6:29 AM
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    • 21st Apr 12, 6:29 AM
    I used freecycle to get a sewing machine when i moved last year and although its an old machine (must be twice my age!) it was perfect for making some new cushions and throws etc to jazz up the house and the lovely lady even dropped it off for me as i dont have a car, she saved me a fortune.... a friend of mine told me about freecycle after she moved and desperately needed some furniture.
  • JC4Stuff
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    • 21st Apr 12, 9:10 AM
    Freegle - easier to use
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    • 21st Apr 12, 9:10 AM
    As a Freegle user its been really useful to see them integrate it with Facebook and Twitter. Just makes it easier to see people's posts especially when I've viewing on my phone.

    Also had some great items in the past, one top quality high sleeper saved me over a grand.
    • mttylad
    • By mttylad 21st Apr 12, 9:57 AM
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    • 21st Apr 12, 9:57 AM
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    • 21st Apr 12, 9:57 AM
    Hello Jenny, thank you for the alterations you have made prompted from this post/thread.

    Freecycle is the reuse group that hits the headlines because they were here first and the press seem to ignore the Freegle groups that have replaced them in the UK because they do not do enough research IMO.
    Not to forget the other reuse groups as the main aim of them is to find new homes for peoples unwanted stuff rather than a freebies site.

    When someone asks me what Freegle/Freecycle is all about I generally explain that if they have a wardrobe that is still in a usable condition that they no longer want. By offering it on the group not only will they find someone to take it away but they will often come and dismantle it or carry out out for you - leaving you to do nothing AND express gratitude to you. Additionally if you are searching for a something - some widget you have lost a part of etc then a WANTED post can be made to see if someone else in your local area has one that they do not mind giving away.

  • edwh
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    • 21st Apr 12, 10:42 AM
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    • 21st Apr 12, 10:42 AM
    Top tip: if you ever find yourself thinking "surely nobody would want this", then stop right there! The way to find out whether anyone would want it is to try freegling it.

    Also think about freegling from work. Firms dispose of a lot of usable stuff, and pay to do so.
    • darkrev
    • By darkrev 21st Apr 12, 12:57 PM
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    • 21st Apr 12, 12:57 PM
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    • 21st Apr 12, 12:57 PM
    What a great guide, yes I'm a Freegler and proud of it ! My advice would be that when collecting, try not to go alone. Sometimes you get invited into peoples houses ( sometimes they want you to fetch the item or have other things to offer/ show you) . I have been invited in where both parties were wearing small dressing gowns and nothing else. !!!

    If you can't collect at the time arranged, Please contact the person you should be meeting in advance, even if you are just stuck in traffic. It really helps. IF you are a NO SHOW , it makes people angry. So if you can , just let them know , its appreciated.

    You can also say no sometimes without offending ( it's not easy) .

    Make sure you have transport to collect bigger items, don't ask for a canoe cos you fancy one , then not have a clue how you can get it home. Tell the Freegler if you have or haven't transport, when you request it. Many will drop it off when passing but some need a quick removal and won't be able to hang about . So be honest it's appreciated.

    Try not to ask for everything you see.

    You get to know those you suspect are selling on Ebay or car boots. If you want stuff to sell on car boots. Say so. some people have mixed boxes of stuff they want rid of in one go. Also rude and demanding emails are always ignored, but sometimes English isn't their first language, so please bare that in mind too.

    I have enjoyed my time in the Freegle community. It's always an adventure. I have enjoyed sharing we have, because many charities charge people a lot of money for things now. We have received some lovely ( and not so lovely things) . Many those bits and pieces you hate paying small amounts of paint, or clothes airers even a sewing machine.

    We have given away stuff that helped someone turn their spare room into an office and helped someone take their first steps into catering with the clothing and tools we no longer needed.

    So go have a clear out of your old paint, your toiletries you tried once and didn't use, the spare kettle and iron you dont need, those glasses and crockery that you don't ever use. The exerciser bike that now collects dust. The cat bed and food it just ignores !

    The perfume you got for xmas and didnt like or the bottle of vino that you will never drink. The 100 aloe vera plant cuttings and tomato seedlings that grew too quickly, The jeans that you will never fit again or the maternity clothes you were given and never worn.Old cookery books and stationary too.

    You could make someone really happy and one day you might need a roof rack or a baby bouncer or a new bath and a Freegler might just have what you need too ! Just a thot # weirdest thing even seen on Freegle: battery hens with no feathers ( all found good homes) and Stick insects.!
    Thank you to all the money savers for all the wisdom, companionship, bargains, competitions and ideas you have made a transformation to our household, Thank you, it would have been so much harder without you and together we are amazing
  • egs
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    • 21st Apr 12, 8:00 PM
    re: Additional tip
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    • 21st Apr 12, 8:00 PM
    "How did you find the info? If you're a Freegler, do you have any other tips you'd add? What are your best freebies?"
    I found this info as a result of a "freegle or freecycle" Google alert I receive on a daily basis.

    A tip I think would be worth adding is "patience"... A paragraph or two on the subject of patience. Many people keep stuff around for decades and then want to get rid of it today or they threaten they will put it in to trash tomorrow. What's the rush? Take your time.

    Eric Snyder (, a Canadian freecycling venue)
    Last edited by egs; 21-04-2012 at 8:03 PM.
    • missy-
    • By missy- 22nd Apr 12, 12:49 PM
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    I love these sites, got some great stuff over the years. The last GREAT thing I had was a single bed and barely used mattress for my daughter, this saved me between 100-200!
    There is always lots of baby / kids stuff and this can really help at an otherwise expensive period :-)
    I have to say it is a lot harder to get stuff now than it was a few years ago - I can imagine car boot dealers sat hunched over there computers replying to all offered items.
    In response to an earlier post by edwh - I used to use freecycle a lot to get rid of items from the workplace and this was great - better than just ending up in the bin.
    Lets keep it going guys :-)
  • faerie~spangles
    As a hoarder who cannot throw things out, I find Freegle a Godsend, I check the wanteds and if I have it gathering dust I gift it.

