March 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Fi27Fi27 Forumite
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    :hello: good morning everyone, how are you all?

    I have a day off work today :j supposed to be studying but ;) y'know how it is!!

    So far i have put a bolognaise in my SC for tea tonight and made my first batch of Twinks hob nobs :T mmmm mmmm mmmm I've had 3 already!!! They are soooooooooo good :D I might need to half the recipe though as there are rather a lot however if me & OH eat them 3 at a time they wont last long! I would pop them in freezer but i dont have one. Rather stupidly, when we moved into our new house we decided the tall fridge/freezer spoilt the look of our shiny new kitchen so we got rid and bought a shiny new fridge instead that slotted neatly under the shiny new counter :o Doh!

    Trying hard not to be a money waster any more :cry: but a money saver instead :cheesy:

    My first official GC starts tomorrow and i cant wait, you guys are always so supportive and i feel really spurred on reading the posts on this thread :A

    Keep up the good work everyone, you can do it :T

    Fi x
    May GC Budget £200 spent
    Apr GC Budget £225 spent £258.32 Mar GC Budget £200 Spent £206.31
    Feb GC Budget £175 spent £210.23 Jan GC Budget £200 Spent £178.91
    For 2 adults :heartsmil
  • bailsbails Forumite
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    That Pot Noodle is insane!!
    Morning everyone, hope everyone's feeling good today. Went to work today only to be told they'd told me the wrong time for the lesson :rolleyes: so now I'm going to spend the time on my menu plan, which needs altering slightly for the rest of the month. Should only need a few things... (please don't let these be famous last words)...although I might get a few extra things to bake at the weekend, we'll see but I'll definitely decide before I go so we stay in budget!
    Kitty, I like your idea of keeping spends for pets and people separate - I might steal that if it's okay and then I'll have a better idea of how I'm doing with each. (BTW, off topic - sorry - but can you tell me how long a cat's pregnancy is/how long they take to 'show' please? We have a stray and are a little concerned...:eek:)
    MrsMc, this is my burning question for the day - do you have a bottomless freezer?:D

    Fi, try Freecycle and see if you can get yourself a new-old freezer. Good luck with your first month, this is only my 3rd so I'm a relative newbie and everyone on here is fab!
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    Feb 16, 2016
  • skintscotslassskintscotslass Forumite
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    I wouldnt pay 79p for a pot noodle either. Full of crap. Much easier and tastier to make your own. DDs been doing that for years!!
  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Pot Noodles have always made me heave.Although there is no meat in the spicy curry ones the texture is bleurgh:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

    (Kabat-Zinn 2004):D:D:D
  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    A bit off post, but does anyone know what's happened to the Pin Money Savings Challenge for March? I can't seem to find it and no one else has added anything to the February challenge after me (hope I didn't scare them off!)


  • mikeDmikeD Forumite
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    For those with more money than sense (certainly no one on this forum as we know better....)

    What's the betting Posh sends her butler over to buy out the whole stock, and give it to David as an Easter present :D.

    Hi there folks, hope you're all tickety boo.

    Just have to get some milk today and more veggies later on in the week. I'm hoping to just scrape in this month but if not we'll have to grin and bear it. As money is getting shorter, what with the rising costs of everything, I may have to give up a few of my little pleasures such as the fags, booze and.................pole dancers :D.

    Ta Ta for now people.

    Love the FM
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    Hi Bails

    Not quite a bottomless freezer :p ... i have a small chest freezer in the basement... and hubbies beer fridge (now my overflow fridge ;) down there too) and a smallish freezer over the top of the fridge in the kitchen...
    They are packed solid :o .... but im sure if i found anything "to good to miss" i could go down there, jiggle everything around and make space somewhere :rotfl: .. a bit like hubby reckons i expect him to do when packing the car to come back to the UK :p
    Im sure i keep taking things out of there... but it doesn't seem to make much difference :rolleyes: ...
    in fact tomorrows mission will be to go and do a quick re-jig and double check what is in there :D
    I promise not to buy any meat, fish, chicken during April..honest :D ... but then MAY i will start building it back up again :p
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  • bailsbails Forumite
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    Ha ha, that is a fair bit of freezer space...I'm wondering about the economics of getting another freezer, although where would I put it? :confused: There are only two of us, it's just I find it more manageable to make big batches of stuff but then have no room for lots of variety...
    Mike, I quite fancy a go at pole dancing (might help work off all these lovely recipes - chocolate lava cakes, mmm) - now, I wonder if there's a class in Baaaaaaaaath?:D
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    Feb 16, 2016
  • weezl74weezl74 Forumite
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    1.5 kg bag of wholemeal plain flour- 55p
    fresh yeast for free from the bakers!:D
    3 tsp salt - .013p (got 500g of salt from lidl for 13p!)
    about 2 1/4 pts warm water, add gradually til you get a not too slippy dough.

    Mix by hand. No need to knead.(!)

    put into 4 greased or lined loaf tins.

    Leave in a warm place to rise for 40 ish mins til dough peeks above the top of the tin.

    Bake for 25 mins on gas mark 6, or until browned on top and sounds hollow when tapped with a knuckle.

    14p a loaf! 77 cals per slice, if you cut 15 slices per loaf.


    I have photos of all the stages, but no idea how to insert them! Anyone help?:o

    Weezl x

    :hello:Jonathan 'Fergie' Fergus William, born 05/03/09, 7lb 4.4oz:hello:
    :)Benjamin 'Kezzie' Kester Jacob, born 18/03/10, 7lb 5oz:)
    cash neutral gifts 2011, value of purchased gifts/actual paid/amount earnt to cover it £67/£3.60/£0
    january grocery challenge, feed 4 of us for £40
  • icandreamicandream Forumite
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    Oooh. thank you - I'm going to try that foolproof bread!

    Just popped in to update my signature. Not sure we'll make it. I've made a very cheap meal for tonight - spinach and ricotta canneloni, which is largely made up of store cupboard ingredients save the ricotta, but just discovered we have absolutely no cheese, so will have to pop to the co-op. Actually, I tell a lie. :o My 10 year old has just put the cannelloni together, as she was poorly this morning and stayed home. Useful she's now up and feels able to do something! :T

    March Grocery Challenge: £270/spend: £264.12
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