The Great ‘Blagging hints and tips’ Hunt

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    I want to get free stuff and become a blagger. I want to free stuff from compnais. Maybe a free poster from a record label. But how i ask? do i say, do you have any promotional products?

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    Work out what you want, and why you want it, and then ask nicely. Say you wanted a poster of a band, there's no harm in writing to their record label and asking if they have any promotional material - the worst that can happen is they can say no. Be honest, polite, and don't ask for anything that you don't really think you'll use - just because it's free it isn't necessarily worthwhile!
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    I take it you were watching Martins programme this morning ;)

    If its just free stuff for yourself you want think of all the things you are into, I mean, theres not alot of point in blagging something if its just going to end up in the bin or gathering dust.

    Once you know what you want then call the company up, say your interesting in purchasing a number of whatever it is you want and is it possible to get a free sample or something to trial before you commit to buy (make sure they dont expect it make)
    Like the lad said on the programme, go for big companies as they are more financially able to send out freebies

    Good luck
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    thanks both of you. Yes i was watching the show. 725 veiws and like two replys wow
  • great i'm going to try a few of these
  • I am having my very first 'big' birthday party for my gorgeous daughter in April..she will be 4 & I want to make it as special as possible for her.
    She suffers from Cerebral palsy & epilepsy...her CP affects her mobility & she is totally dependant on my help. She is a determined little princess who makes me proud every day..she is such a special little girl who deserves the best I can possibly give her.

    I have hired out the hall in the leisure centre for a softplay party, she is a popular little lady & we have almost 30 children coming....

    Anyway, the point of this post:
    Being a single mum, (unable to work due to her disability) it is hard to be able to give her the party she deserves.
    I sent polite emails to Cadburys, Walkers crisps, Kingsmill, Nestle, crayola etc. I explained all about my daughter s disability & her party & asked whether they would be kind enough to help/donate anything towards with her party.
    I have received responses from almost all of them......knockback after knock back....very impersonal responses saying NO!! Which is a little disappointing really as I wasn't blagging...I was genuinely asking them for their help, with them being huge companies I had hoped that they would be able to help.

    If you are going to write to various companies, dont get your hopes up!
    If people are just going to write for the sake of free may be taking dontations that other people may offence meant by that-I am all for free stuff!! Just not at the cost of others.

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
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    thanks for the tips people
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    Some of my friends drew a bands logo across their chests and walked around central london filming it. they put the video on youtube and put a link on the bands myspace messages and got free VIP tickets to the bands next london gig. it wasn't a very well known band, but we were fans and the tickets would have cost us £16, plus there were some famous people at the after-party.
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    i want to blag a record company for some stuff. But the record company is in America. And i live in london. What can i do?
  • flyp wrote: »
    i want to blag a record company for some stuff. But the record company is in America. And i live in london. What can i do?

    Fly to America... visit the company... i'm sure they'll give you something like posters for all your trouble...
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