24/7 Inclusive Geographical Calls Bundle Only £3.49p a month.

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I notice that www.yourcalls.net have reduced their 24/7 bundle to £3.49p a month.You do have to move your line rental to them which is not everybodys cup of tea. They charge £10.50p for line rental,same as BT,s lowest option.

However they do charge £1.75p a month for caller display,bringing total package cost up to £ 5.24p a month.Where as BT offer caller display free.

So BT,s option 3 at £5.95 a month(From 1/4/08) which includes 200 texts and free call mobile bolt on might well be a better bet. Even cheaper if you sign a 12 month contract and get first three months free.


  • Hi, this looks good with yourcalls.net, but are line rental and the 24/7 bundle plus caller display a total of £15.74 per month, or is that the price plus vat to be added onto the £15.74. if its £15.74 only and with no contract thats not bad.
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