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I bought my house back in the 1990s when ID checks were minimal. My birth name e.g. is Mary Ann Kerr but grew up being called 'Maryann'. School (late 60s to early 80s) had me on register as Maryann. I was surprised when I went to enrol at uni with my birth cert in hand; that's when I realised my legal name was 'Mary Ann'. Uni didn't care so a couple of years it was a single name and last 2 years as on birth cert.
When I bought the house I'm in now, I told the bank - name on birth cert is x x but people call me xx. She said that's ok, we'll put on xx. That's what's on my Council Tax and utilities.If I open a new savings bank account, will this name 'error' cause an issue?


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    For any account with a financial institution, you should use the name shown on your photo ID (passport / driving licence) as you may have to provide a copy of your photo ID to them.

    You should also check how you are registered on the Electoral Roll, and with the Credit Reference Agencies, as these will be used to identify you electronically. Best if they are also in line with your photo ID as otherwise electronic ID verification might fail and you would have to go through extra procedures when opening accounts.
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    When you purchased your house, what documents did you provide (to the solicitor/bank) to prove your identity, and what name was on those documents? Use those same types of documents to open a bank account.
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    Might be a good idea to go into a branch with your ID to get it sorted.  Very likely they can add a note of the alternative spelling/layout.  Worse case scenario you will get caught out at some crucial time wanting to send or receive a payment and not be able to do so as the data protection regs have become too secure.  Even worse when you die no one will be able to sort things out as the death cert and ID won't match the account.
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    Essentially what's on your birth certificate doesn't really matter if the name on your current passport/driving licence matches the name in government/financial databases.
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    I spoke to my solicitor about it when making adjustment to my will, getting POA done and getting deeds to property when I paid off mortgage. He always puts on the will Mary Ann aka Maryann and did the same with the POA. He said it doesn't matter when I kick the bucket. 
    I provided my passport with name as x x, when I bought the house in 1990s. The mortgage adviser said - we'll put it down as what people know you as. Wish I'd objected.
    On Electoral Roll, it's as on passport/ driver's licence/ NI card (the old white card we used to get)/ NHS card (tan coloured one from 1960s)/ tax office/ work/ professional registration i.e x x
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