Redecorating my lounge...

I've got a brown leather sofa and oak floors - oak coffee table and oak wall cabinet...
I've got a dado rail that is staying purely because taking it down would be a palaver...I know they're not exactly trendy but hey I can live with it.
currently the bottom half of the walls is mocha brown (think dairy milk) and above is cream. On the fireplace wall I've got a brown and gold leafy pattern wallpaper...

I am thinking of changing the wallpaper - maybe a nice floral modern one in Duck egg blue and brown as that combo seems pretty popular atm... should I go for duck egg blue paint (or a couple of shades darker) below the dado and keep the cream above, or keep the brown below and go duck egg paint above??

Or has anyone got any other bright ideas? Room is 18' long with an L shape dining area and is very very bright and light. I reckon there are some really stylish folk on here, I'll take any ideas!!


  • ormusormus Forumite
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    a few ideas for inspiration or to get you going.
    Get some gorm.
  • Badger_LadyBadger_Lady Forumite
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    I'd go all out on the blue, if I were you - replace all the cream, and choose a nice, pale colour with a hint of green in it. It probably wants to be a bit paler than your wallpaper (just a lighter tint of the same colour).

    Would you consider painting below the dado as well, or would that be too much? It's difficult to picture the proportions of your room without a photy :)
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    I'm not taking a picture it's a bit messy at the mo! LOL The room is basically a rectangle, 8' window along one wall and the room is just over twice at long as it is wide (9 foot wide) window on the short wall....

    I would paint below the dado, but I like the bottom colour to be quite striking.. hence the chocolate brown.
  • Badger_LadyBadger_Lady Forumite
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    Just out of interest, I'm planning to do my living room in duck-egg too :)

    I've got a picture rail and cornicing that I'm going to leave white, and then I've taken the wall colour from my original 1920's fireplace tiles:

    I think it's a lovely relaxing shade.

    It's almost a shame - I love that florally pattern with brown that you're talking about, OP, but my fireplace is huge and very art nouveau (I know I shouldn't complain!), so it just doesn't go at all :( I'm just going to leave it all plain instead.
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  • sallyrsmsallyrsm Forumite
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    I think I'll keep the brown at the bottom as I've got a whole tin of it left for touch-ups!!
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    .....and then I've taken the wall colour from my original 1920's fireplace tiles:..... but my fireplace is huge and very art nouveau ......
    Interestingly how long it took the fashions to reach into the provinces in those days.
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