i've been refused a EGG Money card SHould i apply for a Virgin card now

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I have in the past been a little unwise with my credit. To that end i now have a debt management plan in place with the CCS. However my circumnstances have change now that i have a son and i need to get a bigger car.

Thought that doing the egg money transfer and getting the low cost loan through a credit card was the answer however know i've been refused an egg money card i wondering what will be the next best step?:confused:


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    #1 Get hold of your credit file (there are 3 credit reference agencies [Experian, Equifax & Call Credit] and a copy of your report costs £2 from each one - don't assume that they're all the same - they're not). Also, don't fall for their 'expensive' options - you just need the £2 statutory report.

    #2 Check if there are any mistakes in your credit file. Black marks will go against you for incidents such as late payments, non-payments, CCJ's etc.

    #3 You say that your circumstances have changed now that you have a son. How has this caused your income to increase such that you can afford the minimum repayments on a credit card?
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