What dishwasher?

My Bosch D/W has packed up (5 years old) Have been told it is the water sensor & would be too expensive to repair...... (:mad: )

My pet hate about it was that the indicator for the finish of the cycle was a red light. The problem was that if you took an item out & then shut the door again (take a bow OH) the light didn't come back on & some "helpful" soul would then decide it needed putting on again (oh yes, that would be OH again) I would prefer one with a DIAL indicator, but failing that has anyone any views on good dishwashers? I have been reading some reviews where SMEG & BOSCH have been slated, have also been told not to touch Hotpoint. Am now thoroughly confused & anxious about parting with hard earned cash only to end up with another pile of c**p.

Any insider views would be much appreciated?????

Love Suzi


  • Hi Suzi

    Sorry not to be of any help - my dishwasher, Indesit 9 years old (had lots of repairs), developed a timer prob this evening and since we only stopped paying for the repair/replace insurance in November we only have a little bit in the piggy bank!!! It wasn't supposed to break just yet! So, we are searching for a good deal. Washing up by hand is not an option as my severe skin condition gets much worse when doing that - marigolds also make it worse!

    Many thanks

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    I open the door on our Bosch all the time and pop something in, it also has a timer on it which won't allow you to try and restart it for sometime if you interupt the cycle.

    We have an Indesit at work and it's a pile of pants, like you said avoid Hotpoint anything vaguely related.

    Siemens are good but they are vaguely related to Bosch but I do like the simple look of both of these.

    You can sign up to Which? for £1 one month trial, there's bound to be some reviews on there.
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    We have a Miele and it is excellent, fabulous results and you can open as many times as you want to put the odd spoon in without it throwing a fit. They are more expensive but in the long run its worth it (or so the repair men and women on UK whitegoods forums say).
    I also like the cutlery tray which means you don't lose 1/4 of your drawer space with a bulky basket and everything is washed properly as they are laid out in rows rather than clumped together.
    We have had ours nearly 3 years and haven't had any problems at all, I like the fact that Miele tend to stick with dials and clunky switches as they are more straightforward and cheaper to replace than digital desplays and touch screens.
    Have a look on UKwhitegoods.co.uk as there will be lots of threads where people say "I have £x to spend, which is best for me"
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    our 8 year old bosch DW gave up the ghost last night, it's been performing great but it's already had one repair at just over 2 years old, so think it needs to go to DW heaven now!

    i can't recommend the uk white goods forum enough, so helpful & no rubbish spouted as they have no bias whatsoever.

    i'm hoping i've gone down the path to the pinnacle of DW now & ordered a Miele (gulp!). the replacement Bosch i was looking at was around £400 (not recommended to get a lower spec. one than this), so i thought an extra £200 & a 5 year warranty on the Miele was they way to go.

    i've spent a fair amount of time checking on the net & only found a couple of problems with old Miele machines. they get recommended all over the place & score highly in loads of tests.

    fingers crossed i've spent a huge chunk of cash on something that will last!
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    We've just ordered a Baumatic BDW 13. It seems to have some good reports & prices vary from £230ish - nearly £400 on this machine, so maybe it is a good one!!

    Never owned or used one before, but it also has makers 2yr warranty & 5yr parts warranty, if you register it on the Baumatic site - that'll help a bit, if it does go wrong!!

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    We have the Beko DWD 4310S (AAA rating) and ist very cheap to run never had any problems with it

    BTW I dont trust guarantees of free parts etc some companies rack up the labour chargers
  • I love my Bosch dishwasher. Its 16 years old (there I've tempted fate now, it will probably break down tomorrow).
    I can open and shut the door at any time in the cycle and it carries on as before, no change to the display.
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    Poppycat wrote: »
    We have the Beko DWD 4310S (AAA rating)
    BTW I dont trust guarantees of free parts etc some companies rack up the labour chargers

    Yep! I agree with that, but at least it'd be a bit of help towards something failing, before you wanted to buy another one!

  • Our 18 year old bosch gave up on us a few weeks ago, it had been going downhill for a while. so we decided as it was really old to get a new one - extremely bad idea.

    We are planning a move in two years, so decided to buy the cheapest model available. What we thought was that the bosch was 18 years old and so technology would have move on significantly so that even a cheap machine would be better than that one. How wrong we were, we received our matsui machine from currys and it doesnt work as there is a spray arm missing and the baskets are so badly designed that we cant fit all our washing up in it like we used to.

    I am now thinking that we ought to just get the old bosch back out of the garden and have it repaired rather than risk another one.
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    Theres a 25% off Currys if you buy 2 certain products, brands inc Bosch and Miele

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