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in N. Ireland
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I ordered a kitchen from Homebase recently and on all their advertising it said 'free delivery' when spending over £300 (which I was obviously doing). When making payment I was told it applies to 'mainland UK' only!! I had to fork out an extra £39 for delivery and was disgusted. I asked if that's what they're doing for 'mainland UK' what will they do for us being discriminated against in N.I. The answer was 'nothing'. I'm so sick of this happening to us over here, but too fed up to pursue it. Just thought I should warn others.


  • Yeh, and an english minister tries to tell us we're not paying enough & should pay twice as much for our water/rates...........
    What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about !!!
  • Was the "free delivery" advert instore or on TV/website?

    The new B&Q Store in Derry has the B&Q website advertised all over the store ......... makes sense when they don't deliver to N. Ireland!!
  • The "free delivery" was advertised all over the store, on the advertising literature AND on their website. When I pointed this out there was a v.small asterisk type thing that led you to the back page of their leaflet, stating that "free delivery" did not apply outside "mainland UK". Why doesn't that surprise us?
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