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Tea Bags vs. Loose tea leaves

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    Of course you can buy loose tea... dunno if it's cheaper but it does taste fresher
  • I always buy loose tea - I prefer the taste to bags.
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    I love loose tea, and buy it from Tesco - they currently have 11 types on their website. DH also brings it back from India and China when he's abroad.

    No idea if it's cheaper, sorry.

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  • My son tasted tea made from leaves for the first time last summer and has gone from someone who used teabags in the mug to making it in a teapot using loose leaf tea. He says it tastes much better. Again not sure if it is any cheaper as teabags are often on offer in the supermarket but I never see loose leaf tea on offer.
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    I always buy loose tea, usually Yorkshire tea but if I can't get that then PG loose.
  • Last time I checked loose tea was a lot more expensive per cup. I think it's a volume thing - so few people choose it these days, plus you can only get it in small packets here whereas you can get big packs of teabags in the same brand.

  • Not only does loose tea taste better, if you use a water filter, your tea will be all sparkling clear , much less brown gunk left in the tea-pot, and that awfull scum you get in hard water areas goes as well......
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    yes, I have to confess I am a tea snob too!

    I really do feel the flavour of loose tea is better. The tea leaves in bags always looks quite powdery.

    It also means you can mix and match your tea to suit you - for example a bit of earl grey and a bit of ordinary or jasmine. Also you can use as much or as little as you want, whereas a tea bag is a set amount., but apart from that I don't know if it's cheaper in any way.
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  • My late Mum wouldn't drink anything else!

    Yorkshire, Co-op, Sainsburys and Ringtons are 4 I can think of off the top of my head.
    Definitely not cheaper would be somewhere like Bettys or Whittards, but they do loose tea as well.

    All round I doubt it's cheaper, but taste infinitely better.
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    You can get it most places, and there are some speciality shops.

    Doubt it is cheaper than bags. They use the 'sweepings' for teabags - essentially the close-to-dust-without-dissolving-bits.

    Loose leaves are also easier for composting - one doesn't have to tear each individual bag open to remove the tea.
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