Council tax rebate and energy help

I understand the government is helping certain people with the energy bill crisis. This is my position.

Wife is 74 and on a state pension. I am 61 and a director of my own company living off of dividends. We owned our own home until 29th March 2022 and sold. We needed to rent for a short time as the house we are buying isn’t available until September 2022. So we rented a house from 8th April ( stayed in an Airbnb for the 10 days between) 

I am told by the local council only those who pay council tax will get the council tax rebate but as we left our old house on March 29th and started paying council tax on the rented house from April 8th, we were not on the council registration for the rebate as of April 1st ( the date they use to pay the rebate),  they also stated that our landlord won’t get the rebate as landlords are exempt. 

Also as we have sold our house we have £375,000 in savings , now most of that will go when we buy our new house and we will have a small mortgage. 

Is it just bad luck on our part. Will we get any of the help being offered? Bit of an odd one and I’m not sure where or who to ask as our circumstances are probably quite unique. 


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    I don't know about any other help, but you certainly do not qualify for the Council Tax rebate
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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