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    when i got my grant on my old house ( private rent) to relace the non-working gas heaters, they would only put in electric storage heaters that cost a fortune to run, wouldnt even consider giving us oil.
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  • My in laws have just had their oil heating fitted and didn't have to pay a penny towards it. they used to have a coal fire which also heated the back boiler.
    the only thing they did have to pay for was a different oil tank because the one they first fitted was bigger than my inlaws wanted think that was £300 which isn't bad if you think they got a whole new heating system and rads for 300 quid
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    Still waiting? Anyone know how i go about complaining about warmfront?
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    Update. Just had the quote. £3900!!! I can get it done for £1900 from a local company.
  • I thought I would update on the Warm Front Oil Grant fiasco. We decided to get a local plumber to give us a quote and he can do it for £4800 so why we were quoted £7300 by Kershaws we do not know. We had a letter from our council saying that we could have an interest free loan to cover the £3300 extra which we had to find before Kershaws would do the job. A family member has now stepped in and offered to pay for us to have the oil installed by the local plumber as unfortunately I have a benign brain tumour and I am at high risk of seizures so he does not want me struggling with making fires to keep my children warm this winter. Obviously I am very relieved but this scheme was designed to help people and all it has caused me is a lot of unnecessary stress which I could do without. I hope everyone else gets sorted with their heating.
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    This warm front con gets worse. After the shock quote of £3900 to fit the heating, they want the £1200 excess upfront! Being the type of person who dislikes paying for anything upfront, what happens if its a bodge job?
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    Update to my warmfront fiasco - I spoke to the guy at our local council who dealt with my Disabled Facilities Grant earlier in the year and he said the price was an utter ripoff and this was not uncommon in his experience with Warmfront - he'd just dealt with another couple's application through their own grant scheme for a replacement boiler and oil tank and their contractors only charged £2500 but that they could give me a grant to pay the excess to Warmfront. They approved it within a week and let the contractors know and 3 months later we still didn't have an installation date. We spent ages phoning Warmfront and the contractors and both said it was the others fault ! Apparently the contractors hadn't picked up the parts from the suppliers so they had been used for someone else's application !

    The work finally got done in October and took about 3 days but they hadn't realised that the old flue had a second smaller one inside so when they removed it the whole kitchen got covered in soot which has stained our lino and got trodden all through the bungalow - we're still cleaning it up now as there are ingrained sooty fingerprints on all our doors etc - still at least we have nice new efficient boiler and a robust tank which has a remote oil level gauge that plugs into a socket in the kitchen - saves having to go out into the back garden to check in the freezing cold :D

    Still think taxpayers are getting ripped off though.
  • a warning.
    just had a gas heating system installed by WarmFront / Eaga plc / Iguana.
    Gas meter left hanging off the wall, and 2 joints above it were left unsoldered, ie, with gas running through. in short, a "DEATH TRAP." why did they do this? in a hurry, not paid sufficiently well to care. WarmFront / Eaga / Iguana seems to be run for the benefit of its own managers, certainly the installers arent happy enough to do a good job.

    there were other issues with the work, generally badly done, although the system was left working, despite being dangerous. the point is that a very vulnerable person just wouldnt know how bad the work was until there would be a rather loud bang one day.

    for heaven's sake, if you know a vulnerable person whos had work done by these cowboys, please do your best to check it for them. someone is going to pay dearly some day otherwise, its just a matter of time.

    oh, and of course, its our money theyre frittering away, Hillary Benn take note.
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    Same here. See above. My parents paid the £1200 over payment for the £3900 quote, allowed £2700. Fitted in less than a day and it shows! Appalling job. 2 weeks later an inspector came, i thought from warmfront but from the company that fitted it. All my complaints were ignored and he tried to get my mom to sign off the work. Warmfront have now done an inspection and waiting to see what happens.
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    bildanto wrote: »

    I wondered if anyone else has had this problem with the Warm Front Grant. We qualify for the Warm Front Grant of £4000 to cover the cost of oil fired central heating (no mains gas in this area). Today I have had a letter from EAGA stating that we need to find another £3300 to pay on top of the £4000 grant before they will do the work. At the moment we only have a coal fire heating all the radiators so I was shocked to be asked to pay this extra on top. Do others think this is ridiculous, we have radiators already so only need an oil tank, oil boiler and pipework and labour surely we shouldn't be expected to pay £3300 on top of the grant. If anyone knows how we can appeal against this I would be grateful and if anyone knows how much we could expect to pay if we installed oil outside of this scheme (of course we can't afford to but I want to know how much it costs normally as £7300 seems an awful lot without needing radiators). Thanks for your help, Mandy:confused:

    I thought £2700 to fit a gas combination boiler and replace one rad would be ample. To my disbelief the quote came in at £3700, I am to pay the extra £1100. To rub salt in the wound they added £8 for some bulbs they sent me that I never asked for.
    I rang the number for the company Dawsetway Heating and renewables Ltd that was on the warmfront quote but nobody answered, so I rang warmfront and they said Dawsetway did not make the quote only said what needed to be done. Warmfront calculated the cost in line with government guidelines I was told on the phone by a nice gordie Lass Natalie.

    Warmfront did say they would send an actual breakdown of all the cost. That will be interesting to see.

    I got two seperate quotes, £1500 and £1100. The boiler costs in both these quotes were £800 & £600 respectively. Seems warmfront wants to keep my grant money and wants me to pay for my own boiler.

    Next I'm getting in touch with Nigel Offen my local MP to see what they can do.

    Other option as told from one of the plumbers: I have a glowworm boiler, so sign up £200 with glowworm for the year and if it goes wrong again they pay the labour, I pay the parts. Can also pay monthly.

    They say gordies can't do maths, well, you work it out. (no offence to all other gordies)

    Keep you uptodate with what MP says.

    Over and out.
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