    My dining room is completely furnished with Freegled items I couldn't have afforded to buy new. this is similar to the one I was gifted. similar table and chairs
    I'm not that way reclined

    Jewelry? Seriously? Sheldon you are the most shallow, self-centered person I have ever met. Do you really think that another transparently-manipu... OH, IT'S A TIARA! A tiara; I have a tiara! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me!
    • Blue___Nile
    • By Blue___Nile 23rd Apr 12, 10:10 AM
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    I have been on Freecycle/Freegle for a number of years and offered more than I have received and whilst I wholeheartedly support Freecycle I feel I have to point out there are a couple of downsides to this.

    Not often but it does happen, people offer things and then disappear off the face of the earth. So you apply for something and have no idea if its ever taken because they don't put it on site or reply to your email.

    Also lots of people are no shows when they say they will collect something, so you end up hanging about waiting for them and they don't. Thats ok if you have nothing better to do and sit in and wait but most people live busy lives and don't have time to do this.

    Lastly, some people seem to live on the site and grab things within minutes of items appearing which is unfair to those who can't (or have no wish to) access their computer 24/7. I'm often surprised when I check my emails to see an item has gone e.g at 10:07 and then receive an email at 10:11 for the same item thats offered! Just seems strange to me that the timing is backward...
  • dorathy
    I have freegled lots of stuff. It is handy to pick up some of the gadgets others have ended up not using, or try out something you are thinking of investing in.
    You think it is great for a week and then you find you never use it and put it back on. Passing one can crusher electric defluffer etc around, saves everyone having a cupboard full of stuff they never use.
    Fancy satin sheets, plenty of used once ones I am sure. Don't buy new until you have tried sleeping in them and ironing them!

    Settee too deep you can't put your feet on the floor. Pick up that cottage suite, and put yours on!
    • SailorSam
    • By SailorSam 29th Apr 12, 3:54 PM
    • 21,172 Posts
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    In the last few weeks i've given away about 75 garden plants, i was amazed how many people answered my post and whenever i'm pruning in the future will always pop the cuttings into pots rather than putting them in the bin. If they start to grow, good i'll help others. I've given away a bike, the first person who asked me didn't turn up, why do they do that. This morning i offered someone quarry tiles but they were already fixed up. I don't think i've got anything yet from others, but Freecycle is a great idea.
    Liverpool is one of the wonders of Britain,
    What it may grow to in time, I know not what.

    Daniel Defoe: 1725.
    • ButtonF1Fan
    • By ButtonF1Fan 29th Apr 12, 11:20 PM
    • 1,178 Posts
    • 5,154 Thanks
    Best thing i've given away. a sony playstation, controllers, games and memory cards, plus a sony tv. we'd got bored of it, gave the whole lot to 2 young girls who came round with thier mum. the look on thier faces, was like xmas. Shame about all the "grabby" folk who ask for everything... my advice never offer to whoever replies first, give it a day and choose someone who'll use it.

    This week i got 2 pairs of lined curtains, with tie back and cushions with spare covers, all matching fabric. the fabric isnt something i'm keen on, but it isnt awful.
    My front room wall has a massive double patio door and then smaller window. they are odd size windows, but these fit!!! i'm happy
    Mummy to two mischievious boys (D is 13 and J is 7)

    I like F1, Blogging and Comping ;-)
  • grahaml221
    Being now as im 52 I give my Drum set to a young kid better to see it carry on being used than to let it rot.
    Hope his parents have forgiven me
  • redsquirrelsuk
    I regularly recycle unwanted items on Freegle. A tip if you want to take an item that has been offered: good manners are everything. I know I am getting rid of clutter but please and thank you makes all the difference. I also appreciate a reason it helps me to sort out the huge list of people requesting an item. Also if you change your mind, let the giver know so they can offer the item to someone else. Turn up on time or let the giver know you will be late.

    I keep a note of people who reply to everything I offer, I suspect these may be sold on. Someone else has mentioned the grabbers, I have never actually managed to bag anything myself despite having put numerous items on offer, I lose out to the same people time and again.

    Despite that, its brilliant to be able to get rid of items you no longer want and other people do.
    • kevanf1
    • By kevanf1 2nd May 12, 9:38 AM
    • 297 Posts
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    Please look out for the South Staffordshire/ West Midlands recycling/repurposing groups that run under both Freegle and Freeworld-Recycling. We are listed on Freegle and work as affiliated groups to them.

    A tip? Be nice to other members, your experience will be so much more rewarding and you will make a lot of new friends. Consider also joining your local groups 'cafe' group as you can get some great tips on local services from these which are not allowed on the main groups.
    Kevan - a disabled old so and so who, despite being in pain 24/7 still manages to smile as much as possible
  • avidfreegler
    It's not correct that you must make an offer first on Freegle. A few groups insist on it but most don't and never have. I have found new homes for all sorts of stuff. I recommend it to anyone who either needs a clear out or who is setting up a new home, you can save an absolute fortune.
  • sarmsarm
    Freegle sites are wonderful, however very few require anyone to offer an item before they can request one. I cna't speak for Freecycle.

    Virtually all Freegle groups recognise that some people need things and others have them to give way and they are not necessarily the same people.

    So item 9 is misleading and it would be a great shame if someone was put off from requesting something because they didn't have something to give
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