Where does biomass (pellets) fit in cost-wise now?

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Bro currently has an old oil boiler which will undoubtedly need replacing before too long. A&GSHPs are not an option due to the age of the house, and the cost of bringing insulation levels up beyond what he currently has - loft and cavity. He hates the 'idea' of oil, and also obviously the cost. So, where would a 'pellet' boiler fit in with the other options? (No gas.)

Main Q's would be:

1) COST of purchase and fuel compared to new oil boiler? IE, initial and running costs.

2) Requirements for storage of pellets? Actual space isn't an issue, but keeping it at the supplied % moisture content could be. Don't they come in sealed bags? (He has a garage, so it wouldn't get 'wet', but would still be at outdoor ambient temp and humidity.)

3) Any grants available to help with either installation or running?

4) Anything else of interest or importance :-)

Many thanks.

(This is in Scotland)


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