The AA Internest saver - No??

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Hi All,

I've been trying to find a high interest account to make my saving work harder as the interest it makes I use as part of my income each month - So I need a high interest monthly paying account.

I found The AA up there with the best of them on Moneysupermarket and it reads well - but after a read on here - a) its not on Martin's lists which bothers me and b) his blog and the related comments I found searching the forum leave me feeling down and negative about it.

Is it really a no no???? :confused:

Thoughts and advice very much appreciated please?

I already have and A&L esaver & B&B esaver and ebond.

For some reason I don't feel happy about an icici or hisave accounts - I like the known and trusted brands? - is that wrong - should I be more trusting of newer companies??
This site is just excellent :T


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