widescreen TVs for 49p!!!!! [CLOSED]



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    I hope you don't mean me here Mamckay...because I've only ordered 1.
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  • I've ordered mine, thanks.

    Does anyone have any experience with these website mispriced items - do they ever get honored?

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    I had orderd the argos one earlier got ther very early this morning, now hubby has just ordered this one, doubt we will get them but i dont need 2 tv's just thought i would cover all bases!!

    I will give mine to the local hospice i think if i get 2.
  • possibly not - internet selling area is still a grey area of law! It does look as though they've covered themselves in the T&C's - I doubt anybody will be receiving them! but will be interesting to see exactly what does happen!

    I havent bothered myself - Ill be kicking myself if it works though.
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    mrspeel wrote:
    Obviously a bit of a mistake but the Homebase website at the moment have listed a Bush 28" Widescreen integrated digital TV with DVD recorder & stand for only 49p! I've ordered 4.... :D


    mrs peel - you are a marvel! how did you come to spot this?

    i have ordered one, and have the confirmation.
    on additional info, it reads "price not reduced" (!!)
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    The star next to the 49p means -please note that this item has not been price reduced.....Ive printed a copy, and if they do not deliver, im gonna challenge them. as this star indicates that this is the correct price.....You have it in writing, and Im also sure if they have taken it from your account, that they have to honour it!!
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    i realise was a bit hasty (and extremely greedy) in ordering 4... probably have shot myself in the foot!
  • rchddap1 wrote:
    I hope you don't mean me here Mamckay...because I've only ordered 1.

    Me too ( I mean 1!)
    I've ordered one from Argos and one from Homebase. I think Divadee has got it right - if I got 2 (which I doubt!) then one will be going to the local hospice.
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  • This just looks like a very 'cheap' publicity stunt- come on how stupid do they think we are, please!

    Is it a coincidence that its bank holiday weekend? This ensures their respective website receive increased traffic, and you get to see more of their products!

    The 'misprice' so low that everyone will just 'buy a ticket'- just for the hell of it. In doing this, GUS/Argos/Homebase have our contact information- for us to receive very nice promotion material from them in the future :rolleyes: (if you do go for it make sure you tick the relevant no contact boxes!!)

    When they feel like pulling the offer, they will just blanket cancel all the orders (very easy to do as it only regarding one cat number).

    This is pretty low and sneaky, thumbs down!!

    p.s. if anyone was thinking of buying from argos/homebase - see if you can source it elsewhere!!
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