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Ukraine Guests - How to become permanent in the UK after the 3 years?

Morning all. Our guests have been here 8 weeks, have jobs, working hard, have the kid starting a great school and basically ticking all the life boxes. No dramas, no issues.

But the discussion turns to 'what next'? 

They want to stay and are making all the right steps and noises. They are looking to rent but of course also looking to buy and stay here.

But the question is 'what happens after the three years' they are allowed to stay? How can they become permanent residents in the UK? Indeed is that even allowed?

We are happy to help them but I have zero idea of the process ... or even who to ask? 

Would appreciate any guidance, support, channels of communication that can help us find a definitive answer.

Many thanks


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    It seems to me optimistic to expect that anyone in any kind of official role has given any thought to 'what next', given how 'interesting' the process of getting here has been for some. I wouldn't expect anything 'definitive' yet. I guess keeping in touch with the groups you have found already would be one way to go, and seeing if any of them have picked anything up, or start to raise the question. 
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    I would imagine it very much depends on how the war in Ukraine goes. 
    They’ve been here 8 weeks. Far too soon for them or government policy to have thought 3 years ahead as yet. 
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    The usual pathway to settlement is to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) following a period of lawful stay on a relevant visa. Not all visas lead to ILR, so it'll depend on their current situation I'd expect. Of course the rules are subject to change, so it's probably not worth worrying about too much until a bit later down the line.

    That said, it'd be worth having a look at the types of documents they would need to support an ILR application and start collecting them now. I found out the hard way that it's a lot easier to collect them as you go rather then having to get everything together all at once in the final few months ahead of an application.
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