£204 car insurance saving - thanks Martin!

Martin - if I could buy you a pint (or vodka, if you'd prefer :D), I sure as dammit would!

Thanks to Martin's tips, I've just saved £226 (and counting) this week on next year's car insurance - yippee!! :D:D

I got a quote from https://www.confused.com as suggested, which was £150 cheaper than my current insuere. I requoted the cheapest one on their website (£9 cheaper than originally quoted). Then they rang me up, and dropped the price ANOTHER £20!!

I took this back to my current insurer who then dropped their original price by £204 in one go to beat the cheapest website quote...... £204 quid!!!!

and this is despite them claiming on their original renewal notice that the price they'd originally quoted was COMPETITIVE because I am a LOYAL customer :)

Edit note: my rather stupid insurer has now undercut THEMSELVES online by another £66 - and not only that, they've dropped the excess from £420 to £100 - totally barmy, isn't it!! :D

Thank you so much Martin, I'm not only a Saver but a Raver - raving to everyone I meet (more so than usual I mean :D) about how fantastic this site is. It must be a lot of hard work - but it's very much appreciated :)
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    Hi, sounds good but...

    Just a word of advice.

    I spent AGES looking for car insurance on my first car, I used confused.com to get me some quick quotes but I noticed (and I've read the same from other people) that confused.com actually adds to the premium.

    In the end I did a search through Auto Trader insurance. Like confused.com, they also search through many insurers, but the quotes they gave were far cheaper! :)
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