Basic Investment Advice Needed....

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Hi Everyone,

New Invester and I am looking for some advice please....

I have 8000 pounds that I am looking to invest in funds, I am looking at a long term investment and quite Ok with risk.
After this month I will have 1500 pounds per month to also invest.
My cash ISA is maxed out and I have no other investment in stockas and shares and funds.
Which of the following funds could be recommended,which one should get the ISA wrapper and how much would you put in each one if any.

Invesco Perpetual High Income
Jupiter Emerging European Oppertunities
AXA Framlington Emerging Markets
AXA FRamlington UK Select Opp
Rensburg UK growth
Jupitor Income
M&G Recovery
Artemis SSpecial Situations

Is this the right time for a new investor to go into the markets ?

Apologies for the amount of questions but I've read a few threads and the experienced investors seem to offer sound opinions / advice.

Thanks in Advance


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    Why not use all 8? Single fund investing is poor quality investing. It will result in lower returns over the long run.

    Your choice is very narrow minded. Mainly UK. Yet the outlook for UK is not strong.
    Is this the right time for a new investor to go into the markets ?

    Your choice of funds is medium/high risk which is high for a new investor. Also, the fact you are asking that questions suggests you are not as high risk as you think you may be. Make sure you invest within your risk profile. It is where most new investors get it wrong and end up pulling out with a loss at the wrong time swearing never to invest in the stockmarket again.
    I am an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). The comments I make are just my opinion and are for discussion purposes only. They are not financial advice and you should not treat them as such. If you feel an area discussed may be relevant to you, then please seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser local to you.
  • In your Opinion if this choice of fund is narrow minded what different areas would you recommend?

    I get your point with the risk thing as well !! - But i would invest long term so I do want to get in while the market is dropping - I suppose the art is getting in at the trough !!

    Anyway thanks for the reply dunstonh

    PS. which fund would you ISA wrap??
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    sean2712 wrote: »
    PS. which fund would you ISA wrap??
    What dunstonh means is you can put more than one fund in an ISA and you should do to spread your exposure accross different sectors.
  • ah ... I didnt realise more then one fund could be in an ISA.

    But what I would like to know would be what exposure and what different sectors.

    Thanks Mr Bulb
  • Can I just ask how you picked those specific funds? Just wondering what you are looking for in a fund ...
    There is no such thing as a stupid question, knowledge is power.
  • To be Honest Footsie, is whats just reading Money supplements inthe Sunday papers, Citywire etc on the net.

    'What am I looking for in a fund'? - The best performing in a strong sector..... or as near as I can get.

    I appreciate you need a diverse coverage but like I said, I am very new to this and would appreciate a nudge in the right direction - but I also appreciate ' the right direction' is very subjective.
  • It's extremely difficult to provide good information about funds because everyone has a different idea about where is best to invest and what is happening with the markets. You are doing the right thing by researching the funds, thousands have no idea, however you do need to diversify your fund choice. As dunstonh said you are mainly investing in the UK at the moment so you need to look at adding a bit of europe, a little far east (China is a large emerging market, but again it's a gamble, will it continue to grow or will it start to tail off now).

    As a VERY BROAD idea, (insert standard disclaimers here about attitudes to risk) you need to shore up your fund selection with a few safe investments, like cash and deposit funds and then pick a nice variety of good funds, like ou have already done but with more emphasise on global rather than just UK.
    There is no such thing as a stupid question, knowledge is power.
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