Embracing the new family dynamics and looking forward to the future with optimism



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    Wishing SS and everyone all the best for the new year xx
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    Hope all is well with you and family  :)

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    Good news, onwards and upwards :)

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    Yes alls well. DGS diagnosis is acute ADHD, and trials of meds are starting to show results. Dgd is asking to return to education. 
    I am slowly rebuilding my business after a slow couple of years.
    the debts are being hammered out. Twin2 is still living with us so it’s rather crowded, but that’s doable for now. 
    Mum is still plodding along, but doesn’t leave her house. Her cateracts op was successful. 
    Biggest has had a promotion at work and moved home at the beginning of the month. 
    dDS is working well and paying me back every month. 
    Onwards and upwards x 

    I'm in the land of the sleepless SS. Two unusually very hot days and nights here in the NW have left me unable to sleep.
    I've just decided to have a quck look on MSE to see if that will settle me down.
    I have your thread in my  Bookmarks and check to see if you've posted .No idea why but it was the first thing I looked at and there you were.
    It's good to see things are moving forward . Very pleased mum is ok and her op was a success. Really glad DGD is keen to go back to education and DGS1 is finally getting the meds to help him.Biggest has managed to progress and move on.
    Most surprising is DS is still paying back what he owes you. I originally thought that wouldn't last long but it sounds as though he's finally getting his act together.
    It's a pity you're still overcrowded but I suppose living in an expensive area means a rented flat isn't affordable for Twin2. Hopefully she is feeling better herself for being back with the family.
    I'm  so pleased you're slowly building back your business. That was what brought you joy and fired your imagination.
    How are your hands now? I often wonder if they did start to heal.
    It really is lovely to see you here.
    Perhaps when all is sorted you'll start your annual threads  again.
    I was talking to Beanielou a couple of days ago and we were both saying how much you were missed.
    Onwards and upwards, forward too MC there's a life to live.
    Take care
    It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

    There but for fortune go you and I.
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    Hi Polly,
    the hands are an ongoing challenge, but I have definitely more control over the rogue finger in my left hand then I did. Trying to touch type on the laptop has helped. Although I doubt that I will ever be 80 words a minute ever again! 
    Perhaps I will aim to post a little more, but if the trolls start again then I won’t. They did absolutely nothing for my mental health. I am still on antidepressants 100mg of Sertraline daily. If I forget them I certainly know the difference!
    life is so very different now then it was, although some things are still on the hamster wheel. 
    I don’t see Twin2 able to cope on her own, and with the housing benefit for her only £360 a month and rents of 1 bed flats double that, it’s unlikely to happen. 
    My dreams have been on the back burner because of stepping up for the boys. But that’s ok. I have adjusted. Mind you last night was a challenge and they were still bouncing off the walls at 11pm. Needless to say this morning they were slow off the mark, but we did get to school on time. That’s always a good thing. 
    The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I am about to have another cup of tea before I do my planner and sort out my Day. I have several jobs due in later and plenty waiting to be done. Unfortunately I am not feeling the love for it as I am tired still. Hopefully after the cuppa I will be energised enough to get going. 

    When I die I will know that I have lived, loved, mattered and made a difference, even if in a small way.
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    Really nice to see you posting again, and I'm so glad things are going well :smile:

    Would shared accommodation be affordable/suitable for Twin 2?

    Lodging with someone or living in a more formal HMO is the kind of thing I'm thinking about. 
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    Her last residence in Cornwall was a HMO and she was taken advantage of. Unfortunately. She has applied for Pip, which she has been turned down for. Which I don’t understand, but it is what it is. 
    I could investigate changing my housing application but after spending so much money on the drive and then the cabin, I really don’t want to move. We will see what happens as we go along. Although I am considering claiming the bedroom back as I don’t get any peace on the day bed. 
    I have just done the dishes while I made my tea, and am going to call Mum. 
    When I die I will know that I have lived, loved, mattered and made a difference, even if in a small way.
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    Another person really pleased to see you back on here SS.
    I doubt you realise it, but you are inspirational to a lot of people, including me.
    Lovely to hear from you  x
    Charlies Mum xx
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