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i have just signed up to bt broadband option 3 inc. bt vision. please help with my complaint below- what advice can you give and what can i get out of them? Im annoyed! PLEASE HELP DRUNKSTAR

I originally ordered bt broadband option3 around christmas time. I wanted it because i was also intrested in bt vision. I was told that on 28/01/2008 i would receive my welcome pack and bt vision. i awaited my pakcage which was delivered.
Problem 1. There was no set-up disc. I understand that certain things may go wrong when ordering and accepted that i would receive a disc the next day. when i was on the phone i enquired about my bt vision and when that would arrive.
Problem 2. i was told my bt vision was not even ordered! I wished to make a complaint at this point and when i spoke to your advisors they could not tell me the procedure of how bt vision arrived etc. i asked to bew put through to complaints and was put through to sales. I had to order it that day and would receive it on 28/02/2008. I was not happy at this but eventually spoke to the sales person who told me that because i had not ordered a bt vision i would have to order it.
i awaited my set up disc the next day which did not arrive.
I again went on the internet at work and spoke to an advisor who could not deal with a complaint and passed me the main number to make a complaint. i phoned the number and explained my complaint to sandeep and the fact i would have to wait a full month for my vision and that i still had no set-up disc. his reply was ' what do you want me to do about it!'
I was extremely angry and told sandeep i wanted the service that i had paid for. he stated he would have to put me on hold while he contacts the relevant departments and orders my items. he did not do this and simply put me through to bt vision sales!
Again i was angry and felt i was being passed from pillar to post. eventually i spoke to someone at vision who explained i could not order vision until i had set up my broadband. at no point during the initial sales or any of the people i spoke to at all told me this was the procedure. i feel that i have been treated extremely unfairly and given a poor service. the service that i am paying for and have not received and will not receive until 28/02/2008. i now have my set up disc but i am upset that bt have not lived up to my expectations and reputation that my friends and collegues suggest. i am a public servant and always give members of the public my best possible service. in small i treat people how i expect to be treated. if i treated people how i feel bt have treated me then i can expect to receive complaints and be constantly disciplined.
i wish to hear from a bt representative with regards to this compaint and as a new customer i am asking myself why i should continue to be a bt customer.


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    you do not need the CD to set up the broadband, you simply need to plug the yellow ended lead into one of the Hubs lan sockets (LAN2, LAN1 is used for Vision) and the other end into your LAN/Ethernet socket on your PC and it should work , assuming you have connected the hub to the phone line via the splitter (also in the box)

    then ring Vision direct and tell them it's working and ask where your Box is

    Telephone number
    0800 800 900
    Opening hours
    8am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday) and 8am to 6pm (Sunday)
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  • i tried that and it didnt work. the installation software i have now received has now worked

  • the installation software i have now received has now worked

    I hope you have it working but if you used the CD thats a big mistake.

    All ISP cd's install loads of crap and make loads of system changes.
  • Another vote for not using the BT CD. I have two PCs connected to BT Broadband and neither has been sullied by an installation disc.

    I don't think you can order BT Vision until after you have your broadband running. They'll only let you order it if your line will support it and you'll only know that once your router has determined what speed can be achieved. I believe this process can take up to 10 days although I found that mine took much less time than that to seettle down.
  • i quite like the new settings. i wasnt told about havin to get my broadband running. the main complaint was about how i was treated when tryin to make a complaint.-so... back to the question. what can i get out of them?
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