What are you making for dinner?

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    DH & I love the HB sausage casserole 😋
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    I’m trying not to do a shop this week.  We have left over gammon, onion and potato pie with a little cheese grated in the mixture.  We will have that with beans and fried egg.  For desert I used the rest of the pastry as the base, crinkled apples chopped up mixed with mincemeat and a sponge on top.  It’s in the oven now and smells divine. 
  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    I wandered into the fish shop on Friday (proper monger) and the chap smiled at me and said "how about some salmon?"   Must have read my mind or maybe I looked familiar (I've seen him before but can't remember where) so ended up with 2 honking thick slices of salmon.  Plan was to cook them for Sunday breakfast and have the left over for lunches but then I realised that the price I was charged meant they would do nicely for us both for dinner.  So panned fried them last night and served with a bit of frozen  spinach (heated up obviously) and a couple of Lidl's emmental potato cakes.   OH always makes a face when I suggest salmon (prefers various white fish) but really enjoyed this.  

    Discussions are underway whether we will have a cheese fest for dinner with bake at home rolls (been told this isn't appropriate as we had croissant for breakfast) or lasagna.  
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    DH & I love the HB sausage casserole 😋
    It’s v delicious and went down very well with my BiL who had a ‘slight’ hangover 😉🤣
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Roast chicken tonight with roast potatoes, parnips, (overdone) sweet potato, peas, stuffing, bread sauce and gravy.

    There will be a fruit salad later. 
  • JILJIL Forumite
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    Husband had gammon joint, daughter had a vegan kiev, I had cauliflower cheese. With roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots, kale and broccoli.

    Berries and Greek yogurt afterwards.
  • Cod fish cakes, with sweetcorn and a big dollop of potatoes/onions baked in milk and veg stock. A few wrinkly apples stewed with some blackberries and strawberries out of freezer, with custard.

    Keep Smiling :)
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Oven baked chicken breast again with the other half of the xmas sauce, some sliced potatoes i picked up from Oilo recently that by now had a slightly questionable date, and broccoli i picked up from Olio this morning. 
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  • IslandmaidIslandmaid Forumite
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    Chicken stuffed with goats cheese and bacon tonight, using up LO dauphinois and spiced cabbage 
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

  • worrywart_3worrywart_3 Forumite
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    Salmon mangerout with garlic and rice salmon with ginger garlic chili and soy tonight 
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