Widows pension overpayments


When my stepfather died my mother notified his pension company and she was entitled to a small lump sum and 50% of his pension.  She submitted the death certificate and her bank details and was paid the lump sum and has since been receiving the 50% payments since.  

Despite contacting them on numerous occasions she is also receiving the 100% sum that her husband received.

She has kept this separate from the correct payments but what I would like to know is who has the rights on this overpayment?  Can the company claim this back?  This has now been going on for over 2 years!

Many thanks


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    Yes they can claim it back for up to six years .  I don’t know enough about widows pensions but is she required to tell HMRC that she is receiving these or are they taxed at source?  I would really try and get them stopped and repay what’s sitting in the account for them.
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