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  • I run a couple of tuition services (one web-based, one agency), my thoughts:

    - Quite right that qualified teachers normally charge more. Do charge what you're worth and check your local area to see what others are charging and relate that to your own qualifications/experience. Happy to advise on how to do this via PM.

    - Go easy on agencies - they aren't taking a third of your money, they are usually taking a third of the parent's fees - i.e. the parents never perceive this portion of money as yours and they are the clients. Parents are paying them to be the third person in your relationship so that if there are issues there is someone on hand to resolve them and so that they have someone they can talk to and ask for independent advice from regarding their child's education. That's what a decent agency should be adding in terms of value.
    Agencies don't pull clients out of the sky, they have to advertise for them and promote their business to bring you work - that's what the revenues cover. Basically, if they are the hand that feeds you it is rather rude to bite it. Contrary to popular belief, only a handful are making any money.

    - There is a shortage of tutors - my web-based business is crying out for them. If anyone is interested, please PM me and I will give you the URL (don't want to be acused of spamming with commercial URLs).

    - Do be firm in terms of your expectations from tutees at the outset. If you won't accept less than 24 hours cancellation notice without charging, tell them so otherwise people will take the ...
  • My Polish girlfriend loves the idea of teaching english to polish students over here, and would love to become a tutor. She has lived here for 2 years now and speak very good english.

    We have done some reserach into this but I dont really know where to start, I know there are agenices, but we have also thought about putting ads on gumtree etc but that the extent of our ideas,

    She doesn't want it to be full time, just to suppliment her wages.

    Has anyone else had any experience in a smiliar field?

    Kind Regards

    Daniel @ Kasia
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    I wouldn't think you'd have much luck with this, all the major cities offer english classes at the universities (qualified teachers) free or with a very small charge and on top of that so do most of the the Polish centres.

    In the end she's not a qualified teacher, I work for an employment agency and I wouldn't be able to employ her as either a teacher or even as a translator if she doesn't have the proper qualifications.

    Being able to speak a language is one thing teaching it is another, my mother is polish I am able to speak, read and write it fluently even though I was born in England I also spent time living in both france and Italy however I don't think that would make me a teacher.

    If she does decide to try this don't forget that she would also have to declare her second income, after tax it may not be worth it.

    Good Luck
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    Been reading with this interest!

    I am a teacher, been teaching over a year, and am becoming very disillusioned with the whole education system. So many kids get left out and lose interest. I agree with what one poster said - in 3 days who could very easily get someone to jump 3/4/5 grades ina subject - just by teaching them in a way in which they relate to.

    My only concern is with child protection. If you work 1:1 how are you covered? For example I would never work 1:1 with a pupil at school, I always make sure there is another member of staff or another pupil present. In todays world we have to be very careful, so how would a tutor go around this?
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    Hi all.

    Very interested in above. What qualifications do you actually need to tutor? I'm not a teacher but have a degree and excellent A levels and a willingness to learn.

    For what I've done...I start again...And whatever pain may come ...Today this ends... I'm forgiving what I've done -AF since June 2007
  • just for anyone who was asking about what qualifications were needed, I asked my father and for his agency they need a minimum of a degree and obviously a knowledge of the subject(s) you intend to teach, hope this helps

  • The government (local council/Student finance bods) can give you a grant to cover the cost of the course.

    I am just finishing my Cert Ed. I have to attend college one afternoon per week, officially 1.30 - 6.30pm but we are always away by 5 at the latest. The full course takes 5 terms (10 classes each term).

    The grant from the LEA covers the course fees and also gives you some extra (about £400 basic) but you can apply for more money if your household income, excluding your own wage, is less than £27k.

    I have been teaching for 7 years and originally did something called a C&G 730. The rules changed and that mean't I wanted to remain a qualified teacher I had to go back to college and do the Cert Ed, which is virtually identical (what a waste of 5 terms.. but if the LEA want to give me money to spend one afternoon per week away from work then I guess that is fine :cool: It will help pay for my snowboarding holiday)

    By the way, I don't have a degree. I did a HND and chose not to do a top up year. I can still teach up to the level below my qualification. My HND is a level 4 qualification so I am able to teach up to level 3 (A Level/BTEC National)
  • I really should get my butt into gear over this....I really don't know whether to go for it or not.... I have a BA in Hispanic Studies so would tutor Spanish,I have experience teaching and tutoring english in Spain but have no teaching qualifications.....think I might just stick up a card in the local news agents and wait and see if anything comes of it. No real idea on what to charge, don't really want to theive! might just ask for a tenner!
    I'll let you know if it works :)

    P.S I am not writing in teaching mode, if you are thinking " how on earth does this girl think she can educate???" lol. I can be professional, when I need to be :p
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    I've been tutoring for nearly a month now... but I've only got 1 student so far. I signed up through a reputable, successful agency and it's all going well so far.

    I think my student is really benefitting from the tutoring and I'm sure I can help him get a C (he's on the foundation stream).

    The only frustrating thing is only having one student. I'd really like one or two more so I'm going to start advertising but I'm a little concerned at p***ing off the agency I'm with. However, I suspect there may be a surfeit of maths tutors in my area...
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  • You shouldn't worry about registering with more than one agency - you are self-employed (presumably) and so have every right to source work from lots of places. Just beware of agencies who demand you have a CRB and charge rather a lot for that before they've found you any work.

    Otherwise, in light of my PM inbox drowning, the URL I mentioned earlier is I have raised this with the MSE team so hopefully it is acceptable.
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