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    it was this one by the way, took some finding, search doesn't like Ryanair, only ryanair
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    I agree with Wolvoman -- you must cut the letter down, preferably to one side of A4. Reduce the font size if you have to in order to fit in as much as you need in.

    Just because many people think you will get pushed aside by Ryanair and believe that Ryanair is crap is NOT a reason for not writing! Congrats on stating in your letter exactly what you are expecting Ryanair to do, although I personally would expect more for the terrible handling of this situation.

    If you are correct in your legal interpretation of the airline's duties (I do not doubt that you are correct), then if you get no joy from Ryanair consider making a claim in the Small Claims Court. Ryanair would probably not contest it and you would win 'by default'. I think you would win even if they did contest it. Good luck, you certainly deserve to 'win'.
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    If I was in the same situation, I'd have wrote a similar letter. And I'd keep writing letters until they replied. The only reason Ryanair are allowed to get away with such appaling service is because some people take the attitude "well, ok, they wont read it anyway so why should I bother".

    Madfrenchgirl - you go for it - send the letter, it's well written - sod the grammatical errors - who cares? If they don't reply, do what you said and report them. If you get no reply from them, send a follow up letter. I think it's disgusting that companies should be allowed to get away with this.

    It's also disappointing that on this usually very helpful board - people can be post such unconstructive remarks.

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    This site has advise on how to complain and will even deliver the email to the correct person on your behalf.
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  • Thx people, it is so good to get some encouragements! Another MSE has offered to correct my grammar so I do not appear like a stupid, ineducated sod!

    I know I am right to complain... And I do not claim to be a pilot and know a lot of stuff about planes, but I am sure they could have changed their flightplan to avoid France but decided to cancel for the reason of the cost of the extra fuel. I did not put that in my letter simply because I do not have the knowledge required to make such a claim.

    If they do not come back to me after all of this, I will go to Watchdog! Nothing like bad publicity! I know it might sound lame, but I would like them to really apologise publicly to all those poor people who had to wait until the following friday to get back to Stansted.

    thx again for the support!
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  • Id skip asking for the cost of a hotel room in Girona as you slept in the airport so they wont pay you for an expense not incurred.It might be worth mentioning you are a regular customer and this is the first time you've had a problem (get on their good side :-))
    This is the one thing ryanair seem to do badly.It may be rare for these problems and in this case not their fault the plane couldn't fly, but even a card with some basic info of what you should expect from them,the airport,insurance company and even WHAT TO DO!!! would save a lot of this agro
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    Definitely send your letter but, as already suggested, cut it down in length as you have repeated yourself a few times. You might want to close it by saying "I look forward to receiving your response".

    Sadly, as others have also said, I doubt it will have much impact on the way Ryanair operate, I couldn't resist booking my return flight to GRO for £25 when all other options (into Barcelona which is further south from where I need to be) were pricing at £100 minimum!

    Also, if you think GRO airport was bad then you should have seen in pre-modernisation! Part of one of my jobs was spending 20 hours every there Tuesday waiting for flights etc....needless to say I only lasted six weeks on that one!
  • MadFrenchGirl.

    The letter seems fine but I would be tempted to ask for a "goodwill payment" rather than "compensation".

    A word of warning: I have been going through a similar exercise with easyJet for 6 months now. For meals and telephone calls they have asked for receipts. I have one or two receipts but not all of them. I wrote to the ATUC - they replied "...may I suggest that you send the receipts showing these costs to the airline for their consideration".

    Good luck!
  • Your letter is too long. It needs to be one page long. Concentrate on YOUR situation only its up to the others to complain about their plight (or flight!). State FACTS only not opinions. The opening gambit should be "we are seeking £170 compensation because... that might get them past the first sentence. The bottom line though is you wont get anything. The flight was grounded through no fault of ryanair and thats where there customer service ends. Send the letter it will make you feel better, await the negative reply and then get on with your life and choose between cheap or scheduled flights.
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  • A BIG HUGE THANK YOU for Leslie who shortened the letter for me!

    Donnie: I am not doing that to make myself feel better, they violated our rights and I want them to aknowledge it and not get away with it! It is your type of attitude that lets them get away with it and then it becomes ok to be treated like dirt.
    "Don't cry, Don't Raise your Eye
    It's only teenage wasteland"
    The Who - Baba O'Riley
    Who's Next (1971)

    RIP Keith Moon
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