Pay ALL Your Debt Off By Xmas 2022!



  • Could I join please. My target is £14,000 making me debt free next year.

    Journey To Debt Freedom Began September 21
    John Lewis- £127.52/£1147.00
    AO- £349/£349 (Cleared Sept 21)

    Total 2972.88/£16,231.00

    Total debt beginning January 2022= 13290.00

    1% Challenge 2022 =132.90
    Total so far 0.58%

    Tilly Tidy 2022 - £15.27

    365 1p challenge £11.67
  • Can I join please. Target is £17.5 k which will get me half way. 
  • BirdeeBirdee Forumite
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    Hi @muppets I'd like to join again this year and keep my number #55.

    My target will be £9,342.05

    Thank you!
    Starting Debt = £25,046.68 (Nov 2019)
    Current Debt = £6,879.86 
    Total paid off =  £18,166.82 (73%)

    Pay Debt by Xmas22 #55 £2,462.19/£9,342.05
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    LittleMissDeterminedLittleMissDetermined Forumite
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    Hello, I would like to join if I could please and my target will be £8000, it won't clear it but it will be a considerable amount of my debt busted if I can do it.  I don't have a number yet :) 
    LMD x
    Life gets in the way...PADding is addictive... Saving's better than spending...
    My debt free diary - Third time's the charm
    💷3-6 EF #53 | 🏺SPC #017 |🎄DFBXMAS22 #24 £9802/£8000
    CC#1 £0 | CC#2 £0 | CC#3 £0 | CC#4 £0 | CC#5 £0 | CC#6 £0 | CC#7 £6724 (0%) ...TOTAL £42361 £6724
  • cybertortoisecybertortoise Forumite
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    Can I join please?

    My target is £5000 

    This is not my total debt but is a decent chunk of it. Thanks.
    Restarted my journey toward financial stability on 1st September 2021 - I will succeed!

    Total debt - £38570.75 @ 31.08.21
    Current debt - £31866.57 @ 10.08.2022
    Paid to date: £6704.18

    DFD: December 2029 May 2029 July 2029
  • AndyjfletAndyjflet Forumite
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    I'm in, my total is £7998
    Baby Step 1 - £5868.16 saved for emergency fund STORM MODE
    Baby Step 2
    Pay All your debt by Christmas 2022 Challenge - M&S Loan £13000 £6337.34 left
  • limars19limars19 Forumite
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    may i please join my target figure is 7000 , i have no number many thanks 
  • anjyeahanjyeah Forumite
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    New joiner here. I didn't join this year since it was too big of an amount for me but it looks realistic for me next year. 

    My target figure: £4,900. 
    Thank you! 
    My Debt Free Diary: Virgo In Pursuit
    Debt-Busting Progress: 2020: £13,200 | 2020: £9,200 | 2021: £4,900 
    2022: ongoing 
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    Muggle1000Muggle1000 Forumite
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    Hi, please sign me up again with a new number. My target is 15k. 
    Pay your debts off by Xmas 22 #TBC - £0/15k
    Pay your debts off by Xmas 21 #103 - £15,891/15k
  • IrishRose12IrishRose12 Forumite
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    Hi muppets... can I rejoin please.  2021 was just a write off for ,e, with vovid, work stress and mentally drained, I just couldn't get focused.

    I can't remember by number from last year so a new shiny number would be perfect for this year please.

    I'll be starting from tomorrow, and will sit down and see what I can do to stop unnecessary spending, what outgoings I have and then I'll be looking around this cluttered house to see what I can sell to help pay my debt.  I also want to see about getting more savings added to my credit union account, so the sooner I can pay off my debts the sooner I can focus on saving.

    My target for this year will be £3000.  Doesn't sound ,uch but I'm in a low paid job so can only do so much. 
    Pay all debt off by Christmas 2022 £103.78/£3,500
    £1 a day challenge 2022 - #17 - £200/£730

    Declutter a bag a week in 2022 10/52
    Lose 22lb - 4/22lbs
    No more buying books - read more - 7/52

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