Will I quickly "grow out" of a new v small car?

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    Get a push bike, don't eat beans and kill all the cows :rotfl: (cows create lots of Co2 you know)

    But seriously, all the effort put into making a car goes to waste when it's scrapped. I see myself as being environmentaly friendly as my car was saved from the scrap. Just think of all the good cars that go to the scrap because people are snobby about cars and want something new, and how much Co2 is involved in *making* a new car. By purchasing a new car you support that production of Co2, which will far outweigh any Co2 emissions from extensive use of a high emission vehicle saved from the scrap.

    But on a more serious note, there have been many technologies over the years that could have reduced Co2 output of cars significantly. All of these technologies have been killed off by the Government and oil companies (who benefit from the sale of petrol and diesel), and public apathy in varying degrees. Had the Government *really* cared about the environment, ever since we learned of the problematic effects of combustion engines on the environment many many years ago, the Government would have more actively supported alternative technologies that reduce Co2 emissions, than the half-arsed "all cars should have catalytic converters" in 1993.

    Truth is the Government is happy with the status quo and making money out of it, then surprise surprise it becomes a double benefit for the Government who increase taxation, under the guise of environmental issues (when the tax merely generates money and doesn't change consumption at all) - all when there is no real viable alternative. The Government and oil companies have stifled innovation in alternate technologies, and investment in public transport is poor.

    In my opinion the people to blame for Co2 emissions are not the drivers, but the Government and the Oil companies, without their greed for money (and paying family members for "work"), Co2 emissions now would be so much less.
  • Crikey...it's like mentioning gun control and abortion at an american dinner party.

    Actually I do have a bike and cycle 20miles a day to work and probably manage 5000 carbon-free miles a year on it once you include all the other journeys I do. I've lived in London for 10 years and never had a travelcard for the underground :) I've been clear that I need a car for long weekend trips only.

    I feel I have a democratic right to be "on-strike" against our rip-off public transport though. This year I've been on Maidenhead, Aylesbury and windsor on a weekend but the cost by train has been 35p a mile and that doesn't include 1/2 the underground system being shut every weekend making it a nightmare to reach the bloody train station. When I go with a friend the cost of the trip reaches 70p a mile. And why do rail companies have to pay £200m to the government to run a franchise? Sorry to get on a rant but the new GNER franchise allows National Express to raise their prices by 17% above inflation. It simply isn't the way to run a rail system.

    so there...
  • Bet you feel tons better for that!

    Check out the new fords....
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  • Update:
    I've bought a 1.3 diesel Panda through drivethedeal.com.
    Dealer called the next day to arrange a delivery day and location.

    thanks for all your advice.
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    But hey, it's your money.
    The Panda has the gear stick in the dashboard right? My civic has that and it's ace. Probably the only good thing about the Panda.
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    But hey, it's your money.
    The Panda has the gear stick in the dashboard right? My civic has that and it's ace. Probably the only good thing about the Panda.

    Constructive comment?:rolleyes:

    For the money the Panda is a great deal. Guess you haven't driven one.

    The 4x4 version was very highly rated by top gear for its go anywhere ability.

    VED is only £35.

    Hope you enjoy it Mark.
  • car of the year or something and best fun small car since the original mini.
    Well we'll see. At least it was 35% off the list price


    ok. car discussions can go on for ever but its too late to change things now
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    Just out of interest how much did you pay?
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    but the cost by train has been 35p a mile

    If you think you'll be able to run your occasional-use car for 35p/mile you're in for a shock.

    Your Panda was a pretty good choice if you had to buy new, but as you said yourself buying an environmentally-friendly car new is quite a paradox. Had I seen this thread sooner, I'd have suggested a used small Japanese car such as a Yaris or Daihatsu YRV with an LPG conversion. You'd have saved money, environmental costs of manufacture, saved on running costs and depreciation, and it would probably break less than your European car, thus you wouldn't need new parts with associated environmental cost. Buying used would have been no more effort than new if you'd just dealt with a dealer. Only additional hassle would be taking it for its LPG conversion.

    Sorry to sound so negative. Hopefully you'll enjoy the Panda, I've heard they're very good and Fiat have turned themselves around recently so with any luck it'll give you many years of good service.
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