NTL phone bill + HABBO Web Site charges!

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Hi all,
I wonder if anyone here has had this problem. My teen daughter has used habbo Hotel web site for months, and we have never had any problems. You can buy 'credits' with a £1 phone call, and now and then i have let her do this.
This month I got my bill, and it was HUGE!
There were £198 worth of extra charges( i'm a struggling single mum, so I can't afford it) and so I emailed the web site. They said it was someone buying credits and the charges were valid. I called NTL, and they said it was a web site connecting through my modem, but I have broadband.
My daughter was shocked, and V V upset, as we know that she never made that amount of calls- I look at her habbo profile nw and then, and if she had that many credits i would have noticed!
I can't seem to get anywhere with this web site, as all emails seem to have to be sent through a web site form, not direct.
Is there anyway I can query this and reduce my bill?
NTL told me to bar the number, which i have, at an extra cost of £1.75 per month.
Any help much appreciated!!


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